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Happy middle of the week to you, peeps. Thanks to our awesome host Sandra Bunino it's time to tease you, and I am giving my blog over to the lovely Raven McAllan again. She's had one productive January so far, and is here to tease us from her brand new release, His Boss, Her Dom.

To add to to the fun, she is giving away two e-books from her back list.

Enjoy the tease:

. "Here." Eva handed him a small bottle. "Antihistamine. It'll stop you itching. At this time of year the midges are horrendous. Lovely long evenings that I admire from behind glass, and watch clouds of the buggers trying to get in. Remember, repellent is your best friend on this route." She picked up the kettle and turned on the tap.
Jamie laughed. "Yes, Ma'am."
Eva spun round from the sink, unheeding of the water that spilled over her hands and dripped onto the floor. "Why did you call me Ma’am?"
Now he was confused. "Well, you sounded bossy. Sorry, I thought you'd get the joke. You know Ma’am, in charge sort of thing. I'm sorry if it upset you." Shit, I hope she's not one of those touchy feminist types.
"Not at all. I just wondered why Ma’am." She turned back to the sink, switched the tap off and then the kettle on before mopping the floor. Only then did she swivel around to face him again. "And yes, Sergeant, you can call me Ma’am, if you want to. Otherwise, here, Eva will be fine."
He knew fine well his jaw dropped. She'd made him? How the fuck?
Eva smiled at him. "Sorry Sergeant." She waved the letter he'd brought, and she'd signed for. "It doesn't matter how often I tell them that post to this neck of the woods takes longer than in the city, do they ever listen?" she asked—rhetorically he assumed. "Oh no," she went on. "They post this at some stupid hour of the night and expect me to get it the day after. Not only that some penny pinching asshat put a second class stamp on it. So, Sergeant James Swinton, from a different area of the force, How about telling me what you've found out."
He shut his mouth, and swallowed heavily. "Ah. Oh bollocks, am I deep in the shit?"
"Ah, indeed." Eva reached into a drawer and took out small leather wallet. "And no, not at all, unless you think you should be for not recognizing me." She went bright red. "Although I've only had brief contact with you. a session when you were on a training course last year." She handed him the wallet, and he saw what was inside.
A warrant card with her photo on and stating she was a Chief Inspector in the Scottish Police force. Okay, he'd buy that, even though it was the biggest cock deflator since Sadie Stewart laughed at his attempt to find her clit. Mind you he was only a teenager at the time, and his aim and attention to the female body had improved considerably since then.
"Ma’am." He snapped to attention and she laughed.
"I'm allegedly on holiday, and you're allegedly a postie, so we can cut the formalities I reckon. Time enough to get out the tags and labels when we have to. You're a long way from home, why did they choose you?"
Why did he think she was deliberately changing the subject? Oh she'd taught him, he didn't disbelieve that, but there was something else, he'd stake his pension on it. Now he thought about it, he couldn't believe he'd missed the connection. However this luscious woman with, he reckoned, braless breasts covered in a soft lawn gypsy style blouse, teamed with a long almost see through maxi skirt was nothing like the stern-faced woman in uniform that had addressed his class. Only the eyes were the same. A deep glittering blue-green that reminded him of the Caribbean Sea. As he stared into her eyes, a dim memory teased him. Where else had he seen eyes that beautiful color?
"Yes, I remember." He omitted the Ma’am this time and her eyes danced. "Well so far I've found zilch."
"Hmm, hold on let me make what, tea? Coffee? Then we can chat."
Jamie looked at his watch. "I've got about half an hour before I need to empty the post boxes in the afternoon uplift. I might be a policeman undercover, but it was made clear to me if I didn't do the job I'm in now, I'd be out on my ear. I even had to do the training before they let me loose on my own. Well, if you can call it that. Two days with Jimmy, who thinks I'm an eejit working somewhere where I don't know the Blacks live next door to the Greens and the Browns live across the crescent." He rolled his eyes. "All those people with colors for their names. So Scottish, but I bet people down south would think I was making it up."
"Very likely, but where's the Greys?"

"Next street."

Eva sniggered because it was true. "So, how did they get Jimmy to take leave?" She sounded genuinely interested. "All my letter says is you're here to see what you can find out without letting them know who you are."
"Evidently the post office ran a who's the best postie thing, and he won two weeks leave and some money to spend on a holiday."
"They did?"

"They didn't but someone put up the money."
Eva looked at her letter again. "I see it. Then when can we talk?"
"Once I've emptied the post boxes, I'm off shift. Could I come back then please Ma’am?" This time he did use her title. "From then, until seven in the morning, I'm off duty from both the police and the post office. So, are you the contact I was told I'd have?"
"It seems so, Sergeant." She also used his rank, and he was sure, on purpose. As if he would forget this woman he lusted after was his superior officer. "Are you plainclothes now? It doesn't say so here."
He shook his head. "No, Ma'am. I was chosen because I do a lot of walking around here, but I'm not a local. In theory that means I can find my way about and no one will know me. Of course it'll be Murphy's law some ex-ned will have moved here and I’ll be wanting his signature on something." He grimaced at the thought of some of the neds—petty criminals he'd crossed swords with in the past— who'd love the excuse to do him over. "But hey ho, I'll cross that bridge if I need to."
She dipped her head in agreement. Jamie watched, narrow- eyed, and quelled his cock, which was showing signs of interest in her unconscious subbie position.
"Then I'll see you as soon as you can get back. Aim to stop for supper." She blushed again. "If that doesn't put you out?"
Now her voice was hesitant, less commanding, more subservient perhaps? "" She went the color of the rosy Rome Beauty apples in the bowl on the work surface and looked at her feet
There's that hesitation again. What a mass of contradictions she is. I wonder what was she going to say before she changed her mind? Sir, perhaps? It took all of his determination not to take hold of her hair or her chin and force her to look up at him. Then to push her onto her knees, and demand she assume the position.
Come on, wishful thinking won't make a Boss a sub. Not in the real world anyway and this is all too real, body armor if necessary and all. But, damned if I didn't wish she were a sub—my sub.

Having a relationship with your boss is never easy, especially when it involves kink. Jamie might need to salute Rosie and call her Ma'am at work, but when it's just the two of them, he is Master to his puss.
They are determined to make their unusual situation work, but, first they have to solve the case of the shady next door neighbors.

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  12. thank you everyone. The random drawer, this time my hubby who was told to pick a number ( He's away from home and was a wee bit puzzled, but did as he was told lololol) and his pick came up with Sandra Bunino, who wins an ebook of her choice from my back list. I've had a ball, hope you did too :)