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Where two Doms collide - Guest blog with Raven McAllan #freeread

I have a special  treat for you today, as the formidable Raven is back with two of her new releases, and one of them is FREE. Yes, you read that right. Today sees the release of her Free Read, Where There's A Will. And she's also got another yummy Regency story coming tomorrow.

I'll let her tell you about it.


Hey D, thanks for letting me visit, with two very hot men. Can I have a glass of water and a fan please?

*slides across a cool, tall glass and turns fan on full.*

Where two Doms collide…er collaborate…er chat…oh help!

They're staring at me. Glaring even. "Look boys er sirs, I wasn't mocking you honestly. I er respect you and your er superiority. I got dressed up in this garb didn't I?"

 (I'm wearing a rather gorgeous muslin dress and not much else. If they ask me to do a twirl I'll die, you can see through it! Damn these regency fashions.)

Slowly each of them nods.

(Phew, I'm wiping my hands down the side of said dress. If you have two sets of piercing eyes on you, you'd have clammy hands as well. They have a way of looking into your soul and knowing exactly what you're thinking. Scary stuff.)

"So, would you be so kind to introduce yourselves and tell the readers a little bit about your stories?"

(The silence makes me want to squirm. I feel like a butterfly pinned out and on display—all of me. No please don't make me do a twirl.)

"I'm Will. My story is called Where There's A Will."

 I wait… he just smiles. Right then.

Strangely the silence isn't intimidating, I feel sort of cherished.

"Hello, I'm Charlie, you've told my secrets in The Best Man Bridesmaid. That was quite a surprise I can tell you. However my lovely lady was very pleased how you interpreted our story. Lucky for you."

(He smiles and I melt) They really are two handsome guys. Pity they're spoken for.)

I realize they are both looking at me expectantly. Hmm yes, I'm supposed to be asking questions, not slumped in a heap of drool. Yuk that sounds terrible, but believe me; it's not. I could look at them all day—and night.

" So, er Will what made you act the way you did?" Oh my. He stroked my arm and the tingles went all the way through me. It's a pity I'm not what he wants.

"I'm a Dom. I want to be the best I can."

(Charlie nods in agreement) "It's your duty to make sure your partner is happy contented and fulfilled."

"And stretched." (That was Will)

"Ah." The pictures that conjures up are X-rated. I'm covering my boobs with my arms.  To use a phrase of my mum's. My nipples are standing out like chapel hat pegs. Of course they notice.
"Your face is the color I'd like to make your arse. If I was that way inclined." (That was Will. Charlie laughed, the bugger.)

"I'd oblige but Caroline would cut my balls off with her sewing scissors." I noticed his hands strayed to his cock and covered it. Ah men are such wimps! (I didn't say that out loud you understand, or think it for long. I wouldn't put it past them to read my mind. These Regency guys might not seem as up to scratch as the guys of today, but I tell ya…Scary is an understatement! Maybe it's because they seem to concentrate on you more? Anyway gotta give my attention to them.)

"So, you're both broad thinking Regency gentlemen? (That seems innocuous enough.)

(They exchanged faint smiles.)

"Oh very," That was Will.

"Definitely." That was Charlie. "We're lucky in that we have the wherewithal to ignore what we don’t want to acknowledge, and enjoy what we want to."

"And to participate in things that appeal to us." Will was silent for a second. I was worried by the anguish that flickered over his face. Then he smiled. "Of course, I'm lucky, I have people prepared to let me love my lover. Others aren't as lucky."

I don't push my luck and ask him to explain. Instead I look at Charlie. He nods. "It's a fact that money aids you, but the help and support of friends and family aids one even more."

They seem to go off in their minds somewhere, although I can see both of them are very happy.

Suddenly Charlie pulls out his fob watch, and nods. "Well I must be off, can I give you a lift?" Sadly he's looking at Will not me. Will smiles.
"Yes please." He bows to me and kisses my hand. Ah that man, pity he doesn't like women in that way.
 Charlie does likewise, and I'm struck by the fact all the hot men are taken! Dammit!

So I watch them leave, but they've both left blurbs, book covers and extracts for me to drool over. And nice person that I am, I'm sharing…


When William Lord Barlow gets lost in a snowstorm he dos not expect his rescuer to ambush him in the stable, even if his tormentor seems familiar.
Blindfolded and helpless, he soon realizes that the only way out is to submit. Will The Dom manage to turn into a sub for one night?

And a tease…
The sharp pleasure pain, as the probing finger pushed hard into his arse-hole made him gasp and writhe. The pain left him so fast he had no time to wonder if it was always thus. A sense of weightlessness, of euphoria and desire to please and give everything he was capable of took over his mind, and he arched into that probe, demanding, nay begging for more.
His lover obliged, with another finger stretching and filling him, before they pulled out, leaving him empty and wanting.
He had no time to dwell on that emotion, however. Sweet lord a tongue licked and nibbled the sensitive skin that stretched between his balls and anus. Never before had he been the recipient of such overwhelming joy. Damn, I wish I could see this, see his face as he rims and makes me hover on the edge.
It seemed his wishes were answered, as his blindfold was removed, and his other shackle released.
Wise now to what would follow, he remained silent, and still, head bowed, not chancing even one small glance in the direction of his Dom without express permission. The situation had his nerves on a knife-edge, his body primed and ready to spring into action, and his teeth hard on his tongue to stop him uttering any unbidden words.
"That is good. You learn fast. I'm going to lift your shift over your head; you need to be naked for our enjoyment. Do not move until I relay your next command. I think you need to see your punishment, Will. Do you agree?"
"Yes sir, thank you, sir." Again he relished the chance to hear those words, usually uttered from his lips, and to be able to give the responses he would habitually demand.
"Stand, head bowed, and do not look at me until I command you to. Take your cock and stroke it. Show me how it weeps for attention."
That was one of the easier commands; eagerly he took his rampant cock in between his fingers and pumped. From under his lashes he saw an elegant hand appear and touch his nipple.
Busy fingers played, and a sharp pain, one so swift and sudden it made him gasp, circled and hit his tiny nub.
It stiffened and hardened as the silken thread around it tightened and bit.
Will concentrated on relaxing, and he waited for a similar sensation to assail his other nipple. However it seemed he had trained his lover well, for he waited in vain. Nothing happened. Instead his neck was nipped and sucked in such a way that his skin would be tattooed with a rich red mark for weeks to come.
"Now, Will, it's time to be punished for your transgressions. You will not speak, you will do as I tell you, and you will only come on my command. Do not move your hands, do not look up, or lift your head. Nod if you agree, speak your safe word if you do not."
He nodded.
Download it here:
And From The Best Man's Bridesmaid

…here's the blurb

Discovering your fiancé is not who you thought she was brings unexpected delights.
Charlie, Lord Lampson was resigned to marry the dowdy fiancé he remembered. However, the woman he meets at his best friend's wedding is anything but dowdy.
Caroline has led a secret life and she has no intention of making it easy for Charlie.
They have met in her other persona. When Charlie discovers the truth, will it be happy ever after or the scandal of the season?

And the tease…
Open carriages. It's March not June. And it's bloody freezing." In his agitation, he forgot that he was addressing a lady, and had hoped for an open carriage to contain his ardor.  But in this weather? "Thank God for the rug. Or my balls would freeze off. And your nipples are so standing out so stiffly, if I tou...Oh b... I mean ... " he trailed off before causing any more offence than he thought he must already have.  Instead he tucked the rug around her legs. To his amazement she just laughed and rearranged it to cover both of them from the waist down.
"It still won't stop my nipples from standing out so stiffly," she remarked as she took hold of his hand under the cover. "Though as you can't touch them, they will neither warm up or be tweaked off." She chuckled. "Oh Charlie, you should see your face. Have I shocked you?"
He smiled. "Not at all, my dear. Pleased, surprised, happy and amazed, but not at all shocked. . You obviously have hidden depths. I look forward to discovering what you will say or do next."
"Oh, I'm so glad you said that." Her hand, soft and somewhat chilled squeezed his. "But I feel I must reassure you that whatever I seem to know there has only been, and will only ever be you for me, or in me." She released the hand that she had put in his, and waved with her hand still above the rug to the cheering crowd standing on the side of the street. As the carriage drove around a corner he felt her use her nimble fingers on the placket on his pantaloons.
Charlie found it hard to contain his pleasure. Was this really the same girl he had become engaged to? This sexy, sensual, arousing, vivacious creature, with glorious auburn tresses reaching to her waist, and a glowing clear complexion and? Her green eyes twinkled with mischief as she stared up at him. As she undid his buttons—where on earth had she learned how to do that so deftly, so swiftly, and with only one hand—she smirked and almost as an afterthought allowed his throbbing prick to spring free of its confines. His head swam. What was that she had been saying about only ever been his? He couldn't think straight.
The Caroline he remembered had dull brown hair, a muddy complexion and had—would—never ever show any signs of vivacity. He shuddered, as her small hands began to stroke and caress his ever-hardening cock, and wondered if he really had tried to learn just who she was? He thought not. And then stopped thinking and just felt.

Will is with Evernight Publishing, so you can find him here …
Charlie and Caroline are here…
and I'm (That's Raven BTW) am here…
and @RavenMcAllan on twitter
happy reading
Love R x


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Guest Blog and GIVEAWAY - Riding High by Zara Stoneley

I'm delighted to be hosting Zara on my blog today with her new release Riding High. Knowing Zara, this promises to be one hot read, that I know I will have to make time for very soon!

Over to you, Zara :-)

Hi Doris, Thanks for having me! As you know, I love your books and you’ve been a great inspiration to me, so I’m really excited to be here to kick off my blog tour for Riding High J

Over the last few years I’ve had massive upheaval in my life and I’ve now come out smiling on the other side, and that is partly what gave me inspiration for this story (although my life is much more mundane than Roisin’s in Riding High!).

It’s human nature to keep the status quo and most people don’t like change – but sometimes we have no choice… ‘Riding High’ is all about new beginnings, and seeing how far someone will go to keep what is important to them.

To the outside world, Roisin seems to have had a very cushy, protected upbringing (well that’s how Saul, the man who has the power to save or destroy her, sees it) – but then everything she has relied on starts to crumble. The most important things in Roisin’s life are her business and home, and she has a choice, to take a risk and do things she would have never imagined herself doing, or to give up, walk away and start a new life.

Saul never expects Roisin to rise to his challenge, he gives her a way out to ease his own conscience – but I like my heroine’s feisty and determined, which is just what Roisin is and she soon discovers an adventurous (and very sexy) side to herself. In the end though she’s not sure if she is going along with his plans to get him out of her life, or to keep him in it!

Some people seem to thrive on new challenges, it’s what makes them tick. Are you one of them, or would you always opt for keeping things the same? I’m giving away a copy (epub or pdf) of ‘Riding High’ to one person who adds a comment. Follow my tour for more chances to win!


Roisin stretched and flung out an arm. Then realisation hit her. One, it wasn’t her bed; two, she ached in places she didn’t know she had, and three, the sheets next to her were rumpled. Very rumpled. As though there had been an orgy in them.

Shit. She groaned and rolled over on her front, burying her face in the pillow. Which smelled unmistakeably of male. Double shit.

She rolled back over on her side and opened an eye. The pillow next to her had a definite dip in it. A head-shaped type of dip. But, luckily, no head. Which got her sitting bolt upright, and grabbing the sheet to cover her boobs, just in case.

Oh fuck, what had happened to her? What had she just done?

Oh yeah, she’d had sex. Lots of sex, in a way she’d never imagined before. Wild monkey sex, as Sam would have called it, with the first man she had bumped into.

She flopped back on the bed, stared at the ceiling. If she shut her eyes maybe it would all go away. Toby might only have been gone a matter of months, but it was much longer than that since she’d had sex, and even then that had been polite, “would you mind terribly if I come?” kind of sex. Which meant maybe Sam had been right – both about her being a prude and about wild monkey sex being the answer. Except now she wasn’t too sure.

The only good part was that he’d gone, which cut out the early morning embarrassment, the “what the hell do I say?” bit, and meant she could pretend everything was normal. But, if she was honest, that didn’t really feel that good at all now. Why the fuck had he been such a rude bastard that he’d bolted; had she been that bad? Maybe she had been frigid.

She glanced at the clock just to make sure, but yep, it was only six a.m. She always woke early, even, it seemed, after the type of shag-you-senseless sex that left you out for the count, and right now she had to get going. Not lie here clutching the sheets and trying to work out just how the hell she’d managed to get her leg over his shoulder like that. She wasn’t sure “legover” was supposed to mean that.


 ‘Have wild crazy monkey sex with the first man you bump into.’ Roisin Grant hadn’t intended to follow her best friend’s advice – but, sometimes, what you expect from life and what you get don’t match up. She never expected her husband would have a stash of home-made porn movies, with him in the starring role, or that he would die and leave her bankrupt. And she never expected to be faced with asset-stripper Saul Mathews and a choice. Walk away from her home and equestrian business, or call his bluff and help him deliver riding lessons of an altogether different kind.

An erotic novel with mixed themes including m/f, menage, sex in public and voyeurism.

Available from - Xcite BooksAmazon (UK)Amazon (US)

About the author
Zara is a writer and lover of all things romantic, from the sensual to the sexual, who knows that naughty can be nice. She lives in the UK, but whenever she can she heads off in search of some sunshine and inspiration for her stories.

She love sexy high heels...good food....good (lots and lots of coffee)... and Italy. All things Italian from the countryside to the culture, the wine to the food...and of course the sexy men.

She's been a consultant, a teacher, a mother, a wife, a lover... and has always been a writer and she'd love to hear from you.

Where you can find her-
Twitter:  @ZaraStoneley
Email –

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#SixSunday from For The Love Of Mutt #christmasstory

Happy Sunday Folks. Hope you're having a great day :-)

Today's six come from my upcoming Christmas story with Breathless Press.

A homeless shelter at Christmas may seem an odd place to find one's soul mate, but love knows no boundaries - or does it?

Anja has grown fond of the wolf like dog hanging around the shelter. With her soon to be ex -boyfriend putting pressure on her, her canine friend proves to be more reliable than any human could ever be. If only he were more than just a dog.
Helping others is not always easy to do, unless Ethan can do so undercover. However, hiding your true self brings problems of its own. Finding a mate had not been in Ethan's plan of action, but Anja's easy acceptance of Mutt breaks through all of his defenses.

The problem is he is not what he seems and will his deception by proxy prove the end of them before they even have a chance at love?

Pre-order it here


In this scene Anja has a hard time admitting her attraction.

He took another step closer and indulged his wolf by taking a deep sniff of her enticing scent. The fact that she did the same to him without seeming to notice it had his cock hardening instantly. She jumped at his wolf's growl in response and he knew she was looking into his beast's eyes when she looked up at him.
"If I had taken advantage of you, I'd still have you pinned to that bed with my cock buried deep inside you and you screaming my name, sweetheart. You wanted me then and you want me now. I can smell you, Anja." 

Till next week, folks and don't forget to check out the other sixers here

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Book Spot Light: Flames Of Desire by Angelina Rain

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it. Have a fabulous day, whichever way you spent it, and once you've gorged on all that food, how about indulging in some sexy firefighters?

I give you not just one one or two, oh no, five of them. Enjoy!

Take it away, Angelina...


Have you ever fantasized about pleasuring a firefighter? That is a pretty common fantasy amongst women. It was my own version of the fantasy that turned into this short story about one single woman, a wicked night, an unfortunate house fire, and five horny firemen coming to the rescue.

Ginelle Jinx, recently single, heartbroken, and unemployed, decides to cast an impotency spell on her cheating ex. She doesn't expect the spell to have consequences, but her house catches on fire.

Five hunky firemen come to Ginelle’s rescue, one of them being Seth Tompson, her high school sweetheart. With one fire out, she finds old flames and new ones mingling as she indulges the pleasures her five firemen have on offer.

But what will happen when she realizes she still loves Seth? Does he feel the same? Can an old flame become a raging inferno?

Be Warned: menage sex (FMMMMM), m/m sex, multiple partners, anal sex, orgies


She showered quickly, making sure not to use up all the hot water as she was certain he would need to shower too. But, she did stay under the spray for several minutes enjoying as the heat washed away the stress from the night.

Once she was done, she pulled the curtain away and grabbed the large bath towel Seth had supplied. She rubbed it over her long blonde hair, down her face, neck, chest, and back. It wasn't until she ran it over the back of her hand that pain shot through her as though her skin had been peeled off.

"Ouch! Fuck!" She screamed and hissed in pain, remembering that she burned her hand. The shocking events of the night had momentarily blocked the pain and now it throbbed as though making up for lost time.

A ruckus sounded outside the bathroom door and it opened quickly as Seth rushed in, worry etched into his eyes. "Are you okay?"

She stared at him. The pain quickly subsided as she took in the man before her. He had showered too and now only wore a pair of denim shorts. Seth had a perfectly muscled chest and she wanted to run her fingertips along the ridges and crevices of his spectacular body. No, she wanted more than just to touch it. She wanted to kiss it and lick it and taste every inch of this man. Her nipples hardened and her pussy pooled with warm juices.

Her breath caught in her throat as a moan of need and desire escaped her lips before she could contain it. She looked into Seth's eyes and saw the same lust that reflected her own.

He took two large steps toward her and his hands entangled in her wet hair. Seth tilted her head slightly and his lips crashed over hers. The need she felt within her, she also tasted in his mouth.


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Book Spotlight and GIVEAWAY with Robin Badillo's Family Ties

Do I have a treat for you today. Robin Badillo is here with her new release, Family Ties. She's left us a fantastic excerpt and she is also giving away a copy to one lucky commenter!


Every pack needs an alpha, and every alpha needs a pack.
Tucker Wilde, a lone wolf, returns to the town where his shifter lineage first began, only to discover his rightful place as alpha has been handed down through another bloodline. To make matters worse, old family secrets threaten the fate of the love he’s destined to find.
Shifter, Tegan Blaid is the key to saving her pack by joining with the son of a powerful pack member, but her heart belongs to Tucker, the one wolf she was never meant to know.
Can Tucker and Tegan fight the forces against them to secure their positions in the pack, or is history determined to repeat itself despite their family ties?


She held her breath when the oversized wolf emerged into the clearing. Every muscle in his broad shoulders flexed and she could see the rise and fall of his chest with every heavy breath he took.
Tegan rose to her feet and reached for the thick fur around his neck. God, he’s so beautiful.
Not nearly as breathtaking as you.
“Wait?” She withdrew her hand. “You really can read my thoughts.”
Can’t all wolves hear each other’s thoughts? He nudged her hand with his snout.
“No.” Tegan splayed her fingers through his coat, tugging on it as she massaged the firm muscles between his shoulder blades. “I’ve never heard another wolf’s thoughts and as far as I know, none have ever heard mine.” This is crazy.
We’re just special, I guess.
“Yeah, I guess.”
Tucker moved closer, rubbing himself against her thigh. Run with me.
“Tucker, I…” Tegan drew his warm body near, hugging him to her leg. “Okay. Okay”
Tucker eased back and sat on his haunches.
Tegan swallowed hard as a flurry of angst dashed through her body. In order to run, her clothes had to go.
Keenly aware of Tucker’s intense stare, Tegan removed his jacket and let it fall to the ground, her eyes fixated on his. “Are you going to watch me undress?” Her heart raced and she struggled to control the goose-bumps rippling across her skin as she awaited his reply.
Do you want me to watch you?
Tegan nodded. But not like that.
Tucker immediately transitioned back into his human form and stood across from her, naked, and glistening with beads of perspiration.
As her gaze trailed downward, moisture gushed between her legs when her eyes feasted upon his massive erection jutting upward toward his stomach. Holy Hell.
Tucker ran his hand up the length of his shaft and thumbed the slit. He bit his bottom lip as though pleased to present himself to her. “Your turn.”
“God, you’re beautiful.”
“Nowhere near as breathtaking as you.”
Tegan stepped closer, unbuttoning her blouse. “Have you ever been with a shifter?”
Tucker swallowed hard, his eyelids lowering to half-mast as he visually took her in.  “Didn’t even know I was a shifter until recently.”
Dismissing his reply, Tegan moved on to her next question. “Why can’t other wolves hear me?”
“I don’t know. Maybe no other wolf is meant to.”
Good answer. She licked her lips, giving her instincts free reign over her body as she slinked toward him. “I can’t stop thinking about you. Your scent is everywhere.”
Tucker reached out and cupped the back of her neck with his right hand, drawing her face closer, inches from his. “Not everywhere—yet.” With that, his mouth crashed into hers and a growl like none she’d ever heard echoed into the night.
Tucker tore away her top and ran long, thick fingers up and down her back, pulling and tugging at her bra as his hot kisses trailed along her throat.
“God, you smell so good.” Tucker dropped to his knees and quickly unfastened her jeans, jerking them down from side to side, licking her stomach and nipping at the tender skin on her hip bones as he ventured lower.
Her panties were next and she stepped out of them as he guided them past her knees.
“Now let’s see how you taste.”
Tegan shuddered as he selfishly lapped at her freshly waxed mound. She sucked air through her teeth when he parted her lips and probed her clit with the hardened tip of his tongue.
“Shit.” Her knees weakened and she felt herself losing the battle to stand.
Tucker stopped and lowered her to the ground.
In seconds, his lips found hers again. His tongue plunged deep and she sucked it, tasting her own tangy juices. “I want you so bad.” Tegan moaned.
“Then have me.”


Robin Badillo’s Blog:


Robin Badillo is a down to earth mother of four, born and raised in a small Texas town where she still resides with her nearly grown kids and two spoiled dogs.
After years of being a wife and mom, complete with company picnics and fundraisers for the P.T.A., Robin found herself starting over when her husband of fifteen years suddenly passed away in 2006. With no particular skills to speak of, Robin took the advice of friends and family and followed her heart and passion for writing into the publishing world.
A fan of paranormal and southern romance novels, Robin does her best to offer up a plethora of tasty morsels to satisfy her reader’s appetite. Whether vampires, werewolf shifters or just good ol’ country boys, Robin strives to create heroes to die for and heroines to who will knock your socks off.
Adversity is Robin’s motivation, which explains why she’s a true believer that grey hair is simply God’s graffiti.


Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Robin. Don't forget to leave a comment, folks.

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Character Interview: Meghan and Zenzie from “On the Rocks"by Elizabeth Morgan

Congratulations on your release, Elizabeth. I hear you've brought your girls to play on my blog today. Can't wait to to see what they'll share with us.

Take it away, ladies...


Character Interview: Meghan and Zenzie from “On the Rocks.”
Today I am joined by the lovely Meghan and Zenzie, who are the leading ladies from my new dark erotic paranormal f/f “On the Rocks.”
Thank you so much for joining me today, ladies.
Meghan: No problem.
Zenzie: My pleasure.
So, tell us a little about yourself Zenzie; where do you come from?
Zenzie: Well, I have lived in many countries for short periods of time, but I originate from Germany.
Meghan: And when she says originate what she actually means is she lives in the deep blue frickin’ sea.
*Looks at Zenzie* Care to explain what she means by that?
Zenzie: Well, firstly my kind don’t actually live in the sea. We dwell within the rivers, but naturally the sea is like a highway is to humans, it’s what we use to get around.
*Stares at* I’m sorry, did you say “your kind?”
Zenzie: *Smiles sweetly* Yes. I’m a Nixie.
A what now?
Meghan: She’s some weird Mermaid . . . Shapeshifter.
Zenzie: My species have been around for a very long time.
Right, interesting. So, how exactly did you wind up working in the bar, “On the Rocks?” Why come on land, isn’t that dangerous?
Meghan: Only to us humans it is.
Zenzie: *Shrugs a shoulder* I am what I am, and I cannot change my nature. But to answer your question I come on land because I enjoy the company of humans. I love to have fun, and over the years I have learnt that dry land is the place to have it. Nothing thrills me more than the pleasure of shopping, or dancing. And there are far too many beautiful people in the world to enjoy-
Meghan: eating.
Excuse me?
Zenzie: *Laughs lightly* I think Meg is reliving our little rendezvous on the beach.
Meghan: *Shudders.* That’s one night I want to forget.
Zenzie: But you never will. *Licks her lips and winks at Meghan*
Erm . . . *Looks between the two* Meghan, how did you end up getting a job on South Padre island? What brought you to Texas?
Meghan: My parents moved from Florida to Texas while I was in university. I decided to take a gap year, and move back in with them while I figured some stuff out. Naturally, I needed a job, saw the position for a waitress advertised in the paper, and well, you know the rest.
What were the highs and lows of working at the bar?
Meghan: *Arches an eyebrow* I worked there for like two weeks, but I guess if I’m honest the highlight of the job was-
Zenzie: Me, of course.
Meghan: *Shifts on seat.* Yeah, originally, thought that quickly changed. And the low would have been the damn spandex uniform with its seashell bra.
Zenzie: I love you in that uniform.
Meghan: *Scowls* Quit flirting with me.
Zenzie: Or what?
Or I will interrupt with another question; what was it that attracted you to each other?
Meghan: Well, the first time we met Zenzie was stripping off, so it’s a bit of an unfair question. I would love to be decent and say it was her personality or something, but it’s hard to lie when the truth was that I was admiring her breasts and ass.
Zenzie: She smelled delicious. *Green eyes sparkle* She still does.
Meghan: Right, that’s it. *Stands up* I’m sorry, but that’s as much as I can take off her.
Right, well, thank you both for letting me interview you.
Meghan: You’re welcome. *Walks out of the room*
She okay?

Zenzie: Some people hold grudges. Hopefully she will get over it. *Slides off stool*

Yeah, hopefully. So, where are you planning on visiting next?
Zenzie: Oh, I haven’t decided yet, but when I do I will be sure to let you know.
Thanks, I think?
Zenzie: *Blows kiss* Until next time. *Wanders from room*
Strange pair.
~ * ~
On The Rocks
(The Edge Erotica Series)

On the Rocks is the hottest club on South Padre Island, and Meghan’s new workplace.
If the warped mermaid uniform isn’t enough, the fact that she can’t stop thinking about the club’s singer, Zenzie, is. Everything about the female gets Meghan hot, but when she finally gets her shot with the temptress, it turns out Zenzie isn’t as perfect, or as human, as Meghan thought. 

~ * ~
Her warm breath skated down my neck causing a shiver to curl around my spine. She straightened then slid her hands through my hair. My eyelids fluttered at the feel of her fingertips stroking over my temples and along my hairline.
“I saw you watching us.”
I stared at her. “Excuse me?”
“Do you like watching?” She retrieved a few items from the vanity table, twisted two sections of my hair, and pushed the hair clips into place. “It’s all right. You can tell me, Meghan.”
My body tightened at the husky way she said my name. The knot between my legs pulsed under her piercing stare. I had no idea how, or even why she managed to get under my skin, but God, I wanted her.
“I’m not a pervert or anything.”
“I know you’re not.” She slid a chain of small red flowers into the black mass of my hair.
“I just heard a noise. I guess my curiosity got the best of me.” I shifted on my seat. “I’m sorry—”
“Don’t be. I liked you watching.”
My nails dug into my knees as her hands moved down my throat. Her skin like satin—her touch, soft. She ran her fingertips over the top of my breasts.
“I would have asked you to join us, if you hadn’t run.” Her gaze caught mine again while she slid her hand inside my skin-tone bra. “Will you run now, or will you do what we both know you want to do?”
~ * ~
Elizabeth lives in a small country village in Cheshire, England, with two cats. You will always find her on the computer, blasting music and writing away. She started life wanting to be an actress because she loved performing. She enjoyed nothing more than being able to make people laugh, to distract them from reality for a few hours. She studied Musical Theatre in college, but during her second year, her mind started to overflow with ideas for scripts and she began writing plays. Slowly over the following three years, she was writing more and more, channelling her imagination into more detailed manuscripts...

Here she is, years later, hiding away like a hermit, writing like crazy and loving every minute of it.

Where to find Elizabeth Online:

Sunday, 18 November 2012

#SixSunday from Masks Of A Tiger (Club Ink,3) week three

Happy Sunday again, folks. This is the last six I will be sharing from Grisha. As Of next week it  will be all about Christmas on Sundays :-)

Neeve doesn't understand why any normal person would choose to wear a collar, like a common house pet. So, the collaring ceremony of her best friend's sister in law is the last place she wants to be, even if the hot men watching her send her insides aflame.
Never one for missing the opportunity to teach a bratty sub manners, Grisha intends to show the fiery little redhead the error of her ways. He doesn't expect to see her drawn to the flame like the proverbial moth. When she hurts herself in ways that even a Dom of his experience finds hard to witness, he knows he needs to help her.
Will their sexual chemistry be enough to chase away their demons and burn away their masks? Or is the submission Grisha demands too much for Neeve to accept?

Masks Of A Tiger released on Friday and is available from

Evernight Amazon  ARe Bookstrand


In this scene Neeve is still insisting that  she doesn't want Grisha....

"Liar." He whispered the words, satisfied to see her eyes darken as he licked a path along her jaw and then took her trembling bottom lip between his teeth and bit down slightly. She whimpered in response, and he traced her lips with his tongue, willing her to open for him. When she did, he tasted heaven. The scent and taste of her drove his tiger wild, and it took every ounce of his self-control and years of being a Dom to not give in to his baser instincts. The need to brand her, to see his marks on her skin, to demand her complete submission, burnt through his veins like liquid fire. 


Can we say deluded anyone?


Til next weeks, folks. Have a great Sunday and don't forget to check out the other sixers HERE.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Birthday Party Book Bash

It gives me great pleasure to be part of Paloma Becks' birthday celebrations. After all, it's not every day a girl turns the big 40! And Paloma is celebrating in style, by giving away forty (!), yes you read that right, a total of forty books. I've thrown my first two Club Ink books into the mix.

Masks Of A Tiger(book 3) released yesterday, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to combine celebrations.

Check out Paloma's blog by clicking on the graphic and hep her celebrate her birthday!


Check out all the other participants and don't forget to enter the giveaway!


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