Friday, 30 August 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - Lost and Found #FFF

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Enjoy my little flash today.

Lost and Found...

Her sense of dread increased with every step she took and she checked the address scribbled on the piece of paper in her hand for the umpteenth time.
Cherrynne hadn't been in this side of town for ages, and the realization how much it had changed hit her hard. The once thriving shops were all shuttered up, and there in front of Lot 117, she found him, just as the anonymous phone call had said.
The man slumped on the floor raised his head and struggled to sit up, and even with tears blurring her vision she recognized him.


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D x 


  1. Beautiful and heart-warming. Excellent

  2. Oh wow! Great flash and totally unexpected ending. I hope they can build a good friendship after so long.

  3. This was a wonderful, unexpected flash for sure, Doris. Very touching. And for those of us who have lost our Fathers in one way or another, one more day, one more hour, one more minute, one more kiss and hug.......means the world. This reminds me how precious life is. One more time......I loved this:) xo

  4. blimey, warn a woman won't you. *grabs tissues*

  5. Heart-broking and heart-warming at the same time. We can only hope that she'll find a way to bring her father back to the security of her home. I really like it. pARENTS should be taking care of by their kids when hard times come.

  6. awww glad the post had a happy ending but i guess there's a lot of work for them from here on out.

    1. Oh yep, there sure will be.

  7. Your flash shook me hard. I didn't expect her to find your end lead her to her father. Very relevant and sad.

  8. Damn, that was shocking towards the end. I imagined myself that I was there visiting my hometown, and I'd recognized someone like that. Very good post.