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#MWTease from Her Imaginary Lover #comingsoon @evernightpub

Happy middle of the week to you all :-) I hope you're having a great week. Mine started off with the fabulous news that my latest submission was accepted, so, naturally I had to bring you a little tease from Her Imaginary Lover, which is scheduled for release in July with Evernight Publishing.

Here's the unedited blurb:

When your imaginary friend turns out to be real, there's only one thing you can do—have the best sex of your life.
Macie Johann's ordered world is thrown into chaos, when she is attacked on her way home from work. The muscle bound hunk that comes to her rescue would appear to be naked? Okay then, maybe she has hit her head a bit too hard, but then again no one else seems to notice him, and there is something very familiar about this guy.
Blind from birth Macie has learnt to trust her senses, and they all scream at her to grab her chance of true happiness with the man, who makes her body and soul sing. Never mind the small fact of his not being human.
When their actions get Kaylom yanked back into his dimension to stand trial, Macie follows determined to fight for her man.


Now for your tease. To set the scene, Macie is back at her house, after the attack, Kaylom saved her from, and of course he is there...

Macie shut the door on her parents, and leaning her head on the cool wood, breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she was on her own. She loved her parents dearly, but geez louise, they sure liked to fuss. Now that she didn't have to keep up the pretense, she let the tears fall.
Truth be told she felt like shit. Every muscle in her body hurt, her head ached, her throat felt sore, and she'd never felt more confused in her entire life. She'd told her parents and the police what they wanted to hear, but she'd felt Kaylom's quiet presence in the background all day. Maybe she was going mad. Maybe he was just a figment of her imagination, but she needed him right now, and she was going to worry about her state of mind when she was feeling less fragile.
She sensed him behind her, and when he ran his fingertips up her bare arms, she allowed herself to lean back. His warm solid presence felt so real, so comforting that she shut her eyes, and simply absorbed the sensations.
"Kaylom?" She whispered the question and his heavy hands settled on her shoulders and gently massaged her tight muscles.
"I'm here, munchkin. I thought they'd never leave." Humor laced his voice and Macie smiled through her tears.
"They worry too much. They always have." She murmured the words, and barely suppressed a groan when his nimble fingers found a particularly sore spot. "And don't call me that. I'm not a child."
He soothed the hurt away and she held her breath when he lifted her hair off her neck and pressed his warm, firm lips to the bruised area.
"Oh, believe me. I'm all too aware of that, baby." Shivers went down her spine as his hot breath ghosted across her skin, and his deep voice dropped an octave. Her stomach dropped right with it, and time stood still as she waited for his next move. He inhaled against her neck and then stepped back. Curiously bereft without his warmth against her back she swayed slightly as she turned. Instantly his hands were back on her forearms steadying her, and she raised her head and stretched her hands out. Just as before she encountered smooth, warm muscle, covered with fine swirls of hair and she nodded to herself.
"I'm not going crazy, am I? You're really here, right?"
His deep sigh blew across her face, and his minty breath allayed her fears. It mixed with his unique male scent that sent her hormones into overdrive, and she tried to lean in closer.
"Kaylom, talk to me. What's going on? Why can no one else see you? Who are you?"
He didn't answer her, but she could sense his turmoil, and she traced her fingers over his face. The deep groove between his eyes told of his frown, as did the tight set of his lips, and the carefully controlled way he was breathing. She flinched when he ran his hands up her arms and then cupped her face and turned it sideways.
A whisper of a calloused finger tips only, yet it set her heart beating faster, and her lethargy fled.
"I could tear those bastards limb from fucking limb for what they did to you." She sensed him coming closer and a whimper of feminine need escaped her when he trailed butterfly kisses across her skin, and then leant his forehead on hers. Their breaths mingled, and she couldn't help the tears welling from her eyes. Tears he kissed off her face with such tenderness it made her cry harder.
"I was so scared. I thought they were going to kill me."
With a low growl Kaylom pulled her closer until her breasts pressed against his naked chest, and his erection dug into her belly. He felt huge, hot and hard, and her pussy clenched in helpless need. Macie locked her hands behind his thick neck, and jumped up at him. Her legs went round his waist and his huge hands grasped her ass to support her. His groan trembled through her, and he pressed her back against the door. She raised her lips in a silent offering, and he brushed his tongue along their seam just once before he withdrew.
"We can't. I didn't come here for this, Macie."
Macie paid him no heed. She tightened her thighs around him and rubbed herself up and down his thick erection. His hands dug into her butt cheeks with enough force to leave bruises, and she reveled in that imperceptible loss of the iron control she sensed in him. The fact that he seemed to want her as badly as she wanted him was a heavy aphrodisiac indeed.
"Why can't we?" she asked. "We're both adults, and I need this. Please, help me to forget. Every time I close my eyes I feel their hands all over me, that vile tongue in my mouth, I can't—"
His kiss stopped her, and she opened to his gentle probing immediately. Kaylom sipped from her lips as though they were the sweetest nectar. He explored her mouth with infinite slowness. Yet, as gentle as he was, there was no mistaking his dominance. This was more than a kiss. It was a brand, a stake on her very soul, and he played her lips and mouth like a fine conductor would, never once breaking contact. He didn't let her gain the upper hand, until all she could do was submit to his hot, firm lips, and let him fuck her mouth. It left her breathless, wanting, and so aroused, she knew the crotch of her fine linen trousers would be soaked through with her arousal.
Never had she been this turned on just by a kiss, and when he finally let her come up for air, she snuggled into his neck, not wanting to ever let him go.
"You smell nice," she said, and Kaylom's amused laugh trembled through her.
"And you taste delicious, but we still can't do this." She pouted her annoyance and he kissed her nose. "You need to heal properly and there are things about me you need to know, before…"
"Before what? I don't care about that, and besides I need to come so badly right now, I'll self-combust if I don't, and the endorphins will be good for me. Please… Kaylom, I need you."


The above is unedited, so excuse any mistakes. How long will Kaylom be able to resist her, do you think?

As ever thanks to the awesome Sandra Bunino for hosting the Mid Week Tease. Do check out the other fab authors. I always have such fun reading through their teases.

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  1. you know how much i <3 this... It just gets better each time I read it

  2. Sounds wonderful! I love the bit of a paranormal aspect, and really appreciate that the heroine has physical challenges. I have Lupus, and especially enjoy when an author gives us a hero or heroine who isn't 100% healthy or "perfect". Thank you! I love your writing!!

  3. I love the premise of this story. congrats on the acceptance. thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I'm curious about his hesitation. Great tease, Doris, and congrats on your acceptance. :)

  5. Oh, dear. Nobody says no in a situation like that unless there's a really good reason. :-D Nice tease, Doris!

    1. Oh, he has a very good reason, lol :-)

  6. Doris, I love your mind for fantasy! Congrats on the acceptance. :)

  7. Great tease, it's true I want to know why he's hesitating too :-)

    1. Thanks, Elodie, all will be revealed, as they say :-)

  8. This sounds like another must read. You've completely hooked me, Doris. Loving the sexual tension. Yum!

  9. Yey, thank you. S.J. :-)

  10. I can see this, "His warm solid presence felt so real, so comforting that she shut her eyes, and simply absorbed the sensations." Loved the tease :)

  11. So awesome. I love the premise to this story.

    Thanks for teasing, Doris!