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Hurray it's Hump Day and as well as your Mid Week Tease, which you can find if you scroll down, I have another treat for you in the form of Raven McAllan's brand new release, Double Jackson.

Tell us all about it, Raven!


So excited about my hot bods Jackson and Coll and their story, Double Jackson, and I was all geared up to be efficient and well…
Life sure knows how to kick you in the butt doesn't it?
I've felt a bit iffy, lightheaded, sick-ish for a few days. I ignored it,(side effect of my fibro and I tell it firmly I'm not playing so go away) so it got stroppy.
I've been hit with the itchy, spotty, gluten sneaked into me body since just before the weekend, and combined with that the dreaded Fibro-fog has got steadily worse. It's like walking through treacle.
One of the worse things is I'm tired and can't see they keyboard properly let alone the screen, so please excuse any typos. I'll read this over and over and still miss them.
When (if) you read Double Jackson, you'll notice Jackson has just been diagnosed as a Coeliac (Celiac across the pond). I seem to have a few heroes with this nastiness. Strangely not a heroine yet. Maybe that's because it runs through the female side of my family, I'm evening it up.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching or anything, but if my hero can't drink whisky or beer or enjoy a croissant for breakfast, well there's a lot of other people like him out there, and they—and I—can sympathise. (We have to drink wine or water instead.)
Anyway, all that apart, it's done me good to know Double Jackson is out today.
My heroes are, well, yummy, and I think humorous, and oh so in love. They don't deserve nastiness—well who does—and I so enjoyed talking with them, and discovering how they, along with their friends, sorted everything out. Yeah, I'm a pantster, character driven writer. I listen to them or else.

What do you think?
Jackson Carrick at Tits and Bum Club—gay in more ways than one.
As morning wake up calls go, those damning headlines made for a rude awakening. The renowned actor is a one man guy, thank you very much, so why would a doppelganger set out to discredit him, and more importantly, who is it?
As the mystery unravels and loyalties are tested, Jackson has to rely on his husband, housekeeper, and friends to keep his reputation from swirling down the drain.
Fortunately, Jackson's husband Collum knows just how to keep his man from worrying. Only one thing to do when you're stuck inside waiting for news—lots of mind-blowing sex.

And now a wee tease…
He put the empty glass down and stood up. The water streamed off his body and created tiny splashes and whirlpools in the bath. Just as Jack stepped out onto the bathmat, Coll reentered and looked at Jack's naked, wet body. The lust and love he had for his husband was open and obvious.
"Nice." Coll passed him a bath sheet.
Jack's cock twitched when Jack saw the naked desire in Coll's eyes. Coll looked at it for long seconds and then up at Jack's face.
"Yes, well, most of you looks relaxed."
"Most of me is." Jack toweled himself off. "My cock is a law unto itself, however and in its usual state of interest when you're around." He put the damp towel over the heated rail to dry off before he put it into the laundry hamper.
"Well, cock's law isn't ruling at the moment, Coll's law is," Coll said. "Get you and your cock onto the bed face down. Your massage awaits." Coll bowed and pushed the bathroom door wide open. "After you."
Jack dipped his head. "Oh yes, Master."
"I wish."
"Nah, you like us the way we are," Coll said from somewhere behind Jack. "Share and share alike."
"True enough." Jack climbed onto the bed and stretched out on his stomach with his head to one side. His cock sunk into the soft coverlet, and settled down somewhat. "This do?"
"Hmm-hmm. Close your eyes and try to relax again." There was a rustling noise, which Jack translated into Coll undressing. Or he hoped it did. He had a good idea how their naked massages usually ended and he looked forward to that.
The bed dipped and Jack felt what he assumed were Coll's naked thighs either side of his hips. Then Coll's hands began to weave their magic.
He began to massage Jack's shoulders and tutted.
"Sheesh, man, and this is after your bath. Goodness knows what you'd've been like before hand. Talk about knotted muscles." Coll began to press onto the tense spots and Jack groaned as pain shot from them and did a mad gallop around his body.
Jack let his breath out in one long hiss and Coll grunted. "Exactly. Now breathe evenly and let me sort you out. Boy, am I glad I took lessons."
So was Jack.
Half an hour later, Jack felt Coll tighten his legs and lean forward. His weight lifted from Jack's body. Coll's breath tickled the hairs in the nape of Jack's neck and his tongue stroked the skin from ear to ear.
"Mmm, more." Jack mumbled the words. He wasn't asleep—not quite. Just in that pleasant state of awareness, but not really conscious. A slap to his ass stung and he would have reared up if Coll hadn't held him down. "Oy, what's that for?"
Coll nipped Jack's ear with his teeth. That touch was always guaranteed to make Jack's heart speed up and his body tighten. This time was no exception.
"Does there have to be a reason?" Coll asked.
"Put like that, no reason at all. As long as I can do this." Jack managed to rear up, and dislodge Coll who rolled onto his back and laughed.
"Oh yes." Jack swung to one side, slid off the bed, stood up and dived toward a laughing Coll.
"My turn now."

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