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-Native American table runner
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The participating authors!

Carlene Love Flores:

Tina Pollick: 

Meet Nash @RavenMcAllan's latest hero with @evernightpub #giveaway #regency #newrelease

Good morning, lovely people. I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I have a treat for you today, and me for that matter. There's something about a man in breeches....


Ahaha, so here you are Doris. makes a leg (that's a sort of a bow to us 21st century peeps) Now I do not need that man glowering at us. Tell him you're safe with me. I have my own lady, I will not take his. Well wink only for a short while and only for a little dalliance.
(Hubby stares, scowls, and goes to the door.)
Mr. Doris. (I had to laugh at that. Sir was not amused.) Perhaps you could take the lovely Budda and give him to Raven to play with? I had to bribe her with Budda cuddles to get her to bring me. Oh I have to warn you she has chocolate. It's nothing like we drink, but she assures me it smears even better. Snort. Perhaps you won't want to hear that eh?
(Why am I not surprised? Raven always gives Budda chocolate and says it's grandma's privilege)
Now, It's not that I dislike your man Doris, but it's somewhat intimidating talking about f…er affairs of the heart whist he listens to me. I may fall short in his eyes. Wink not that I worry. My times are different from yours, and we have to adapt accordingly.
(Oh his look of well… um mastery is so…well… okay I'll shut up)
In my times we show our control in different ways. I look after Felicity, and yes I am her master. Is this the same as in your time? Now that I can't say.
You have special ropes and those things for your nipples, yes? We have silk ties and cotton threads. You have a flogger? Ahaha we have a riding crop, oh and hands… yes I know you have those as well but hey ho. Some things therefore are the same.
I know your Sir would protect you whatever. I am likewise. That is what we do. My lady is my life. Without her life is not worth a guinea. These people who wish to harm us, our country and our lives have to be stopped.
Now, I can only hope I manage thinks and enjoy myself as I do it. I foresee it will not be easy, but then if something or someone is important, then if you have to fight, so be it. And then perhaps Felicity and I will have what you and your Sir have eh?
Oh dear, I can hear laughs and giggles and I think poor Doris will have a lot of tidying up to do. Laugh well grandma's have to get their grandchild messy. I'm told it is the way of the world.
I realize as I sit here, with the lovely Doris she is beginning to look worried. It could have something to do with the shouts and giggles we can hear through the door.
So to distract her (Doris not Raven) here's the blurb to my book…

A chance meeting at a masked ball leads to explosive and unforgettable sex for both Nash and Felicity.
Reunited under dangerous circumstances, they realize they may have to fight for their love, especially when Felicity is promised to Nash's brother.
With the future of the country at stake and unsure who to trust, can there be a future for the star stuck lovers?

and I think you might like a tease?

He kissed her hard; her soft lips were crushed under his, and he forced them open. Not that force was needed. Even as he pulled her body next to his she murmured incoherently and opened to his tongue. Nash plundered and she held on to his back, thrust her quim against his cock, and ground herself against him.
Nash thought hazily how easy it would be to forget why they were there, not a hundred yards from their destination, and surrounded by trees. To simply lower Felicity to the ground and make love to her. The stabs of disappointment as he reluctantly drew back astounded him. He had paid lip service to his deep feelings and now he knew, they were real. His love was deep and he'd do anything to protect Felicity and give them a happy ending.
"L ... Later," he managed in a voice that held more than a quiver. "Later, love. I will show you the depths of my love." He took a shuddering breath, and was pleased to see she looked as shaken as he did. He ran his hands down her arms, and tucked a wayward strand of her hair behind her ear. "Right, let's get on with this reconnaissance. Then I can whisk you home, take you to our room and plunder."
Felicity licked her lips.
Minx, she knows what that gesture means to me.
"Plunder, eh?" Felicity raised one eyebrow and managed a jerky giggle. "Pirate Nash, eh?"
He twirled an imaginary moustache and gave his best attempt at an evil cackle.
They walked on in single file slowly through the trees. Felicity was glad Nash knew where he was going because she soon lost all sense of direction. The tiny track was almost invisible, and she guessed it was only because the woods were part of his home that Nash could make his way through them so unerringly.
Nash stopped by a narrow stream and looked at her footwear. "We're almost there. I can jump this, but the edges are mighty slippery. If you jump I will catch you. Will you manage? Or we can walk a few hundred yards to the stepping-stones. It's up to you."
Felicity had no doubt about that. "Are the stepping stones on the main track? The ones I would have crossed on my way to your house?"
Nash nodded. "It'll be safe to go there now."
 Felicity stared at him. "You don't know that. Apart from which they are set at an angle I assume after the heavy rains last month. We'll do it here."
He grinned. She did her best not to giggle.
"Oh you, you know what I meant. Get your mind off your cock. You cross and I will jump. Surely I can’t have forgotten all of my hoydenish ways of my childhood. This is but a puddle compared to the stream at home. Come on, my lord, show me how it should be done." Her giggle escaped. She hoped she wasn’t going to be shown how wrong she was in her belief of her abilities. Nash narrowed his eyes and then nodded. He took a few short steps away from the bank, turned, ran and jumped. He landed several feet away from the water. Felicity couldn't help but admire the way his body moved. As his calves bunched in preparation to leap, her mouth went dry. He was magnificent. There was no way to disguise his strength. He landed as lithe as a cat, and twisted on the balls of his feet to smirk at her.
She clapped and dropped a curtsey. "Perfectly executed, sir." Now it was her turn. Felicity bit her lip and considered her options.
Nash sniggered. "Perhaps you should just paddle?"
Felicity ignored him. With a deliberation she knew would tease him, she tied her scarf around her waist and tucked her skirts into it. Nash whistled softly. Felicity twirled around to give him flashes of her legs, and took several more steps back than Nash had, before she slipped off her shoes and tucked them inside her makeshift belt along with her hem.
"One, two," she muttered under her breath, leaned back on her rear leg, gathered her energy, and moved her weight onto her front leg. "Three." She tensed her muscles and moved. To her delight she had forgotten nothing about the sheer delight of running and jumping with little to hinder her movements. As she approached the water she leaped high into the air and shouted with sheer delight. It was incredible. The air tickled her legs, and her hair came loose from its bun. Nash moved and caught her as she reached him, and tumbled backward to let her land on top of him. As he grasped her arse to hold her to him, quim to cock, he grinned.
"You fell over on purpose," Felicity accused him, even as she dipped her head to kiss his lips. She pulled back and giggled, even as her mind registered his prick hardening as he moved her over him. "My, my. Here?"
"Why not?"
Why not indeed.
He shifted one of his hands to fondle her arse under her skirts. "Raise yourself an inch or two and draw my breeches down. Then let me lift your skirts and ride me."
Felicity wasn't sure she'd manage to do as he asked before she collapsed. Her heart was thudding and the heavy pulse in her cunt was clenching and unclenching her muscles. The thought of him filling her was enough to give her the impetus she needed. She sat up on her haunches and dragged his breeches over his erect cock. It flicked out from their confines and waved triumphantly. Felicity sniggered. 'Someone is pleased to enjoy the fresh countryside air." She lifted her skirts and let her cunt skim over the tip of his prick.
"Tease." He nipped her arse. The tiny sting increased her juices, which she reckoned were ready to cover him.
"Me?" Felicity tilted her head to one side.  “How? I thought your cock was ready to enjoy the freedom of being released from confinement."
"Hmm, from the confinement of my breeches, yes. Because it ached to be in the confinement of your cunt." He gripped her waist with one hand, his staff with the other and pulled her downward. The first touch as he slipped inside her made her gasp. The second as he thrust into her ready body, made her moan. The third as he muttered, "Ride me, for heaven's sake, fuck me hard," sent her tumbling over the edge.

Nash's Niche is available from Evernight Publishing ARe Bookstrand

Now some nosy links
Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.
She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.
A lover of reading, she appreciates the history inside a book, and the chance to peek into the lives of those from years ago. Raven admits that she enjoys the research for her books almost as much as the writing; so much so, that sometimes she realizes she's strayed way past the information she needs to know, and not a paragraph has been added to her WIP.
Her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.

You can find out more about Raven here…        (my page)             (author page)

And for those of you still with us, If you comment, and say what one regency thing you'd like today, There's a chance to win a cope of Cecilia's Claim, book two in this series. Nash said he'd like to give his sister away. We had to explain it was only an ecopy of the book.

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Flash Fiction Friday - Lost and Found #FFF

Happy Friday, folks. If you're here for the Meet The Author/Character Interview Blog Hop please click HERE!

Enjoy my little flash today.

Lost and Found...

Her sense of dread increased with every step she took and she checked the address scribbled on the piece of paper in her hand for the umpteenth time.
Cherrynne hadn't been in this side of town for ages, and the realization how much it had changed hit her hard. The once thriving shops were all shuttered up, and there in front of Lot 117, she found him, just as the anonymous phone call had said.
The man slumped on the floor raised his head and struggled to sit up, and even with tears blurring her vision she recognized him.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

D x 

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When The Pieces Don't Fit with @MichaelaRhua #FF #ROTG @evernightpub

If you're here for the Meet The Author/Character Interview Blog Hop please click HERE!

I have a great treat for you today. I mean just look at that awesome cover! I was fortunate to be with Michaela from that first kernel of an idea when she said. "I've got these female shifters in my head."

This really is a fabulous story, but don't just take my word for it. Check it out yourself!

Here's Michaela herself...


When The Pieces Don't Fit.
Have you ever had a go at doing a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle? I never really had the patience for those. Some people spend hours and days engrossed in fitting all the pieces together to create the correct image.
But what happens when all the pieces don't fit? You get to the last section and you slowly plod away trying to fit them in, only to find some missing or odd pieces have found their way into the box.#
This is how it is for Jorie who is pursued by Malachi, the son of her Alpha. Okay so she slept with him once – bad mistake! He doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer – is it just shifter pride that is wounded? Or is there more to it?
For Jorie, the pieces begin to fit in at the end when Malachi kidnaps her and brings out one of the missing pieces. It's only when Lou rescues her that all the other missing pieces are found and the puzzle can begin to look complete. Not quite complete though…because she still hold one that she must decide if she is going to place it in or not.
I will say nothing more but I'll leave you with the blurb and a quick taste!

Mated Forever by Michaela Rhua
The full moon is always a time for danger and mating. This month it brings the scent of Louisa's mate. Jorie is on the run and in grave danger. Being rescued by Louisa brings safety and a new temptation. As the girls act on their feelings, and passion overtakes them, they are unaware of the danger surrounding them both. When Jorie is kidnapped, it's a race against time. Will Louisa be able to save her mate, or will the past and all its secrets destroy them before they even have a chance at forever?

"I am so sorry to draw you into all this Lou, I … I didn't mean for it to get this far." Jorie put down the hot mug on the table next to the sofa.
"It's okay. I asked you to stay, you didn't force this on me, so chill," Lou said. "Anyway, I'm going to take a shower."
Lou got up from the sofa and disappeared into the bedroom.
Damn it! Jorie kicked herself mentally. Why did I not just do what I wanted to, just touch her. She knew exactly how she felt about Lou. She wanted her as a lover and mate. Things were so complicated now. Sleeping with Malachi had been a colossal error. Every time she looked into Lou’s beautiful brown eyes something melted inside.
The noise of the shower interrupted her thoughts. Jorie fisted her hands and gritted her teeth. Then, with decisive steps, she walked through the bedroom to the bathroom. The door was ajar, almost inviting her in. Once inside, the hot steam fogged her vision. Her eyes adjusted quickly, and she made out water cascading over golden brown skin. Rivulets journeyed their way down the perfect body, which was all curves. Jorie wanted to stroke Lou’s round ass, and kiss it all over. She stretched out her hands. Her skin tightened, and heat radiated throughout her body. She knew exactly what was happening. Her wolf begged to be let out to play with her mate.
Breathing deeply, Jorie stepped forward. The steam cleared at little more and Lou turned around. Jorie stared at Lou's round breasts topped off with dark chocolate nipples, and licked her lips. Lou glanced up. Her eyes deepened then a ring of copper formed around her pupils. Lou continued to soap her body. Jorie watched Lou's hand circle down to her bare pussy with the sponge. Her own pussy ached with need. Lou dropped the sponge and leaned her body into the water, washing the suds off her skin. Jorie wanted to touch her so badly.
Lou turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower. Jorie took a deep breath, trying to get her wolf under control. She wanted Lou in human form, to delight in her body. In her wolf form it would be fucking. Her animal instincts would take over like it had with Malachi. There had been little tenderness. When he’d realized she was willing, it became all about taking her quickly. The act had been painful and cold. Where she’d wanted to take it slow, this would be about making love. She wanted to experience love, an all-consuming love. Tender and soft, not hard and fast.
"You're so beautiful, Lou. I want you so much. I've never felt this way before," Jorie whispered.
"I want you, too, Jorie. Only if you’re sure?" Lou gave her a tentative smile.
"Yes, so sure, like never before," Jorie said.
Jorie unbuttoned her shirt. Lou came closer still, helping Jorie to release her arms. Warm hands massaged her breasts. Jorie untwisted Lou's hair and let those dark curls loose. They were silky smooth, and Jorie massaged Lou's head then cupped her face.
Their lips met. Heat surged through Jorie, the air hot and heavy. Lou pushed her toward the bedroom. Jorie delved deeply into Lou's mouth with her tongue, tasting and licking. Her beast growled with delight. This was good, this was right.
"You taste so good, Lou," she said.
Lou pushed her onto the bed then stood over her. A flicker of hesitation registered in her eyes. Jorie undid her jeans, ridding herself of any clothing to reassure Lou this was what she wanted. Words were irrelevant. Lou seemed like watching her strip because intensity deepened her gaze. Once bare, Jorie sat up and held out her hand. Nothing happened. Lou looked at the offered hand. Afraid Lou would back away, Jorie slowly opened her legs. She wasn’t fully bare as Lou, but she hoped Lou would understand.
"I can't wait, Jorie, I have to taste you." Lou licked her lips.
She watched Lou lower her head and inhale the scent of her arousal. Lou growled then pounced on her.
"Get ready, honey." Lou winked.

Mated Forever Buy Links

Author Bio:

Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she loves writing!

She has teenage children and a husband, who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.

Michaela is a multi-published author with Breathless Press, Evernight Publishing and a self-published anthology with authors from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

Feel Free to Stalk here:

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Knowing Destiny with Tamsin Baker #shiftermenage #newrelease @evernightpub

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I have the awesome Tamsin Baker on my blog today with her new release, Knowing Destiny. This is patiently waiting for me find some time to read it, but I just know I'm going to love it.

 Take a peek.

Chase, a golden eagle shifter, is destined to be the leader of his flock, the shifters of the air. But he has a few problems. He’s not ready for the responsibility, he isn’t sure who he wants as his mate and there’s the little issue of an unsolved killing to sort out.
Ben is also a golden eagle shifter, Chase’s best friend and three time lover. He wants to be his best friend’s mate, but can he be honest about his feelings?
Ariana is a young peregrine falcon shifter who has loved Chase for years. But why would he want her when he can have anyone he wants?
Three shifters, three separate problems, all fighting to find out who they are and how they can love each other.

Ben showered and dressed quickly. What was he going to say?
“You’re going to be honest, just once, and then forget about it.”
Ben closed up his house and made his way to Chase’s place. He couldn’t live like this anymore, on tenterhooks every day, wondering what Chase was thinking, how he was feeling. Wanting to tell Chase he loved him, but not knowing how.
He had never felt so impotent in his life. But it was time to end that. He would finally admit all to Chase and live with the consequences. Today was the last day he was going to feel like this.
He jogged up the stairs and knocked on the door. “Hey, Chase, you home?”
His best friend opened the door, jeans on, but nothing on his gorgeous chest or feet.
“Hey, yeah. Come on in.”
Ben’s cock swelled within his jeans. His instant attraction to this man frustrated him, and he burst into Chase’s house.
“How did last night go?”
Chase pushed the door closed and frowned as he walked forward. “It went really well. What’s up, Ben?”
Ben clenched his fists tighter then opened them by force. Calm, he needed to stay focused.
“So, Ariana is it for you? You’ll mate with her?”
He began to pace, nervous energy working through his system and turning into anger. How could he have missed his chance to be with Chase?
Chase walked closer warily, approaching him how one would move towards an injured and angry bird. Chase had almost reached him now, and his brow knitted together. “Well, we’ve only had one night together, and she’s still at Uni, but yeah. I think so.”
Pain broke through Ben’s chest, making it feel like his ribs were being split open.
He stopped and gasped, putting a hand to his heart.
“Ben, seriously, what’s wrong?”
Ben growled and began pacing again. He couldn’t stay still, and if Chase touched him, he would surely scream.
“I don’t know how to tell you this. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for months, and it looks like I’ve run out of time.”
Inevitability settled into Ben’s mind, and he knew this was it.
Chase’s face was wary, his tone of voice gentle when he spoke. “What had you been wanting to tell me, Ben?”
Ben looked at him, his belly tight with worry. “I need to tell you ... that I...”
Ben stumbled over the words. How did you tell your male best friend that you were in love with him?
Chase leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms, that smug grin firmly in place. “If you’re going to tell me you want Ariana, too, then you’re going to have a fight on your hands.”
Ben clenched his fists, anger boiling up inside him. He opened his mouth and screamed at the man he had loved for a decade.
“I don’t want Ariana! I fucking want you! Don’t you get it? I don’t want to be your best friend who you fucked when you were drunk! I want to be your mate, too!”
Chase’s mouth dropped open, and his eyes widened. Then his eyes turned yellow, and he took a step forward. His huge hands reached for Ben, cupping his face and drawing it to his mouth.
Ben groaned and grabbed Chase about the waist, hauling his huge male into his body, absorbing Chase’s moan and squeezing his arse.
He pulled back and grabbed Chase’s jean-covered arse. “I want you.”
He stared at the man he wanted above all else waiting for a sign that Chase felt the same.
“I...” Chase cleared his throat. “I want you, too,” Chase said, the words gravelly.
Ben dropped to his knees and unbuttoned Chase’s jeans in a hurry. He had never done this for his lover, their previous intimacies brief with almost no foreplay. Now, he could think of no other way to brand Chase as his own. His powerful eagle was close to the surface.
He opened up Chase’s jean placket, and his cock sprang out, pointing directly to Ben’s mouth. Thick, heavy, red, and swollen.
God, it’s beautiful.
He wrapped his hand around the base and looked up at his man.
“I want to suck you so bad.”
He waited, wanting the confirmation that Chase wanted it, too.
His mate didn’t respond with words, but slid his fingers into Ben’s short hair and pulled him closer. That was all the permission he needed.
Ben smiled as he licked the tip. Yum.
“Chase ... are you here?” Ariana’s voice shocked them both, and Ben turned his head, ready to jump up.
But he was already too late. She wasn’t coming in. She was already here.

Tamsin Bio:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who just discovered erotic romance ten months ago. Before that, she would read sexy romance, skipping the plot and looking for the all the naughty bits. Since then, she has written erotic romance and erotica novels of varying length and has had fourteen published (so far!). She absolutely loves reading and writing! She has two other jobs, including kids and a hubby too – but writing is a passion that she has to indulge for fear of insanity.
M/M is a passion of hers so even when she writes ménage, there is always an M/M story. She particularly enjoys writing female dommes, but she loves experimenting in all genres. Tamsin is learning to write and read more one step at a time. Soon, she’ll have stories published in every sub-genre of erotic romance – well that’s her aim anyway!

Tamsin Links:

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