Friday, 7 January 2011

A happy post

After my rather emotional blog about Christmas, thought it was about high time I posted something happy.

I'm rather pleased with myself today, as I have this afternoon typed those marvellous two words THE END under my latest manuscript Too Cold To Love. It has been at times a hard slog, my H/H not making it easy for me to get them to their happy place, but hey I did it! :-D

Of course that means I now have to try and write the dreaded synopsis, but am putting that off for now. I would seriously rather gnaw on my foot then write one of them!

But this is a happy post, not a moany one and whilst I'm on the subject of synopsis (what is the plural for those?), I am finally happy with the one for Too Hot To Handle and will send it off to the powers that be next week. It would have been this week, had I managed to get hold of an International Reply Coupon, which seem to be gold dust. At least you'd be forgiven for thinking so, when I asked for one in our local post office.

It still makes me giggle, recalling the blank looks from the folks behind the counter.

"A what?"

"An International Reply Coupon?"

"Urm, what's it for?"

"To send abroad, so things can be send back to me, without them having to pay the postage."

More blank looks...

"Right.....we have gift cards!"

Cue, me barely holding back the giggles at the relieved look on their faces, when I said: “Never mind, I will ask at the big post office in town, shall I?"

The above is the short version; I spare you the many times I had to say International Reply Coupon veeeeeerryyyy slowly ;-)

I suppose, in fairness to them, it does state on the website that they are available from big post offices, but still. You'd think they'd at least have heard of them!

To further put me into my happy place tonight, my parcel arrived from Amazon the other day, containing all of Heidi Rice's back novels and well I just LOVE her!  Nothing quite like a well written, funny, sexy, sassy romance that makes you literally go Aw at the ending :-D

This was the one I read tonight!


  1. Hi Doris,
    Congratulations on finishing another manuscript. Sorry I haven't had chance to read it, I've been bogged down in other things. I know you will get published soon. Good luck with these. Mx

  2. I'm just imaging that conversation...