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Men, Men, and more Men - Guest blog by Abby Hayes

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Do I have a treat for you today! Prepare to be entertained and to get hot and bothered. I would suggest a fan and glass of water and do not read this at work!

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Abby Hayes Guest Post – Men, Men and More Men

The real subject or question is…why am I so obsessed with the M/F/M scenario? I mean we can always start with the two are better than one argument: two men, two hard cocks, two hard asses, two mouths to kiss, two tongues to lick me with *sighs* But that isn’t really all there is to it. Of course not. And let me warn you that when I write, I like to make myself the female, change my hair, my eye color, my style of clothes, whatever, but I am the main female character when I am writing her. So, for the remainder of this post, you will notice I will refer to the main character, the F, as me *giggles*

Okay, back to the why. First, watching two guys live, in action, is a tiny bit of voyeurism. Yes, it is only two I’m watching or who are watching me, but that is one more than the normal amount who see you naked. I like to fantasize about watching and be watched, so in any ménage, you get two to play and one to observe as a hot form of foreplay!  Of course then, being the F in M/F/M, what I want to watch is the two men together first and foremost. So lets explore that just a bit more.

The man on man action to me, in my fantasy, places two dominants together. I like the struggle, the play for dominance. I’m talking two alphas who make me shake in my boots kissing, each trying to lead in the dance if you know what I mean. I want roughness, even possibly spanking, Mr. A throwing Mr. B down on the bed and smacking his ass only to have Mr. B accept a few well-administered spanks before rearing up, grabbing Mr. A and pulling him over his lap to spank Mr. A’s ass as he struggles against Mr. B’s grip. Squirming yet? I am. Hmmm, and now I have two red asses. Happy girl!

Let’s continue on… In this scenario, oh and I have may ménage fantasies, I don’t want to see just Mr. A in Mr. B’s ass while Mr. B jacks off. No, I want them to take turns, to vie to be the top. I want to witness Mr. A coming in Mr. B’s ass only to have Mr. B who has struggled to hold back his own orgasm, pouncing on Mr.A then, thrusting his full erection into Mr. B and going to town until he comes. Okay, so I would not look away if someone showed me one of those male on male wrestling porn flicks! LOL

Now that me, as the F, is naked, squirming, wet and pulsing in the chair in the bedroom, the men can pleasure me as they recover, rebound for a second coming. I definitely want hands and lips all over my body, sort of in a basic submissive position now, letting them fight over me, compete to turn me on. No, I don’t want it all, but this is my fantasy, well one of the many that is. They turned each other on, even got off, now they can fight over me, my body. I wouldn’t protest a spanking, I mean I am a bad girl for watching. I wouldn’t put up a fight even if they took turns or worked together, over one’s knee while they both spank!

Alright, we know how this ends, one cock in my ass and one in my pussy, but I want them rough, I want them grabbing my hips, even fighting over placement there, fingers digging into my flesh, talking to each other about who is pleasuring me more, until we all come, together – my ultimate fantasy here – and fall into a sweaty pile of tangled limbs in the bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a giving lover, this is just one of my submissive dreams with more than one dominant male in it. Next time maybe I can explore the M/F/M where the men don’t touch, just share a woman, and so she has to do a lot of the leading. Oh, maybe on the flip side, I could be the dominant one in the scenario over two men or more. That would quite fun too! I have as much of a thing for being submissive as I do to being the one in charge :)

I snuck a bit of M/F/M sexiness into my latest release, Dream Job, Check it out!

Dream Job Excerpt:

An hour later, Kim was thrilled with how the day was going so far. She’d moved a few props, changed lights around, moved the actors into new positions, got them water and stuff between shots. It was just as she was getting comfortable that the threesome made their deal and moved into the bedroom. Still, she found she was still impressed with the foreplay along with the push and pull of emotions the characters portrayed as Jeff’s character learned to share his girlfriend. She had only seen a few porn flicks in her life, and they were not exactly like this. As she wondered if this had something to do with the change in term from porn to adult film, all the clothes save Leann’s garter, hose and heels had disappeared.
Suddenly, the fact she was watching real people have live sex hit her like a volcano erupting all over her. As Jeff’s cock disappeared into Sinn, her screen name feeling much more appropriate now, Scott or Slick Maxim posed behind her then shoved his cock into her ass.
“Kim, there is too much of a shine on Scott’s butt. Powder, please,” David said in a voice like he had asked her to do nothing more than wash the freaking dishes or something as common as that.
“Boss, I think your new assistant looks like she might pass out,” she heard Scott exclaim.
David came out from behind the camera, grabbed her by her arms and turned her toward him so fast that she felt a little woozy all of the sudden. Her hands landed on his chest, rock hard under her fingers, and she started to see stars.
“Kim,” his hands went to her cheeks making everything worse, putting them in a position that all she could do was think of kissing him, “Are you going to be able to do this?”
“Sure,” she found her voice. It just didn’t sound as strong and sturdy as she wanted it to. Rather than all breathy like Sinn’s, hers was half there due to diminished breathing abilities. She took his hands away from her face, gave her head a little shake, and tried to channel the sexual tension she was feeling into energy and confidence to do her new job. “I got it.”
The heat moved through her cheeks down over her chest as she let go of David and went for powder. She went to the right of the threesome trying to divert her eyes from the two erections buried inside Sinn. It was as fascinating as it was odd to see. She couldn’t imagine it herself; she had no concept of having two cocks inside her at once.
To get through, she concentrated on the amazing ass cheeks on Scott.
“Good?” she questioned David who was standing beside his camera still rather than behind it.
“Uh, let me see.” Now, his voice sounded off, tense, deeper than it had all afternoon. He moved behind the camera. “Will you angle the light on your side toward him more, I will tell you when to stop.”
She continued to do as she was told through the shoot. Her attempts to trick her mind into somehow not realizing fully what she was witnessing were futile. The only real distraction she had was stolen glimpses at the hunk behind the camera. These were not helping keep her traitorous body under control though. She thought somehow she could steal herself against it all, at least that was the story she’d told herself when she’d considered taking the job. If David had been the trip wire that set off the tiny explosions inside her stomach, then the threesome moaning and screaming and seemingly enjoying themselves were the sparks that set off the whole case of dynamite, in the form of pulsing nerves and tightening muscles. Ready and willing, she screeched a bit herself when David put his hand on her back.
“You okay there?” he asked, rubbing her back in small circles.
“Yes. I’m fine. I think. Need something?”
“I just cut for lunch. Where were you off to in that mind of yours, exactly?”
“Just thinking…ah…well, about my own life, I guess.”
“Wishing for a ménage?”
“No!” she burst out, making the three naked people trying to gather up their clothing turn to look at her. “Sorry, no, I didn’t mean my life in exactly that way.”
“You got a boyfriend, Red?” Scott asked.
“Recently ended a three year relationship.”
“Sorry, to hear that,” he smiled, but David sighed, running his hand over her cheek then giving her a wink.
“I’m not,” she said. Yet, she thought, what I am sorry about is that you keep touching me, in all the wrong places.
“I hear the door. Lunch is here. Meet us in our sorry excuse for a break-room.”
“Sure. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Dream Job Blurb:

Kim was tired of still working non-field-related jobs three years after getting her B.A. in Film and Digital Media. After a bad break up, she talks herself into doing something about it and applies for a job in the adult film industry. Thinking she made a mistake – looking at the cheesy posters on the walls while waiting for her interview – she comes close to leaving, taking another cashier job. However, when she catches a glimpse of her boss-to-be and his disheveled dusty blond hair, chocolate brown eyes and tight white t-shirt showing ripped abs above tight torn at the thigh jeans, she is more than intrigued.
Now, between her sexy-as-hell boss man, David, and filming a ménage shoot, Kim is having feelings and thoughts she never thought she would.
Kim begins to realize this just might be her dream job after all.

Genres: Contemporary Erotica, Ménage M/F/M

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Abby Hayes

By day, Abby is what the world tells her to be. By night, alone with her imagination, she is who she wants to be. Giving into the breathy voices who pant new and exciting sexual scenarios inside of her head, she pounds away at her keyboard. Abby’s only goal is to have her readers free their own minds, grab their ereaders, and go away with her into a world where no one judges what the body wants, instead they explore what the flesh is capable of.


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