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#MWTease from Auctioned to the Spanish Dom “Missionary does nothing for me..." #bdsm #mfm @sirenbookstrand

Happy middle of the week, lovely people. It's time to tease you, courtesy of the wonderful Sandra Bunino, who brings us all together every week.

I'm going to bring you a tease from Auctioned to the Spanish Dom, which is now available on Amazon :-)

To set the scene,  Pedro has rushed Peyton, her pregnant sister, and her brother-in-law to the hospital. The men are left to wait, and a few home truths need to be said...

Pedro took a sip of the hot liquid masquerading as hospital coffee, and thrust the paper cup at James Balling’s white face.
“Here, drink this. It’s not much, and if I didn’t think they would throw us out, I’d lace it with brandy, but it’ll have to do.”
The other man was too white and still for Pedro’s liking. James was a menacing fool, who fell apart in a crisis, but he was Peyton’s brother-in-law, and her sister would need him, especially if…
Pedro swallowed a curse, and rolled his shoulders. He knew firsthand that twin births could be complicated. They’d almost lost José when he was born. His twin sister hadn’t made it, and Carmelita was buried in the same plot as her mother and father now were. Pedro shook his head to clear it of the morbid thoughts and turned around to find James watching him. Tears ran down his cheeks, and Pedro shifted from foot to foot.
“I can’t lose them. And I certainly can’t lose Alicia. I know, you must think me a right fool, but I love my wife…so much.” James’s voice broke on the last few words, and he downed the coffee in one go and crushed the paper cup in his hand.
“There was so much fucking blood and this is all my fault.” James got up and started to pace the waiting area like an injured lion.
“Don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes two to make a baby,” Pedro said, and James stopped at the window and rested his head against the glass.
“She didn’t want any more babies after Martin, but my mother…we have all boys, see, and Mother wanted granddaughters.”
Pedro couldn’t help the sound of disgust he made at the back of his throat, and James nodded.
“I know it’s pathetic. A grown man at the whim of his mother, but I convinced Alicia to try one last time. They are girls, you know, the twins.” James glanced toward Pedro, and when Pedro didn’t respond, he sighed and sat back down again with a heavy thud.
“I should probably ring Mother and let her know Alicia is in theater?”
Pedro rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. It was far too tempting to punch some sense into the idiot.
“That’s not for me to say. I would have thought, whatever the outcome, your wife would appreciate your support first and foremost. Talking of which, and I know this is none of my fucking business, but why aren’t you in there with her? If that was my wife, giving birth to my children, nothing would stop me from being with her.”
Unbidden images of Peyton heavy with his children jumped into Pedro’s brain and he pinched the bridge of his nose. She didn’t want children yet. She’d said that, and chances were high they would have twins. They ran in Pedro’s family, after all.
A faint blush stained the other man’s cheeks, and he didn’t look at Pedro.
“I know, it’s pathetic, but I can’t stand the sight of blood and I have a phobia of needles.” A shudder went through him at saying the words, as though voicing them out loud cost him. “Peyton has always been Alicia’s birth partner, and normally she has straightforward and fast births, but this time…. Fuck.”
A heavy silence fell between them as they waited for news. There was nothing Pedro could say to reassure the other man after all.
Instead he focused on the slow ticking of the hospital clock and his last image of Peyton as she followed her sister into theater.
Pale, worried, and quietly determined, that had been his pequeñita. Her inner strength was one of the things he loved most about her, and once they’d put this whole sorry business behind them, he would tell her so too.
“Can I ask you something?” James said, and Pedro focused his attention back on the other man. “A personal question?”
“You can ask, but I might not answer it,” Pedro said, and James nodded, that blush of his deepening.
“Why do you, you know…” James took a deep breath, and Pedro’s eyebrows rose. “I mean, you look normal enough, so why…. Fuck it, why do you feel the need to beat up on women?”
James fidgeted on his seat when Pedro didn’t answer him straightway, and the sadist in him enjoyed the other man’s discomfiture immensely. However, this was Peyton’s family, and he knew they were important to her, so he latched onto the least obnoxious part of that question.
“How did you expect me to look, exactly?” he asked and James shrugged.
“I don’t know. Like some monster, I guess. I mean I saw her bruises, and she says it was all consensual, but I can’t get my head around that.”
James finally looked up to properly look at him, and Pedro sighed.
“Then don’t,” he said, and James blinked in surprise.
“Don’t what?”
“Don’t try and get your head around it. You don’t have to understand it, just accept the fact that this is something Peyton needs. It doesn’t make what we have wrong, or perverted, or whatever else you want to call it. It just means it’s not for you.”
Pedro smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
“Missionary does nothing for me, so I guess that makes us even.”
James colored further and mumbled something that Pedro didn’t catch, and his grin deepened.
“And I bet missionary is not all that you do, either. Human sexuality is a complicated subject, after all. And for the record, I don’t beat up on women. I have never hit a woman in anger and I never will. Do I leave marks and bruises? Sure I do. I love nothing more than to see my partner at my mercy, but only in our negotiated terms, and Peyton always has the power to cry red.”
At the other man’s confused expression, he smiled.
“It’s a safe word that will stop all play immediately.”
“And has she ever used it?” James asked and Pedro shook his head.

“No, but I can assure you, if she did, I would stop, and find out why she felt the need to do so. I love Peyton, and I will do anything to keep her safe.”

Peyton King had a simple plan. Sign up for the Spectrum Auctions and finally get the story that will get her the promotion she craves.

It’s just her luck that the person who wins her is Pedro Hernandez. The Spanish Dom has been starring in her erotic dreams ever since they first butted heads in her professional life, and he proves impossible to resist, if downright scary.

The sadist in Pedro is looking forward to teaching the prickly reporter a lesson or two. However, when Peyton turns out to be a masochist her instinctive responses floor the experienced Dom. Maybe it’s just his age catching up with him, but this young reporter gets under his skin like no other sub ever has, and their play smashes through both of their emotional defences in record time.

When their relationship is put to the test, Pedro has to decide if he can trust his pequeñita.

She is a reporter after all…

Available at Bookstrand  and Amazon


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  1. You captured such an intense personal moment. Beautifully done, Doris.

  2. Great tease, Doris. I really liked that you explained Pedro to Peyton's BIL by no uncertain terms. Nicely done. :)

    1. It had to be done. Peyton's BIL is a right so and so, lol. ;-)

  3. This is SUCH a good story, Doris! And I adore Pedro to itty bitty bits, big bad Dom that he is. :-D

    1. Heh, glad you like him so much, Nicola :-)

  4. Hi Doris! I echo everyone here! You did so good with this moment. I imagine their relationship being tested like no other. Happy Holidays!

    1. Yes, they're certainly tested. Thanks, Carlene :-D

  5. Beautiful snippet, Doris, well done!