Monday, 29 August 2011

A new look

To celebrate the fact that I now have a release date for Scandinavian Scandal and in an effort to jazz my blog up a bit, I enlisted the help of our resident IT guru and queen geek Cherie and this is the result. Thank you again Cherie :-D

You see, not only is a critique group invaluable in getting your writing polished, it's also most helpful in polishing your look.  Because I am told I need one, and being that my tag line is Writer of sensual, sassy, sexy romance I thought my blog better represent that too, rather than being a plain Jane as my ever honest husband nicknamed it. I am also setting this to an adult warning content, not necessarily because I will be posting nekkid pictures ;-) now there is an idea, lol, but because my upcoming excerpts may well be on the hot side.

Who am I kidding... may?

Okay, they will be. After all I am writing Erotic Romance and I am still shaking my head at myself at that turn up. Ho hum, I seem to be good at it, or so I am told, and after all it's not my fault. These darn heroes just can't stay out the heroine's knickers?

*whistles innocently*

Absolutely nothing to do with the dark recesses of my mind ... you understand.


Check out my website too and watch this space for updates and general ramblings about life with my brood. Cause you know, I have an opinion on all sorts of things, and I do like to rant, as regular readers will only be too aware of.

What's that I hear you groan? Far too opinionated? Yeah, probably and believe me, my rants on here are quite mild, compared to the ones in my head!

*cue husband nodding in the back ground and ducking the flying shoe*

You have been warned :-)

Scandinavian Scandal will be released through Noble Romance on November 21st



  1. no problem hon! but remember my price right..... just thought i would mention that..... :D

  2. Lol, as if I would :-D x