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As the title says. Athol is here! I've been on #TeamAthol ever since we first him in Master, and I'm terribly excited to have the man himself on my blog today. Not only that, he comes with gifts. Read on to find out more about his story, and how you could win an e-book.

So without further ado, I give you Athol from A Dom's Decision. Have at it, Sir.


So Doris very kindly offered Raven a chance to let me loose on her blog. I'm not sure if she's brave or foolhardy. I mean evidently I'm not known for my tact.
howls of laughter .
I'm sure I've no idea why people think that. I'm a pussy cat. Okay maybe not. But just because I don't suffer fools gladly there's no reason to say I can be untactful.
And maybe one of the reason I don't suffer fools is because I was one.
Oh yeah was I ever. And for far too long. The awful thing about it all is, I almost threw away the one thing that means more to me in this world than anything. Edan's love.

Now then, that doesn't mean he wants me, or my love for him does it? After all considering all the crap that's flying around, why should he? But there again, Edan is special and can rise above stuff like that. So…

A Dom's Decision is our story. Okay it's subtitled Athol's Story, but really it about both of us. But as ever there are lots of things you never find out. Edan and I decided to let you know a little bit about ourselves. But we did it a wee bit different. He's telling you five things about me you might not know and I'm dishing the dirt on him snigger
Great fun.

So Athol on Edan…

He loves Anchovies shudder I make him wash his mouth out after he's eaten them.
Edan was his Primary School shove ha'penny champion.
He can write with a pencil between his toes.
He speaks Esperanto. I know, I mean does anyone else speak that these days?
He has a mole somewhere very interesting…
Oh and one for free. He's the love of my life.

Okay enough now. This is Edan dishing the deets on Athol.
He can't sing in tune. Seriously never go to a karaoke with him, because he so doesn't accept that he sounds like a frog.
He can't grow a beard. It grows in patchy.
Athol loves the smell of tar. We even spent one afternoon just watching some guys tar the road so he could sniff it. I'm sure they thought we were stalkers or something.
His temper was legendary at uni. Talk about flash point central. But it was always short lived. Well until we both spat the dummy out.
He's the most funny, generous person I know.

So here's the blurb for our story.

When is a Dom not a Dom? When it stops him from being with the man he loves…
Athol Donaldson lost many people in his life, his lover, his family, his twin. The latter loss seems hardly worth morning over. Affric caused nothing but trouble when alive, and now, he seems intent on causing trouble from beyond the grave.
It forces Athol to seek out the one man he's never forgotten.
Eden Murdoch has no intention of letting Athol slip through his fingers again. He's lost him once, and as they're forced to pull together to unravel the mystery surrounding the parentage of a teenage girl, their love for each other blossoms.
Surely, being Doms doesn't mean they can't compromise? Will they be able to work out their differences, and find lasting happiness, or will this blast from the past prove to be their final undoing?
And a wee tease…
Edan swallowed as his throat closed up at the sight of Athol playing with his prick. He coughed and Athol looked up and grinned at him. An expression of wicked, evil, and dare you showed in Athol's eyes.
"See? A few hours in your company and Sir Richard is stirring."
"Sir Richard would stir if a gay sparrow twittered at him," Edan said as he put two glasses and a bottle of South African red wine on the coffee table. "Shiraz?"
"Please. And for your information, not a gay sparrow, sweetie. At least a gay cock. Get your bird correct, now."
Edan laughed. Athol had always been able to poke fun at himself. "Bird or bloke?" Edan asked Athol as he twisted the closure off the bottle and poured two glasses.
"Him, her, who knows, and cheers." Athol took a glass and clinked it to Edan's.
"Her?" Edan was dismayed at the dull throb of pain that hit him.
"Now did I say that?' Athol put his glass on the table and stood up until his face touched Edan's. The sweet scent of wine and Athol swirled around Edan, and his own cock perked up.
Athol leaned forward and his tongue stroked across Edan's lips. Edan sighed and opened them, ready to welcome the thrust of Athol's tongue. It didn't happen. With only a couple of gentle touches, Athol pulled back and stared at Edan.
"Well, we could, but who gets first dibs on the fuck fest, and who puts up and shuts up like a good little sub?" Athol's expression was contemplative, almost sad, and Edan sighed again.
"Yeah, we're probably the most unforgiving, most incompatible people, most unlikely couple on the planet, and yet we, well I anyway, want nothing more than to screw you senseless. Why the fuck can't we switch with each other?" Try as he might Edan couldn't inject a positive note into his tone.
"Now Einstein, if we knew how to answer that and sort it, you'd've not disappeared down south to do whatever, and I'd've not spent the last however many years trying to prove I didn't need you." Athol shrugged his shoulders. The movement made every muscle in his torso ripple.
 Argh, pre-cum inducing heat.
"True enough. And it was lecturing in Hong Kong, not disappearing down south." Edan took in Athol's shocked expression. "Didn't you know?"
Athol shook his head. "Nah, I'd got you at some obscure ex-poly in the Midlands. Guess I screwed that line of investigation up good and proper."
Edan sat down on the settee and pulled Athol to sit next to him. "I hid my tracks well, like an animal going away to lick his wounds. What else did you screw," he paused, "up?"
Athol grinned, some of his usual upbeat mood showing. "Up, down, or like a rabbit? Ah, Ede, not much to be honest. Of any shape, form or sex."
Bastard. He always had known how to get Edan riled up. It was no wonder they could never come to terms over who did what to whom, how and when.
You know we first met Athol in Master?

Anna ignored him. It was up to Linsey to sort all that out. She stalked around her desk and glared at him, as he stood unmoving next to her chair.
"Excuse me." She waited until he took a step back and opened a drawer. Anna handed a sheaf of papers and a pen to him and moved away. "Use my desk," she said. "I won't need it any longer." She looked at Linsey, who gave a faint shrug, as if to say there wasn't anything she could do. Anna didn't believe that for one minute. "Where's Athol?" she asked, as she realized there was nothing else she could say or do to dissuade Caden from his chosen plan. "He's late."
"I'm here, sweet thing." Athol walked across the room and enveloped her in his usual effusive bear hug. "I had to sort out some dickhead who thought I would turn a trick for a tenner. Cheapskate. I told him not for a thousand, I have my standards." He roared with laughter, a deep belly laugh so at odds with his persona. "Oh and who's this?" He looked Cade up and down.

He loves stirring it.
(I do not, it comes to me naturally.)
 So, if you fancy learning more about Athol re The Dom's Decision, or indeed about Dommisimma, here's your chance.

I have an ecopy of either Master, or The Girl on the Bus to give away. But because (according to my kids when they were little) I'm cruel and heartless, I'm going to ask you to answer a question. Well two questions actually.
What country is Dommisimma set in?
What do you like about the cover of A Dom's Decision (Athol's Story)
Happy Reading,
Love  R x


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  1. Hi Sweet thing, this is Athol...
    And Edan...
    so glad you let us loose here, Raven's Grandson is a cutie. And he said to tell you grandma so should get him a drum kit...

    1. With all due respect, Sir, if she gets him a drum kit, I'll send him to you!

  2. This is Athol... I'm examining the flexibility and smackability of the drum sticks right now...
    *Eyes up Doris and her luscious body*
    *Makes mental note to tak to her Sir*

  3. One day that drum kit will arrive I'm sure, Dommisimma is in Glasgow and I like covers that help tell the story and this cover seems to fit with the story