Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cover Reveal

Look what I've got!

I give you Marco and Elise from book two of the Giovanni Clan. 

I screeched in delight and scared the baby, when I opened my e-mail to find this cover. It sums up the feeling of this story perfectly.


Here is the unedited blurb:

Marco Giovanni has shut off his emotions, following a messy divorce. His small daughter and his chain of bakeries are all he needs in his life. The string of nannies are an unfortunate necessity he could well do without. So why does his body have to remember its needs now with the latest and most unsuitable nanny ever?

Elise has always been the responsible one, so when she receives yet another SOS phone call from her wayward twin, she does the only thing she can do, she steps into her shoes. Having to go back to nannying is hard enough, the unexpected attraction to her arrogant employer impossible to deal with. Especially when she is forced to agree to a marriage of his convenience to pay off the debt her twin accrued.

In a marriage based on blackmail can passion turn into love, or will secrets and lies destroy all?


I can't wait to start edits!

I leave you with a little unedited sneak of their wedding night - Enjoy ;-)

Elise froze at the soft knock on the door. Marco's low voice wrapped itself around her senses and shivers went down her spine. She had expected him to be angry but instead his voice was a very low seductive growl.
"Open up, pasticcino, a husband could die out here waiting for his wife."
Oh bloody hell. She would have to do this sooner or later. He might be amenable now but Elise had no doubt he would break the door down if he had to. He was a man used to getting what he wanted and for some inexplicable reason he wanted her. She took one last look at herself in the bathroom mirror and opened the door.
Marco was casually leaning against the doorframe, a flute of champagne in one hand, his gaze intense as he slowly looked her up and down. He'd disposed of his jacket and tie, his shirt buttons undone enough for her to see his chest hair, and Elise hastily looked away.
"Here, pasticcino, you look as though you could do with this."
Elise grabbed the flute of him downing the whole thing in one go. Maybe if she had enough of these, this would be easier. One large hand went under her chin whilst the other took the champagne flute of her, casually throwing it in the direction of the settee.
"Why so nervous, pasticcino?"
Elise looked at him, her heart hammering in her chest so fast, she felt faint.
"I'm not nervous."
"Liar," was the whispered response as his gaze rested on the rapid pulse at her throat. He moved his hand from her chin slowly down her neck skimming her collar bone. With the lightest of touches he stroked downwards, barely touching her nipples, suddenly aching for his touch. He moved his hand towards her bare back and pulled her in closer. She was so close to him now the fierce heat of his body infused hers. His own unique scent surrounded her and called her home.
He murmured something in Italian as his mouth retraced the path his hand had blazed on her skin moments before. When he slowly turned her around, his erection jutting into her ass, brought an answering need deep inside Elise's core. He trailed kisses up her spine towards the base of her neck and suckled at the sensitive skin there. Elise couldn't help the needful whimper. She felt Marco's smile through his kisses as he paid homage to her neck whilst slowly nudging her towards the bedroom.
The size of that huge four poster bed gave Elise renewed palpitations and she tried in vain to lock her knees to stop him from moving her forward. Marco spun her back round. His blue eyes scanned her face, his smile wicked, as he simply picked her up and covered the last few remaining steps with ease whilst capturing her shriek with his mouth. Elise clung to his shoulders, dimly aware of being lowered on the softest bed she had ever sat on before his tongue found hers and every stroke send sparks along her nerve endings, until she couldn't help but kiss him back. The very male groan spurred her on and her tentative hands explored inside his open shirt, surprised to find his nipples as erect as hers. When her hand slipped lower along his incredibly tight abs his own hand stopped her with a growled Italian curse. He shoved her none too gently down onto the bed with a wicked grin. He captured both of her wrists in one hand above her head, his long body holding her captive, his gaze scorching her, as he shook his head. "No hands!"
Before she could blink he produced a pair of purple, fluffy handcuffs out of nowhere and moved her further up the bed. He cuffed her to the four poster bed before she even grasped his intention.
Fear slammed into her as she desperately tried to free her hands but his own stilled her. He raised his head and smiled at her.
"Shhh, trust me pasticcino. I won't hurt you."


*happy sigh*

Like I said, looking forward to edits! 



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