Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

 Thought I would give you something to drool over whilst you're nursing your hangover. Made me smile anyway.

*big grin*

I hope your heads aren't too sore. In my house it's business as usual today. Hubby has the decorating bug, so he is crashing and sawing away. I'm sure our neighbours must love us.

The kids of course were up at the crack of dawn as usual, the baby never seemed to go to sleep - think he must be in a growth spurt, cause we're playing boob tennis all night. Yawn! I have yet to see the teenagers. Our sixteen year old managed to get drunk on just a few cans of Cider last night, so never got to see in the New Year. It was quite amusing, as he loved everybody, but I was very glad he didn't go that party he was going to. 

I have 1000 words to write, as today is January 1st and 100K in 100 days starts, so I best crack on. Must find myself a widget thingy to chart my progress.

But before I go, I can announce the winner of my latest giveaway from my Author Spotlight with Shannan Albright.

Choice of one of my e-books goes to Gena Robertson. Congratulations Gena. My ever helpful four year old pulled you out of the hat :-) I will be in touch to see which book you'd like.

There will be more Giveaways soon, as my release date for Too Hot To Handle is fast approaching, and I have several Guest authors running Giveaways this month, so watch this space.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. All the best for the new year, Doris! It's business as usual for me too, although I seem to have an abnormal amount of laundry!

    I hope your sixteen year old doesn't wake up with too much of a hangover... perhaps it will put him of drinking ;-)

    Best of luck for the writing. Oh and my house is still half decorated so if you could send over your husband it would be much appreciated! lol


  2. went for a long walk this morning with friends. great thing to do but snookered my 1k for the day already lol
    will need to work doubly hard later in the week.
    Keep up the writing my dear, I need a daily dose of doris to keep me going

  3. Thanks Ladies :-)

    Sixteen year old is now up with a pounding headache and looking rather sheepish. I do have to laugh!

  4. Hello Doris, came over from RNJ at Face Book. I thought I had my hands full, MUM to 9? Baby and a 16 year old, while writing? WHEW! Loved this by the way! Great post, funny too. I will be follower #67 here at your site.
    Aka Bonnie Lea Elliott

  5. *giggles*

    Thanks Bonnie,lovely to see you here :-)