Tuesday, 10 December 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - Fear

Happy Tuesday, folks. Enjoy my tease today.

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Original Source Unknown)

He followed at a distance, mindful to not scare her further, as she ran away from the creature he'd changed into. This was not the way he'd wanted her to find out, but when the thugs appeared he had to shift to protect her.
The fear and disgust in her eyes had cut through his heart as effective as the sharpest dagger. Every step taken, every sharp exhale, as her heart pounded, and her fear drove her away from him, pushed that dagger deeper, until his wolf whined and the man wept.
Her frantic steps slowed, and she collapsed on her knees, her fingers buried into the snow, as her frame shook with her sobs of despair. Slowly, he approached. Her eyes widened and his wolf whined at the tears still shimmering on her eyelashes.
"Erwin, is that really you?"   
He nodded, bowed his head, and waited every fiber of his being focused on the woman he needed like the very air he breathed. When she smiled through her tears, and crouched back down on the floor, his wolf leaped for joy, seconds before the shot rang out and he heard her scream.
"We got him. We got the abomination."

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.

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  1. There is a sullen darkness to this suspenseful words of fear you have intertwined throughout your tease. The secret to your success is the duality of him and her in the wolf. I love this line, so eloquently written, "Her eyes widened and his wolf whined at the tears still shimmering on her eyelashes."

  2. Oh, Doris!

    That was like a shot rang out and hit me, too. I was so caught up in her struggle to believe and in his struggle to prove. I was so caught up in that moment of realization, the reconciliation of her love for him with her fear. Then..the shot. I rarely get so powerfully hit. Wow.

  3. I read this holding my breath, Doris. I knew she would reconcile her fear and her love for the creature, the man, but I never expected it to end so abruptly, so painfully. You created a tension that exploded with the sound of that shattering shot. Exceptional, Doris, painful <3 xo

  4. Breathtaking. I felt the apprehension and never saw the end coming. Amazing

  5. Fantastic tease. Heart warming and breaking at the same time

  6. Oh my! You know how to get me all the time. I've got tears in my eyes. Just beautiful.

  7. Wow. Ending. Really? Great scenario, but to have the silence and calm shattered like that... Really??? Good stuff, Doris.