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Fighting Destiny by Tamsin Baker #newrelease @evernightpub #shifter

Oh, do I have a treat for you today. When Tamsin shared her cover in our Author group, I literally twisted her arm to come on my blog to show it off. Well, look at it, it's fabulous! Tamsin was kind enough to send me an ARC and I tell you, it had me hooked from the first page.

In fact I wasn't all that coherent by the time I finished the story, because this is what I sent her:

DAMMIT woman!

I need a cold shower and you made me cry. This is ACE!!

You need to write more shifter stories :-D

Not the most eloquent review I know. *snort* But, hey, don't take my word for it. Read it for yourself!

Happy Release Day, Tamsin!


Fighting Destiny by Tamsin Baker
First book in the series: The shifters of the land, sea and air.
MMF shifter contemporary erotic romance

Jeremy left his small hometown ten years ago determined to get away from the female child who is his predestined mate.
  But Natalia, a rare tiger shifter, has been kidnapped and Jeremy chooses to return to help the land shifter pack find her.
  What he doesn't expect when he returns home, is his attraction to Natalia's boyfriend Tommy and the fact that his tiger mate is still unclaimed.
  Jeremy finds himself falling in love with both Tommy and Natalia, yet the rival shifters of the sky seem determined to rip them from him.

Tommy felt every bit of anger and frustration of the past few years boil up inside him. They had been waiting a decade for this big asshole to return from whatever hiatus he had gone on. Now that he was finally back, he was blaming Tommy for not sleeping with Natalia? Tommy’s hands clenched into fists at his side, and without any thought except for the wasted years they had waited, he swung his arm and connected, punching the tiger shifter in the jaw.
He heard a sickening crunch of bone on bone, and his hand throbbed like hell fire, but he continued to glare at the man who was now reeling backwards after Tommy’s blow.
“Me? She’s been waiting for you since she turned sixteen! We both have! Where the fuck have you been?” Tommy panted hard, his heart beating so fast he knew he was going to shift soon. He needed to get clear of the people nearby or he’d hurt someone.
He staggered towards the forest’s edge and pulled off his t-shirt and jeans. Jeremy followed him, his eyes narrowed and nursing his jaw. Fuck my hand hurts!
Tommy felt the heat of the Alpha’s gaze all the way to his throbbing balls, and he shifted, unwilling to deal with Natalia’s predestined mate a moment longer.
Grey fur, four legs, and a tail emerged where his human form used to be. He howled, long and loud. Then he turned his back on his friends and ran.
Dirt beneath his paws, he ducked and weaved through the thick tall trees. He needed to put as much space between him and the tiger as possible.
He couldn’t believe Jeremy was such a dick-head! Drop dead gorgeous, yes, but arrogant and unkind. Who was he to blame Tommy for not claiming Natalia?
He and Natalia had discussed it years ago. She wanted to wait for Jeremy to come home before she decided. Natalia had admitted to Tommy that she wanted both of them as mates, and if Jeremy would agree then she would bind herself to both of them.
But would Jeremy agree to sharing her with him? And what would Jeremy think about Tommy’s unnatural attraction to him?
Tommy ran, anger and confusion beating against him hard. He had a chance of outrunning Jeremy, but he was unable to escape the true despair chasing him.
Sensing movement behind him and not wanting to stop, he pushed himself harder. He knew who was coming.
A deep growl sounded behind him, and he whirled to face the tiger that landed on the dirt in front of him.
He was magnificent. Huge, bright orange and black with razor sharp white teeth.
Tommy snapped his jaws at the man that could be his Alpha and turned, ready to run. He couldn’t stay and fight an animal five times his size. But instead of running away as he wanted to do, he was soon flipped onto his back and pinned to the ground.
Jeremy growled down at him, his silver eyes intense and powerful. Tommy whimpered feeling helpless and unfairly attacked.
Jeremy locked his jaw around Tommy’s neck in the ultimate sign of dominance, and Tommy let go of his wolf, shifting back to human.
Jeremy must have felt the change because he also shifted, and their fur disappeared.
Now Tommy was staring up into the glittering blue eyes of a naked Jeremy, still pinning him to the ground. He was burning hot even against Tommy’s own heated skin, his huge muscles bulging beneath his smooth skin.
Tommy’s cock hardened and lengthened as he attempted to get up but was pinned back down by the man he hoped to share a mate with.
“Let me up.” He grunted and twisted, but Jeremy just held him as though it were no effort at all.
“No, Tommy.”
Tommy arched his back and screamed out, but nothing changed. Jeremy grabbed his wrists and held them tighter. Panic began to swim through him.
“It’s not my fault.” He panted as he thrashed his head from side to side. Tommy was frantic in his arousal now. What would Jeremy think when he felt it? He was fully hard now, so there was no way of hiding it.
Jeremy dropped his head and bit into his neck, the move carnal as well as dominant.
Tommy shuddered and worked to slow his breathing down. Jeremy didn’t lift his head, just whispered into Tommy’s ear.
“I know, and I’m sorry. We’ll find her together.”
Tears formed at the back of Tommy’s eyes, and he blinked them away. There was the man he wanted. Fuck! He wanted to keep on hating Jeremy! It made things so much easier.

Tamsin Links:

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#TantalizingTuesdays Leap Of Faith

It's Tuesday again, so here is your tease :-)

Original source unknown)

The flames danced and cast a warm glow over them both. The fire Tom had stoked into life from nothing was an oasis of warmth and light in the rapidly darkening forest. He smiled at her and wrapped the blanket round them both. Lisa burrowed in closer and let out a content sigh when he pulled her closer still and kissed her forehead.
"Better now?" he asked and she nodded.
It was so like him to put her first. He certainly wouldn't need the fire or the blanket. Tom was always warm, too warm, and she had worried about him, at first, but he'd simply laughed and kissed her worries away.
"I'm not sick babe, trust me."
Sure enough, in the six months she'd known him—the most deliriously happy time of her life—he hadn't even caught a cold.
He kissed her again with so much tenderness it brought tears to her eyes.
"I need to show you something, babe. Keep an open mind and remember that I love you."
Lisa smirked when he stepped away and started undressing, but something in his expression stopped her from joining him.

The air blurred and there stood the stuff of nightmares.

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.

As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.
Till next week, folks.

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#SexySnippets from The Knickers #erotic #anthology 7 Sinful Secrets

Oh, looky here, it's Sunday again. The week has been running away from me as I'm knee deep in a new wip, and almost at the end.

Exciting for sure, but I get even more blonde than usual. So blonde in fact that I almost forgot that we have a release next week. In we, I mean some of the lovely members of my critique group and I.

7 Sinful Secrets (Anthology of Erotic short stories) releases August 2nd, and my story is called The Knickers.

We are eagerly awaiting our cover art, but I can share the inspiration behind my hero Stefano.

Here's the blurb:

Seven marriages—seven sinful secrets.

Marriages shouldn't have secrets, should they? Follow our seven couples, as they come to terms with the fact that their partner has been holding something back from them. Will it make or break their relationship? Read on to find out, and have your fan at the ready, because these secrets are hot!


In my seven my heroine has just found out her husband's secret, and she is so relieved that it wasn't what she was imagining, that they reconnect in the best possible way.

Mareijke sighed in submission, and he smiled into the kiss he slanted across her lips. How he had missed her, the simple act of kissing, tentative strokes of her tongue matching his forceful ones, as he took the kiss deeper, angling their bodies until she was lying underneath him on the bed. He yanked the cushion still between them away with an annoyed growl and thrust his frill covered cock into her groin. She gasped into his mouth and clung onto his shoulders. Arching her hips to meet him thrust for eager thrust, she locked her ankles behind his ass, and Stefano grunted his approval. This is what he needed, this reassurance that she still wanted him as much as ever, and suddenly he couldn't wait anymore. He wanted her bound and naked, the silky walls of her tight pussy milking his cock, as he fucked her hard and fast.


Look out for it, coming from Evernight Publishing August 2nd. 


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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Flash Fiction Friday - The Great Outdoors #FFF

Happy Friday, lovely people. Enjoy today's Flash.

Completely spent with her body still shaking in delicious aftershocks, all she could do was lay there and try and catch her breath.
James rolled off her and voiced the thoughts swirling in her head for her.
Lena smiled and squeezed his hand.

She felt his smile in the kisses he trailed over her exposed tummy, down to her still tingling clit. A feather light touch against her nether lips had her open her eyes to see James looming over her. He held a grass seed in his mouth and she gasped when he bent his head and smiled.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
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Love at first sight with @JessicaJayne13 #ROTG @evernightpub

I'm delighted to have Jessica back on my blog today with her newest release Board Stiff. If you're here for the Tantalizing Tuesdays Summer Hop,, please scroll down or click HERE.

Over to you, Jessica :-)


Before I get started, I wanted to give a big thanks to Doris for having me on her blog today.  I’m thrilled to be here to talk about my latest Romance on the Go release from Evernight Publishing, Board Stiff.  It’s part of a three book series entitled Taking Advantage and it follows three men, who all sit as members on the board of directors of Advantage Insurance Company.  All three guys are extremely good-looking (of course J), at the top of their game in their careers and single – for their own reasons.  Each man has his own book and love interest, but you will see John Dorsey, Greg Snow and Mark Olson in all three books… in some respect.
Have you ever fallen in love (or lust) at first sight?  Have you ever seen someone across the room, your eyes meet and you feel that electricity ripple through you?  And by the look on his or her face, it has rippled through him or her as well?  It’s the idea reserved for fairy tales and of course, romance novels.  Or at least, that’s what I used to think in my much younger years. 

But I’ve had that experience of sitting across the table from someone I had just been introduced to and felt that immediate attraction… that instant connection.  It’s exhilarating!  It’s intoxicating!  And that’s the story of John Dorsey and Elizabeth Wright in Board Stiff.  The minute these two lay eyes on each other there is no turning back!

John Dorsey’s life is good.  He is the owner of Dorsey Construction.  He’s the youngest person on the board of directors for Advantage Insurance Company.  He lives on the beach.  And he knows he can have any woman he wants.  John’s got the world at his fingertips… except he’s yet to find a woman that stimulates both his body and mind.

Elizabeth Wright worked hard in a large Tampa law firm making a name for herself, but it came at the expense of her personal life. When Advantage Insurance Company offers her a job as corporate counsel, Elizabeth cannot turn it down.  The thought that she can have a successful legal career and a life excites and intimidates her.

But when their worlds collide one day in the Advantage board room, neither Elizabeth nor John knows what’s hit them.  All they know is they can’t stay away from each other.


“Are you seeing anyone?  Sleeping with anyone?” he asked further.
            “What?” she said, standing up from her chair.  Her face was incapable of hiding her shock at his questions.  Her green eyes were wide.  Her lips parted.  “What sort of questions are these?”  John’s stride made short use of the distance between them.  He stood directly in front of her, cornering her behind her desk.  He looked down into her green eyes.  They were gorgeous… she was gorgeous.  And he had every intention of claiming her.
            “Answer my questions, Elizabeth.  Are you seeing anyone?”  He watched as her eyes widened even further with shock at his determination to get answers to his questions.  Nervousness flittered across her face, but her breath came out in short pants as if his close proximity affected her.  He watched as her chest rose and fell with each breath.  God, he wanted to feel her body against his.  He just knew she would feel perfect against him… in his arms.
            “Your questions are inappropriate,” she replied sharply.  Despite her body giving her attraction away, she held firm.  He liked that.  He liked a woman that wasn’t too easy of a catch. 
            “I agree,” he said, impatiently.  “They are inappropriate.  I need the answers nonetheless.”
            “Why?” she asked.  Her gaze scanned his face as if looking for the answer to her question.
            “Answer me,” he demanded.  His hand reached out and caressed her cheek as if to soothe the harshness of his words.
            “You are way out of line, Mr. Dorsey,” Elizabeth said.
            “Yes, I know,” he said a little softer this time.  His fingers tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear.  His gaze dropped to her bared neck.  He had to fight the urge to nuzzle the spot just below her ear.  “But I need to know if there are any obstacles to making you mine.  Are you seeing anyone?”
            “No,” she whispered.  “I’m not seeing anyone.”  Her lips parted for a moment before she bit down on her lower lip.  That was almost his undoing. 
            “Are you fucking anyone?” he asked.  She released her bottom lip and sucked in a breath when he asked that question.  Her gaze fell from his eyes to his lips and then to her hands.  He placed his fingers under her chin and tilted her head up to meet his gaze again.  He wanted to see her eyes when she answered him.  There was heat in her gaze, and that thrilled him.
            “No, Mr. Dorsey, I’m not fucking anyone at the moment,” she said.  Her voice was hard, but he heard the desire in it and that snapped his restraint.  His hand weaved into her hair until his palm gripped the back of her head, pulling her into him.  His mouth slammed down on hers.  Her full lips were soft and pliable, and his tongue flicked out over her lips to taste her.  She tasted so sweet…like candy.

Buy Links:

Author Bio:

I am a born and raised small town Ohio girl, who moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from college. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in English because I could not imagine doing anything else but reading and writing. It is such a pleasure to be able to share all the stories in my head!

In the journey of life, I also became a wife and a mother of three children. So, life is always an adventure. But the love of writing has never died.

My favorites:  I love to read and write... obviously! But I also enjoy all sports, especially college football and the Ohio State Buckeyes!  Go Steelers!  Go Rays! I LOVE to travel... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel. And I love sharing my love to travel with my children. I love to drink Teavana teas! I love a good glass of wine, especially if it comes from a bottle made by the FOOLS wine club… yep, I’m a member of that!    I love hanging out with my family and my friends!  Big fan of music, but love nothing better than putting on my jean shorts, tank top, cowboy boots and hat and watching Tim McGraw belt it out!  I’m a sucker for a cowboy hat!  

Where you can find me:

Twitter:  @JessicaJayne13

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#TantalizingTuesdays - Limitless #TTHop #Win

Welcome to the Tantalizing Tuesday Summer Time Hop. We're still bringing you a 200 word flash, as per usual, but this time round, if you leave a comment you can win.

I am giving away two PDF copies from my back list, which you can find HERE. Just leave me a comment with your e-mail address, please, and let me know what you like most about my teasers each Tuesday.

See, easy peasy, lemon squeezy as my kids would say.


So without further ado here's your tease.

Source: Pinterest

"So, what do you think?" I struck the best sexy pose I could manage, feeling utterly ridiculous, and completely out of my depth. I'd waited months to reach the top of the waiting list for 'Limitless', and none of my vanilla clothes would do for this elusive BDSM event. I would never make it out of this hotel room, invitation or not.
At least that's what Ginny had said when she'd rummaged through my meager wardrobe.
"These will never do. You need to go shopping, girl."
She was studying me now, her green eyes drawn together in concentration, bright red lips pursed, one long, matching immaculately manicured fingernail tapping against her nose. Compared to Ginny's get up, my see through, clingy, hint more than show outfit, seemed positively virginal,  but there was no way I wanted all my wobbly bits on display. And if I managed to not go bum over apex in these heels, it would be a blinking miracle.
I shifted self-consciously from one foot to the other.
"Let's ask the boss, shall we?"
I stopped breathing when the owner of Limitless, and star of every erotic dream I ever had, walked through the hotel room door.


Let me know what you think and don't forget to visit the rest of the hoppers.

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Happy Hopping!

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Spotlight on The Wolf's Moon #nft @AuthorRBrochu @evernightpub

Happy Monday all. The UK is in the grip of royal baby watch, which I find infuriating and amusing at the same time. I just feel for Kate being in labour when we're in such a heat wave. Been there done that, so not pretty.

On my blog we're watching the moon today, The Wolf's Moon to be precise.

Silke’s life in her village has not been easy since the death of her parents.  Things only get worse when the local healer takes her under her wing.  Branded a witch and tormented by the other villagers, Silke has resigned herself to living her life alone. 
Then a chance encounter in the woods with a dark and handsome stranger named Raoul throws Silke’s carefully ordered life off balance.  Now she has to deal with the stormy emotions that Raoul brings to life within her as she works at solving the mystery of who’s leaving gifts on her doorstep. 
When the time comes, will Silke be willing to give up everything she’s ever known for a love that’s deeper than she’s ever thought possible?  Or will she reject the gift the wolf’s moon has given her?

Teaser Excerpt:
Raoul growls low in his throat and yanks Silke’s body back up against his own as one of his hands forces her head to tilt back.  His lips close over hers, and there’s no hesitation this time, no gentle coaxing or playful teasing.  He dominates her mouth, tongue sweeping in and going deep as he licks at the back of her teeth like he’s chasing her flavor.  Silke gives back as good as she can as she digs her nails into his naked shoulders and returns his passion to the best of her abilities.
Silke almost doesn’t feel it when he begins to move them, but she doesn’t stop him when he begins to pull at her skirt, rucking it up until he can wrap large, hot hands around her thighs.  She moans and clutches at his shoulder harder as he lifts her without any effort and presses her back up against a nearby tree as he steps into the space between her thighs.  Silke gasps, breaking the kiss and bucking her hips up into the cage of his hands as best she can.  She can feel him, can feel his heat as he presses the hard line of his cock against her.
“Raoul!”  Silke cries out and Raoul answers her by dipping his head down to mouth at her neck as he presses his hips down against her.  He racks the vulnerable, pale line of her throat with surprisingly sharp teeth before he soothes the sting with his tongue.
“Silke.”  She hears him murmur against the skin of her throat, but she pays him no mind, too caught up in the pleasure of having him against her.  Then one of his hands shifts and he trails it slowly up the soft flesh of her thigh, fingertips tracing lightly over her skin.  For the first time, despite how much she wants him, she feels uneasy, hesitant.
Raoul makes a soft noise and brings his face back up so he can capture her mouth again in a surprisingly gentle kiss.  When he pulls back his hand has stilled high on her thigh, the ends of his fingers just brushing her curls.
“I won’t take you, Silke, not here, not like this.  Just let me.  Please.”  Raoul sounds almost as if he’s pleading, as if he’s begging her to give him something precious.  Silke doesn’t want to deny him, doesn’t want to deny herself, so she looks him in the eyes and nods.

Find Rebecca in these places:

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#SexySnippets from Man-Droid The Orgasmatron #scifi #makeupsex

Happy Sunday Folks. It's time for some more sexy snippets.

I am bringing you another snippet from my upcoming release with Siren Bookstrand, Man-Droid The Orgasmatron.

In this snippet, which is slightly longer than seven sentences, (forgive me!) Elliot and Beth have just had their first row...

“So, where do we go from here?” She grimaced at the breathy quality of her voice. Eliot went down on his haunches until he was eye level with her, and his sinful grin proved her undoing.
“I believe you were going to tell me why that Samantha annoys you so much, before we had our first row.” He smirked and rocked back a bit, giving her much-needed breathing space. “Come to think of it, I’ve never rowed with a human in my existence. What a novel experience. I believe the correct human response now, would be makeup sex.”

He winked at her and Beth suppressed a giggle, even as her pussy screamed, God, yes!

What do you think? Will they?


Here is the blurb:

Bethany Devlin never thought she'd fall in love— let alone with an Orgasmatron—yet Elliot Parsons holds her heart and her submission in his circuits.

From the minute Beth meets Elliot, her assigned Orgasmatron, her carefully thought out plan unravels. How can you resist a man designed to fulfill your every fantasy, even if he is a machine?

When the government suspects Elliot has an experimental emotion chip, it places them both in danger. Only one thing Elliot can do…

Check out my pinterest board for this story.

Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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Friday Flash Fiction - The Catch #FFF

Happy Friday, folks. Enjoy today's Flash - The Catch

"I'm not touching that. What the hell is that even?"
Rosie's voice rose to a shrill shriek, and Ben winced. He knew what was coming next.
"You touch it, you're older than me."
"Only by five minutes, sis."     
"So? You're the man here, be manly."
Despite the grotesque and quite frankly alien thing staring at him from their bucket of today's catch—a catch that mum was waiting for at home—he had to smirk at that. First time his brash sister equated him with a man, that's for sure.
He took a deep breath and delved into the bucket.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

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The Boss's Demands - Spotlight on Alyssa Fox @AlyssaFox99

I have Alyssa Fox on my blog today with her first venture into self publishing. Give her a warm welcome and enjoy the sneak peek into her story.


One day while doing housework, the idea for this book came to mind. Roland and Lisa started talking and wouldn’t be quiet. I could see her as she went about working on wedding plans. At first I thought they were for her and then when I sat down to write, things changed. Now, for someone who is a plot this is a hard thing to deal with. I gave up writing by the seat of my pants, and well, these two characters demanded it. Once I gave up on trying to get them to behave according to my outline, the book flowed, and I wrote it in a day. Lisa really had no clue what she was getting herself into when she took the job, and then the bigger project of her boss’s little sister’s wedding. To find out what else happened, you’ll have to read the book. J

Have you ever taken on a bigger job or project and got something in return that you never expected?


Lisa Shawl knew her new job would be demanding. She just didn’t understand how much. After being given her boss’ little sister’s wedding to plan, she’s given an opportunity she never thought possible. To be his submissive for a weekend.

Roland Valdez has wanted his new secretary from the moment he hired her. He explains that he needs her to be his date to the wedding. After learning that a Dom/sub relationship intrigues and turns her on, he tells her to give him the weekend. Will she submit to his every need or will he lose her forever?

The sexy way she said sir had his cock hard, and she had no clue. Just like she didn't know she had a submissive side, but he planned to show her this weekend.
She looked over her shoulder with confusion in her blue eyes.
"Look at yourself in the mirror."
"Really? Like I don't see myself every day in one. I'd rather not, sir."
Yeah, she would be a lot of work and one he wanted to tame. Never before had he wanted to guide a woman the way he wanted to with Lisa. The feisty ones were always the hardest to submit. Roland liked that about her and he ached to be the one to show her the lifestyle. He didn't want to think about that at the moment and shoved the thought away. "Humor me. Please."
Lisa rolled her eyes, "Fine."
"What do you see?" He needed to know this to have a starting point to help her. Her body stiffened at his words.
After a few moments she spoke. "I see someone who needs to lose at least thirty pounds, huge thighs and hips. Are you satisfied now?" Her defenses had come out. Whoever told her she needed to do any of this needed to be pounded into the ground. She was beautiful just the way she was. He wouldn’t change a thing about her.
"That's not what I see." He spoke gently to her.
She spun around on her heels and jabbed a finger into his chest. Anger flared in her eyes as she started to speak, but he placed a finger against her lips. She angled away, and cocked her head to the side and began. "Let me guess. You see someone who needs to lose more and who repulses you in the worst way. It wouldn't be the first time I heard this from a man.” He loved her spunk. Roland smiled at her. "Lovely, so now you're going to laugh at me."
" No, tu, mujer loca.”

Alyssa can be found at her website, Facebook and Twitter. You can grab a copy of The Boss’s Demands at Kindle and ARe.

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Get to know Douglas Black @DBlackErotica #mm #newrelease @evernightpub

Please join me in giving warm welcome to Douglas, who has agreed to be my next victim in the hot seat.

*rubs hands*

So, Douglas... Great to have you here

Tell me, who is Douglas Black?

My name is Douglas Black, and I write M/M erotic fiction. My mother doesn’t know what I do, and it is probably best for the longevity of both of our lives that things stay like that. My friends? Mostly they find it funny. I just like to write. I like to take people on a journey with me to somewhere they may never have been before, with characters they have never met before, and I hope we all end up happy when the last page has been read. There’s not much more to it than that, really!

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born and raised in bonnie Scotland where I still live. I would rather be living in a beautiful Venetian townhouse, spending my days drinking prosecco and looking out over the lagoon, but I don’t have the money to make that a reality. Yet. Maybe one day, if the books sell well enough!
I started writing adult romances and erotica back when I was in university. I enjoyed doing it, which made things easier, but more importantly it brought in some much needed extra money. I continued to write for websites and magazines a while after graduation, but eventually life took over and I ended up with a ‘real’ job. I only came back to writing seriously in 2012.

What made you write ‘this’ story?

Truthfully, I don’t really know. The main characters, Mark and James, just came to me one day and from then on I couldn’t get them out of my head until I wrote down their story. I was also inspired by the nature of their relationship. Theirs is a secret love affair and I wanted to explore what pressures being forced to hide your relationship would put on a person. I wanted to know how my characters would cope.

Tell us about your cover.

I love my cover. It was designed by Sour Cherry Designs and I think it captures the mood of the story perfectly. I love the darkness of the highland landscape in the background and the rippling water to the fore. The main model is suitably broody and – let’s face it – you can’t really go wrong with a bit of flesh on show, can you?

Describe a typical day’s writing for us

I get up early, even when I don’t particularly want to. I’m often up before dawn. That time in the morning when the house is quiet and still is perfect for bringing a steaming mug of tea into my study, sitting down and starting to write. (Or, more often than not, sitting down and staring at a blank computer screen.) In the evenings, if I’m feeling inspired or if I haven’t reached my word count, I’ll continue writing until I start typing jibberish on the page. Then I know it’s time to stop.

What inspires you?

Different things at different times; inspiration can come from anywhere. I just always try to write books that I would enjoy reading. I think that’s the most important thing any author can do.

If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

An artist, maybe? I used to be quite good (I think!).

Do your characters ever surprise you?

All the time! I try to follow Stephen King’s advice in ‘On Writing’ so I don’t plot too much. As a result, more often than not, I just dump my characters into situations and see what they do. They never end up doing what I would expect them to do.

What could you not do without when you’re writing?

When I write, I try to limit distractions as much as possible. It’s just me, my laptop, and a notebook. If anything ever happened to my laptop, I’d be devastated, which reminds me – I really should back up my files again!

What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

‘Write’. That’s all anyone can say. If you don’t write because you’re nervous or you don’t think you’re good enough, you’ll never make it.  If you do write, you’ll get better all the time.

Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

I’m still hankering after that Venetian townhouse, so hopefully there!

Do you have a favourite quote?

‘A man is nothing without a spice of the devil in him,’ – Charlotte Bronte

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

No. Just the occasional bout of laziness!

What other books can your readers look forward to?

I’m currently working on a new novel. It’s set on a flower farm, and draws upon my experiences of working on a flower farm when I was younger.  I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer.

And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

Excerpt from ‘A Secret Love’ -
Mark returned the kiss passionately. James trembled in his arms. Tension coursed through his body and he could feel it mirrored in Mark’s. He could almost taste the other man’s nerves in his kiss. James savoured Mark’s strong arms around him. He pushed his hands inside Mark’s suit jacket and clung to the warm, toned body underneath. The body was so familiar despite the amount of time that had passed since their last meeting.
            “God I’ve missed you,” James said when he finally pulled away. Mark was breathless and didn’t respond at first, but the sexy, playful smile on his lips told James everything he needed to know. James took his hands and led him further into the room.
            It was a large suite with living area and a huge bathroom. Mark swung a new sports bag, bright orange and emblazoned with sponsorship logos, off his shoulder and dumped it onto one of the two couches. He paused momentarily, reaching into his suit pocket.
James watched as Mark pulled out his phone and turned it off without checking for messages. He waited patiently until Mark had tucked it safely into his bag and smiled at him when he had finished. “Difficult getting away this time?” he asked.
            Mark nodded. “I left as soon as I could. I was so scared I was going to miss the flight. I’m sorry it had to be mid-week this time. Will you get in trouble at work?”
            “I have the flu.”
            Mark smirked. “You look perfectly healthy to me.”
            “It came on all of a sudden,” James said, closing the space between them. “Unexpected. Probably be gone in a few days. You know how these things are.” Mark nodded and James slipped into his arms once more. With his head on Mark’s shoulder, he turned to whisper against the other man’s neck. “I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if you had missed the flight, if you had cancelled. It’s been so long. It’s always so long.”

Sounds fab. Give us the blurb too, please.

James is nervous when he pulls into the car park of the secluded and conservative Caledonian Hotel. He slips off his wedding ring, gives a false name at reception and checks into his room.
When Mark finally arrives James expects their time together to conform to the usual pattern, but Mark surprises him. Mark wants candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. James, well, James just wants to make up for lost time. More importantly, he doesn’t want to get caught. They have six months left before they can leave behind everything they know and start a new life together and James is desperate to be discrete. Unfortunately, he never could control himself around Mark. Throw in an interfering old couple and some very public displays of affection and Mark and James’s short hotel stay might just be about to destroy not only the secrecy that has always shrouded their relationship, but also their plans for a future together.

Where can we get this gem?

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 Author bio

Douglas Black was born and raised in bonnie Scotland. He started writing erotica as a means of paying the bills when he was a student at university, but after graduation he found he no longer had the time to write. Over the summer of 2012, Black picked up a pen once more. After a brief, successful flirtation with self-publishing, Black’s novella ‘Business or Pleasure’ was picked up and released in April 2013. It quickly made the publisher’s best-sellers list. Douglas Black’s short story, ‘A Secret Love’, was published in July 2013 by Evernight Publishing.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - His Precious

It's Tuesday, so that means time for another tease. I fell in love with this picture when I saw it, so Enjoy!

Source: Facebook
Original Source Unknown

         Soft lips touched her forehead and she instinctively tilted her head up into the caress. His familiar scent enveloped her in a sensual embrace and her eyes fluttered open to find him smiling down on her. He'd shrugged out of his suit jacket, and his tie hung loose around his neck. The top two buttons of the shirt she'd ironed for him only that morning were undone, giving her a glimpse of his chest hair and desire coiled low in her belly.
        If only she had the energy to act on that need to be close to him. It had been way too long since they had managed to play.
        "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep on you. I only sat down for a minute, and then—".
"Sshh." His smile deepened and he brushed a tender kiss against her lips. The depth of emotion in his dark eyes took her breath away and she struggled to sit up, to greet her Master properly, as was his right.
        His hand on her swollen belly stopped her, and he gently urged her back down on the settee.

         "Let me take care of the both of you, my precious pet."

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.

As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.
Till next week, folks.

D x 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Why I write Erotic Romance with @MichaelaRhua #demons @breathlesspress

Happy Monday, folks! I'm delighted to have the lovely and talented Michaela Rhua on my blog today with book two in her Guardian series.

She's giving us an insight into why she writes erotic romance.


I am a direct person. I can be subtle and very measured. I consider myself to be a down to earth person. So why try to be different in my writing? Could I do the sweet romance, holding hands and a few chaste kisses? No. Writing erotic romance came naturally because it is something I like to read. Sex is not dirty, to be hidden away behind a closed door. It is passionate, fiery and freeing. For me writing is about being free, doing what I want and in the way I want.

I know that sounds selfish but as a parent, wife and employee I have lots of time taken up with doing what other's need. So in my writing I do what comes from within me. If that is erotic, sensual and passionate then so be it.

You have to be comfortable writing sex too. Each author has their own boundaries – what feels right to them. Erotic Romance allows you to do that. I also love establishing a strong emotional connection, that deep bond that becomes stronger when the character's make love.

Also erotic romance can come in all shapes and sizes. It can in suspense or thrillers, embedded in a historical setting, featuring paranormal creatures (a personal favourite) or in any genre you care to name. What I am trying to say is that it is not just a genre but it allows you to explore settings, places and people wherever you may care to.

However, the story has to be central. Character's struggling to go forward, dealing with the past or difficulties in the present. Chemistry that cannot be denied- the sexual tension driving people on. Problems to overcome, that mean some sort of struggle. I love the journey they take and that ahhh at the end.

Zachriel wants payback. Royanne wants freedom. Capturing her reveals his past. Can these two demons find love and a future together? 

Royanne longs to be free of everyone's expectations. Meeting a mysterious stranger who she is drawn to confuses her. He feeds her longing to be free and ignites a fire inside of her. She is aroused by this tortured soul. When he kidnaps her and reveals his plan, she is torn between loathing him and wanting him. 

Zachriel is under orders from the Dark Master—kidnap Guardian demon Royanne. Only hiding away until the coast is clear draws him closer to her, especially as she seems to see the real man in him. 

Rescued at last, Royanne feels uncertain what to do. For Zachriel his past is revealed and he must face the truth. This truth cuts to his very soul and makes him question who he really is. Now he must come to terms with the lie that has been his life. Royanne fights her feelings for Zachriel. She begins to see him as a kindred spirit. There is only one thing to do: reveal her love for him. Can she convince him her feelings are real and he is worth loving?


"Oh, okay." Royanne seemed to accept who he was. But then, he knew she would; being a demon with the ability to possess minds, it was easy to mold her thoughts. She stepped out of the doorway more into the alleyway. 

That's good, feel comfortable with me. 

"I saw you dancing, you move well," he commented. 

"Thank you. I am Royanne." She offered her hand. 

Yes, contact, that is what I need again. 

He took his hands out of his pocket and reached out. His large, calloused hand enveloped hers, and her warmth met his cold. She was soft, and he wondered if the rest of her was the same. 

"I'm Zach, good to meet you," Zach replied while inching closer. Touching her was enough to establish a link to her mind. I have you now. She was still wary but calm. Underneath the layers of her mind was something else. Need. This I can work with. 

"So, how you finding life at base?" he asked, still holding her hand. 

"Well, you know fun, fun, fun!" she replied sarcastically. 

He could feel she was unhappy. 

"It all helps for the future, you know." He sensed her need for freedom. 

Royanne moved her hand away, but he noticed she lingered at little as they released their grips. He had her now; her mind was his, but he needed more. A taste of her, then the link would be stronger. Damn, there were too many people passing the entrance to the alleyway for him to make his move now. If he got her wanting him enough to go to a hotel room, that would be perfect. 

He could read strands of desire in her mind. He planted more, he planted himself. This little Guardian was proving easier to manipulate than he had first thought. But what did they know of strength? All their kind was good for was the torture of the young and weak. He was no longer young or weak. The Dark Master had ensured they took care of him, nurtured, and trained to be a warrior of worth. Zach reached out and touched her bare arm lightly. With feather-like fingers, he stroked her skin. Royanne's gaze drifted to his fingers playing on her skin. She had not recoiled, which was good. He became bolder as he moved his hands to her shoulder. Her skin was warm and smooth. Zach maintained eye contact, knowing it would strengthen his bond with her. He caressed her cheek, and he slid his other hand lower to hold her curved hip and then her rounded ass. He massaged her ass cheek, and when no resistance was apparent, he lowered to her pinky full lips that called to him to kiss and claim. She seemed frozen to the spot. Yes, just as he liked them, under his control, helpless. He had her mind. 

Fire met ice. She kissed him back with equal force, which surprised him. Does this Guardian actually want me? Her hands drifted to his hips, and he felt her grip tighten, and she brought him closer into her. Oh hell, she tastes so good. He let his tongue play with her lips, then dart between them until she parted those sweet lips. She was wet and warm just as he hoped she would be when his cock entered her. He cupped her breast with one hand and found her nipple taut. Kissing down her neck, he lowered her strap down her shoulder to reveal a heavy breast waiting for him. He played with her nipples with his fingers before his mouth took over. He licked them all over, the tip of his tongue flicking backward and forward. 

"Oh yes," she groaned. 

Then he took her wet nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Her hips moved with every suck. Zach wondered how wet she was. He continued sucking but used one hand to lift her dress up and brought the other hand straight to her panties. He was delighted to find them getting damp. He pulled the seam aside, and he discovered she was smooth. 

"Oh, so wet for me, Royanne," he said as he kissed down her stomach. 

Her mind told him she wanted his mouth where his fingers played. He tore the scrap of material away and lifted her leg over his shoulder. He hungered for her, so he went to work with his mouth and tongue. Licking around her swollen lips, he sucked her clit before letting his tongue establish a rhythm. Royanne moaned and grabbed his head, pushing her hips farther into his face. The enemy tasted divine, sweet and musky. She was so close, he could read her fully now. 

But no! Control was important now. He could not let her come here in this alleyway; he needed her alone to complete his mission. He stopped and got to his feet. Her eyes were dazed, and her mind was confused. 

"Why did you stop?" she questioned. 

"Not here." He scanned the alleyway. "I want you on a bed where I can enjoy you fully." He knew she agreed. 

"I'll get my purse and follow you out," she said, straightening her dress.

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