Wednesday, 29 October 2014

#MWTeaseHalloween from Lure of the Blood "I cannot let you go." #wolfshifter #sale @evernightpub

Hey, lovely peeps. I'm raising my head from my sick bed so to speak to bring you this tease. I wasn't sure I'd manage it, actually, but am determined for things to go back to normal around here.

For those not friends with me on FB, I was rushed into hospital early on Sunday morning with Sepsis following on from a bout of Tonsillitis, which started as a sore throat late Friday evening. Yeah, I had no idea, things could progress that quickly. Suffice to say, I was already in stage two when I arrived, and the A&E Doctor very helpfully declared that it was only due to me being normally fit and healthy and my body having a lot of reserves that I was still conscious.

To quote him. "These stats are very, very impressive. I'm amazed you can still talk to me." I shall spare you the boring details,but some very aggressive antibiotic  treatment later, which included the whole works of oxygen, drip, steroids, to name but a few, I eventually emerged from the haze. I came home with a battalion of antibiotics and painkillers on Monday afternoon - sooner than anticipated, in fact - and am slowly clawing my way out of the haze.

I'm only mentioning this, because this is bound to be full of errors, so forgive them, please. Those abs have some pretty strong sideffects.


Enough of my pity party, however, and onto the tease. I thought I would go back to the very first paranormal story I have ever written, Lure of the Blood, which is an Editor's pick.


Marnie and Ion face an impossible situation, and there seems no way out of it.

Usual warning applies, this is a hot tease. Marnie has tracked Ion into the forest, where he has run off his frustrations, or so he thought.

 “Guess I know who wore the trousers, your mum, right?”
“My father loved her to distraction, so yes. I guess in the privacy of our home, she did. He would have done anything for her as long as it didn’t endanger the pack. But the pack came first, always. It had to. That’s the only reason he allowed her to visit the witch. He needed an heir and at least on that, she delivered. He knew there would be a price to pay, there always is with magic, but my mother was desperate for a baby. He would have gladly forsaken children, were it not for the bloodlines.” The expression in his eyes made Marnie’s heart skip a beat, before it turned into a jackhammer at his next words. “I understand how he felt. It’s not easy being torn between your duty and the woman you love.”
“Ion, I…” His kiss stopped her response and for the life of her she could not resist the gentle caress of his firm lips. When their tongues touched, Ion’s wolf growled low and he deepened the kiss with an urgency and desperation that matched her own. She shuddered when he broke away, the determination in his eyes so intense she forgot to breathe altogether. His fangs descended and he tilted her head with a muttered curse. Marnie could feel the heat of that gaze setting her alight. The temptation to give in to the silent question in his glowing eyes as his head descended towards her and his fangs scraped along her neck was almost too much to resist.
But they couldn’t do this. She wasn’t right for him, no matter how much every single cell in her body screamed at her to submit. With clarity, she suddenly knew that her destiny was to stop him, to save him from himself. She had to leave and in time he would find a shifter female; he had to. His furious howl, when she put one hand on her neck and pushed against his chest at the same time, echoed around the tall ferns.  He had never looked more like a wolf than at that moment, the veins in his neck standing out, his body coiled for action. The air around him shimmered and Marnie held her breath at the leashed power in front of her, his features barely human as he growled at her.
“Fuck it, little one, do you have any idea how much I want to claim you and say to hell with the consequences?”
She tried to scramble away from him, but the arm of steel around her waist yanked her back on his bare lap. The heat of his naked body enveloped her, pitching her own arousal to meet his. She gasped at the feel of his fully erect cock nudging against her core and instant moisture seeped through her thong. Her stomach flipped in anticipation and her womb clenched painfully, sending a spike of pure lust to her instantly throbbing clit. There was no way his shifter senses wouldn’t pick up on her body’s immediate response and the heavy scent of her arousal in the air between them. She buried her face in his chest, unable to look at the fierce heat in his eyes, as his hold on her tightened and his breathing grew heavy.
“Ion, we can’t… please.”
The grip on her waist grew painful and his voice was a strained plea in her ear.
“I want you, little one. I cannot let you go.”
Marnie screwed her eyes shut, inhaling deeply of Ion’s scent. Oh he smelled so good and this felt so right, but they couldn’t do this. She could never be his and she had to leave.
“We…we can’t, Ion. I’m endangering the pack just by being here, you know that. They’ve charged me with murder and they will find me eventually. I cannot be here. You would risk exposure and it’s my stupid fault this happened in the first place.” She placed one hand on his mouth to stop his immediate denial, her heart skipping a happy hop at the fierce protectiveness she saw in his eyes.
“No, Ion, it is my fault. Not yours, not even Lucas’, but mine. You both just reacted to my stupidity and tried to save me in your own way. If I hadn’t insisted on walking, none of this would have happened. The man wouldn’t be dead and you wouldn’t have felt obliged to bring me back here and…”
He silenced her with a kiss, his tongue demanding entry, his body crowding her. His low growls turned the blood in her veins to molten lava as her body went up in flames, until she simply kissed him back.  She melted into his body, when he licked down her throat and when his teeth closed around one of her nipples through the fabric of her shirt, pure shards of pleasure shot straight to her clit. Her hips moved restlessly, rubbing her swollen folds against the head of his cock and they groaned in unison, when he lifted her in one fluid move. Shoving the flimsy barrier of her underwear away, she moaned low in her throat when he drove into her wet heat in one powerful thrust. He held himself perfectly still, his muscles trembling with the effort, his eyes like hot coals devouring her.
“Still think we can’t do this, little one?”
She barely managed a feeble shake of her head, before he moved them both to their knees, the move lodging him deeper inside her.  The breath whooshed out of her lungs, when he grabbed her hips to pull all the way out, only to thrust deep with a low growl in her ear. His chest hair tickled across her back and his warmth enveloped her, as he licked up her neck. The bite on her ear, as he pulled all the way out, only to enter her again in one slow, deliberate move, pure pleasure mixed with pain.  Marnie felt every agonisingly slow thrust, as her internal muscles clenched around him, desperate to hold him in, to seek the release only he could bring. Every move scraped against her G-spot building the sweet pressure to unbearable levels, until she begged him to move faster, yet still he kept it slow. Every thrust punctuated with the same growled words over and over.
When Marnie thought she couldn’t possibly take anymore, her whimpers filling the falling shadows around them, his touch on her clit sent her spiralling into the abyss and he finally lost control. With an almost brutal yank on her hair, Ion pulled her up against him, the shift in position lodging him so deep his cock scraped her womb and she was lost in the frantic assault on her senses, as waves and waves of intense pleasure consumed her. The wet sounds of their bodies slapping together, their harsh breaths and Ion’s growl of completion reverberated around the small clearing, before they both collapsed on the forest floor and Ion pulled her sated body atop his.
“You’re mine, little one. Whatever happens, you’re mine!”

Marnie's decision to finance her law degree by pole dancing awakens her latent sexuality, and the mysterious stranger lurking in the shadows sends her libido into overdrive.

Realizing her sexy lurker is a vampire is bad enough, but her boss is the alpha wolf of a pack of shifters? Torn between her attraction to both men and surrounded by danger, she has a decision to make. One that will change her life forever.

Be Warned: multiple partners

Available from Evernight, Amazon, ARe, Bookstrand

Incidentally Evernight are holding a 25% Sale on all paranormal titles atm.

Now hop on to the other fabulous teasers this week. As ever thanks to our fabulous host Sandra Bunino

Stay naughty, folks

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  1. I'm so glad you're on the mend, Doris, and very thankful you received excellent care. I'm also thankful you were able to find a way to put this together for us. Total yum! I love intense need like this and you have a special talent for showing it off.

  2. Smokin' hot scene, Doris. Glad that they caught the sepsis in time and that you were feeling well enough to participate this week. Just wouldn't be the same without a hot scene from you. Feel better!

    1. Thanks, Reese. Am getting there, slowly :-)

  3. Oh my, hard choices ahead of her, but sounds like the werewolf is damn fine. Great tease, Doris, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Thank goodness you caught it when you did.

    1. Oh yes, Ion is very fine indeed ;-) Thanks, Siobhan. The NHS sure works when it has to.

  4. Same here, Doris. When I saw your posts on FB, I was so happy to hear you were gonna be okay. Never underestimate a woman with a tease to post! Tough as nails. And this was hot, hot, hot. I loved it when he punctuated those words. Clearly, Little One belongs to this man!!!

    1. Lol, yes, I was some what determined, and I'm not admitting to how long that took me... ;-) soup for brains here.

  5. Very hot tease, good to find you on the mend :-)

  6. I'm so happy you're feeling better, Doris. We were worried about you!

    What a great story to show off during the Halloween tease. I read it and loved it when it first came out. :)

    Thanks for teasing along during our Halloween theme!

  7. I'm glad you're doing better and hope everything is back to normal soon.

    Now about this teaser... my laptop just melted and suddenly I have the need to turn on my A/C. HOT!

  8. I'm so sorry you were...are sick. Sounds very, very serious and I'm terribly impressed that you're here blogging away a few days later. Your work ethic is amazing and your excerpt is pretty damn hot!

  9. Great tease, Doris!

    And glad to see you're on the mend. Take care x

  10. Dear Doris, thank God you are getting better. Good health should be celebrated.

    Smoking hot tease.