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#SexySnippets from Lure Of The Blood

Happy Easter Sunday, folks.

It's time for another round of Sexy Snippets and I thought I would take you back in time to my debut Novel Lure Of The Blood. This was my first paranormal story, and Ion and Marnie are still one of my favourite couples.

In this scene Ion finally gives in to the attraction between them.


“Ion, please.”
“What, little one?”
The rasp of his rough tongue along her sensitive neck stopped Marnie from being able to respond at all, as the friction his tongue created sent sparks of electricity dancing across her body. Every lick along her fevered skin pitched her arousal higher, until the whole world was centred on the next trail of friction along her jaw.  Her hips moved of their own accord, grinding her core into Ion’s roughened thigh, until the iron grip of his hands on her hips stopped her.
“Easy, little one, this will be so much better if we go slowly. I want to taste every inch of you, drink your cream and make you come again and again against my tongue and then, only then, my sweet will you feel my cock so deep inside you, you will never want to leave me.”

Marnie's decision to finance her law degree by pole dancing awakens her latent sexuality, and the mysterious stranger lurking in the shadows sends her libido into overdrive.

Realizing her sexy lurker is a vampire is bad enough, but her boss is the alpha wolf of a pack of shifters? Torn between her attraction to both men and surrounded by danger, she has a decision to make. One that will change her life forever.

Be Warned: multiple partners

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sex in Public? Yey or Ney? @ElyzabethVaLey wants to know what you think. #newrelease

I have Elyzabeth VaLey on my blog today with her deliciously naughty new Release Welcome Aboard.

Take it away, Elyzabeth :-)


Thank you, Doris for having me today!

Hi everyone *waves*today I’m visiting The Tardis Scribbles to tell you about my latest release “Welcome Aboard”, a short story that belongs to Evernight Publisher’s Romance on the Go line. These stories are meant to be read during work breaks, on the bus, in the waiting room, or right before bed. Personally, I think they’re a great way to get your romance/erotic fix.*wink*

Now, about Welcome Aboard, let me give you a moment to read the blurb:

Julie is on vacation! After months of breaking her back at the office she’s ready for a weekend of absolute relaxation: a little reading, good food and some lazing at the beach are her idea of a perfect plan.
However, when a handsome man with a sexy smile and naughty accent takes the seat next to hers on the train she’ll enter a wicked ride of passion and delight that will blow her mind and body away.  

As you can guess, a lot of the action from Welcome Aboard takes places on a train: a public place.  

Sex in a public setting is a risky business as it is illegal in many places. Still, a lot of people do it. As a matter a fact, if you Google “sex in public spaces” you’ll get around 240 million results and anything from porn videos to news stories to advice on the best places to do the deed.
Personally, I’m not a fan, more than excitement and thrill, what I get is nerves and anxiety. However, I will admit to having tried it: 2 times at a park and once under some bleachers. We didn’t get caught but I didn’t have much fun, especially one time, when mid-deed I discovered that we were making a voyeur very happy. *frown*

Initially, Julie, the lead character from Welcome Aboard wasn’t too sure about ‘playing’ on a train, but confident and sexy William convinces her and she gets carried away…

So, what about you, nay or yay to sex in public places?

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Evernight Publishing

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“We’re on a train,” she hissed, gesticulating wildly.

William laughed, the lines on his forehead vanishing.

“I noticed.” He lifted the armrest and placed his hand on her thigh again. Julie bit back an unwanted moan.  “What you failed to have seen, my sweet, is that we’re the only ones in this particular wagon.” He smiled smugly, drumming her thighs in a rhythm that almost had her lifting her hips.

Julie huffed. Yes, her body was weak with desire but she wouldn’t back down so easily.

“It’s a public space.”

“And doesn’t that excite you?” William asked, grasping her flesh, his fingers digging into her skin pleasurably.

Julie’s thoughts scattered. This was crazy. Out right crazy. She wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of girl. Sex in public had been out of the question, and yet—

She observed William. He was impassive, waiting for her resolution while toying with her lust. She shook her head. They could get caught. There could be cameras on the train and it was illegal.

“It’s illegal!” she blurted as the tips of his exploring fingers brushed against her sex.


Grasping a strand of her hair between thumb and forefinger, he caressed it before neatly placing it behind her ear, brushing his thumb over the shell.

“It’s only illegal if we get caught, my sweet. I have no intention of allowing that.”


His brown eyes bore into hers, the desire swirling in them making her weak at the knees.
“You want to, Julie. I know you do.”

“How?” She cried out the question as he finally pried his way underneath her jeans, resting his fingers above her soaking panties.

“For one, you’ve been squirming in that chair, a lot.” He smiled at her obvious discomfort. “Then,” he murmured, rubbing his finger over her swollen nether lips. “You’re dripping wet. If I wanted to, if you wanted to, I could probably slide this finger inside you without any restraint whatsoever. Maybe even two.”

This was so wrong. His scorching eyes begged her to accept the challenge. Julie bit down on her lip. She couldn’t say yes, not here.

“Tell me you want to, Julie.”

William’s finger found its way under the elastic of her thong. A moan became lodged in her throat as he touched her, learning the wet contours of her cunt with a single digit. 

She hesitated. Did she want to? Did she really want to do this crazy thing? The tip of his finger hovered over her entrance, daring her to accept.

“Say yes, Julie.” His gaze was heated, his breath as shallow as hers.

She wanted this. Damned be it all, she wanted William’s fingers deep inside her pussy. She wanted the dazzling pleasure, the relief to the unrelenting throbbing between her legs. The realization of what she was about to do spiked her desire and cut off her ability to speak. Opening her legs wider, she smiled shakily. William’s lips parted slightly, his gaze fierce as he pushed a finger inside her. Julie reclined against her seat. Her eyes fluttered shut and she whimpered as another thick digit joined the first. She responded to him. He was her master puppeteer and she was his puppet, rolling her hips with every thrust.
“You want more?” he murmured, his lips hovering over hers.

Julie opened her eyes. William regarded her, his long lashes framing deep eyes that she couldn’t help thinking belonged to a poet at heart.

“Yes,” she whispered, closing the distance. Soft and compliant, she mewled her approval, as she tasted him. Her fear had vanished and left behind an ardor that required urgent appeasing. William grunted into her mouth as she teased his bottom lip, nipping at the full bow with relish. Tilting his head to the side, he swept his tongue over the seams of her mouth in a request for entrance. She granted it readily, taking in his tongue with a desperate hunger that rivaled his as they tangled.

He was relentless, his fingers toying with her sex even as he kissed her. In and out, the thick digits of his left hand pumped into her slowly. It was a delicious torture that only succeeded in making her hotter and more desperate for what was to come.

Author Bio:

Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.

Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she'll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream.

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Flash Fiction Friday - Karma #FFF

It's Friday and that means it's time to flash. Now the picture this week just didn't speak to me, so I posted the following on Facebook.

"Words, I need words."

My friend Cerys responded with these words...

"Kumquat. Headboard. Ravished. Chandelier. Toxic. Costume. Hidden. Delights. Scantily. Sparkling."

She then promptly dared me to use them. Now, I can never resist a dare, so here you are - Enjoy!

She took a bite of the Kumquat, and he smiled grimly. The toxic hidden in the sweet delights of the fruit would strip her of the costume she wore, like he had been stripped off his illusions, when he’d seen her scantily clad body tied to the headboard of his bed. Illuminated by the chandelier he’d had the perfect view of her being ravished by his best friend.
Her once sparkling eyes dimmed, and he caught her as she fell. The waterfall was the perfect place to hide the body.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)

Till next week, folks.

D x

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Spotlight on Burn With Me with Christle Gray #newrelease #scifiromance

Who here loves a Sci-Fi Romance? You do? Well, you're in luck then, because I managed to pin down Christle Gray to tell us more about her brand new release Burn With Me.

Over to you Christle.


Thanks for having me on your blog today! I’m super excited to have the chance to share my latest story and first foray into the sci-fi romance genre, Burn With Me. As many of my stories, the creation of the Sun Whisperers came about during a bout of insomnia, my muse keeping me awake with her ramblings. (She does that a lot). Draco Taralundar was born, a lonely, fiery angel as old as the universe, finding salvation on a somewhat primitive planet as he fights to make sense of his place in the grand scheme of things. Burn With Me is the first in what I hope to be a trilogy, so enjoy! (I have to get busy on the next one…)
Available from Evernight Publishing!


Maddelyn Sowers and her niece, Serra, struggle daily to survive. Their once beautiful home has been devastated by a race of alien warriors called the Raknorg, who have stripped the planet of its resources, and unleashed a deadly sickness that is slowly killing the population. Inexplicably immune from the disease, Maddelyn has witnessed her family members and friends die, young Serra next on the disease's list. Their world is shaken even further when a mysterious stranger literally falls from the sky one night. Though his presence puts them in danger, Maddelyn can't refuse the plea for help in his golden eyes. Draco Taralundar claims to be a Sun Whisperer, the last of an ancient race descended from the sun. Maddelyn has difficulty reconciling the handsome man with the fantastic tales of her youth, but his capacity for healing and wielding the powers of fire are hard to ignore, renewing her hope for the first time in years. But will the fire that burns deep within his soul save what's left of her heart, or consume them both?


Draco’s voice vibrated his chest against her cheek. Again, she was sure she hadn’t spoken aloud. But that thought melted away as his warmth around her chased away the nightmare and some of her pain. He promised to be her protector. Her guardian. Her angel.
Awareness of his smooth skin against her cheek faintly crept into her thoughts.  Maddelyn brought her hand up and rested it on his chest. The muscles flexed under her touch, his arms tightened around her protectively. He was so warm. So alive. It was almost enough for her to forget the despair that had engulfed her life. Maybe even more than almost.
Heat rolled off him in waves and seeped into her body. The warmth spread through her veins and sped up her heart as it banished the numbness, pulling her far away from the black beast that threatened to devour her in her grief. So much of her life had turned into protecting herself and her family, she’d almost forgotten what it was like to feel connected to someone. How letting someone into your heart might actually help it repair itself.
Maddelyn rubbed her cheek against his iron-solid chest like a cat, inhaling his scent.  Sunshine. He smelled like sunshine on a summer day as it bathed her and the flowers that used to bloom in the park in its light. Sunshine mixed with the muskiness of man.
Draco’s breathing accelerated, his heart beating wildly under her cheek. Her lips lightly grazed his collar bone and he stilled, his arms going rigid around her.
“Maddelyn.”  His voice had turned husky with need, but still contained an edge of wariness. 
Maddelyn wasn’t entirely sure of what she was doing, but she let her brain take a back seat as her body responded to Draco. All she knew was that his touch and his warmth helped her forget everything else. There was no death. No Raknorg. No sadness. Only him. Only her. Only this.
“Please, Draco,” she whispered against his neck. I just want to forget. Please make me forget. She hoped her simple plea would convey the words that flashed inside her brain, but could not be said aloud. It might not last, but any reprieve from this hell would be a welcome one. Pulling someone close as a way to deal with loss. She’d seen it before. Watched as people clung to each other in the face of so much death, desperate to feel alive and chase away the loneliness that would consume their souls.
She tilted her head to gaze into his eyes. A faint glow pulsed in the tawny depths, yet his brow creased with uncertainty. He brought his hand up and cradled her cheek, lightly tracing her jaw line with his thumb. Just his touch did wonders to ease the ache in her heart.

Author Bio:
Christle Gray was born and raised in Ohio, but lives in Kentucky with her husband and one frisky black cat. She's a Gemini, which means she's of two minds about everything, and has more projects in progress than she can ever hope to complete in one lifetime. Her interests vary as widely as her opinions, and she's in no short supply of either. Just go ahead and ask. One of the many voices yammering on in her head is bound to answer.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays Reckoning

Is it really Tuesday again? I had this picture for a while, and the right words just wouldn't come to me until now. To be precise I wrote this Sunday night on the M6 coming back from a fantastic weekend in Scotland.

Anyways - Enjoy!

(source: unknown)

"I'm sorry, I should have told you."

The whispered words settled in his gut like lead, and made him feel like a complete heel. Still, coming face to face with her past like this, had thrown him for six.

"Yes, you should have done." He ground the words out through gritted teeth, and flexed the smarting knuckles of his right hand. The rush of adrenalin and the grim satisfaction of seeing her ex-client go down like a sack of potatoes had been worth the pain, and the undoubted loss of his job.

"No, one talks to you like that—no one."

She pulled him closer, wrapping her stocking clad legs around his hips, and he took a deep calming breath of the unique scent that was all her. Loosening the death grip he had on his whisky laced coffee, he banished the look of disappointment on his father's face from his mind.

His mother's words echoed around his brain.

"She's scum. I told you this would happen."

He could see his parents glaring at them now, through the open door to the kitchen.

Raising his cup in a mock salute, he smiled.

"The past doesn't matter. Let's go home, baby."

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.

Let me know what you thought of my teaser today.

Till next week, folks.

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#SexySnippets from Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed - Natasha (week four)

Happy Sunday, folks!

Today's seven sexy sentences are almost a continuation from last week's Sexy Snippets, where Natasha was trying to pull out.

"Are you safe wording out on me?" He waited for her response, and when she couldn't bring herself to reply, he kissed her. A tender brush of his lips against hers, that made her feel cherished.
"Then trust me, Natasha." He pulled away, and she had to stop herself from reaching out to him. Every cell in her body yearned to be back in his arms. Bereft of his body heat she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, as he walked across the room to the bar and poured himself a large Scotch. He downed the drink in one, shut his eyes, and then leaned against the bar, studying her from across the distance.

Okay, forgive me, its eight sentences...

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed, the card read—what a pretentious name for an escort.

Still, cancer survivor Natasha has to do something to reclaim her sexuality after her reconstructive surgery, and he comes highly recommended—by her mother no less.

When she meets the experienced Dom, he makes every submissive bone in her body sing and wish for things that can never be. Or can they? Fantasy fulfillment is all well and good, but she is just another client.

As they test all of her boundaries, will their one night heal her, or break her?

Be Warned: BDSM, m/m sex, mmf play, voyeurism, spanking

Get it here :)

Evernight Amazon Amazon UK Bookstrand ARe


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When is a Rose not a Rose? #giveaway with @RavenMcAllan #regency #newrelease

I have the lovely Raven visiting again. As she has been known to say, her releases are like the buses. None for ages and then boom, you get them right on top each other. Which is good news for the fans of all things Raven.

Here she is doing what she does best, talking regency and pushing the boundaries, and what's more she is giving away a copy from her rather impressive back list. So read on, and then do leave Raven a comment with your e-mail address to be in with a chance to win a copy of Raven's brand of crazy.



When is a Rose not a Rose?
When she's Sophia of course. Confused? No need. Let me explain.
Rose Sophia, Lady Symons, doesn't use her given name she much prefers Sophia.  Well what's the harm in that? Lots of people use a different name, so why shouldn't she? A certain two younger gentlemen don't agree with her reasoning. They are determined to convince her she should use Rose.
Well think about it. Nathaniel and Jasper Thorne are twins who share everything, and they both want Rose.
She's intrigued, but wary, after all there's a dozen years between them and she has those years under her ample bosom.
But then if it doesn't bother them, why should it bother her?
It's that old double standard isn't it? Even in Regency times it existed. And not just in the it should be the man older scenario. A man could take mistress at any time. A woman couldn't take a lover until she had given her husband an heir.
Or so it was said. However as in every era, nobody may have spoken about it, but what actually happened could be very, very, different.


Propriety is a lonely bedfellow, until twin delights show this lady her true desires.

At three and forty, Lady Rose Sophia Symonds has resigned herself to life passing her by. Overhearing her protegee in the throes of passion with not one, but two lovers, leaves her wanting and wishing. That is, until she is accosted at a ball by Jasper and Nathaniel Thorne.

Newly back in the county, the eccentric and much younger twins have set their sights on Rose, and they are determined to have her, even it means cheating at cards.
Will accepting their wager free Rose and lead her to the heights of passion she craves? Or will their desire drive her away?


The minx is teasing us.
Jasper did his best to keep his emotions hidden and present an impassive face to her. With the insight he had of Nat, he knew his twin thought as he did. They would not hold her to the bet if their ideas were abhorrent to her. They had to be open and honest about what they desired. He had seen her swift, interested glance toward the tables and furniture revealed when he removed the screens, and prayed it was more than casual. Now they would find out.
“Well?” he prompted her. “Your answer?” “Show me,” she said simply. With a whoosh, he let out the breath he wasn’t conscious he’d suppressed and heard Nat do the same. “Both of us?” Jasper asked, determined there was to be no misunderstanding by any of them. “Together as well as alone?”
 “I fear I have more unusual tendencies than I knew, my lord. I wish to experience all both of you can offer me. So it seems I am agreeing to try whatever you desire, with the proviso I can cry off at anytime and you will honor my call.”
“That goes without saying, Rose.”
“Sophia.” She corrected him.
Jasper shook his head and saw Nat roll his eyes. She was determined; so were they. “My love, we warned you. With us you will be Rose. It’s your given name; a beautiful name that conjures up such evocative pictures, my cock tightens when I say it. It is suited to the art of love. As we believe are you. Your eyes, your breasts, that delicious cunt all send out messages to us. Messages that say tease me, touch me, take me. We intend to.”
She looked visibly shaken, her eyes were cloudy, her skin held a faint dusting of arousal, and she circled her lips with her tongue. There was no guile in the action; it was obvious it was an unconscious movement. The faint tremor that ran through her was almost unnoticeable.
“Your color, Rose?”
“You know ‘tis green. I have to feel you in me.” Her breasts heaved, each dusky nipple stood out proud. Begging for attention.
“Then you shall.” With a sudden decision, Jasper untied her ankles. “Now can you climb over Nat? Impale yourself onto his cock. Are you wet enough to receive him?” He rubbed her wet curls as she moved, and shifted his hand forward to plunge one finger into her depths. She keened and tightened around it so well, he was hard pressed not to follow it up with two more. “You are ready, Rose, wet and wanting. How I envy Nat to feel your body wrap around his staff.” She threw him a look as she lifted one leg over Nat and sat on his thighs her bound hands held in front of her.
“And I won’t”?” Sophia asked. “I thought I was to feel you both? Is it you crying red?”
 “She has you, Jas. Are you?” Nathaniel asked him, with a chuckle.
She is playing into our hands. Does she realize it?
“I had thought to initiate you gently, but I see perhaps I need not. It will be up to Nat, he is the one with an injury. We must not overtax him.”
Nathaniel raised one elegant eyebrow. “Tis my arm that is injured, not my cock. I fail to see how Rose riding me and you her, will overtax me. Unless you call a climax as hard and long as I anticipate to be taxing?”
Jasper shook his head. “Then let us show you a little of our paradise, Rose. Can you draw Nat into you?”
The look she threw him would have shriveled the prick of a lesser man.

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Flash Fiction Friday - The Mirage #FFF

Happy Friday, folks.

Today's picture prompt was a bit of a challenge. Let me know what you think of my offering, please.

Like the mirage the image had to be the majestic building rose out of the swirling mists. Just moments before those swirls had filled her lungs, their icy tendrils drawing her in and under. In her panic she’d tried to scream but no sound had escaped past the lump in her throat. Despair had sat on her chest like a suffocating blanket, and then she’d been free.
Free from worry and pain, carried to this place on invisible wings.  The warm breeze lifted the tendrils of hair off her face like a lover’s caress.
“Step up. It’s time, my child.”


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)

Friday Flashers

Till next week, folks.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spotlight on Becoming His Little one by Isabella Olivia Ellis #newrelease #contest

Check out Isabella's latest release. Becoming His Little One is another edition to Evernight Publishing's fabulous short story line, Romance On The Go.

To celebrate her release Isabella has kindly agreed to give away one copy, so do make sure you leave her a comment!

Carolyn is a plain divorcee living a plain life. Though her sexual experiences have all been vanilla, she is drawn to the submissive aspect of BDSM. In the multi-player online world of Other Existence, she finds an outlet for this. It is there that she meets Dave, an older Air Force lieutenant colonel, who turns out to be her dominant counterpart. After weeks of chats in which they share their deepest desires, the two meet in real life and a match made in BDSM heaven is born.

As their relationship develops, she discovers the tenderness and emotion that complements the lifestyle. There are whips and spreader bars, but also loving massages afterward. When Dave is suddenly torn away from her by his duty to his country, it is up to Carolyn to decide if the love they've found is worth the fight to keep it.

Here's a little excerpt for you.

His bedroom was heavy on the manly accents. The walls were a hunter green with brown trim, and the furniture was made to look like hand-hewn wood. The bed was neatly made with a flannel set of sheets and matching comforter.
He brushed past her, saying, “Make yourself at home.” Then he disappeared into what she guessed was the en-suite bathroom.
When he didn’t close the door and instead hunched down to open the cabinet under the sink, Carolyn assumed he must be finding a condom for later. Part of her wanted to feel insulted that he had assumed they would have sex, but a larger part of her felt a thrill at his assertiveness.
He returned from the bathroom, tossed the condom onto the nightstand, and stood in front of her with his hands on hips. “Understand this, little one. When I snap my fingers, you suck my cock. When I clap my hands, you lick my balls. Got it?”      
            Carolyn nodded, aching to begin the tasks assigned to her, but Dave narrowed his eyes at her.
            “You’re already making mistakes. You're too smart for that, Carolyn. And I know this because I would never accept any less from someone I would have as my Little One. You answer any command I give you with ‘yes sir’. Spoken or non-spoken.” He growled.
            “Yes, sir.” She replied, not missing a beat.
            He smiled coldly. “That’s better.”  With deliberate, yet impatient moves, Dave unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and pushed them down his thighs. Then, he gave a sharp clap of his hands.
            “Yes, sir.” Carolyn lowered herself to her knees. Working the jeans down his thighs, she pushed them far enough down for him to step out and kick them to the side. His cock was clearly straining against his navy blue boxer briefs, and she leaned forward to kiss him through the fabric. She felt him pulsate through the cotton.
Dave let out a lustful hiss, but then pushed her away by her shoulders.
Confused, she looked up at him.
Smiling deviously, he said, "Wait here. Just like that. This fun can wait for another time. I have something else in mind, and I am too impatient after talking about it for so long."
And she did, kneeling with her palms resting on her knees.
After a few minutes, Dave reappeared with a thin steel rod with a cuff on each end.
            Despite herself and the scenario, Carolyn gasped. "What is that thing?"    
            He knelt at her feet, pausing to adjust the length of the bar. "It's a spreader bar, Little One. You've never seen one?" 
            "I have never even heard of that."     
            "Well, we are certainly going to have some fun then, Little One. Turn around and face the bed. Spread your legs a little farther apart. That's good, now straighten your knee. Good." He wrapped a cuff around both of her ankles, then something clicked and Carolyn assumed the bar had locked into place.
Her legs were just slightly wider than what would normally be comfortable, but she didn't make a peep of complaint.
Dave left the room once more and returned with a pair of handcuffs and a black leather flogger. He tossed the latter to the floor, and then without gentleness, he jerked her arms behind her back and cuffed her wrists together.
            There she was, vulnerable before him. She felt exposed being bent forward over the bed with her arms cuffed behind her. She had no way of supporting herself, so she let gravity take over and sank into the bed, her ass still up in the air and ready for the taking.
With a jerk, Dave pulled her dress up over her ass to rest bunched up around her waist. The air kissed her bare skin as he shifted behind her. "Mmm. No panties. You listen well, Little One," Dave whispered, his hands beginning to skim and stroke along her ass and thighs.
            "Yes, Sir." She replied, trying not to push herself at him in impatience as his movements began to heighten her senses.
            His hands left her for a moment, and she heard him pull his briefs off. This was confirmed when the head of his cock brushed against her as he reached down for the flogger. Then she heard him step backward.
            The flogger snapped through the air as Dave brought it up and back and forth, over and over, each time getting closer and closer to where Carolyn's sensitive ass lay exposed.
Each crack caused her breath to heighten. She could scarcely even hear the sound of the flogger over the pounding of her heart.
            "I am going to flog you, Little One. Flog that luscious, tasty ass of yours until it is inflamed and engorged, and then I am going to fuck it. What does my Little One think of that?"


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How to chill Raven style... #newrelease @RavenMcAllan

I always love having Raven on my blog, and I know I always say this ... mutual admiration society and all that ... but I adore Raven's newest release.

You're in for such a treat with this series and as for that cover....


Take it away oh great one ;-)


Seven stages of chills.

            What's yours?

 Now makes sure you’ve got it right. I'm not talking monsters in the cupboard of shiver down the spine (unless you get a thrill from that) I'm talking about the ohhh my chill of nice—no scrub nice—fantastic anticipation I get with each stage of a book as its grows forth and multiplies.
First there's that germ of an idea. Somehow this little seed gets planted…wash your mouth out—not that kind of seed in there! This seed is a hint of an idea that somehow embedded in my brain. I usually have no idea where it came from, who procreated it or why. But it's there all right, biding its time. Oh I know its there and often I just try to ignore it. There's other things to do first.
Ha, yeah …right? Wrong.
That pesky idea refuses to be silenced. It nags, wriggles, shouts and bangs at your skull until you accept those chills it pulses through you.
Now we come to the second stage.
You have to write the story. So you get yourself a rough plot and off you go. Er no, wrong again. Not in my case it isn't. I have to accept the story is character dictated and go with the flow. This is where the chills multiply and I loooose contr-ol. (Are you singing along with me here?) This chill session can last a while and go through various stages until…
Chill three arrives.
I type the end and heave a sigh. Then after re-reading until the type dances in front of my eyes. I then goes of to my lovely Reditor. I bite my nails…
Chill four is when I get it back and my fingers twitch over the open button. Dare I? The usual Skype message of just get on with woman has me reading. And usually ever thankful it's not as bad as I feared, and after more editing I press the send button on my submission.
Which leads on to chill five… The day I see I have a reply. Now this is mega shivers time. Not just tingles and chills but spiders in the tummy ants on the skin time.
Hopefully it’s a YES, and after several rounds of edits I get to indulge in chill six…
Cover reveal.  Oh now this is earthquake tremor chills. My story, hinted at in glorious Technicolor, and oh my, my name for everyone to see.
So we get to chill seven.
This is a two part-er. The emails letting me know the release date, and then Yee Haa the actual date.
All singing, all dancing scrape me down from the ceiling chills.
Now all I need to do is hope someone buys it…

Will You Dance Miss Laurence?
Dancing lessons were supposed to be fun, but who ever heard of attending them without your knickers on?
Shibari Master Ryan is intrigued by Ava, so when his cousin asks a favor, he is only too happy to help Ava out of the rut she says she is in.
Will her past allow her to enjoy his bondage, or will true submission prove a step too much?

…"forgive me if I'm somewhat underwhelmed about what you suggest. Yes, my pussy is eager, but sadly my mind keeps overruling it."
She turned round and walked to the mat, knelt down and stretched on her tummy. It was thicker and softer than it looked and both supported and cocooned her.
Let's get it over and done with, let me see it's so not for me and I can go home."
"Are you sure?" Ryan had approached her and she hadn't heard him. "We don't have to."
"We do, Sir. I need to exchange my nightmares for my enjoyment. Or at least sort out which is which. So it's orange, proceed with caution I reckon. Is that mauve do you think?"
A tap to her left butt cheek made her giggle. It tickled. The spank on the right hand side was sharper, harder and stung, but in a good way. Ava felt the tingle that ran through her like a clarion of jubilant bells. It was good. A touch of eroticism, a hint of deep desire, and her body sang. Maybe this was it. The start of a new set of ideas for pleasure.
The third spank had her arching upward, whether into or away from his touch she couldn't be sure.
"Color, Ava?" Did his voice sound strained? She had no idea because she was beginning to float.
"Ava." A sharp tap made her jump. "Color or I stop."
"Green and get on with it ... Sir."
The tattoo of taps alternating in time and depth, made her body sing. She craved more, something indefinable that hovered out of reach.
"Sassy, I warned you. Roll over."
Her mind was foggy, but Ava did as he asked. The feel of the mat on her tender bum made her wince. Of course, he noticed.
"A wee bit, Sir, but in a sort of nice way."
He nodded and took the thong from his hair. "So be it, as long as you remember your safe word and use it we'll carry on. Later I'll sooth you. But if you're okay...?"
"Yes Sir. I'm fine." And she was, Ava realized. She felt more alive than ever.
"Good girl. Sit up."
Dammit I wish he'd make his mind up, I'm getting dizzy with all this up down over round stuff.       (author page)