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Flash Fiction Friday - The Light #FFF

Happy, Friday, folks. Here's today's Friday flash.

Bounding through the forest, his paws ate up the damp earth. Secure in the knowledge that he was close, he gave his beast free reign. He felt the light before he saw it. It darted across his skin like rays of acid, and his wolf howled his distress. Fur changed to skin, bones cracked and re-arranged until he stood naked in the middle of the clearing. Forced to shift, he shielded his eyes from the chilling light, and he smiled.
Light hunters.

He was ready for them this time. Time to take his revenge on the killers of his kind.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#MWTease from The Bear Project #NaNoWriMo #bearshifter

I'm revisiting my NaNo piece today, in celebration of the fact that I finished it last week, and it's now in the capable hands of my beta to pull it apart. All being well, I hope to have it subbed by the end of the week.

*crosses fingers*

So here is one last tease from this manuscript. It's unedited and definitely HAWT!

In this little snippet a pregnant Emmi is just a tad desperate for Cole to stop being so restrained...

Emmi ran her hands up and down his torso in slow circles that branded his skin. She twirled her fingers through his chest hair and followed the trail to his waistband.
His hips surged upwards when she dug her hand underneath it and touched the head of his cock.
"If you're not going to fuck me, I'll just have to fuck you instead, won't I."
She smiled at him like the cat that got the cream, when she popped the button and slid his zip down.
Cole hissed through his teeth at the sweet torture and he lifted his butt to help her pull the jeans down his thighs. Slick with his pre-cum his cock bounced upwards and almost hit her in the face.
Emmi giggled and grabbed the base of his shaft with one hand and slid her fingernail through his wet slit.
"Jesus, baby." He groaned out loud and his mouth went dry when she raised that finger to her mouth and licked it clean.
"I want this, and I'm just going to take it, big boy." Without any further warning she went down on him and Cole shut his eyes to the multitude of sensations assaulting him. When the head of his cock hit her throat, he swore again and despite his intentions of letting her set the pace, he wrapped his fists in her hair and took control.
Emmi gagged several times before she swallowed and the tight movement around his head sent him over the edge, and he gave his beast free reign. He pulled her off and kicked the rest of his jeans off all the way at the same time. The sight of her saliva coating his dick, and her mouth and chin all wet from their combined fluids made him growl deep in his throat.
"Come here, sugar, and finish what you started. On your knees in front of me now, and show me how much you really want my cock."
Her eyes widened and her breathing hitched, but she scrambled to comply with a speed that left him breathless too.
"And strip. I want you naked, so I can see your tits bounce and your cream coating your thighs while you swallow my cock. I bet you're so wet already your underwear is soaked through."
She nodded and his dominant side reveled in the way she complied. Cole groaned under his breath when she shrugged out of her blouse and when her breast fell free he had to indulge himself. Emmi trembled in need when he weighed each one in his hands. The nipples firmed in their pregnancy darkened areolae, and she whispered his name, when he rubbed his chin over the firm nubs.
"Cole, please…"
"Shhh, sugar, these are mine, to do with as I please, are they not?"
Emmi bit her lip and nodded and he took one nipple between forefinger and thumb and squeezed. A tiny pearl of liquid appeared and Emmi panted her need as she rubbed her thighs together.
Cole bent and licked that drop away and Emmi went limp against his legs, when he suckled in earnest. The tiniest drops of colostrum coated his tongue and he swallowed the sweet tasting nectar greedily, as Emmi writhed under him.
"God, Cole … please… Oh, lord I'm going to … oh… Yes!"
He stepped up his assault, blown away by her responsiveness, and his own needs forgotten for the moment, suckled her into orgasm. Her release when it came, was explosive and loud, and she hung onto his shoulders for dear life. Cole slowed his rhythmic sucking in tune with the trembles rocking her body, and when she exhaled on a loud sigh, he lifted his head to look at her.
"Look at me, sugar."
She followed his growled command immediately and he lost himself in the passion filled depth of her gaze.
"I thought you said you weren't going to fuck me?" she whispered.
Cole grinned and said the words that were on his heart.

"I'm not and I'm not going to. I'm making love to the woman I love."


Now that I got you all hot and bothered, go visit the other teasers. This is our last MWTease until the new year.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - Too late #bdsm

Happy Tuesday, Folks. Enjoy my tease today.

Source: Pinterest 

"You're late."
The deceptively lazy drawl and the way he leant on the chair in seeming nonchalance sent shivers down her spine.
He raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow and she sank to her knees.
 "I'm so sorry, Sir. There was a major accident and —"
"Did I say I wanted to hear your excuses, girl?"
His voice had dropped an octave, taking on that sandpapery quality she found utterly unable to resist.
She shook her head and he sighed. Such an innocuous sound, yet it brought tears to her eyes. The knowledge that she'd displeased him burnt a path of shame in her heart.
"No, Sir, I'm sorry, Sir."
He didn't say anything, just stood watching her. The longer the silence lasted, the more desperate she became to look up. He hadn’t given her permission to, however, and she was in enough trouble as it was. The only movement in the room was the ball gag swinging to and fro from his hand like a pendulum of doom.
When he finally stepped forward she opened her mouth eagerly to accept the gag.
He tipped her chin up, and the intensity in his gaze blew her away.
"I was worried!"

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.

As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.

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Cover Reveal: Melissa's Fate @KristinElyon19

 Title: Melissa's Fate
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 10 2013


Life was quite predictable for Melissa Clayton, she had a good job, a loving boyfriend and everything seemed to have fallen in place for her. However when a family emergency arises, she leaves Texas for a while, engaging in a long distance relationship with her lover. When she returns things are not the same.

Heartbroken she moves back to California vowing to never love again. But life can be unpredictable. A blind date with a handsome young designer, proves to be just the beginning of something beautiful for the emotionally scarred Melissa. Perhaps everything she’d been through was meant to bring her to this point.

Could this be her fate? Could David Whitmore be the ONE?

Want a Sexy Snippet?

“It’s just a little ice,” he spoke in a low, seductive manner.  Taking the cube of ice, he brought it from her pussy, to her bountiful melon shaped breasts.  As he locked his eyes on hers, David traced along the perimeter of her now hardened nipples.

Mel moaned in delight, as he masked the chill of the ice with the warmness of his tongue.  “Whoa!” she cringed, taking another deep breath.  Her juices were slowly making their way from the top of her spine, down her back and crashing down between her legs.

David was an expert at this beyond any doubt and he basked in the knowledge that he was pleasuring her, immensely.  His sweet caresses became more intense as he rolled his tongue over an around her hardened nipple. Tearing his lips away from her, he allowed a few droplets of the water to sip from the melting ice cube to her overly sensitive peak.  As the cold liquid, landed on her, a jolt of pleasure cut through Mel.  Once again, her breath caught in her throat, when he took her nipple into the warmness of his mouth, sucking hard and amplifying her desire for him

When he suddenly withdrew himself and took her into his arms again, she almost cursed him for stopping.  However, she quickly realized that they were simply moving to his bedroom. 

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About the Author: 

During the day I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer. I'm also a college student who loves zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Anything supernatural I am drawn to along with Starbucks frapes! I spend my free time watching The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. 

Author Links:

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A sneaky @RavenMcAllan A prosy Perry and an interview @evernightpub #newrelease #bdsm #regency

Never trust a Raven. That's my new motto. There I go and invite her on my blog and what does she do? She turns the tables on me, and has her hero interview me? 

Just as well Perry is so very yummy, is all I can say.

They called him Prosy Perry.
Anyone who really knew him—like Maggie did—understood that was a fa├žade to protect his secrets.
When danger threatened his family, and his lover, he dropped the role and the real Peregrine emerged.
Now all he had to do was unmask the traitor and live happily ever after.
Was it going to happen or was he destined to be alone again?

Well does that intrigue you or not? If you combine it with all the other stories of the Grettons, in the Behind Closed Doors series, I hope it does. For it is my story, mine and my Lady's.

Oh, my apologies, my name is Peregrine—Perry to my friends. Lord Corby, eldest of the Gretton siblings. Raven, my author, told me Doris would be a great person to interview, so here I am. Ah, it seems Doris didn't know I was interviewing her, she thought I was popping in to chat about my new story. Well I am of course, but I promised Raven, I'd grab Doris' attention whilst Raven and Budda played and ate chocolate. That to me is very strange, because in my time you drink chocolate.

So Doris, if you came to live in my era, what three things would you miss the most?

D My net book, kindle and washing machine.

Hmm, that's interesting. I think Raven would agree with you. She says her husband thinks she has someone called Mac attached to her at all times.

And what do you think you'd enjoy?

D. Oh the carriage rides and horse riding in Hyde Park. And the dresses. I Just love the dresses!

Do you think it's important to use names that were popular in my time, when books are about then? I know Raven does, but she showed me some books with names that we would never call our children. I won't name who wrote it, but it made me blink. Not good. So what do you think?

D. Oh yes, I do think that's important. I can't imagine a regency heroine being called Chelsea for instance. *sniggers*

Is there anywhere in my world you'd like to have seen? I know Raven would like to have been sculled across the river to Vauxhall Gardens and seen the fireworks.

D. The Vauxhall Gardens have always intrigued me, I have to say.

A Dom today or a Dom in my time. Which do you think would have the hardest time?

D. A Dom in your time, without a doubt. I quite admire how you manage to handle your … err… affairs, shall we say.

Now, I believe you call this a quick fire round. That would be foolhardy in my era, unless you were a crack shot. So, Raven says to ask, and you answer immediately

On a gentleman… Breeches or pantaloons

D. Breeches

Banyan or bare

D. Bare

Hair a la Brutus or tied back

D. Tied back

Port or brandy

D. Brandy

Curricle or Phaeton

D. Phaeton

Now My Lady says I have to ask you these…

Sprig muslin or figured silk

D. Silk J

Blonde or brunette

D. Well, I have to say blonde!

Hot chocolate or tea

D. Both

Masked ball or Almacks

D. Masked ball, imagine the fun you could have.

Now this question I'm sure Raven put Maggie up to asking…

Vibrator or darning mushroom?

D. *chuckles* that's where our time wins hands down. Vibrator!

And Raven says…

Wet wipes or chocolate covered son?

D. *glares at Raven*

Wet wipes. In fact I think  I would miss them too in your time.

And on that note, I'll leave you to berate Raven, and I'll go back to my world.

D. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sir.

Oh and here's a short tease from my story…

"You will tell me all if this state of limbo continues past the point I can't bear it won't you?" One finger stroked up the soft cleft between each rounded globe and teased the puckered hole there. He might have consciously forgotten her, but his mind knew what worked to send her pulse soaring and her body shivering in anticipation of what was to come.
"Won't you, love?" His fingers stopped moving and she moaned in disappointment as she dithered how best to answer.
A sharp smack on each arse cheek made her gasp and squirm. His laugh was low, full of promise, and made her juices gather. This was the Perry she remembered. For each two smacks, he caressed her. For each caress his finger teased inside her that little bit more.
"Won't you?" His hand stilled and he began to remove his finger one tantalizing tiny movement after another.
"Y … yes, yes of course." She'd promise anything for him not to stop.
When he bit she came without warning. Her composure shattered, her cunt muscled tensed and relaxed and wave upon wave of stinging sensation bounced through her. How she didn't fall onto the coverlet and grind her nub and nipples to aid her release she'd never know. Probably only the ingrained desire to do as he demanded stopped her.
She cut her scream off by biting the coverlet, and his hand began to connect in earnest. Each stinging touch reverberated through her and sent a fresh spasm of juices from her channel and over her quim. Maggie flew, and her world shook.
"You came." He teased her cunt with one hand even as he spanked with the other. "I didn't say you could. How long can you last now, love?" The stinging thwacks stopped so suddenly she rued the loss as if someone severed her lifeline. Maggie groaned as Perry ran his hands over her sore—nicely sore—arse and up her spine, and followed them with tiny nipping kisses. When he reached the nape of her neck, she began to pant. Truly to be touched in such a way almost sent her over into the abyss once more.
"Roll over." He removed his hands and she did as he asked, wincing as the silk of the bedcover slid over her sensitive skin.
Perry must have seen her wince for he paled and took her hands in his. "I have hurt you?"
"No, No, not hurt. Stung in a good way." He looked doubtful. Maggie speculated on the best way to reassure him. It seemed there were some parts of their lovemaking that hadn't come back to him. She glanced pointedly at his cock, which lifted the shirt he wore and stood out proudly, glistening with his juice.
"Your cock seemed to enjoy it," she said softly. "Your breathing isn't regular, and your body is flushed. Are you telling me we shouldn't do something we both enjoy? You gave me a command and I couldn't follow it. You punished me in such a way I gained my release over and over. Yes my arse is sore from your attentions but in such a way I would weep if it didn't receive them. We decided," she hesitated, but she had to continue. "We decided this was how we wanted to love each other. With you in charge and giving us our releases as you desired. Sometimes you would tell me to do as I thought fit, other times you demanded my obedience. It is what we chose Perry. We." Again she emphasized the word. "We chose to do. And my arse may be sensitive now, but who knows where will join it. It brings us both such pleasure I would be bereft without such attention." Maggie knew fine how that felt. For so long she hadn't had any contact with Perry, and her body—and mind—missed him. She hoped and prayed those long lonely times were about to come to an end.
"Ah, if you are sure? Dammit, Maggie, it all seemed so right, so familiar and so us, and then you winced and I wasn't convinced if I hadn't done you a disservice and assaulted you."
"Believe me, my lord, if I hadn't wanted that attention you'd have known soon enough. I loved it, the sting is something to treasure, the aftermath even more so, and the bites are a reminder of what we can do for each other."
He traced her nipples one after another and nipped each nub just the pleasure side of pain. "And you do all that for me as well?"
She nodded. "When you say so."
He bent his head and addressed her nipples with his teeth. "And this?" She hissed as he bit down on the tender nubs. He knew just how far to go. "Yeess, and that."
Perry lifted his head. "Good. So you will do anything I say? Within reason?"
"Within reason," Maggie agreed. Having come this far she decided perhaps it would be prudent to spell a few important details out. "We chose words, which if used meant whatever we were doing needed to stop forthwith. A safely net if you like."
He considered that as he continued to nip and soothe her nipples. "Do we use these words often?"
Maggie shook her head. "Never as yet and there is only one. The word is Boney. You said that epithet was enough to stop anyone in their tracks."

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#SexySnippets from Sol and the Magic Fingers @evernightpub #readerschoiceawards #sexiestscene

Happy Sunday, all. I woke up to a lovely surprise on Monday Morning. I made semi finalist in nine categories in the Evernight Reader's Choice Awards. You may have heard me squeal a little.


One book was nominated in two categories: Sexiest Scene and Best in Category Rubenesque and that was my naughty genie, Sol. So, naturally, my sexy seven had to come from Sol and the Magic Fingers.

Here are seven sentences from  that nominated scene, when Sol materializes in the heroine's shower.

"Who are you?" She had to ask, even if it meant spoiling the magic, for the hard cock pressing into her ass cheeks left her in no doubt that she was not on her own. Either she was fast asleep, having the most erotic dream yet, or she had indeed been joined in the shower by an unknown man, whose clean and slightly spicy musk permeated her consciousness, and pitched her arousal higher still. Like the strongest aphrodisiac, his scent surrounded her, strange and familiar all at once, and the frisson of fear the absurdity of the situation brought with it, just increased the intensity of her feelings.

"I'm Sol, and I'm here to make your dreams come true. Will you let me?" He whispered the words into her ear, while rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. 

Breaking your e-reader at the end of a long and trying day is enough to send any woman over the edge. Karen's one treat are her naughty stories. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Saucy stories in the old library? It doesn't seem likely, but when Karen is sent home with an odd looking reading device, magic happens at the touch of her fingers. Is the drop dead gorgeous man she encounters real or just a flight of her imagination?

Caught in a weekend of sexual delight, will she lose her heart, as well as her inhibitions? And is there any future for the two of them?

Be Warned: sex toys, bondage.

Buylinks: Evernight  Amazon  Bookstrand  ARe

If you haven't voted yet, then do hop on over and vote in the Awards. Evernight has some fantastic authors, and I'm in fabulous company.


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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Flash Fiction Friday - Claimed #FFF

Happy Friday, folks!

If you're here for the Color of Love Blog Hop, please scroll down or click HERE.

Otherwise read on for this week's Friday Flash.

        Sam couldn't help but bump into the handsome stranger when she exited the crowded carriage.
        Using his chest to steady herself, heat branded her fingertips, and he inhaled sharply. He bent his head and she could have sworn his eyes glowed in the dim lighting. Shivers raced over her skin and she stepped into the frosty night. Glowing eyes—no it couldn't be.
        "Gimme your purse."
        Sam froze and caught the glint of a knife as it fell to the ground. A huge black wolf came from nowhere and dragged the attacker away.
        She knew those eyes... they'd claimed her.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

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The Color of Love Bloghop with Grisha from Club Ink #tigershifter #bdsm #giveaway

Welcome to my little corner of the Color of Love Bloghop, where we celebrate all things Interracial and Multicultural.

You know I never think much about colour, when I sit down to write. I simply write what the characters tell me to, and what is appropriate to the story. People are people and the colour of their skin has little or nothing to do with the person they are inside.

I have written a number of Multicultural books, as I love pitching the obstacles to true love high, but it wasn't until I wrote Riding her Tiger (Club Ink,1) that a character came from nowhere, who would eventually need his own story and thus create my first Interracial book.

This is that moment when my heroine asks for a drink at the bar:

"So, what will it be, doll?"
"A black Russian, please, and my name is Estelle." Cherie smirked, looking behind her and made herself busy fixing the drink.
"Someone called for me?"
The deep accented voice rumbled through Estelle, and two heavily muscled arms came round her and caged her in against the bar. Eyes the color of coal connected with hers in the mirrors behind the bar, the man's white hair a direct contrast to the ebony hues of his skin. He, too, seemed a walking furnace. He rested his chin on her shoulder and inhaled deeply.
"Hmm, so sweet and fresh and unclaimed." Cherie rolled her eyes at Estelle and passed her the drink she ordered.
"She asked for a drink, not you. The lady is spoken for, so back off, Grisha." She smiled at Estelle and glared at Grisha. 
He chuckled again, dropped a kiss against the rapidly beating pulse in Estelle's neck and pulled back just enough to enable Estelle to swing round on her chair. One of his large hands settled on her thigh, just below her cunt, and she swallowed nervously. The sight of his dark hand was such a contrast against her bare flesh. Who'd have thought it would be so erotic? Or maybe this place was just getting to her. 

Yes,  just like that Grisha was born, and he is indeed a black Russian. A Siberian Tiger shifter, who plays quite a part in books one and two of Club Ink, and eventually gets his own story in Masks of a Tiger.

Neeve doesn't understand why any normal person would choose to wear a collar like a common house pet. So, the collaring ceremony of her best friend's sister-in-law is the last place she wants to be, even if the hot men watching her send her insides aflame.

Never one for missing the opportunity to teach a bratty sub manners, Grisha intends to show the fiery little redhead the error of her ways. He doesn't expect to see her drawn to the flame like the proverbial moth. When she hurts herself in ways that even a Dom of his experience finds hard to witness, he knows he needs to help her.

Will their sexual chemistry be enough to chase away their demons and burn away their masks? Or is the submission Grisha demands too much for Neeve to accept?

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking, fire play, public exhibition

You can read a red hot Excerpt HERE.

I fell utterly and hopelessly in love with Grisha from the moment he made his first appearance in book one, and the more I got to know him, the harder I fell.

It seems readers feel the same way about him, because Grisha has been nominated in the Evernight Reader Choice Awards as hottest alpha hero.


If you've met Grisha, I'd love it of you voted for him. Just click on the graphic.


 If you haven't met him yet, then I hope you will soon. Masks of a Tiger is one of the e-books you could win in this hop, which brings me nicely onto the fantastic prizes.

1st prize: $50 Amazon gift card or Paypal Cash + 8 ebooks
2nd prize: $30 Amazon gift card or Paypal Cash + 8 ebooks
3rd prize: $20 Amazon gift card or Paypal Cash  + 8 ebooks
4th prize: $10 Amazon gift card or Paypal Cash + 8 ebooks

Pretty awesome prizes, I'm sure you will agree. To be in with a chance to win one of those grand prizes, enter via the rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

In addition to the above prizes, I am giving away two e-books from my backlist , which you can check out HERE.

To be eligible for my giveaway just leave me a comment, with your e-mail address please, and tell me what you like about interracial/multicultural romance, and what makes a hot hero.

Good luck in the hop and thanks for stopping by.

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#MWtease with @EMorgan2010 Razel Dazzle #modernfairytale

I've got the lovely Elizabeth Morgan on my blog today to tease you all with a look at her new release Razzle Dazzle.




They were two beautiful people. Both strong and healthy, exactly what she was looking for.
The male was at least six foot, slender, but his body was firm. His light brown hair was slicked back, making his jaw-line and chiseled cheekbones more defined. His eyes were firmly fixed on his partner as they attempted the triple spin.
The female—such a petite thing with snow-white skin and a dazzling set of white teeth. Her blue eyes shone as she gazed up at him from a slanted dip. Her golden hair was tied up with stray curls hanging around her face.
Such a beautiful couple. They will do perfectly. She waited for the show to end.


Gabriella stood in front of the dressing room door. The small copper star resting against the worn wood had lost its gleam; the scratched metal had seen better days. She moved her attention to the two sheets of paper pinned below it, one reading: Robert Burton; the other: Nina Hewson. The dancing couple from Arizona. A couple whose lives were about to change.
She knocked sharply upon the door, which opened immediately, bringing her eye to eye with the polite, green-blue gaze of Robert.
“May I help you?”
“You may indeed.” She walked past him into the small room.
The dressing room, like the rest of the broken-down theater, wasn’t anything special. The general necessities were there; a mirror, vanity table, railing for costumes, and two chairs that looked like they had been stolen from a high school classroom. And from what she could guess, the hideous, moth-eaten red fabric hanging from the wall toward the end of the small space was the door to the restroom. The faded floral wallpaper peeled in many places, and the room stank of sweat and cheap perfume. Her nose wriggled almost uncontrollably as the rancid smell swamped her. At the sound of the door shutting, she turned and focused her attention on Nina, who was standing and pulling her faded, pink silk robe shut.
She drank their beauty in almost hungrily, reminding herself why she was in the hellhole of a theatre in the first place. Robert moved and stood beside Nina, who had folded her arms across her chest.
Happy with her choice, Gabriella dusted one of the chairs and sat, making herself as comfortable as possible. This was the last place in the world she would ever choose to be, but for her plan to work, she would need working class people. Individuals hungry enough for fame and fortune that they would sell their souls to the devil himself just for a taste. Who could be more famished than a struggling performer; or in this case, a couple of performers?
So she’d had to drag herself downtown, forced to sit for two hours in the dump that somebody had a nerve to call a theater. No one in their right mind who cared about their career or their bodies would even consider what she was about to propose, but the information she had found on these two loved-up dreamers was enough to assure her that her money would be welcomed, even if it took quite a bit of persuading. And she was, after all, very good at persuading.
She placed her red purse on her knee and folded her hands. “May I just begin by saying that you are both simply marvelous dancers?” Her fake and flattering smile slid into place, and satisfaction stirred inside her as the compliment sank in.
Nina blushed as Robert nodded.
“Why, thank you.” His broad smile fluttered across his lips. “What can we do for you, miss?”
“I was wondering if you would like to make some extra money.”
They glanced at each other.
“I was thinking along the lines of ten thousand. How does that suit you?”
Excitement sparked in their eyes. She could see the slight twitches running through their bodies at the offer, and she imagined they either wanted to embrace each other in sheer delight or fall at her feet and kiss her Prada shoes.
Nina beamed. “We would be very interested.”
“Yes,” Robert agreed, although hesitation quivered in his words. “But firstly, who are you?”
“My name is Gabriella D’Punz. I am—”
“Gabriella D’Punz, the founder of Ivory Tower Modeling Agency?” Nina dropped her arms to her side and took a step forward.
Gabriella cleared her throat and purged the surge of irritation that pulsed through her at the girl’s interruption. “That is right, my dear.”
“We accept.”
She fought the slight urge to smile at Nina’s conclusion. “You do not even know what I am proposing.”
Naturally, the girl would presume they were being offered a contract for modeling; why else would a modeling agent come to see them?
“But surely there is only one reason you would want to see us—”
“I’m afraid you have mistaken me, my dear.” Nina’s brow creased under her words. “Or should I say you jumped to conclusions. I am Gabriella D’Punz, founder and agent of Ivory Tower, but I have not come here to offer either of you a modeling contract.”
“Although you are both beautiful—I openly admit it—and you are at a reasonable modeling quality, well, you are such wonderful dancers. That is where your hearts are, and I wouldn’t dare drag you away from that passion.”
“Then what do you want?” Nina asked, slumping down in the chair facing Gabriella.
“I want a child.” She paused as their eyebrows dipped in uncertainty to where this conversation was heading. “You see, my husband is growing old, and I am unable to have children….”
“I…I’m sorry to hear that, but what has this got to do with us?” Robert asked.
“Well, I was wondering if you could help me.”
Nina lifted her shoulders, her eyes widened a fraction. “How exactly?”
Gabriella’s focus shifted to Robert; a small smile curled her lips as realization blossomed over his face.
“Haven’t you heard of adoption?”
“Yes. But I want a surrogate mother and in all honesty, I have had my eyes on you,”—she rested her gaze on Nina—“my dear, for quite some time.”
Nina shifted in her seat. “What do you mean?”
“I want you to be my surrogate.”
“What? No.” She shook her head. “No, I won’t do that.”
Robert stepped forward. “Why her? What do you mean; you’ve had your eyes on her?”
“I saw a show of yours a year ago. I became interested in you. You’re both beautiful and in good health. From what I have learned of your education, you are both decently smart. All the qualities I need in a child. I have considered adoption for years, but I never found a child I liked.”
Nina’s eyes grew bigger. “What, you…you’ve been spying on us?”
“No, not spying. I just have an interest. I also have an interest in your career. You’re not making very much money. You have no home. You’re living out of Motels, travelling up and down the country—”
“How dare you!” Robert thundered. “How dare you come in here and…and poke your nose in to our business, to ask—”
“There’s no need to get hysterical.”
“No need? I...I...Get out! I want you out!”
Gabriella sighed. “I see you are going to make this difficult. So, let’s just get down to it, shall we? How much money do you want?”
“What? This isn’t about money,” Robert snapped.
“Nonsense, everything is about money.” She reached into her purse and pulled out her silver cigarette pouch. “Everyone has a price. So name it.”
“No. This isn’t about money. This is about a complete stranger waltzing into our dressing room demanding a baby from us!”
“I have not demanded anything from you. Please keep calm.” She placed a cigarette in her mouth and put the pouch back in her purse.
“I will not! You have no right! No right to ask this! No right to go digging around in our private business!”
“I was not digging, and more to the point, I am offering you fifteen thousand dollars to have a child for me; for a woman who is unable to have children.” Gabriella pulled her lighter from her purse and lit the end of her cigarette.
“And that’s our problem?”
“I do not see what the problem is.”
“You wouldn’t, would you? You strut in here with your expensive clothes thinking you can buy people. Thinking you can buy a baby?” Robert's face grew redder with each word.
“Why did you choose us?” Nina’s voice was soft, tentative.
Removing the cigarette from between her lips, she blew out a cloud of smoke. “Because with your looks,—” Gabriella’s lips twisted into a smile “—you would give birth to a supermodel.”
“You’re disgusting,” Robert replied through clenched teeth. “Get out!”
“You’re making a big deal out of nothing. I get a child, and you get money.” She slipped the lighter back into her purse. “Money that you are both in need of.”
“Get out.” Nina stood up. Her hands balled into the material of her robe. “Please, get out.”
“Are you sure you want to turn this offer down?” She kept her attention on Nina as she stood. “Twenty thousand can really come in useful.”
Robert walked to the door and opened it. “Your money isn’t welcome here.”
She laughed, and glanced in his direction. “My money is welcome everywhere.”
“Get out.”
“Why are you so insulted?” She tucked her purse under her arm. “I am offering you twenty thousand dollars to have sex and get pregnant. Once you are pregnant, you will stay in my home as guests. My doctor will see you, take care of you, and then when it is time, he will deliver the baby. As soon as you are well, you may leave. You may leave twenty thousand dollars richer than you are at this very moment. You can get on with your lives, fulfill your dreams. Tell me what is so disagreeable?”
“You want me to get pregnant and sell my baby to you for twenty thousand dollars?” Lines creased Nina’s forehead.
“No! It’s wrong.”
Gabriella shrugged. “Who said it is wrong?”
Nina shook her head. “I won’t do that.”
“Not even for twenty-five thousand dollars?” Gabriella quirked her right eyebrow. “How much do you want?”
“Get out!” Robert demanded once more.
“Fine.” She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a small ivory card, which she placed on the vanity table beside Nina. “Call me when you realize this is the best offer you will receive in your lifetime.” She walked past Robert and out the door, turning right toward the fire exit.
Gabriella heard the door slam shut as she took another drag of her cigarette. Then the shouting began. She pushed the fire exit open as her smile spread to her ears.

~ * ~

Razel Dazzle
A modern twist on a long haired tale....
By Elizabeth Morgan
Will she let down her hair for the man of her fantasies?
Famous for her long, golden hair and beaming smile, Razel D’Punz is the hottest model in the industry. But although most women would kill to get ahead in this profession, Razel lives an isolated life; one she has learnt to accept...until she meets Matthew Prince, a new photographer in the business.
Refusing to let her mother/agent’s strict rules stop her from spending time with the man of her fantasies, Razel quickly discovers that one night with Matthew isn’t enough....
And neither is the life she is chained to. Something will have to change if she is ever to get her very own Happily Ever After.
Warning: This title contains explicit language and graphic sex.

~ * ~
Author Bio:
Elizabeth started life wanting to be an actress because she loved entertaining people. She enjoyed nothing more than being able to make people laugh and to help distract them from reality for a few hours.
She studied Musical Theatre in college, but during her second year, her mind started to overflow with story ideas, so she began writing plays. Slowly, over the following three years, she wrote more and more, channeling every ounce of her imagination into the written word.
And now, here she is, years later, hiding away like a hermit in her little cottage in Cheshire, England, writing like crazy and loving every minute of it.

Where to find Elizabeth Online:


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