Sunday, 2 February 2014

#SexySnippets from Auctioned to Protect (Spectrum Auctions,2) #bdsm @sirenbookstrand

It's time to tease you again with those seven sentences. I received first edits for Auctioned to Protect this week, and with the release a little over a month away, I had to tease from this, now, didn't I?

In this scene Mike has just been auctioned off to Mistress Scarlett...

“Sold, come and claim your slave, Mistress Scarlett.”
His cock did the equivalent of a reverse bungee jump, and he was surprised the thing covering his dick didn’t split at the seams as Scarlett sauntered toward him. Hips swinging from side to side, her ever-present cat suit accentuated every curve of her lithe body, and Mike’s mouth watered and his fingers itched. It had been way too long since he’d last gotten laid, and this pint-sized bundle of curves was just his type, if you ignored the whip that seemed to be an extension of her hand. Sure enough, she used the handle of the damn thing to run patterns across his torso, over the tats on his arms and shoulder, and down to his ever-hardening cock.
She stepped right into his personal space and looked up at him from under her spiked lashes.

“So, we meet again, brass.

Tough undercover cop Mike Anderson does not submit to anyone, let alone a pint sized bundle of curves with a Mistress complex, who stands for everything he despises about BDSM.

Thrown into a world where the rules make no sense to him, he has to rely on his instincts, and they all scream one thing—submit to His Lady.

Scarlett Simpson is one of the most feared Mistresses at Club Spectrum and she has a score to settle. Mike's atrocious behavior needs addressing. If only she wasn't so attracted to the big hunk of a man, and he didn't prove so utterly responsive. As she explores his boundaries through Shibari and Knife Play, Scarlett can't help but get emotionally involved.

Submission freely given is a gift she treasures, but can she trust Mike to stay around once the case is over? When danger comes knocking, will Mike be able to protect her, or will this end in tragedy?

Releases March 11th.


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  1. I just know I'm gonna love these two. Fab snippet.

  2. These two sound like they're going to have a lot of fun. Fab snippet, Doris. ;-P

    1. Heh heh, you might be right about that ;-)

  3. Oh boy, he's in trouble! She sure sounds like something to be wary off and he sound delicious (tats and muscles, mmm)