Thursday, 7 October 2010

Long time no blog

There was me thinking it would be easy to blog, hmmm, think again then. Whilst I have plenty to say in real life, somehow putting it down on paper, so to speak is harder to do. After all,  no one may want to read my ramblings, what if I bore folks, become the laughing stock of blogs... Other people's blogs are so much more interesting.

Deary me, what angst about a simple blog!

In my defence I have been keeping busy with all things romance and the writing of the Newbies Novella in particular.  Now this is pure writing by the seat of your pants stuff and I have quite surprised myself, how much I am enjoying it and the at times strange journey Astrid and Rashid are finding themselves on.

Have a look if you dare ;-)

One thing it has achieved is get me into the habit of writing in short bursts daily, which is just as well, as I have signed up for NaNoWriMo

The idea is that you write a 50000 word novel in a month, easily achieved, so they say by writing about 1000 words a day.... Hmmm, we shall see. I dare say I will be a nervous wreck come November and my children will be seen foraging for food.....
Mind you the teens do that on  regular basis, with the accusing wails of "There is no food in the house, mum.." ringing round the tardis on a daily basis.

I would like to reassure anyone reading these ramblings, that there is indeed no need to call out social services yet, as there is plenty of food, just not what my darling teenagers fancy.


And as my three year old teen in training is now demanding my attention I will sign off for now. You can wake up now, if you've nodded off!


  1. Well I'm glad you're back, I've been waiting for the next post! It's kind of difficult fitting blogging in with everything else though. I haven't joined in the novella, just cos of having a lot to do really, but I'll def be doing Nano. What to write though? I'll probably end up hoping I get an idea on Nov 1st!!

  2. Aw thanks Sophia :-)

    I have my idea for Nano, in fact I even have the first sentence in my head, and I more or less have the plot figured, sort of. No idea what my heroine is called yet, never mind the hero or what they look like, mind you, and of course I may write that first sentence and then just stare at my screen blanky come Nov 1st, but hey we are all in this together, right!

    I tell myself I am good with deadlines, they are motivating.....

  3. It's an average of 1,667 words a day for NaNoWriMo... thought I'd warn you ;-) otherwise you'll miss your target by a mile.

    I started my blog with lots of things to say, even some rants that I then deleted, realising the need for professionalism and that not everyone gets why I'm ranting, so might as well just shut up.

    But the blog is good... and even if you just use it as an online diary, it just keeps you writing and thinking and self publicising ;-)

  4. Lol, thanks Teresa. Around a 1000 words sounds less daunting mind you ;-)

    You can quote me on that, when I despair in November!