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MWTease from Cat's Rescue - Uniform Fetish "You. Are. Mine." #comingsoon @evernightpub #interracial #bdsm

Happy middle of the week, peeps, and what a week it's been so far. Take it from me, do not have three releases in eight days.... it's not good for your health.


Only kidding, it is, of course, hugely exciting, even if my mind is spinning.

Just to prove how much, I'm teasing twice today. The lovely Raven McAllan has me on her blog today with a tease from yesterday's release, Carmel's Choice, which you can find here.

I'm going to tease from Cat's Rescue, which is my story in the Uniform Fetish Anthology which releases this Friday. This is an interracial BDSM story, and Rhys is a fire fighter.

To set the scene, Rhys has just rescued Cat off the ledge she was perched on to rescue her neigbour's cat, and he's making his intentions toward Cat very clear.

 “And where would you go, my little cat? It’s the middle of the night. You’re in your fuck me night dress, which I must say was a delicious surprise about you.” He smiled as her color deepened to the most delightful blush. “It’s freezing out there, you’ve locked yourself out of your flat on a misguided rescue mission of one ungrateful little feline, and the one person who has your spare key is fast asleep and deaf. Where exactly are you going to go to? Always assuming that I would let you walk out of here, and that’s never going to happen. Not dressed like that, anyway.”
“You can’t keep me here against my will.” Cat flung the words into the room.
He chose not to respond, just took a long swig of his own cocoa. The sweet flavor coated his tongue, and he inhaled deeply of the comforting aroma. Most men would choose a stiff drink at the end of a long shift, and Rhys was certainly not averse to drowning his sorrows, but he preferred simpler pleasures that kept your head clear. Besides hot cocoa reminded him of the times when he was little and all of his worries were soothed by his mother’s presence and the ever present cup of chocolate.
Mother, God rest her soul, would approve of his little cat. Her dying wish had been for him to settle down and start a family, but he’d never found a woman that would make him even consider doing so, until the day Cat had walked into his station and he’d fallen instantly in love.  His mother had always said it would happen, yet he had never been sure if he believed her. A single mum herself, she had nonetheless held onto the dream of living happily ever after with the one person you’re destined to be with.
Rhys swore under his breath, as the reality of his feelings hit him in the gut, and he put his cup down, mindful of the white knuckled grip he had on it. It would freak Cat out completely if he broke his mug with his bare hands. She looked ready to bolt as it was.
Instead he took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. Cat watched him through wide eyes, and she carefully took several sips of her drink. Her tense expression relaxed, and he didn’t miss her groan of appreciation—such a deep throated sound that his cock jumped back to full alert, and he crunched his jaw together. He bet she would make those sounds as he ate her out, pushing her toward an orgasm he would not let her have until she begged him for it.
Some of his thought processes must have shown on his face, because Cat’s hands wobbled, and he reached across to take the mug off of her, before she added burned fingers to her list of injuries to hold against him. He put the mug down on the table behind her and ran a hand through his hair.
Cat bit her lip and looked worried.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that. Of course you wouldn’t hold me against my will. I-I seem to not be able to act like a rational person around you. It’s just … just … oh hell.”
She looked so adorably flustered that Rhys had to laugh.
“Would it help if I told you, that you have the same effect on me, little cat?”
“I do?” she asked, and then slapped a hand over her mouth, and shook her head. “I meant what I said. I will not—”
“Be one of my women, I get that loud and clear, but tell me, girl,” she blanched as he let his voice drop, and suddenly found the floor most interesting. The act was such a submissive tell that the dominant in him roared. “Where are all those women you seem to think I have? You can inspect my bedpost if you like.” She squirmed at that, and he grinned. “You won’t find any notches. What you will find, however, are leather restraints with your name on them, girl, and if you’ll insist on insulting me, there’s a paddle that would leave a beautiful mark on your ass for days to come. Every time you sit down it would remind you of who you belong to, and that I will only tolerate so much sass from my girl. And. You. Are. Mine.” He accentuated every word with a tap of his forefinger on the tip of her cute button nose, and Cat’s breathing turned so shallow she was in danger of hyperventilating.
“And breathe, sweet girl. I want you passing out from pleasure or happily floating in sub space, not anxiety.” Giving into the need to touch her, taste her, he bent down and brushed his lips across hers. Cat groaned, and Rhys took advantage and slipped his tongue past her lips. His cat tasted of chocolate and the unique flavor that was all aroused woman. Hic cock jerked painfully against his jeans, and his groan joined her feminine mewl when she kissed him back.
Rhys fisted his hands in her hair to angle her head to his satisfaction, and he took charge of the kiss, deepening it until all he could taste and feel was his woman’s surrender to his will. By the time he finally broke away they were both breathing heavily, and Cat almost fell off the chair as she followed him when he pulled away and straightened up slowly. His hands on her shoulders steadied her, and she blinked several times to get her eyes to focus on him. Only a small ring of moss green remained around the outer edges of her irises, her pupils so dilated that her eyes looked almost black. Oh yes, her body responded to him beautifully. There was no doubt in his mind that his cat wanted him as badly as he wanted her, if only she would shut off her brain and allow herself to feel. Her submission would be so sweet to witness, as she came apart under his hands.
For the umpteenth time since he’d seen her on that ledge he adjusted his prick away from the zipper of his jeans, and his balls drew tight as Cat licked her lips, her gaze transfixed on that action. How he wished he had the authority over her to order her to her knees and to suck him off.
Instead, he forced himself to take a step back.

Blurb for Cat's Rescue:

What’s a girl to do when her elderly neighbor’s beloved Miss Pitty Pat seems injured and stranded on the ledge outside in the middle of the night? Rescue her, of course. Never mind the small matter of being afraid of heights, and ending up stranded on that ledge in nothing but a sexy negligĂ©e.

Firefighter Rhys can’t quite believe his eyes when he sees the hot as hell school teacher from across the road seemingly stuck on a ledge. There’s only one thing to do. Get his little Cat off that ledge and finally make her his.

After all, she is now at this Dom’s mercy, and it’s only proper to spank that luscious ass for scaring him half to death.

Cat’s rescues have never been such fun.

The Uniform Fetish Anthology is on Pre-order now!

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  1. Great snippet, Doris! Looking forward to reading more about this hot firefighter :)

  2. He knows what he wants, doesn't he? Hot teaser.

    1. Oh yes, and he doesn't mince his words either :-)

  3. All the best with the New releases Doris. Nice teaser

  4. I have a weakness for firefighters!! Great tease!

  5. Great tease Doris. I really loved Cat's Rescue!!

    1. Thanks, Liz, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it :-D

  6. Woohoo! That is one FINE way of warming up after a kitty rescue, let me tell you! Great tease, Doris!

  7. Apparently I'm all about picking out fave lines from the teases this week. I don't know what it is but there are some fantastic one liners this week...could have something to do with the awesome sauce antho coming out tomorrow! Loved this, Doris:

    “Would it help if I told you, that you have the same effect on me, little cat?”