Tuesday, 14 January 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Flirting with Danger

It's Tuesdays, so that means it's time to tease....

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Original Source unknown

He rolled over and opened his eyes to her reflection in the wine glass.
"You're leaving?"
She stopped adjusting her stocking and straightened slowly. His gaze followed the sensuous movements of her delectable body he'd explored every inch of. The visible signs of his possession on her porcelain skin had his cock harden in anticipation, and he fisted himself slowly.
"I have to. Dawn is coming"
Ruby red lips curved up in a smile and he forgot to breathe as her emerald eyes connected with his, and she sashayed toward him. Her cool hand cupped his shaft and with a wicked smile in his direction she licked the drop of glistening pre-cum away. He sucked in his breath, as her tongue slid up and down his length, her fingernails digging into his thighs.

Damn, she was too good at this. He teetered at the brink and when she bit down, he roared his release, as he shot his load down her slender throat. She licked him clean and he tasted himself in her lingering kiss of good bye. The last image penetrating his consciousness was the regret in her eyes, as she licked the drop of blood off her lips.

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. I now know exactly what URL to send to anyone who tells me Vampire erotica is played out. My Goodness, Doris. That was hot and dark and sensual and...I loved it!

  2. You had me hanging on every word. Excellent visuals made this come alive. I love it

  3. This is a scorcher from the very beginning even without the last line! I loved this because I hadn't a clue even with the giveaway line 'Dawn is coming'....outstanding!! Xo

  4. The vampire lover in me hung on every word! Wonderful!

  5. Damn it, you got me again! Didn't see that one coming (excuse the pun!) Fab!

  6. You sure know how to deliver the punch line. Very nicely done.

  7. Deliciously torrid and soulful. <3

  8. There were a few hints to her vampire status but still she caught me off guard. Very hot, dramatic love scene.Teetering, was a perfect word to describe his sensations and what was to come. Excellent work!

  9. Delicious teaser. I thought Dawn was a woman so the last line threw me for a moment or two, excellent.

  10. Well played from start to unexpected finish, Doris. Sexy and tres tres sophisticated, with a biting ending.

  11. Thanks all for your lovely comments :-D