Friday, 2 December 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

It's back :-)

Todays twelve come from my Erotic Romance Scandinavian Scandal

Sven Larsson, international movie star, is out to repair his scandalous reputation. The last thing he needs is for an enticing bundle of curves to fall into his arms. However, the instant sexual chemistry he has with Sylvia is hard to ignore...

Sylvia, young widowed mum of three, knows Sven is everything she doesn't need in a man. Can she risk giving into temptation?

With the Paparazzi breathing down their necks and both of them scarred emotionally by their past demons, will they manage to heal each other...

Available from Noble Romance

My twelve:

This was Sven, for pity's sake; she knew she could trust him. He had only suggested handcuffs, not a goddamned threesome. People did this all the time. But the other frightened stiff part of her could only remember another man demanding she give up all control, and she couldn't help the shudder going down her spine.
Get a grip girl, and just breathe, he is not Richard.
Forcing her breathing to slow down, she turned to find him leaning against the closed door watching her, the heat in his steady gaze ensuring low burning arousal won over the fear churning her stomach.
"Did I spook you that much?"
"No . . . I . . . I . . . of course not."
With the prowl of a predator with his prey in sight he pushed himself away from the door, covering the distance between them with two long strides. Framing her head in his hands, his breath fanning across her cheeks, his mouth touched hers, his tongue trailing along the contours of her bottom lip.
"Öppna för mig vackra."

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Have a fabulous weekend folks xx


  1. Nice and sensual. Love this moment between the characters

  2. My, my he is fierce, give me more of that! LOL Great spot.
    Loved it, Doris O.
    Aka: Bonnie Lea Elliott from RNJ Facebook

  3. Yummy, Great dozen. Can't wait for more. Good job.

  4. Thank you all for the great comments :-)

  5. I love the moment, when the characters let go of their fears and surrender to each other. This is one such moments. Fantastic.