Thursday 26 February 2015

I'm moving! So long, blogger...

Hey, lovely peeps, as the title says, this old bird is on the move. Why, I hear you ask. Well, unless you've been living under a rock you will have heard that Blogger are banning 'explicit adult content' from their blog. I like many others received an e-mail in my inbox, telling me that my blog was one of the ones identified as containing such content.

You can read more about this new policy here.

Bearing in mind that I am an erotic author, this will just not do. I have no idea whether my book covers are acceptable under these new standards. And what about some of the Flash pictures. Those of you following my blog will know that I never post anything that isn't tasteful, yet I still received that e-mail.

No doubt mass generated, and send out to all of us who have an Adult content warning, but their descriptions are just too vague for my liking. This blog may or not be deemed to be within their standards.


I'm not prepared to hang around and find out if I pass muster. Not when my website offers a blogging facility.

So as of rigt now, you will find all my usual ramblings, rants, squeals, awesome guests and regular features at my new blog.

I don't think you can follow over there, like you can here, but those of you, who subscribe to my blog posts might want to subscribe to my new blog's RSS feed.

I am told by the clever people at Weebly that this feed is not compatible with Google Chrome as yet, unless you download Chrome's free extension.

It works fine with Inernet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, however, so you won't have to miss any of my ramblings, unless you want to, of course.

I shan't hold it against you - much...


Only kidding. See you over there, lovely peeps.

Stay naughty,

D xxxx


  1. Good for you, Doris. I found the same thing, except part of my reasoning is I won't be punished for underaged people lying about their age or people finding my stuff offensive when all they had to do was move on. I moved out of my parents' house to live by my own rules. Same thing with Google. Good luck!

    1. Oh yes, you make another excellent point there, Siobhan. :-)

  2. Yeah, lots of people are leaving Blogger as a result. I think Google is going to find that this particular decision really backfired on them.

  3. Sorry that you have to change over. I will try to see if I can follow as I mainly use Chrome on my laptop. :)
    Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the heads up! Already added the new feed into my reader! ;)