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Guest blog - Social Media by Lee Brazil

Social Media

Lee, You're Doin' It Wrong

Hi, I’m Lee Brazil, and I am a Face Book Addict.  *sips coffee, blushes* It's true.  I get up in the morning and log on while I watch the sun rise. Before I drink my first cup of coffee I'm checking my friends' status updates, chuckling at Lolcat pics and sighing over hotties.
I joined Face Book and a few other social media sites because people told me it was necessary for a writer to connect electronically- with readers, with publishers, with reviewers, with other writers.
I’m not sure this is what they had in mind. I think they meant for me to use Face Book as a tool.  I can use Face Book to share my work, whether for publicity, fun, or feedback.  I occasionally post an excerpt from something I'm working on, usually a few lines only, sometimes a full paragraph or more.  This serves many purposes, sometimes it gives us all a chuckle- sometimes it intrigues people enough to pick up my work, and sometimes, it serves to get me out of a corner I've written myself into. Seeking advice from others would be a laudable use of Face Book, I'm sure.
Except 95% of the time, that's not what I'm doing.
*sighs, sips coffee* 
I wish I could be virtuous and claim that my time on Face Book is in the best interests of my work, but I can't tell that blatant a lie. *blushes* If I thought I could get away with it, I would, but...The truth is that some days, looking at the hotties and chuckling at the lolcats, sipping on my coffee and posting songs in lieu of status updates is the best it gets.  I flip back and forth, looking at my blank page, checking my email and gravitating back to Face Book.
I know.  That's wrong.  I should only go to Face Book if I've accomplished my word goal for the day.  Problem is...Face Book isn't the only problem. The web is full of glittery distractions.  Here's my list of my Top Five Time Wasters- web places I go when I need to procrastinate...(Ya like that? Need to procrastinate...not want, need...)
2.      You Tube
3.      Damn You Autocorrect
4.      Blogspot ( I write mine, I read hundreds of others that I follow)
5.      Goodreads

( I know, lists like this should really be Top Tens, but you have to keep some secrets, you know?) So, there you have it...the answer to that age old question, what are you going to do with yourself all day when you retire? I'm going to tell everyone I'm writing a novel, then I'm going to waste time on Face Book all day.  You come see me there, we can hang out, listen to music and drink virtual coffee while chuckling at silly cat pictures and drooling over sexy photos. 

Truth or Dare #4 – Taking the Dare

Morgan Hawke is happy with the status of his relationship with Dan Blake. After three years though, Dan's ready to move their relationship to the next level.
Having seen his brothers find love and settle into family life, Dan Blake has realized he's ready for change. The only problem with that is that his lover prefers to maintain the status quo. Dan's up for the challenge of changing Morgan's mind. He's got plans, and he's used to working behind the scenes to get his way.
Morgan can't understand the changes he sees in Dan. They've come a long way from the office of the bar where they met, but he's not sure he's ready to move their relationship from the shadows to the front pages. Publicity is okay for Dan, he's got the weight of the Blakes behind him, but Morgan isn't sure he's ready to let go of the past he's been clinging to. 
Can Dan manipulate a happy ending for this script?
Want more?
Here's an Excerpt
"Hey, baby." Dan's call from several feet away sent a dash of cold water in Morgan's face. He shivered.
"Hey," his weak, hollow voice surprised Morgan. Earlier, in their room, hearing Dan call him "baby" had excited him. Now, his stomach churned a bit and the bitter, strong coffee Dan preferred sat like lead. At a loss, Morgan nervously shredded the buttery croissant on the table in front of him. He'd often wondered if Dan intentionally confused him, flipping from hot to cold, sweet to acid. But even for Dan this weekend's behavior was different.
At first he'd attributed Dan's strange attitude to his long absence, worried that Dan was through with him, maybe searching for a way to let him down easily. The weekend had put those doubts to rest, but now Dan's open attitude made him nervous.
To his shock, Dan leaned over to kiss his cheek lightly in greeting before sliding into the chair opposite him. He panicked over that while Dan sipped his coffee and grimaced. Morgan shook his head, trying to make sense of the other man's lack of discretion and became aware that Dan smiled at him peculiarly.
"What?" Something itched at the back of Morgan's mind. Inconceivable as it seemed, Dan was acting, putting on a show, playing a role for Morgan. Why?
"You're white. What's wrong, baby?"
Morgan floundered for an answer. Dan knew bloody fucking well what was wrong. He was playing with Morgan, toying with him for some unknown reason, and Morgan was off balance.
Fuck. The waiter approached to refill their cups, and surely he'd heard Dan's  endearment? The young man remained expressionless as he topped up their coffee, and then silently indicated Morgan's shredded breakfast. Morgan nodded. His mouth was dry, and he doubted he could swallow anything anyway. The waiter scooped up the plate and left without speaking.
"Dan, someone will to hear you." He managed in feeble protest. Sometimes being Dan Blake's lover was awesome. When you were the sole focus of those intent green eyes, the object of his attention, it was fucking glorious. But then, Dan was also a selfish bastard and an unmitigated prick at times. Like that nasty comment the other day about Morgan running when Dan called. Truth be told, he probably did run when Dan called, but mostly because he wanted very much to see Dan.
"Do you care if they do?"
He glared at Dan, grateful for the shades that hid his emotions, the flare of anger. Dan didn't have to care. The Blakes had it all. Studio, money, acceptance in society, it was all theirs by virtue of being born Blakes. They didn't have to worry about ever working, courting the right kind of publicity and appeasing the fickle public. They didn't have to worry about hurting someone they cared about. Above all else, the Blakes stood together, united against public scrutiny. They stared down adverse publicity, weathered scandal, together. He didn't have that.

I’m an avid reader and former teacher of grammar and composition who believes that falling in love is the grandest adventure anyone can have.  In a nutshell, that’s every story I have to tell. 
Relocating from the crazy pace of life in Southern California's Orange County to the beautiful and leisurely atmosphere of the Illinois countryside has given me the time to indulge the desire to write that I set aside when I started teaching fourteen years ago. Readers can find out more about me and my writing by visiting me at my blog, Lee's Musings or finding me on Facebook.  Feel free to drop me a line at  

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  1. Lee never does it wrong...*winks and giggles* Great blog and love the book...freaking adore Morgan and Dan! :)

  2. Thanks for having me on, Doris! *blows kisses to Havan*

  3. *rushes over to my iPad to read the damn thing...* sheesh.
    thanks for blowing my productive day LEE.
    Love ya

  4. *giggles*

    You're very welcome, Lee. Thanks for stopping by Havan and Liz :-)

  5. Lee, I know what you mean about social media. It can suck you right in. lol

    I so need to catch up with the Blake brothers soon. Congratulations on your latest book release!

  6. Fun post, Lee! Nice to see I'm not the only one who wanders around the internet when I should be writing...Like now! *waves to Doris :)* I have 'Taking the Dare' but can't read it until I work through this one scene in my MS...oh heck, I might read it anyway. :)