Tuesday, 9 December 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - His Scent

Happy Tuesday, folks. Here's today's tease - Enjoy :-)

(Those of you who have read my story in the Anthology HIS, will recognize these two characters.)

(Source: Tumblr)

Oh, he smelled so good.
Lara shut her eyes and let her senses take over. The crowded elevator drifted away, until it was just her and this handsome stranger. She'd caught a glimpse of him when she stepped into the small space—close cropped hair, strong eyebrows, impossibly broad shoulders that strained the expensive cloth of his designer suit, and piercing blue eyes that pulled her under his spell.
With people pressed in all around them now, his hands slid round her waist, and he pulled her in closer, until her breasts pressed into his chest. Utterly cocooned in his embrace, the assault on her senses proved too much, as his clean, earthy scent permeated her conscience.
He lowered his head to sniff her neck and his growl matched her own. Their heart beats synchronized and she inhaled the scent of home.
When he licked the sensitive skin over her pulse point, the friction his rough tongue created sparked darts of electricity along her nerve endings. She curled her fingers into the lapels of his jacket, and stood on tip toes to get closer, to imprint his scent on her.
Moist heat pooled between her thighs at his growl.


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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

D xx 


  1. Hot and very sexy. Impossibly erotic. xo

  2. Ah, the use of smell was wonderful. I was completely engaged throughout this teaser. Nice work.

  3. Damn! Very arousing Doris! I want to read more of this!

  4. I love that it isn't obvious which of them is claiming the other. Very nice.

  5. I'm not one for public sex since having kids... but this has me wanting my own elevator rendezvous... very nice done, very hot!

  6. This could make every woman desire a sensuous elevator rendezvous. So sexy. Amazing writing Doris