Friday, 11 April 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - If only #FFF

Happy Friday, folks. Today's pic brings to mind so many delicious possibilities.  Here's my take. Enjoy!

To see the picture inspiration, please click here.

Lissa had never thought of the act of copulation as an art form before, but seeing these two move in such a beautiful, erotic dance, all she could do was stare. Grateful for the darkness covering her, she bit her lips and clenched her thighs in tune to the man's silent thrusts, as the woman threw her head back in ecstasy.
"Not what you expected?" The deep, slightly amused voice sent a shiver down her spine, and she exhaled on a sigh, when Master J's hands settled on her shoulders.

"We could be like this, if only you'd allow it."


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

D x  


  1. I loved how you turned the voyeurism into an active participation with her Master's suggestion. Just as it was not what she expected I did not anticipate this twist.

  2. Pablo nailed it, as did you....again. The shroud of darkness allowed us all to watch both and then out of the shadows you slipped in her Dom. I didn't see that coming at all. Another brilliant flash, Doris. Sexy, too! xo

  3. Like the idea of them watching a couple make love. Sexy too x

  4. Awesome and hot! *fans face* Gave me shivers as I felt like I was there watching in her place. :) And to be withheld from being about to do that cause of my master. Oh wow, that would be hard. Great flash!!

  5. Love this flash. great take on the picture

  6. Oh, the possibilities indeed. You capture the image beautifully