Sunday, 10 July 2011

The End

Two little words that make a writer's heart sing, or in my case be really annoying and tell everyone, "Do you know, I finished my manuscript! "If you haven't guessed by now, the early hours of this morning saw me typing The End on my paranormal Romance Lure of the Blood.

*small squeal and dance around the house*

Ok, more like big whoop, trying not to wake the kids and sleeping hubbie and gentle sway of hips and clap of hands, don't want to do myself an injury now. Beached whales don't dance all that well ;-)

At last count the word count for LOB stands at 50,916 K, which is not bad, considering this started out as an Erotic Short. Should have listened to Hubbie, who said right from the beginning that there was far too much scope for expansion and he reckoned I could get a full book out of it. And hey presto I did.

In fact I enjoyed creating this world so much, I foresee a few more stories involving this pack of shifters and their vampire friends. Certainly Lucas deserves his own story.

But for now I shall just bask in the deep satisfaction that I have finished another story and in my self imposed deadline. Should Markus decide to arrive tonight, I won't have a frustrated alpha wolf sitting on my shoulder, demanding his HEA. Phew, do you have any idea how demanding they can be? LOL!

Of course this is not the end. I have to edit, polish, proof read, edit and polish some more and then there is the dreaded Synopsis, before I am anywhere near ready to sub this to a publisher, but all those bits can be done in short bursts, once Markus is here, so it's all good :-)

For now..

Did you know, I finished my manuscript?


  1. it ate my comment....
    its def all good.
    BTW D have you finished it then? :)

  2. It's great to celebrate 'The End' when you've written your book. I love the sensation.
    Except it doesn't always last very long because then you have to get to hard part of editing and refining it till it shines.

    Well done for completing it before the long awaited 'arrival'