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#MWTease from Her Imaginary Lover #comingsoon @evernightpub

Happy middle of the week to you all :-) I hope you're having a great week. Mine started off with the fabulous news that my latest submission was accepted, so, naturally I had to bring you a little tease from Her Imaginary Lover, which is scheduled for release in July with Evernight Publishing.

Here's the unedited blurb:

When your imaginary friend turns out to be real, there's only one thing you can do—have the best sex of your life.
Macie Johann's ordered world is thrown into chaos, when she is attacked on her way home from work. The muscle bound hunk that comes to her rescue would appear to be naked? Okay then, maybe she has hit her head a bit too hard, but then again no one else seems to notice him, and there is something very familiar about this guy.
Blind from birth Macie has learnt to trust her senses, and they all scream at her to grab her chance of true happiness with the man, who makes her body and soul sing. Never mind the small fact of his not being human.
When their actions get Kaylom yanked back into his dimension to stand trial, Macie follows determined to fight for her man.


Now for your tease. To set the scene, Macie is back at her house, after the attack, Kaylom saved her from, and of course he is there...

Macie shut the door on her parents, and leaning her head on the cool wood, breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she was on her own. She loved her parents dearly, but geez louise, they sure liked to fuss. Now that she didn't have to keep up the pretense, she let the tears fall.
Truth be told she felt like shit. Every muscle in her body hurt, her head ached, her throat felt sore, and she'd never felt more confused in her entire life. She'd told her parents and the police what they wanted to hear, but she'd felt Kaylom's quiet presence in the background all day. Maybe she was going mad. Maybe he was just a figment of her imagination, but she needed him right now, and she was going to worry about her state of mind when she was feeling less fragile.
She sensed him behind her, and when he ran his fingertips up her bare arms, she allowed herself to lean back. His warm solid presence felt so real, so comforting that she shut her eyes, and simply absorbed the sensations.
"Kaylom?" She whispered the question and his heavy hands settled on her shoulders and gently massaged her tight muscles.
"I'm here, munchkin. I thought they'd never leave." Humor laced his voice and Macie smiled through her tears.
"They worry too much. They always have." She murmured the words, and barely suppressed a groan when his nimble fingers found a particularly sore spot. "And don't call me that. I'm not a child."
He soothed the hurt away and she held her breath when he lifted her hair off her neck and pressed his warm, firm lips to the bruised area.
"Oh, believe me. I'm all too aware of that, baby." Shivers went down her spine as his hot breath ghosted across her skin, and his deep voice dropped an octave. Her stomach dropped right with it, and time stood still as she waited for his next move. He inhaled against her neck and then stepped back. Curiously bereft without his warmth against her back she swayed slightly as she turned. Instantly his hands were back on her forearms steadying her, and she raised her head and stretched her hands out. Just as before she encountered smooth, warm muscle, covered with fine swirls of hair and she nodded to herself.
"I'm not going crazy, am I? You're really here, right?"
His deep sigh blew across her face, and his minty breath allayed her fears. It mixed with his unique male scent that sent her hormones into overdrive, and she tried to lean in closer.
"Kaylom, talk to me. What's going on? Why can no one else see you? Who are you?"
He didn't answer her, but she could sense his turmoil, and she traced her fingers over his face. The deep groove between his eyes told of his frown, as did the tight set of his lips, and the carefully controlled way he was breathing. She flinched when he ran his hands up her arms and then cupped her face and turned it sideways.
A whisper of a calloused finger tips only, yet it set her heart beating faster, and her lethargy fled.
"I could tear those bastards limb from fucking limb for what they did to you." She sensed him coming closer and a whimper of feminine need escaped her when he trailed butterfly kisses across her skin, and then leant his forehead on hers. Their breaths mingled, and she couldn't help the tears welling from her eyes. Tears he kissed off her face with such tenderness it made her cry harder.
"I was so scared. I thought they were going to kill me."
With a low growl Kaylom pulled her closer until her breasts pressed against his naked chest, and his erection dug into her belly. He felt huge, hot and hard, and her pussy clenched in helpless need. Macie locked her hands behind his thick neck, and jumped up at him. Her legs went round his waist and his huge hands grasped her ass to support her. His groan trembled through her, and he pressed her back against the door. She raised her lips in a silent offering, and he brushed his tongue along their seam just once before he withdrew.
"We can't. I didn't come here for this, Macie."
Macie paid him no heed. She tightened her thighs around him and rubbed herself up and down his thick erection. His hands dug into her butt cheeks with enough force to leave bruises, and she reveled in that imperceptible loss of the iron control she sensed in him. The fact that he seemed to want her as badly as she wanted him was a heavy aphrodisiac indeed.
"Why can't we?" she asked. "We're both adults, and I need this. Please, help me to forget. Every time I close my eyes I feel their hands all over me, that vile tongue in my mouth, I can't—"
His kiss stopped her, and she opened to his gentle probing immediately. Kaylom sipped from her lips as though they were the sweetest nectar. He explored her mouth with infinite slowness. Yet, as gentle as he was, there was no mistaking his dominance. This was more than a kiss. It was a brand, a stake on her very soul, and he played her lips and mouth like a fine conductor would, never once breaking contact. He didn't let her gain the upper hand, until all she could do was submit to his hot, firm lips, and let him fuck her mouth. It left her breathless, wanting, and so aroused, she knew the crotch of her fine linen trousers would be soaked through with her arousal.
Never had she been this turned on just by a kiss, and when he finally let her come up for air, she snuggled into his neck, not wanting to ever let him go.
"You smell nice," she said, and Kaylom's amused laugh trembled through her.
"And you taste delicious, but we still can't do this." She pouted her annoyance and he kissed her nose. "You need to heal properly and there are things about me you need to know, before…"
"Before what? I don't care about that, and besides I need to come so badly right now, I'll self-combust if I don't, and the endorphins will be good for me. Please… Kaylom, I need you."


The above is unedited, so excuse any mistakes. How long will Kaylom be able to resist her, do you think?

As ever thanks to the awesome Sandra Bunino for hosting the Mid Week Tease. Do check out the other fab authors. I always have such fun reading through their teases.

D x

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#TantalizingTuesdays - Trust

Enjoy today's tease - Trust.

(Source: Pinterest

She floated, his calloused hand on her upper shoulders her anchor, as the last drop of wax hit her skin.
Breathing out she pushed the sting away, let her body absorb the exquisite sensation, as heat rolled over her skin, and with it the knowledge that she'd pleased him. It was there in the slow caress of his fingertips, as he followed the line of her collar, until he cupped her chin.
From far away his voice registered. Like liquid honey it dripped into her consciousness and her eyes fluttered open at his soft command.
"Look at me, baby girl."
His smile of approval bathed her insides in the warm glow of happiness, and she lost herself in the tender concern of his amber gaze. Even the flick of the knife didn't pull her out of her happy bubble.
"That's my girl. We've talked about this." He brought the blade into her line of vision, and she couldn't help her involuntary flinch. Her brain screamed at her to run, even as her breathing slowed in tune with his.
"Shhhh, you've done so well." His breath ghosted across her neck as he leaned in and whispered in her ear.
"Trust me."

 Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.

As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

D xx 

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#PreorderBlitz - In your Corner @sarah_castille #erotic

I have just the thing to brighten your Monday morning today. A sneak peek into Sarah Castille's upcoming story, In your Corner, which promises to be a sizzling read.


(If you're here for the Evernight Book Boyfriend Hop then please click HERE or click on the graphic in the side bar)


"You have to go. I won't be able to control myself. I've wanted you so bad for so long and after I've been in the cage...I can't think straight." He gives a guttural groan and his fist clenches on my hip.

Primitive. Primal. His need speaks to me. I tighten my grip on his neck and rock up to kiss him. He takes over. His kiss is hard and demanding.

"Mine." His voice is raw, savage and for a moment I truly believe he may lose control.

He rules in the ring

Two years ago, Jake and Amanda were going hot and heavy. But when Jake wanted more, Amanda walked away. Jake immersed himself in mixed martial arts, living life on the edge. But that didn't dull the pain of Amanda's rejection-until a chance encounter throws them together.

A high-powered lawyer, Amanda was a no-strings-attached kind of girl. But two years after her breakup with Jake, she still hasn't found anyone who gets her heart pumping the way he did. And then he shows up in her boardroom, hot as sin and needing help...

But can he rule her heart?

Jake is darker, sexier, and impossible to resist. As their chemistry builds, Amanda's not sure if she can stay in control, or if she's finally willing to let him claim her body and soul.

Excerpt: In Your Corner

“Don’t move.”

Totally immersed in painting the cupboard, I freeze mid–paint stroke at the sound of Jake’s deep voice behind me.

“What? Am I doing something wrong?”

He closes the distance between us and runs his finger along the back waistband of my gym pants, sending delicious tingles up my spine. Then he slides his hands around my waist, bared by the rise of my T-shirt as I stretch to reach the top of the cupboard with my paintbrush.

“Yes. You look too damn sexy. Do you know what it does to a man when he catches a glimpse of something he isn’t meant to see?”

“I hope it makes him tell the woman she can call off the panic attack and drop her arm,” I mutter as I do just that. “I also hope it makes him decide his hands might be of better use somewhere other than around her waist.”

Jake slides his fingers around to my stomach, resting them just over my mound and his voice drops to a low growl. “I could make use of them here.”

“So says the man who turned down a good offer just the other night at Redemption.” I remove his hands and turn to face him, putting on a brave face while inside I seethe. Who does he think he is coming on to me after brushing me off?

“No games, Jake. You made your position clear. I got that. I’m not interested in being screwed around.”

He presses his hands against the cupboard on either side of my head, caging me with his body. “What are you interested in?”

“Moving on,” I say honestly.

His pulse throbs in his neck and his eyes harden. “With whom?”

“No one right now.”

He gives a satisfied grunt as if I had just cleared up a question in his mind. “Everyone is out back having a good time. You should be there too.”

“There’s a lot of work to do. I want to get it done. The faster I open shop, the faster I can start my lawsuit against Farnsworth.” I slip under his arm and edge along the counter.

“You’ve been working since six o’clock this morning.”

Grabbing a clean cloth from the counter, I make an effort to wipe the grease off my face. “I’m used to working twenty-hour days. I’m not afraid of hard work.” But I am afraid of mercurial fighters who run hot one minute and cold the next.

His face softens, and he takes the cloth from my hand and holds it under the tap. The pipes gurgle when he turns the rusty faucet and water gushes out, skimming over the cloth and trickling into the sink below. Without warning, he lifts me and settles me on the counter.

“You don’t have to work like that anymore.” His voice is calm, soothing. I am momentarily lulled out of work mode and into heat mode as he eases his hips between my legs and reaches to turn off the faucet. “It’s Saturday night. Time to relax and have fun.” With a firm hand, he cups my jaw and then wipes the cloth gently over my nose, forehead, and cheeks.

His gentle touch, the warmth of his hand, his breath, minty and sweet, and his hard body nestled between my thighs all converge in an unbearable rush of sensation. I grab his wrist, forcing his hand away.

“Jake…I’m good. Really. There’s so much to do. I’ll come out when I’m done and I’ve cleaned myself up.”

“I like you this way,” he murmurs. “You look…cute. Real.”


He brushes his thumb over my cheek. “Amanda without the armor. Your clothes, hair, makeup…nothing is perfect. It’s just the real you. I never got to see the real you before.”

Torn between being mortified and pleased, I reach for another cloth. “Real Amanda is covered in dirt and has holes in her sweats.”

He traces a finger down my throat to rest in the hollow at the base of my neck. The room heats to one hundred degrees, and if I’m not mistaken, I hear the sound of my blood boiling.

“I like holes in sweats.” His voice drops, husky and low, and his finger continues its downward journey into the vee of my shirt.


He traces lightly over the crescent of my breast. “I like dirty girls,” he whispers, his voice thick with desire. “I can’t stay away.”

Oh God. Every bit of warmth rushes to my center as his deep, sensual voice ignites one of my dark fantasies. Jake, straddling my bound body, growling commands, telling me what he’s going to do to me in the filthiest language I know. A soft moan escapes my lips and we’re back on the roller coaster again.

“This game you’re playing confuses me.” His heart beats strong against my palm when I lay my hand over his chest.

“Me too.”

“Then what are you doing?”

His eyes take on a feral gleam and my breasts tingle.

“Playing dirty,” he growls. Tangling his hand in my hair, he tugs my head back, exposing my throat to the heated slide of his lips. “Sometimes you have to stop thinking too much and just go with it.”

My breath comes in short pants as he sucks gently on the pulse at the base of my throat. Barely able to form a coherent thought for the pounding of blood in my temples, I scramble for sanity. “There’s too much between us to just go with it. We need to talk…”

His hand closes in my hair, twisting roughly. “Lawyers talk. You don’t look like a lawyer now. You look fucking sexy, and your mouth is all lush and pink and needing to be kissed. You want to talk, Amanda, or you want that kiss?” He nips the hollow at the base of my neck.

Pleasure and pain meld together and I whimper as a heated rush of sensation floods my veins. “Kiss.”

Jake smiles. “My dirty girl wants a dirty kiss.” Holding my face, he slants his mouth over mine and kisses me.

Soft kiss. Sweet kiss. Warm, firm lips tasting faintly of coffee. His five o’clock shadow brushes my chin as his tongue eases my lips open to stroke against mine. My body melts against him as he explores my mouth, leaving nothing untouched. Tongues wind and tangle. Two years of fantasies coalesce in a single rasping breath.

“’S not so dirty,” I mumble against his lips.

“Oh, you don’t know how dirty I can be.” Jake grips my hair and tugs my head back with a firm, hard yank, sending little bolts of lightning straight to my core. Then he kisses me hard and fast. Rough. His teeth scrape my bottom lip as his tongue dives deep, filling me, taking what I have to give and demanding more. The pounding of my heart shifts from lust to fear as he consumes me, and for a moment I worry he has forgotten I need to breathe.

When he breaks the kiss, I draw in a long, ragged breath. “You never kissed me like that before.”

“You were never like this before,” he murmurs, his fingers easing up my shirt, his thumb tracing over the crescent of my breasts. “Raw and open, vulnerable, needing my help. So fucking real.”

My breath catches in my throat as he explores, cupping and squeezing my breasts and then teasing my nipples through my lace bra until they are tight, aching peaks.

“My clothes. Take them off.”


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies. She writes erotic contemporary romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them.

Sign up for Sarah's Newsletter for info on new releases:
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Other books in the series:

The first book in the series (all standalone stories), Against the Ropes, was a Publishers Weekly Top Ten Pick for Romance & Erotica for Fall 2013 and was also a #1 Erotic Romance Best seller on Amazon. It also won the JABBIC contest for sexiest cover.

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#SexySnippets from The Mating Project (The Projects, 3) @evernightpub #mmf #shifter

Happy Sunday, folks. If you're here for the Evernight Book Boyfriend Hop please click HERE or on the graphic in the side bar.

Otherwise read on for today's Sexy Snippets.

I bring you an emotional moment between Silas and Malachi.  It's the morning of Malachi's duel that will decide all their fates...

Honing in on the tumultuous emotions that coursed through his lover's soul, Silas eventually tracked him down by the rose garden. Hands held in a white knuckled grip on the railings of the charming gazebo, Malachi stared at the rising sun, and Silas was shocked to see the dried tears on his rugged features.
"How is our girl?" Malachi asked, his voice thick with emotion.
"Fast asleep. We've worn her out, man."
A brief smile lit up Malachi's face as he continued to stare at the horizon and the forest that edged toward the Anderson's property.

"It seems fitting that it will all end in the one place where I first met her, don’t you think?"

Being together could mean death to them all, but walking away is not an option…

Bloodlines need to be protected at all costs and as a true-blood cougar Maria is expected to mate with a council-approved shifter. Too bad the one chosen makes her skin crawl for all the wrong reasons.

But running away already landed her in hot water once before. Wolf shifter Malachi Luca saved her life ten years ago, and then promptly disappeared with her heart. So much for true love.

Now time is running out and Maria is feeling the strain. Seducing Professor Silas Deacon should be a welcome distraction except the human turns out to be her mate, too.

And that damn wolf—yeah he's back and determined to claim both his cat and his human. What's a girl to do? Fight for love and enjoy the awesome sex, of course.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, bondage, spanking, anal sex

Available from Evernight  Amazon  Amazon UK  ARe  Bookstrand


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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#BookBoyfriend Hop - Meet Silas Deacon #giveaway @evernightpub #freebooks #winGC

The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

The authors of Evernight have a brand new team of swoon-worthy book boyfriend candidates. A sexy assortment of cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, and shifters are just a click away.

Get ready to find your next book boyfriend...

Hello, lovely peeps. Welcome to my little corner, where I'd like you to introduce to Professor Silas Deacon, from The Mating Project. 

I don't know about you, but I find intelligent men very sexy, and they don't get much sexier than Silas. This staunch supporter of animal rights is the recognized expert in animal fertility, and thus very much wanted on the Mating Project.

He, on the other hands wants nothing to do with the shifter council, until Maria walks into his office. He can't resist this cougar, and instantly realizes that she is his mate. In his words... 

"He was human for fuck's sake. He should be immune to this crap, yet he couldn't deny the bone deep knowledge that Maria was his mate, and he had no fucking clue what he was going to do about that."

As you might have guessed Silas does not mince his words, far from it. He curses like a sailor, but he also has a wicked sense of humor, is bone deep loyal, a man of principle, always honest and above all dominant. He may be human, but he can hold his own, and did I mention his penchant for talking dirty?


One of my readers made me smile, because she sent me a message on Facebook that went something like this...

"So holy mother of god... I thought Cole's story was hot!

I have a new thing for hot professors...


I smiled, because Silas was one of those heroes that marched into my head and took over. I fell hopelessly in love with him, and bearing in mind Maria's other hero is an equally demanding and sexy wolf shifter, he had some stiff competition... only he doesn't really, because Silas loves both his mates, and is the driving force to get all three of them to seek out their happy ever after together.

I shall leave you with a little snippet of Silas in action so to speak. Be warned it is hot!!

 "You're going to take the job?" she asked. "Really?" Her palpable excitement was infectious, and it burst a bubble of happiness in his chest. "Your expertise will make such a difference, but … you were so set against it all. Why have you changed your mind?"
Silas had to smile at her beast's growl that came through in her voice. The animal seemed as agitated as her human half, and that gave him a warm glow inside.
"I haven't accepted the job yet, but I'm willing to listen to what your Cole Jackson has to say. As long as I don't have to deal with De Souza, we'll be good I reckon."
He didn't miss the shiver that went through Maria at the mention of that name, and he pulled her back against his chest and wrapped his legs around hers, effectively imprisoning her in his hold. The action had the desired effect. Maria sighed and relaxed against him.
"Besides, being mated to this blonde bombshell cougar kinda means a man wants to know what the future holds. For all I know, she might turn into a hormonal bitch at that time of the month, shift and ruin a man's d├ęcor."
"Watch it, human. I could eat you for breakfast."
"I was rather hoping you would. After all, this state I'm in is all your fault."
He rubbed his throbbing dick into her ass cheeks and winced when Maria allowed her claws to run out. She leapt out of the bath like the agile cat she was, and his balls drew tight at the alluring vision of a wet and naked Maria standing in front of him. The damp tendrils of her hair clung to her full breasts, and she slowly ran her hands up and down her sides. Rivulets of water caressed her curves and ran into her bare mound.
Silas groaned and took himself in hand, not once taking his eyes off her cunt. With him still sat in the bath and her standing, he had the perfect view of her puffy nether lips.
"Spread your legs and use your fingers to open your sweet pussy for me. I want to see what's mine. I want to see how much my fisting myself turns my little cat on. I know you're wet for me, aren't you? Let me see."
A strangled moan escaped Maria, but she complied with his husky demand, and Silas stroked his shaft faster at the sight of her pink flesh. Her inner lips glistened with the evidence of her arousal, and her sweet musk filled his nostrils.
"Look at that greedy little cunt. I can see it throb for me. Touch your clit for me. Coax your pearl to come out and see me. Come on, baby, make yourself whimper for me."
"Oh God, Silas." Her breathless plea meant he had to grab the side of the bath for support to stop himself from reaching out to her, as he fucked his own hand.
"That's it. Finger yourself. Spread your cream and make yourself come for me. Tell me how much you want my cock. Tell me I can take you any way which I want."
"Yes, god yes. Anywhere … please, Silas. This feels good, but my fingers are not enough. I'm so damn close, but I want your cock."
The movements of her digits turned into a blur, and her breath came in short gasps that matched his own, as she pumped her fingers in and out of her channel, and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Her eyes opened, and their gazes held as she trembled at the cusp of her release.
"Stop that now." She froze at his growled demand, and he watched in fascination as her blue eyes bled to yellow and then back to the deep blue slits of her animal. He could see her beast ripple under her skin, and it was the sexiest sight ever. One day soon, he would ask her to shift for him, so that he could truly appreciate the beauty of her shifted form, but for now he wanted to possess her.
"Turn round and spread your ass cheeks for me. Let me see all of you."
Maria followed his hoarse order without a moment's hesitation, and Silas's mouth went dry at the sight of her little puckered hole.
"Bend forward, so that I can see you properly."
A shudder went through his little cat, and she spread her legs and bent over, leaving all of her moist, pink flesh on display for him. He got out of the bath, and ran his hands over the perfect form of her ass.
"So fucking beautiful." He dipped his fingers into her wet cunt and then spread her essence around her forbidden hole. Maria pushed back against his groin, and his dick jumped in eagerness. He smacked her ass, and the sight of the blood rushing to the surface made him repeat that action again and again until the air in the humid bathroom was saturated with her heavy musk, and her cat's purrs rang in his ears.
Wrapping his hands into her hair he pulled her up and against him and marched her over to the sink.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard."

Being together could mean death to them all, but walking away is not an option…

Bloodlines need to be protected at all costs and as a true-blood cougar Maria is expected to mate with a council-approved shifter. Too bad the one chosen makes her skin crawl for all the wrong reasons.

But running away already landed her in hot water once before. Wolf shifter Malachi Luca saved her life ten years ago, and then promptly disappeared with her heart. So much for true love.

Now time is running out and Maria is feeling the strain. Seducing Professor Silas Deacon should be a welcome distraction except the human turns out to be her mate, too.

And that damn wolf—yeah he's back and determined to claim both his cat and his human. What's a girl to do? Fight for love and enjoy the awesome sex, of course.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, bondage, spanking, anal sex

Available from Evernight  Amazon  Amazon UK  ARe  Bookstrand


What’s up for grabs?
            One lucky hopper will win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate sponsored by Evernight Publishing.
            Plus, each author is giving away their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win.

How to enter? Answer this question in the comments below…

In your opinion what qualities make a good hero? I'm not talking physical appearance here, because, let's face it, we always make our book boyfriends drool worthy physical specimen, but what else makes your heart beat faster?

My prize is a $10 Evernight GC, and two runners up can choose an e-book from my back list, which you can find here.

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Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!

You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend...

Flash Fiction Friday - Leather #FFF

Happy Friday, folks.

I wasn't going to write a flash this week, as I'm also participating in my publisher's Book Boyfriend Blog Hop, which starts today, but I couldn't resist this delicious pic.

So, enjoy...

Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought she'd go for it. When she'd asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he'd simply blurted it out.
"You in leather … me on my knees…"
Sarah had pursed her lips and grinned. An extremely unsettling smile that should have warned him of things to come.
Nothing could have prepared him for this though, the fierce arousal that coursed through his veins. With her hand buried in his hair, and his head resting against her thigh, he was at peace—finally.
"Who do you belong to, boy?"

"I'm yours, always."


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

D x  

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#MWTease from The Takeover (Executive Assistant Anthology) coming soon from @evernightpub

Happy middle of the week, folks. It's time to tease you again, thanks to our lovely host Sandra Bunino, and I thought I would give you a little tease from my story The Takeover, which is part of Evernight's new Office romance Anthology, which is scheduled for release in June.

To set the scene it's the day the new CEO is due to arrive and everyone has been ordered to dress up. Heroine Emma finds herself in a dilemma when she is left facing a shut door, while balancing two trays of hot coffee, her hand bag and a bag of files. Work colleague Shane comes to her rescue.


"Here, let me. How do you get yourself into these pickles, titch?"
Shane Nevin's deep tenor stopped her fumbling, and a shiver of anticipation went down her spine, dampening her knickers like it always did. Em suppressed another sigh, and smiled up at Shane as she did her best not to swoon
Shane, too, had dressed up for the occasion, and the three-piece suit just emphasized every inch of his six foot three ruggedly masculine frame. If she didn't know better Em would have thought that suit was tailor-made.  However, Shane was just a lowly office worker like herself, so unless he'd suddenly won the lottery, then he must have just struck lucky when he got that suit off the peg.
"Nice suit," Emma said, and inwardly rolled her eyes at herself. Nice suit? That's right up there with I carried a watermelon, for frick's sake. Could I think of anything more stupid to say to him?
Shane simply smiled at her comment, reached around her to open the door for her, and grasped one of the trays out of her hand.
"Here, let me help you. Queen bitch made you get the coffees again, I see, as well as made you finish that report, I bet."
Emma almost missed a step at the steely annoyance behind those clipped words, tempered as they were with a smile directed at her. And not just any smile. This was a pure drop-your-knickers-in-an-instant smile of male appreciation that made Emma feel rather lightheaded. She'd seen him use that dimpled grin with devastating effect in meetings with suppliers that meant they dropped everything to accommodate him, but she'd never been at the receiving end of it. Neither had he ever run his gaze over her body with such heated intensity that the fine hair on her arms rose to attention, and her nipples beaded into shameless beacons of lust. Em knew she would have to lose her now sodden knickers, as her body responded to this man's charisma with a gush of wetness between her thighs. Jesus, that smile was lethal, and set off an almost painful wave of arousal and feminine need in her core that left Emma breathlessly staring up at him.
"I could say the same to you, by the way." Shane winked at her, and Emma blinked as the spell was broken.
"What?" she asked.                           
Shane laughed and swept one large hand through the air in front of her.
"Your attire, Em. Nice suit. Who knew you were hiding such a great pair of pins, not to mention…" His gaze dropped briefly to her boobs, where her nipples were still practically waving red flags to draw attention to themselves, and he grinned again, and ran a hand through his hair. The action made a strand of his light brown hair fall across his forehead and her fingers itched to brush it back for him. It had a natural wave to it that could have made him look boyish. Coupled with the angular jaw, covered in designer stubble, the strong slash of a nose, and his intense crystal blue gaze, it just enhanced his raw masculinity and sex appeal, however.
Emma laughed nervously and somehow managed to keep on walking. Shane hit the button for the lift to carry them up to the executive offices, and she risked another glance up at him from under her lashes. He wasn't looking at her. Just stood waiting for the lift to finally get back to them, and he stepped a bit closer to her when the space behind them filled with more office workers. His spicy scent wrapped itself around her senses, and she inhaled sharply as the doors slid open. Heat raced up her arm when Shane grasped her elbow and steered her into the far corner of the lift. The high rise building was home to many firms, and the lift soon filled to capacity. Shane braced his hand behind her on the wall, to stop from being pushed further into her. With the two trays the only barrier between them, Emma's mouth went dry when she looked up to find him watching her.
"Yes, well, orders from above and all that. Must please the new CEO. I heard he's a tough old coot."
A curious smile flitted across Shane's features at her husky reply and Emma shut her eyes and bashed her head back against the mirrored wall. What was with that porn star voice she'd seemed to have adopted? Shane would think her a right simpleton.
Her stomach tightened in need and she bit her lip to stop herself from moaning out loud, when she sensed rather than saw him dip his head. Gooseflesh broke out across the sensitive skin under her ear as his hot breath skittered across it.
"Anything for the CEO, is it, titch?"
The silly name sounded like a lover's caress. He'd adopted the moniker for her within hours of their first meeting, because she'd struggled to hang the Christmas decorations on the high ceiling of their part of the open plan office. Instead of grating on her nerves, like it usually did when he brought attention to their height difference, it simply turned her on. Thanks to her heels she came up to his shoulder, rather than his chest, and it wouldn't take much for him to kiss her.
Her eyes flew open and heat crept into her face at the decidedly unprofessional turn her thoughts were taking. They were in a lift for fuck's sake, in full view of everyone else, and this was Shane. They were friends, and besides, even if they weren't, he was completely and utterly out of her league. A man like him could have any woman he wanted, and he frequently did. Lord knew Emma had fielded enough annoyed women's phone calls on a Monday morning, when she'd answered his phone. He never played the field in the office, but Shane clearly enjoyed a healthy sex life outside of it, and why shouldn't he? It was only natural after all. Emma might have taken a seeming vow of abstinence worthy of any nun, but that didn't mean other people did. She knew that, and she fervently squashed that annoying little voice in her ear, that proclaimed she'd only sworn off men since Shane's arrival. Ever since he'd held that ladder for her—a mere four months ago—and Em had irrevocably fallen in lust at first sight, no other man had passed muster. Not that she had been particularly active in that department, but Emma used to have fun. She frowned at the direction her thoughts were taking, and slammed the door shut on them. No good would come of it. She was so not going to dwell on how easy it would be to allow herself to fall in love with the man towering over. Lust was one thing, love… therein lay nothing but heartache. She wrenched her gaze up to Shane's face, and all conscious thought fled her befuddled brain.
Emma had no idea what had changed between them, but there was no mistaking the blatant lust in Shane's eyes as he smiled down at her, and she held her breath when he dipped his head again and whispered his next words.
"What if the old coot is neither old nor a coot, and wants to do all sorts of dirty things to you, that he should have no business thinking, let alone acting on? Then what will you do?"


Hmm, what will she do, do you think?

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Happy Reading!

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Come to me...

Happy Tuesday, folks.

Today crept up on me somewhat, so I have resurrected an old flash. Enjoy :-)

(Source: Facebook
Original Source Unknown)

Nothing more than a growled whisper on the breeze, the deeply seductive sound wrapped itself round her senses. Darts of awareness pricked her skin, and left gooseflesh in its wake. It was the voice from her dreams that left her wet and wanting something just out of her reach. The voice she'd followed as though she was in her dream, into the forbidden forest, and down the twisting path that had led her to this clearing.
Surrounded by the delicious fragrance of wild flowers, she'd been lulled into a false sense of security. Too late she remembered the warnings of wood nymphs and the trapped spirit of the willow.
"Come to me."
The melodic voice washed away her rising anxiety, and without conscious thought she got to her feet, and left the sunny clearing behind. The coolness of the forest engulfed her, as the trees closed their branches, and barred her escape.
A whisper of a caress lifted her hair, and she leant into the air shimmering around her. Stunned she watched it morph into the naked form of a man. Tall, muscular, and gorgeous, he enveloped her in his being, and she simply let go.
"Welcome home, my love."

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Secrets Shared with @RavenMcAllan #bdsm #series @Totally_Bound #newrelease

Happy Easter Monday, folks. I have the awesome Raven McAllan back on my blog today to talk to you about what she likes best - to write.

Enjoy! Over to you, Raven....


Well, Happy Easter everyone. I hope Easter was everything you wanted it to be.

Here in Scotland we had sun. I kid you not. Okay it was probably our one day of summer (yes in April) but we all enjoyed it.

Now it's back to work.

Not that I mind because I reckon I have one of the best jobs in the world.

I write.

I'd like to say, I create worlds and characters, stories and happy ever afters, but actually, that wouldn't strictly be true. I'm a pantster, and incredibly character driven. Oh I might say I create them and plot their lives but it doesn't happen like that. I might be shouted at in the middle of the night (that's usual) and know who my next story is about, but believe me when I say, I write what they tell me. The number of times I have no idea where my WIP is going, or it veers off at a tangent, is probably every story I type.

Secrets Shared, Book one in the Diomhair series which is now up for pre order on is no exception. I had no idea what Jess had been up to, or why. I didn’t even know the secrets of Diomhair, (Gaelic for Secret) the castle until they told me. Or that you pronounce Diomhair, well as best as I can write it phonetically, Jeever with the J soft shhhh like.

Secrets Shared is the first book of six, if of course they're all accepted. Book two, Secrets Uncovered, is out in July. Book three, Secrets Remembered is with Totally Bound for consideration. No nails, inbox stalking time…

However I'm here to be all proud and chair swivel jiggling about book one…

So, without further ado (as they say on TV somewhere), here's the blurb and a wee tease…

They say never share a secret. Sometimes though, it’s the only thing to do.

Jess is looking forward to her night out clubbing with her best friend, but her anticipation turns to dismay when she realizes the venue is a BDSM club not the disco she’d envisioned. After a disastrous experience with the lifestyle in her past, she’s adamant she wants nothing to do with it now.
David agreed to pick up his friend’s sister as a favour, and is surprised to find himself instantly attracted to the fiery Jess. The experienced Dom recognizes Jess’ bluster for what it is—fear. There is no doubt in his mind that Jess is submissive, but getting her to accept that fact will take some doing.
David is determined to help her, but it is up to Jess to accept. When Jess does give in to her secret desires, can she truly let go and be the sub David is looking for, or will she hold onto her secrets?
At Diomhair you never know what will happen in the end.
“So it’s always been vanilla, no contemplation of bondage or blindfolds?” he asked her in a mild tone. “You said one of each first, so no same sex fantasies? No threesomes or voyeurism? Strange after you admitted you and Kath had once been a couple. No more, pure basics now, eh? That’s your sex life in a nutshell is it?”
Her heartbeat faltered and she swallowed, trying to work some wetness into her mouth. He made it sound boring, not safe.
“In, out and roll over?” David smiled. “That seems weird to me.”
 What does he know? “Yes, well, no and don’t go on. It’s what I want, so sue me. Nice, ordinary,”
“Boring.” David interjected.
She glared. “As I was saying, nice, ordinary, safe sex, thank you. Yes, there was a time when I had a female lover, and no, I don’t want one now. Nor do I want whipped, flogged, bound or gagged. Waxed, scored, scratched or whatever else goes on. Not. For. Me.” She knew her breathing was choppy, and it wasn’t just from fear.
David nipped her wrist. The pain was unexpected and Jess squealed. “That bloody hurt.” She pushed his hand away and rubbed her skin. “What the fuck did you do that for?” He was seriously heading for an assault charge if he wasn’t careful.
“Because I haven’t got time to put you over my lap and give you the spanking you deserve for lying. Open and honest, remember.”
 Oh, she remembered only too well, and he could go fly. “Well if you want to go spank someone, go find yourself a sub, mister. This is as open and honest as you’ll get. What the fuck are you doing?” Jess took his hand and moved it from where he’d been tracing erotic circles around her breast. “Listen, mate, I don’t subscribe to the three strikes and you’re out. I subscribe to the touch me and I’ll sue you school of thought. You’re out of order. Don’t touch me.” Her voice rose and ended on what to her annoyance was a sob not a defiant shout. “I cannot take this.” Jess put her hand onto the cushioned seat and tried to lever herself upward. The sofa didn’t cooperate, and she settled down again and glared at him.
He grinned. “Even my furniture is against you, eh? C’mere.” He pulled her close and hugged her. Not in anyway sexual but a nice comforting hug. To her amazement, Jess relaxed. For the first time in longer than she dare think about, she let herself be held. She didn’t shake, didn’t feel sick and didn’t pull away. It was nice. Of course it wouldn’t last. Jess hated the way he’d lulled her into a false sense of security. She turned her head and let her cheek rest on the fine, soft silk of his shirt. He stroked her hair and Jess was nigh on ready to purr. Her nipples puckered and she was darned sure more than her underwear would be damp. If this is him not coming on to me, heaven help me if he does. And let me pray there’s no tell tale stain on my trousers. I’d die of shame.
“So who hurt you?” David used his free arm to hold her across the shoulders, and kissed the nape of her neck. He spoke casually, as if he was asking her the time.
All of her contentment dropped away like a stone flung into a river. She struggled against him.
“No one, just you. Let me go, you asshole, you’re hurting me.”


Thanks for sharing Raven!

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