Tuesday, 7 October 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - The Wrong Knickers

Happy Tuesday, folks. Hope you enjoy today's tease :-)

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Original Source Unknown)

Sarah pushed open the door to the laundry room and almost dropped her bundle of clothes, when she saw him and stopped dead. One big pair of greying knickers fell off the top, and fluttered to the floor between them. Sarah wanted the ground to swallow her whole. She couldn’t have dropped her nice, new lacy thong now, could she? Of course not—not her.
She finally had a chance to talk to the hot guy, everyone on campus drooled over, and she treated him to a view of her sensible underwear.  Sean straightened slowly and smiled at her.
“Hi, if you want to go first…” He bend down to pick up her knickers, and Sarah hastily snatched them out his hand, quite certain her face was as red as the thong, she wished she’d dropped.
“No, that’s quite alright. It’ll keep.”
She turned on her heel, consumed with the need to get away from this whole embarrassing situation, but his deep voice stopped her.
“Sarah, don’t go.”
“You know my name?” She squeaked that question, and mentally slapped herself, but, really…. He knows my name?
His chuckle wrapped itself around her.

“Of course, I was hoping you’d show up.”

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. Wasn't that a pleasant twist for Sarah. And to think, he wanted to run into and didn't even know what kind of knickers (I hardly think thongs qualify) she wore. Delightful and your usual turn-on-your-heels twist along with wonderful use of word pearls, "His chuckle wrapped itself around her." Love it. xo

  2. good one Doris love a knicker teaser

  3. I love how she drops the 'normal' knickers and he's still keen to talk to her. And what a hunk! Superb tease as always Doris xx

  4. A very pleasant surprise. And someone practical enough to understand that she doesn't wear a thong all the time.

    1. Lol, yeah. Thanks, Angelica :-)

  5. Now that is a tease. How did he know her name? More needed please

    1. I might have to write more. I would be fun ;-)

  6. As ever you tease beautifully...

  7. Oh don't go. I want to know what happens next