Saturday, 1 June 2013

Meet The Forest Maiden #naughtyfairytale @evernightpub

Who doesn't like a good fairy tale? How about a naughty fairy tale? They're the best kind, right? I have Kastil here today to tell you all about her Forest Maiden.


Classic fairytales give writers so many options to base a story on. The best part, aside from the little bits Disney has successfully tagged as their own playground, is twisting them is a breeze. Anything from horror to what I do—erotic romance. In my first naughty fairytale, The Wolves of Argonne, I used my favorite tale of all time. Little Red Riding Hood. This time, I took a stab at my second favorite—Snow White.
I'm a sucker for a woman who know what she wants but is not so bad-ass that she doesn't need to connect with that special someone in her life. So a wove a tale of fantasy about a woman who goes against the tradition grain of her realm, even when her father tries to steer her away so she's a suitable and cowed bride.
In the end, fighting for your beliefs and the one you love will always rule your heart.

Blurb: Eirlys Edurne wants nothing to do with the prim and proper world her title endows her. When her father attempts to force her to marry a vile Prince from a neighboring kingdom, she takes flight into the forest. Only the thrill of the hunt and the call of wildlife can tame her until a mysterious man invades her campsite.

The guest at her fire mistakes her as one of Earth Mother's forest maidens. Eirlys uses her feminine wiles to seduce him only to find that her heart has other plans for her mighty warrior. When her father perishes, Eirlys is thrust back into the world she loathes by her stepmother. Will she break free of the woman's clutches and once again reunite with the man who holds her heart?

Saucy Excerpt: "I did not mean to startle." He held his hands up in peace.
"Nor did you." But for the beating of my heart, she thought. Her hand moved away from the knife, and before she could rattle some sense into her head, she crossed the distance between them. Her lips crashed into his, heedless of crusted dirt on his person. His arms possessed her as she deepened the kiss, her tongue mingling with his.
Many things zipped through her head within the passionate embrace. Her willingness to love a man she hardly knew, and the growing need between her legs to have him take her wholly again. She tried to blame the allure of the forest for her wanton ways but her heart never lied. Her hand sought the object of her desire. As it brushed his arousal, he moaned against her seeking tongue.
"Bring me peace, Forest Maiden."
Not the wind brushing her skin or the openness of the land would halt her goal. She slipped from his grasp and kneeled on the ground. Her fingers wrestled with the belt staying his breeches from hitting the ground. He aided her in her quest and soon his rigid cock freed itself of its confines. She gripped the magnificent specimen in her hand. Her tongue flicked out, and her pussy clenched at the groan from his lover's lips. She took in his manhood, stroking and teasing the tip.
The act seemed so natural, so right. Her need to taste him as he did her in the clearing, to finish the union completely, sang. The heart never lied to one in tune with nature and hers pounded against her chest, urging her to take her fill of the man standing before her. As his cock became slick with her machinations, the state of her own wetness between her legs grew.
His strong grip pulled her up, and he pinned her back to a tree. The lusty dark gaze in his eyes sent shock waves through her veins. He yanked at her breeches until her legs came free of their entrapment. His hardened shaft rubbed her sensitive nub before seeking her moist center. Her legs claimed him as he thrust into her. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he held his piercing gaze. Her world opened to each hard stroke of his cock within her. Bliss radiated from both of them as she unleashed her wails of pleasure. The forest cried with her and soon her lover's own desperate pleas to the heavens broke through.

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