Thursday, 14 November 2013

A grumpy Raven Alert! @RavenMcAllan #guestblog

I have the formidable Raven on my blog today, and I have to warn you, she has a rant on...

I can rant with the best of them, but Raven in rant mode .... yeah it's fun.


She had this day booked for something else, originally, but, being she's in this delightful mood, I'll let her rant on.

*gets the pop corn and sits back to watch*

A Raven Rant…Where Raven has a mad…

You know? If anyone asked me I would have said I was an even-tempered person who rarely lost her temper, let the nasties of life slide over her and went with the flow. (Stop the sniggering you lot; I'm saying this. Just nod your heads, clap your hands, or rattle your jewelry.)
Because, after all, life is too short to be annoyed and angry all the time. Smell the daisies, or as Oddball in the film Kelly's Heroes says…"what's with the negative waves?"
I try to be a positive glass half full person, not a negative glass half empty.
But it's getting harder by the day.
Maybe I'm turning into a grumpy old woman, you know the one who sits in the corner knitting, muttering, and feeding her cats. Oh hold on, I can't knit. Still two out of three ain't bad (Thank you Meatloaf…no not the edible one, though he is nice and er chunky.)
Why am I grumpy? Well I don't think it's my age or the time of the month. Or the fact it's cold and miserable and I want sun and warmth.
In fact, it isn't me… it's them there others as my mum used to say.
You see, I'm getting fed up to the back teeth of other people never ever taking responsibility for their shortcomings. Me? Oh I know fine well I've got plenty and I do try to address them. I don't always succeed, but nor do I blame someone else. This 'it's not me its them there others' seem to be getting more and more prevalent, and to be honest? (oh yes why not be honest) it is pissing me right off.  
Can you tell I has a mad? Giggle
Seriously people, let's all pull up our big girl panties or big boy boxers… or big boy panties if you rather, hey I'm cool over what underwear you prefer, but grow up, and take responsibilities for our own shortcomings. Darn it does that mean I have to own up to giving Budda all that chocolate?

And on that note, I'm off to hunt out the wet wipes, tidy my grandson up, admit the dog was sick on the extra chocolate Budda fed him, and make Doris a cup of coffee. Oh and ignore the 'it's not me' brigade. Karma always jumps up and bites you in the bum…


See what I mean? 


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  1. *phew* I feel better for getting that off my chest! Ta D x

  2. Was going to say better out than in, but that sounds like bad gas. :) Though there are some similarities, cause apart from young boys and in my case my little daughter, they never want to claim responsibility for what escapes them.

  3. Awh hope your mood gets better :)

  4. I feel so much better now thanks Dee

  5. Certain people have that effect on me too...