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Flash Fiction Friday - Closing Time #FFF

Happy Friday, folks. Enjoy's today's offering :-)

Closing time had never been so much fun. Her feet might be killing her, and she'd had to endure countless gropes and lewd comments thanks to her outfit, but Jim had finally taken notice.
How many times had she fantasized about being sat on this counter with Jim between her legs, when she was wiping up yet another coffee spill? His stubble created shivers of anticipation against her skin, as his large hand grabbed her thigh and grazed her slit.
"I've got you now. Sleeping on the job again, I see."
She struggled awake to Jim's smirk.

"You're fired. Unless…"


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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Seducing the Regency Dom with @RavenMcAllan #bdsm #regency @evernightpub #newrelease

I  have a regency treat for you today, in the form of the lovely Raven McAllan's newest release. Don't take my word for it, though. Here is Raven to tell you all about it.


Hi D, as ever I come bearing chocolate. Ohh look it's in the shape of a drum kit. Don't you think my grandson deserves the real…Ahhh (she's glaring at me) okay, chocolate only.

(She's a spoilsport. I know Budda would love the drum.)

 So why, apart from Budda cuddles am I here today?

Well I have a book out, and you know I still can't believe I write Historical erotica, but that's what Amazon calls it Snigger

I mean me? A grey-haired (well I would be without my fantastic hairdresser Leigh,) granny: sweet innocent ( okay yeah maybe not), author of sort of hot stuff. Evidently. Giggles I <3 it!

This week my hot stuff did me proud. Seducing the Regency Dom cracked the Amazon top 50 historic erotica books on .com. Now there might only be a few hundred books in that category (okay  2,672 … yes I checked) but hey I was giddy with my chair swivel jiggle I can tell ya. A little thing but 'tis mine!
No way do I expect this little thing to mean just so much to other people, and why should it? It's very personal. Now don't get me wrong, people were very pleased for me and that is fantastic. Any author who gets recognition, however large or small, is over the moon, and most (but sadly not all) other authors are oh so pleased for you, as you are for them. After all success is what we all strive for, be it, in a wee category like mine of a great big one like 'romance' or 'thrillers'. It means someone had thought enough of our work to buy it, and hopefully read it. Then it's in the lap of the gods if they like it or not.
Seducing the Regency Dom is a romp through Regency times. A time when women were meant to be seen when appropriate and behave as if any shenanigans their husbands got up to didn't bother them. Better still act as if they didn't happen.

Not Suzanna.

For a start she's in love with an older man. Now this was the norm. Well not the love bit, but the older husband. However Suzanna  has her eye on the one man who doesn't subscribe to a sweet and innocent wife for him.
Cue intrigue, giggles heat and well…you'll need to read it and see.

What more could a Regency Dom ask for? A beautiful young lady begs him not to offer for her, and then when he agrees, she turns the tables and seduces him.

It all sounded too good to be true, especially when her ideas of seduction include him dominating her.

Susanna might want Tony, but not for her parents—or his terms. She won't settle for less than everything. She knows Tony's desires and needs. All she has to do is persuade him that her cravings mesh with his.

Be Warned: BDSM, wax play


Applause echoed around the theatre once more, and Susanna stifled a giggle.
"Do you think that's for me?"
"We'd better hope not, but it should be. That was exquisite. You are a perfect pupil. Shall I return the favor? Oh I think so." He didn't give Susanna time to answer. "Lift your skirts to your waist, sit on the chair and hold onto the arms. Tuck your ankles around the legs. No one can see you there except me. This is for us alone. Do you think you'll need a gag?"
Susanna blinked. "Why would I, oh…" She felt her body heat, and knew once more color must stain her skin. "Er, perhaps." She knew only too often how she frequently stuffed the coverlet in her mouth to stop her sighs and gasps alerting the household to her activities. "In fact, yes. But what?"
I'm not a dog. However, in spite of her inclination to say wuff-wuff, Susanna sat as Tony had directed.
He tucked her gown tightly around her waist and smiled at her. "I think this time you should watch." He stroked her from her waist downward, slowly ruffling the curls of her quim, before letting one finger touch her nub and caress the opening to her channel.
"These should go. I have a desire to see your pretty cunt in all its naked glory. If we continue I will be delighted to be your barber."
She moaned. Those words along with that slight touch, had created so much cream, and when he put his fingers to his mouth and sucked, a fresh gush dripped onto her leg.
"Definitely a gag. I wonder how loud I can make you scream?" He paused. "Later."
She stared as he lifted the serviette from the trolley the waiter had left, and rolled it into a ball.
"Open." She opened her mouth and he carefully put the soft linen inside. "All right?" he asked softly. "Nod if you are happy."
Susanna nodded. Happy was perhaps not the right word. Excited, apprehensive, quivering, all fitted the bill. Her skin tingled with the thoughts of what he may be about to do. Susanna was book wise but experience poor, and eager to learn first hand how different a climax was by someone else's ministrations. She clasped her hands onto the arms of her chair, and tucked her legs carefully round the bottom of the chair. The wood was warm over her silk stockings, and the contrast between that and her bare quim was more erotic than Susanna thought possible. She remembered his words. He would like her cunt truly bare and he would be her barber? Oh my. Yes please.
Tony stared at her for a long minute. Then he opened her right hand to place his snuffbox in it. "If at anytime you're not happy, drop my snuff box. As you can't speak we have to have a way of communication. Nod if you understand." Susanna nodded.  I wish he'd hurry up, what if the play ends and I still haven't come by his hand? I will be bereft. To say nothing of angry.
 Tony's eyes glittered. He took up another serviette and set it beside him, as he knelt on the floor much as she had earlier. His prick still hung free from his pantaloons and to Susana's amazement it was once again standing up out of its nest of curls. He stroked it from base to tip and collected the tiny drops of pre cum onto his fingertip.
With his other hand Tony took the serviette out of her mouth. Susanna was dismayed by the disappointment she experienced. Was that it?
He held his hand to her lips. "Taste. This is what you do to me."
Susanna let him coat her tongue. His essence tasted warm and salty. She licked her lips to get the tiny drops he'd stroked on them.
"Very well, May I have more?" Her voice was husky. Was that her pleading? Later she might feel embarrassed at her temerity, but not now. Now she needed to be open about her desires.
"Perhaps. Later. If you are good. Wickedly good." He returned the wad of cloth to her mouth, and bent his head to her cunt.
At the first touch of his tongue on her clitoris Susanna knew why she needed the gag. He stroked her from cunt to arsehole with long delicate licks. Each one increased the tension in her body. Her skin was too tight for her body, the hairs on her head ached with tension and every nerve end was on high alert. It seemed as if she was watching from a great height. In one part of her mind, she registered the cat calls and applause from the auditorium, but nothing mattered except his touch. Tony pushed her legs apart, and ran the tip of his tongue inside her channel. Her juices gushed.
Thank goodness for the gag. Even in her aroused state Susanna had enough of her wits about her to know she would scream without it. Her own ministration taught her how close to the little death she was. She began the first exciting shake. The one where she knew oh so soon she'd fall over the edge and into the abyss of ecstasy and satiation. She closed her eyes to deepen her sensations. Tony's grip on her legs tightened, and then he moved up and over her.
Susanna glanced at him from under her lowered eyelids. He held his cock in one hand and guided it toward her cunt.
"Now, Xiao Māo, this is for you. Relax and let me show you what we can be." Oh so slowly he slid the head of his prick over her cunt lips and then used her cream to aid his access. Inch by inch he eased in, and waited until she relaxed. Then it began again. Each time he moved further, Tony nipped her nub, or kissed her ear.
"Now, it’s now." He surged the last inch and Susanna blinked as tears of pleasure cared her lashes. "And come now." He pinched her nub once, bent to bite the soft skin of her rounded bosom, and surged in and out of her twice. She shook as she tumbled into oblivion, and then to her distress he pulled out, to spill over the spare serviette.
The roars increased. Shouts of bravo echoed around them, along with 'more' and 'encore'.
It seems we all came to completion at the same time.

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#MWTease from Through the Dom's Lens #bdsm #interracial

In today's MWTease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, I thought I would go back to my Interracial BDSM romance Through the Dom's Lens.

This releases in just six days!!

To lead you into the scene:

Sally has just seen the pictures Junsako took of her in Shibari Suspension, and she can't bear to look at them, so she she has screamed red...

Sally knew she was screaming, yet she didn't seem able to stop, and the fact that Junsako released her immediately just made her burst into tears. God, she couldn't do this. She was an utter failure. She couldn't even look at a picture of herself naked. She should just go, but she couldn't do that either. Junsako's dark hand on her thigh made her cry harder. He drew lazy circles over it, up and down one leg and then the other. She couldn't understand what he was saying to her, as he'd once again lapsed into Japanese, but his solid warm frame surrounded her. His arm rested against her back, not restraining her, but offering his silent support, and she hung her head and hid behind the curtain of her hair.
"Shhh, pet. It's okay. Just let it all out."
He gave her a gentle nudge, and she fell against his chest. He rolled his chair away from his desk and that dreadful picture of her fatty self, and then leaned down to pick something up. In the next instant the towel she had dropped earlier appeared around her shoulders, and she hiccupped her thanks into his chest.
He continued to hold her, a quiet, reassuring presence until finally she sat up. Junsako tugged her hair behind her ears, and the concern in his face almost made her burst into tears again.
"Do you want to tell me what that was all about, pet?"
She shook her head, and annoyance replaced the concern in his onyx eyes and it sent a shiver of ice cold dread down her spine.
"I shall rephrase that, girl. You will tell me what had you so spooked that you shouted red."
She didn't know what possessed her, but she stuck her tongue out and shook her head.
"No. You said I could use my safe word, so I did. You can't make me … ow."
The slap to her thigh hurt—really hurt, and he looked so pissed off with her, that had she been able to she would have taken several steps back. Heck, who was she kidding? She would have fled the room. However she was still sat on his lap, and he looked just about ready to put her over his knee, and that thought really shouldn’t turn her on, should it?
No doubt if he if he did that, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience, but he would make it hurt. She had pissed him off, perhaps even tested his patience too much. It was on the tip of her tongue to say red again. He wouldn't push the issue then, but what would that achieve, apart from displeasing him? She wasn't a coward and she wanted, no, needed this. If she chickened out now, she would never experience the full impact of true submission. Still it was one thing to know that, another to voice it out loud.
"I-I'll just go, shall I?" she said instead of the words on her heart.
Another, just as stinging swat to her other thigh made her bite her lip to stop from crying out. This one left an angry red hand print on her pale skin, and her tummy did a merry somersault at that visible mark left by him.
Her clit tingled and her nipples pushed against the arms she had folded over them, and she grew wet again. He would notice, dammit, and what would he think of her?
She was a fucking head case that's what she was. Why did he bother with her?
"You're not going anywhere, pet, until we've discussed what just happened. Why did you react like that? Was it seeing yourself in that pose? I'll keep your identity secret. No one will know it is you in that picture and—"
"Stop, please, just stop. I … I can't. I'm ugly and fat, and that picture is—"
Junsako's growl in answer stopped her. It was a sound not unlike a wild animal would make, and it was also one of the sexiest sounds she'd ever heard. Her skin tightened, and the fine hair on her body rose in response to that animalistic sound and the leashed aggression she sensed in him. His muscles coiled underneath her, and his fingers dug into her face painfully, as he yanked her chin up to make her look at him.
Flecks of yellow appeared in his dark eyes. Like swirling storm clouds on a summer's day they warned of impending disaster. By rights she ought to have been frightened, but it had the opposite effect on her. Her whole body went limp at the show of his dominance, as he pinned her in place with the intensity of his look.
"Are you calling me a liar, girl?"
The question confused her and she tried to shake her head, but he had an iron grip on her. He slid his hand down to her throat and squeezed. Not so hard that she couldn't breathe, but hard enough to make her worry and sit perfectly still. The blanket slipped off her shoulders, and she paid it no heed. She daren't, not with him studying her so intently. She knew deep down that he would not take this too far, even if she couldn't explain to herself how she knew that. She just did, and she realized with a start that she trusted him. Time would tell if that trust was misplaced. After all, she had trusted before, and it had all ended in heartache.
"I don't understand, Sir. I haven't—"
The pressure on her throat tightened, until she wheezed. Panic set in for that brief moment until he relaxed his hand a fraction and her breathing calmed down again.

"I took those pictures. Pictures of a beautiful woman, who gave me her submission. I see a work of art, the lines of her body displayed for my enjoyment. I see curves and flesh that I can hold onto while I fuck. An ass I want to bury my cock in, tits made for my cushions, and thighs to hold me tight as I thrust into my pet. I see you, all of you, and you're beautiful."

Sometimes doing a favor can change your life forever.       
Never one to rate her curves, Sally thinks her glamorous sister has lost the plot. Stand in for her at a photo shoot with the most sought after bondage photographer ever?
She'll be laughed out of the studio, or arrested, or both. However, the temptation to actually meet the man she's been secretly lusting after for months proves too hard to resist.
Junsako cannot believe his eyes, when Sally turns up. It's been a long time since the Dom in him felt such an instant pull to anyone. All those curves will look beautiful in Shibari suspension, and Sally proves to be a born submissive. If only she would let go of her body issues and see the beautiful woman he sees through his lens. 
Only one thing to do—convince her—with as much kinky sex as possible.

Releases March 4th


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#TantalizingTuesdays - The Tease

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday, folks. Here's today's tease - aptly named


(Source: Facebook
Original source Unknown)

"Catch me if you can…"
Sandra sprinted off with a giggle. A quick glance over her shoulder told her that Nick was indeed in hot pursuit, and her stomach tightened in delicious anticipation. She'd been trying to flirt with him all evening, yet he hadn't seemed interested.
He sure looked interested now. She stumbled at the top of the stairs, and he was on her in seconds. Sandra shrieked as he flung her over his shoulder, and before she could even catch her breath, he'd bundled her into a bedroom, and threw her on the bed.
The edge of command in that word stopped her mid giggle. Suddenly this was so much more than a game, and she froze at the determined gleam in his gaze. His large hand grasped her ankle and raised her leg up high enough for her dress to slide up and expose her panties to his heated gaze.
Her pussy contracted as he slid his other hand to her mound and cupped her wet heat.
"You've been such a tease all night. Time to deliver, my sweet."
A wicked grin lit up his features.
"You've been a very naughty girl, and they get punished."

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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Trickster with @YesItsNicolaC #mm #shifter #newrlease @evernightpub

Happy Mondy, folks. I'm delighted to have the awesome Nicola Cameron on my blog today with her bestselling M/M Shifter story, Trickster.


Thanks for letting me come on your blog today! Trickster is my first M/M shifter story, and was originally intended to be a short story submission for Evernight’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology. Unfortunately, I wound up having the plague for most of November, and thanks to the various medications I was on the story just wouldn’t gel properly in my head. After three failed attempts I gave up and stuck all three versions in the “maybe someday” file.
Fast forward to January. As I worked on another project, I decided to take a break and flip     through my “maybe someday” file as a palate cleanser. When I found the most advanced version of my Alpha shifter story, I thought, “Hmm, this really is kind of a cool concept. If I expand it I can submit it as an ROTG story. I’ll just add a little more on, then go back to my original project.”
Ha. The next thing I knew, it was four days later, my sleep cycle was completely flipped, I was knee deep in corporate espionage and the complications of M/M human/shifter mating when neither of them are gay, and I’d gone straight past ROTG length and was closing in on 20K. Plus my shifter was no longer an Alpha (which actually worked better, considering one of the other characters really needed to be the Alpha), and I came up with a novel way to send Morse code in an office environment. The result is Trickster, and I have to say that I am very, very pleased with the way it all turned out. (And yes, the plot may have been influenced by my career in various tech companies. Oh, the stories I could tell you...).

Delaney Smith, coyote shifter and Trickster Technologies executive, thinks humans are bland, boring, and undateable. So he gets the shock of his life when he comes back from vacation and scents his mate in the Trickster offices — a mate who is not only male, but quite human.
Mark Fellowes is taken aback when the CTO at his new contract job makes a pass at him, and even more surprised at his temptation to respond. Straight and dating a career-minded businesswoman, he’s never even thought about kissing another man — until now.
When Mark is attacked by thieves trying to steal company files, Delaney must put aside his preconceptions to protect his mate. But will a criminal bent on destroying Trickster Tech separate them before he can stake his claim?


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Delaney cleared his throat. Mark yelped and spun, bumping into the dresser next to the bed. The towel around his waist started to slip, and Delaney caught a glimpse of pale, muscled hip before he yanked the terrycloth back into place.
Panting, he glared at Delaney. “Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you?” he yelled. “Do you even know how to knock?”
“I did,” Delaney said, trying to sound innocent. “You didn’t answer so I got worried. Didn’t know you were in the shower until I came in here.” And you were coming in there.
Without his glasses, Mark’s resemblance to a furious faun was even more striking. “God. I do not need any more of this tonight,” he growled.
“This what?”
“You, sneaking around and following me everywhere.” He scowled at Delaney’s groin. “Especially with another fucking hard on.”
For some reason, that cheered the shifter. “You noticed, huh?”
“Helen Keller would have noticed it, all right? Does it ever go down?”
“Not since this morning. I can’t help it, babe. I smell you and I get wood.”
“Oh, Jesus.” Mark edged next to the bed, clutching both towels now and looking hunted. “Look, I’m tired. I just want to put on some pajamas and crash, all right? I’ve had a really bad, weird day, so how about we can talk about shapeshifters and," he waved vaguely between them, "that other thing in the morning.”
Delaney ignored the slap of disappointment and nodded. “Okay. We’ll talk later when you’re not tired.” Although you weren’t too tired to jerk off in the shower.
Mark’s cheeks blazed to life. “You listened to me?”
Oh, shit, he can hear my thoughts already? “I didn’t mean to, but coyotes have really good hearing,” Delaney said defensively. “At least you got off. My balls are aching so much I can barely walk straight.”
“So go to your own damn bathroom and rub one out there!”
“It’s not about getting off, dammit!” Delaney yelled back, before catching himself. “Okay, it’s not just about getting off. God, I really wish you were a shifter. Then you’d understand.”
“Well, I’m not a shifter,” Mark snapped, “so you’re just going to have to explain it to the stupid human.”
“I -- Jesus.” Delaney sucked in a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down and find the right words. “Being drawn to a mate, it isn’t just physical. It’s emotional and spiritual as well.” He gestured at his groin. “Yes, I want to fuck you. That’s pretty damn obvious. I also want to know you. I want to talk to you, find out everything about you—where you grew up, what your family’s like, whether you like sports, what your favorite food is, your opinion on Steven Moffat, what you want to do with the rest of your life, all that. And I want you to get to know me, too.”


Nicola Cameron is an expatriate Chicagoan who has lived in England, Canada, Holland, and Sweden, and keeps a confusing amalgamation of languages in her head as a result. Currently located in the clavicle of Texas, she has finally mastered the proper use of "y'all," much to her Chicago family's dismay.

Despite a healthy interest in sex since puberty, it wasn't until 2012 that Nicola decided to try writing about it. As it turned out, the skills she picked up during her SF writing career transferred rather nicely to erotic romance. When not writing, she wrangles cats, smooches her husband, makes dolls of dubious and questionable identity, and thanks almighty Cthulhu that she doesn’t have to work for a major telecommunications company any more (because there’s BDSM, and then there’s just plain torture...).
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#SexySnippets from Through the Dom's Lens #bdsm #interracial @evernightpub

Goodness, this week has flown by. I can hardly believe it's Sunday already. Guess time flies when you enjoy yourself. You see, I've been completely engrossed in my WIP, which is now all done and dusted.

However, I thought I would tease you with another seven sentences from Through the Dom's Lens, my Interracial BDSM romance.

Junsako made Sally a promise last Sunday. If you missed it you can find it HERE.

This is what happened when he made good on that promise.

By the time her feet lifted off the floor, she was already floating, his voice her anchor in the maelstrom of sensation overload she found herself in. Tears seeped out from behind the blindfold, tears he swiped away with his fingertips, always there, always checking her, reassuring, his touch everywhere at once.
"Fly for me."

She sighed into the kiss, which followed that whispered demand. A kiss so gentle, yet so all-encompassing that she started crying in earnest. Held by the ropes, suspended in the air, he surrounded her, and then she was free. Rocking gently to and fro, free from all the stress and worry she'd been carrying around, her heartbeat slowed and her breathing evened, as she just felt.

Sometimes doing a favor can change your life forever.       

Never one to rate her curves, Sally thinks her glamorous sister has lost the plot. Stand in for her at a photo shoot with the most sought after bondage photographer ever?

She'll be laughed out of the studio, or arrested, or both. However, the temptation to actually meet the man she's been secretly lusting after for months proves too hard to resist.

Junsako cannot believe his eyes, when Sally turns up. It's been a long time since the Dom in him felt such an instant pull to anyone. All those curves will look beautiful in Shibari suspension, and Sally proves to be a born submissive. If only she would let go of her body issues and see the beautiful woman he sees through his lens.

Only one thing to do—convince her—with as much kinky sex as possible.

Releases March 4th


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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Flash Fiction Friday - Big Mistake #FFF

Happy Friday, folks. Enjoy today's flash!

"Stay, please. Don't leave me."
Already he could feel her slipping away. Like the sands of time in the hour glass she slipped through his fingers, as the poison spread through her veins. Poison that had been meant for him.
If only they hadn't swapped glasses, it would be his veins collapsing under the liquid silver death. He kissed her clammy skin, her precious eyes, clouding over in pain, as she took her last breath, and he roared his agony into the night.

They wanted to know who the vamps were, did they? He would show them. Revenge was his.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

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#MWTease from The Mating Project #wip #shifter #mmf

Time to tease you all again. I've been living and breathing my WIP this week, so I had to tease from The Mating Project. This is book three of The Projects and for those of you familiar with the series, this is Maria's story. It is also my first foray into mmf and I've had so much fun with these three. This currently stands at 39 K, and all being well, I ought to have the story finished by the end of the week.

So without further ado, I give you a little hot something. Please bear in mind this is a first draft and unedited, so forgive any silly mistakes.

By the time she could draw air into her lungs, Silas was removing her leg shackles and Malachi had rid himself of his trousers. His cock was just as thick, if not thicker than Silas's, if not quite as long and the head of his dick looked swollen and purple, the balls drawn up tight to his body as though he was barely holding in his cum.
His stubble glistened with the evidence of her arousal and when he bent to devour her mouth his with his, she tasted herself in with him. It pitched her need for him sky high again, despite her earlier orgasms, and she pleaded with him in between kisses.
"Please, please…"
He pulled away and with a wicked grin bent down to lick the sticky evidence of Silas's cum of her breasts. Silas joined him on the other side, and the dual sensations send her clit and pussy into overdrive. There was something so dirty and yet terribly arousing in the act, and when both men bit down on one erect nipple each, another orgasm ripped through her.
"Beautiful." Silas grinned at her and then cupped Malachi's head as he too abandoned her nipple and kissed him. This time the kiss they shared was tender, if passionate. Silas broke away and licked away the left over residue of Maria's juices off the other man's chin, and then kissed a path down Malachi's body, whilst taking a firm hold of his lover's cock.
Malachi threw his head back and the veins in his neck stood out starkly as he fought for control. Silas slapped his hands away when Malachi tried to pull him off, and instead took all of Malachi's dick in his mouth. Pinned as she was under Silas's weight over her legs, Maria could only watch in awe, when Malachi roared his release into Silas's mouth. Both men fell on the bed next to her and took it in turns to kiss her until the heavy prods of their erections dug into either side of her again.
Silas propped himself up, pulled out a condom from the bedside cabinet and threw it at Malachi. He caught it with a grin down at her and tore it open with his teeth as Silas got another one and turned her sideways until she faced Malachi. Caught in the act of rolling the condom on his cock he grinned at her and kissed her again.
The men exchanged a look over her head that sent an army of butterflies into her lower belly. Delicious anticipation made her pant as Malachi raised one of her legs and rubbed the broad tip of his sheathed dick along her pussy lips.
"God, please, just fuck me."
"Patience is a virtue, princess. Trust me, we'll both fuck you until you won't know where any of us ends or starts." He kept up his slow, shallow glides through her labial lips, nudging her clit on the upstroke every time. The move drove her cat insane and without thinking she sunk her teeth into his shoulder. Malachi roared and flexed his hips and wet as she was his cock slid right in until his balls hit her ass. Behind her Silas swore, and cold liquid ran down the crack of her ass to mix with her own juices.
Malachi thrust into her several more times, as she licked his wound and his hot breath sent shivers down her sweat slicked neck. The brush of his canines made her cat whimper, but instead of biting her back, he growled as though he was in agony and pulled back, all the way keeping up his thrusting into her as though he had no control over his hips.
Maria dimly registered the fullness in her ass, followed by the slight burn of Silas's lubed fingers, as he prepared her for his cock. She was too caught up in staring into the eyes of Malachi's wolf, as her internal muscles clenched and relaxed around his cock.
Malachi looked more animal than human at this point and when he spoke through gritted teeth his voice carried the growl of his wolf.
"Damn it, Silas, hurry up. I can't hold back much longer."
He shook his head at the silent question in her eyes, but she saw no condemnation for her bite, only lust and love all rolled into each other.
"Getting there, Malachi. Hold up for a minute."
With a groan Malachi complied, and Maria moaned at the loss of Silas's fingers in her ass, only to stop thinking all together when she felt the tip of his cock push through the rim of her anus. With agonizing slowness Silas worked his cock into her ass. Retreating a bit each time before he thrust in deeper until finally his balls too rested on her skin.
There was a strange keening sound in the room, and Maria didn't realize it was coming from her until Malachi kissed her.

"Sshh, it’s okay, just relax. We won't move until you're used to us, princess."

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Consequences

Time to tease you all. Enjoy!

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She trembled with the effort, but Sir had told her to lay still. Just like he'd told her to stay away from the party.
She'd disobeyed him then, and she wasn't going to do so again. If only she'd listened, the incident with her boss never would have happened.
Damn it, she'd done so well to avoid the man's wandering hands all evening, but he'd caught up with her when she'd been waiting for her ride.  She could still feel his alcohol laced breath on her skin, and a shiver went through her.
Before she could as much as dig her stilettos into the man's foot, Sir had been there, but her relief had been short-lived. He'd been furious.
A whimper escaped her as he slowly pulled the belt out of its loops and curled it in his hand.
"Ready to wipe the slate clean, pet?"
His deep voice wrapped itself around her senses, and she nodded.
The first strike took her breath away, and the rest of the blows hurt, but not as much as the knowledge that she'd disappointed him.
She was sobbing by the time he pulled her into a hug.
"There, it's all over now, pet."

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Killian's Claim with @Robin_Badillo #newrelease #mm #shifter @evernightpub

Happy Monday, folks, and do I have treat for you today. It's always a great day when Tyler/ Robin comes to visit, let alone when she brings such yummy gifts as these two guys. Enjoy this peek into Killian's Claim.

Thank you so much for having me!!
It’s been a while since I’ve had a full length book to release, and I’m thrilled that Killian’s Claim is finally here.
Most of my books have been M/M military themed, so my new series, Call of the Wolf, is a fresh and exciting new sub-genre I can’t seem to get enough of.
The first book, The Becoming, is featured in the Alpha’s Claim Manlove Anthology from Evernight. The story intrigued my muse and opened up a whole new world full of sexy, paranormal wolf-shifters.
The Call of the Wolf series follows the lives of several wolf packs across the state of Texas and a few other southern states.
Their species lives by a strict code, and heed the call of the spirit wolf in all things, including matters of the heart. Not an easy undertaking when you’ve been told your sexuality goes against the laws of nature … or does it?
Change is coming, and each pack will inevitably have to make choices that will either strengthen or destroy their way of life.
The characters in Killian’s Claim, face these problems as well, but they have so much more than wolf spirits to deal with.
Here’s a little taste of what I’m talking about…

Killian’s Claim:
Six years ago, Quinn Kelly barely escaped the brutal murder of his parents. Now the lone-wolf is searching for a place to belong. Well aware of his proclivity for men, his nomadic life hasn’t allowed him to find anyone to call his own, until now.
Wolf-shifter and future alpha of his own pack, Killian Masters wants nothing more than his father’s approval. After meeting Quinn, he’s more determined than ever to make his father see who he is and how deeply he loves.
Captivated by their growing passion, the young lovers have a rude awakening when the vengeful alpha who murdered Quinn’s parents, finds him, and vows to destroy anyone who gets in his way.
Some say the battle between good and evil is determined by which power is fed the most, but in nature, no power compares to that of an alpha’s claim.

Tame Excerpt:

“Get in.” Killian motioned toward the bed. “On your stomach.”
Quinn did as he was told. His knees instantly sank into the plush, pillow-top mattress, and he crawled across it to the middle. The down comforter bunched up around him, and he ran his palms across the soft fabric. He inhaled, savoring Killian’s scent. The room reeked of the other wolf’s sexy, decadent essence, making Quinn feel even more at home than before.
His mind whirled as he imagined how it would feel to crawl into the extravagant bed next to Killian every night. Heaven. He grinned to himself.
Quinn had been so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed Killian slip into another room he assumed was the master bath. When he emerged, he held something in his left hand. He climbed into the bed next to Quinn and kissed his shoulder, sending gooseflesh dashing across Quinn’s skin.
“Are you sure you’re ready?”
Quinn nodded.
“Close your eyes.”
He did as instructed.
“I’ve imagined this since we first met.” Killian stretched out next to him, and the heat from his body warmed the entire length of Quinn’s side. 
Killian slid his leg over the back of Quinn’s and rubbed his calf with his foot. Quinn relished the feel of their bodies touching, even if it was only their legs.
“I promise to go slow.”
Quinn closed his eyes tight and jolted when something cold splattered across the middle of his back.
“But once we get into this…” Killian crawled on top of Quinn, straddling his waist, then bent over, and pressed his lips to his ear. “I’m gonna give you exactly what you’ve been wanting.”
Quinn swallowed, and his entire body quaked at the sound of Killian’s words. He moaned when Killian began to massage his back, smearing whatever liquid he’d splashed onto Quinn’s skin.
His fingers slid easily. Quinn could smell the sweet scent, but kept his eyes shut the way Killian had instructed. He drew in deep breaths to curb his growing anticipation.
Killian moved down and straddled his legs, slipping his fingers lower and lower toward Quinn’s ass.
Quinn concentrated on not tensing up. It would only make matters worse. He’d experimented enough to understand the importance.
Killian’s assertive touch made it easier to remember how much he wanted this, and how much he wanted it with the other wolf. Quinn’s first time would be more than he’d ever imagined. He felt it in his bones.

ADULT Excerpt:

He stood frozen in place, fists balled tight and his cock throbbing with ungodly need. He’d never been balls deep inside another man before, but the longer he stood there, the more he wanted it.
Killian kissed the curve of Quinn’s neck then began to suckle.
Quinn squeezed his eyes shut. How much more could he possibly take? Chills skittered across his skin causing ripples of goose-bumps to coat his tingling flesh. A sensual moan vibrated in his chest as he shuddered from the thrill of Killian’s touch.
Killian pulled away and looked him in the eye. “Follow your instincts.”
Quinn took a deep breath then clutched the back of Killian’s neck. “Like this?” No longer able to hold back, he lunged forward, engulfing Killian’s mouth with his while pushing him back toward the sofa.
Killian tripped over his own feet, and toppled onto the couch.
Quinn stood over him. His engorged cock jerked as Killian’s hungry gaze zeroed in. He slowly unzipped his jeans, taking his time. He then reached in, squeezed his prick and winced from the ache. His experience with blowjobs had been limited to quickies here and there, and even those were awkward, and over before he’d had time to savor the moment. Getting sucked off by some guy he’d never see again was much different from what was happening now.
Killian sat up, licking his lips, his gaze still fixated on Quinn’s crotch.
Courage he hadn’t expected suddenly engulfed Quinn as he offered his cock to Killian. “Take it.”
A devious grin spread across Killian’s face.
Quinn’s eyes rolled back, and his hips naturally bucked as Killian removed his cock from his jeans. Warm hands gripped it firmly, but not too hard. Quinn sucked air in through his teeth, shuddering as Killian began to stroke him. Slow and easy. Up and down.
He jolted when Killian took him in his mouth, hot and wet. “Fuck.” Never had anything felt so good. He peered down, then twisted the back of Killian’s hair into his fist, guiding his head back and forth as Killian took more and more of his cock into his mouth.
Killian gripped the base of Quinn’s shaft, quickening his pace, sucking and stroking simultaneously.
Quinn’s knees buckled, and he grabbed Killian’s shoulders to steady himself as heat flooded his groin. His cock pulsed, and he struggled to hold off as long as he could. He wanted so badly to lose his load in Killian’s mouth, but doing that would end the pleasure far too soon.

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