Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Boss's Demands - Spotlight on Alyssa Fox @AlyssaFox99

I have Alyssa Fox on my blog today with her first venture into self publishing. Give her a warm welcome and enjoy the sneak peek into her story.


One day while doing housework, the idea for this book came to mind. Roland and Lisa started talking and wouldn’t be quiet. I could see her as she went about working on wedding plans. At first I thought they were for her and then when I sat down to write, things changed. Now, for someone who is a plot this is a hard thing to deal with. I gave up writing by the seat of my pants, and well, these two characters demanded it. Once I gave up on trying to get them to behave according to my outline, the book flowed, and I wrote it in a day. Lisa really had no clue what she was getting herself into when she took the job, and then the bigger project of her boss’s little sister’s wedding. To find out what else happened, you’ll have to read the book. J

Have you ever taken on a bigger job or project and got something in return that you never expected?


Lisa Shawl knew her new job would be demanding. She just didn’t understand how much. After being given her boss’ little sister’s wedding to plan, she’s given an opportunity she never thought possible. To be his submissive for a weekend.

Roland Valdez has wanted his new secretary from the moment he hired her. He explains that he needs her to be his date to the wedding. After learning that a Dom/sub relationship intrigues and turns her on, he tells her to give him the weekend. Will she submit to his every need or will he lose her forever?

The sexy way she said sir had his cock hard, and she had no clue. Just like she didn't know she had a submissive side, but he planned to show her this weekend.
She looked over her shoulder with confusion in her blue eyes.
"Look at yourself in the mirror."
"Really? Like I don't see myself every day in one. I'd rather not, sir."
Yeah, she would be a lot of work and one he wanted to tame. Never before had he wanted to guide a woman the way he wanted to with Lisa. The feisty ones were always the hardest to submit. Roland liked that about her and he ached to be the one to show her the lifestyle. He didn't want to think about that at the moment and shoved the thought away. "Humor me. Please."
Lisa rolled her eyes, "Fine."
"What do you see?" He needed to know this to have a starting point to help her. Her body stiffened at his words.
After a few moments she spoke. "I see someone who needs to lose at least thirty pounds, huge thighs and hips. Are you satisfied now?" Her defenses had come out. Whoever told her she needed to do any of this needed to be pounded into the ground. She was beautiful just the way she was. He wouldn’t change a thing about her.
"That's not what I see." He spoke gently to her.
She spun around on her heels and jabbed a finger into his chest. Anger flared in her eyes as she started to speak, but he placed a finger against her lips. She angled away, and cocked her head to the side and began. "Let me guess. You see someone who needs to lose more and who repulses you in the worst way. It wouldn't be the first time I heard this from a man.” He loved her spunk. Roland smiled at her. "Lovely, so now you're going to laugh at me."
" No, tu, mujer loca.”

Alyssa can be found at her website, Facebook and Twitter. You can grab a copy of The Boss’s Demands at Kindle and ARe.