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#TantalizingTuesdays - Breakfast

Time for your Tuesday Tease - Enjoy!


        The sound of splashing water registered seconds before the delicious ache in his muscles made him grin.  How she had the energy to go for a morning swim after the night of passion they'd shared was beyond him.
        Naked he padded out into the garden, and his half erect cock jumped to attention. Kitten as she'd called herself cut through the water with the effortless grace that had drawn him to her last night. Her lithe body propelled itself across the pool, giving him tantalizing glimpses of her pert ass and luscious tits.
        He closed his eyes and barely suppressed his groan, when she stopped her exercise and floated on her back for a moment. With her legs spread wide he had the perfect view of the bare pussy he'd devoured, and his bollocks drew tight with the need to bury himself balls deep in her again.
        She smiled, when she saw him, and pulled herself out of the water. His mouth went dry as she bent down and he ached to lick away the drops of moisture clinging to her skin—until he saw her emerging shadow.
        Frozen to the spot he heard her purr seconds before she pounced.

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.
Let me know what you thought of my teaser today.
Till next week, folks.

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The Read Something New Challenge

Happy Tuesday, folks. As well as your regularTantalizing Tuesdays post I've gotten together with some fab authors to bring you the Read Something New Challenge.

Check it out!

We are all guilty of sticking with what we know. Whether it be at a restaurant, book genres, or the makeup we put on; we're sticklers for familiarity. I want to challenge you all to add some spice to your lives this next week and take the Read Something New challenge! Read a new genre, a new author, whatever—just read something new. To help, here is a list of genres. We've featured an author and one of their books or series for each genre. Hope you find something you like!

Urban Fantasy 
D. F. Krieger, Panthers in the Playground, Faxfire Series Book 1
Zoologist Dr. Zeara Faxfire and her side-kick cat, Magic, are called in to help when a panther is discovered during a police investigation. What is a girl to think, though, when the parents of a missing child keep calling her and the panther in question is writing words? Detective Jake Markovich, who is assigned to the case as well and happens to believe in the paranormal is a whole different distraction that turns Zeara's world upside down. Can she lose her grasp on the safety of logic long enough to reach out to those asking for her help?

The only thing Zeara knows for sure is that time is running out, and she must compromise a job she adores to save the panther in her care.
Buy Links:

Dianne Hartsock, Shelton in Love, Shelton Series Book 1
Shelton's falling quickly for his sexy roommate, but can he forget the pain of past rejections and give Nevil what they're both aching for?
Shelton is falling hard for his best friend and roommate, finding Nevil's dark good looks and moments of gentleness almost impossible to resist. But Nevil is more interested in affairs of the body than the heart. As Shelton's desire for the man grows, he wonders if he can change Nevil's mind. But does he even want to? Nevil might not stay, once he learns Shelton's secret, and then his loneliness would be complete.
Buy Links:

Kelly Yeakle, Forbidden Desires
When Dani meets the delicate beauty that is Carmen she knows instantly that she wants her—in her life and in her bed. But can Miss. Commitment-phobic look beyond the sex to see the woman beneath?

To Carmen, the wildly beautiful Dani is a new and exciting friend. What she hadn't counted on is the simmering desire she feels when in Dani's presence. As her relationship with her boyfriend sours, Carmen begins to wonder if there is more to Dani than she realizes.

Should she give in to this, the most forbidden of desires?

Buy Links:


Leona Bushman, The Ulfric's Mate, War of the Weres Series Book 1
Nolan and Alexandria fight their sexual attraction, but can't deny the pull of being mates, despite a serial murder investigation.
Nolan Littlebull is the alpha of the Wahpawhat pack of Werewolves and the lead detective on a series of murders of pregnant women from his pack. Torn between human justice and were justice, he travels deep onto the Yakama Reservation tracking the ones responsible. He is attacked by one of the rival pack, only to be defended by another from the rival pack.
Alexandria George is the healer for the Lupins. She defends the mysterious wolf in their territory from her pack's bully and escapes with the stranger. Nolan and Alex face the complications of being mated and together they must find and identify the killer while facing an uncertain future.
Buy Links:

Shyla Colt, No Man Left Behind Anthology
Even after our brave men and women leave the battlefield, the scars can linger physically and sometimes mentally. Here are three tales of courage, strength, perseverance, and love that deal with both.

After a long sting in Afghanistan, Cpl. Trevor Martin finds himself home for leave and contemplating reenlistment or civilian life. Weary and tired of the grim sights he's witnessed, he turns to his old friend Carly for comfort. When Trevor shows signs of PTSD, Carly urges him to get help, hoping that Repairing His Soul won't cost them their rapidly forming romance.

After a near death experience with an IED in the Middle East, Staff Sgt Alexander Denning is grateful to be alive but scarred inside and out after his fiancée's bitter rejection of his choice to continue serving. Georgette "George" Harper is attending Jane Wayne day for her sister when she's smitten with the McMap instructor Staff Sgt. Denning. Can she convince him what they have is worth the risk? Wooing Her Sergeant may be harder than she thinks.

When Mika gets a phone call that her husband Kasey's been hurt abroad, it's her worse nightmare. Prayers and the grace of God deliver him through, but the battle isn't over yet. The journey back to happiness and health will be painful, full of setbacks and damaged feelings, but Mika refuses to give up on the man she knows is her one true love. A true Marine's wife is Always Faithful, no matter the cost to herself.

Buy Link:

W. Lynn Chantale, Indulging Sin, Love Smackdown Series
Moses Hawke has loved Sin from the moment he laid eyes on her, but being with her cost him a good friend and valuable partnership. Sin knows what Moses sacrificed to be with her and she’s willing to keep a few secrets of her own to maintain their peaceful existence. Some things are not meant to be hidden and when all Sin’s transgressions become known, she’s left to wonder if Moses will still be there to protect her.
Buy Link:

Angeline Rain, Rescued Love, Second Chance Rescue Book 1
Can the doctor, who made a life out of helping animals, heal a human?
One by one, household dogs disappear only to come back after senseless abuse. Veterinarian Jordan Powell will stop at nothing to ensure her patients' safety. Even if that means seeking help from ex-boyfriend, police officer Nate Thrillson, the man whose heart she once broke.
The last thing Nate wants is a relationship. He has an inoperable cancerous tumor in his brain and his days are numbered. Yet, he couldn't resist Jordan.
It's a race against time to save the dogs and the man who captured her heart. Can the doctor, who made a life out of helping animals, heal a human?
Buy Links:

Raven McAllan, The Wager
Catherine is in despair. Her brother has lost a wager and the prize is her. The winner is the one person she dare not be in thrall to. How will she cope?
Brook suggests they wager on the outcome of the previous bet, but he intends to win.
What happens is more than either of them anticipates.
Buy Links:

Angelica Dawnson, Blue Moon House
Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of the vampires, and each has their own exacting cost.

Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again. Eventually her perseverance pays off and she crosses from submissive to dominant and vampire.
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LB Shire, The Damned
Sometimes, what a man needs is a little hope...

Travel worn, and weary, Shane Gregor rides into Hell's Hollow for a drink and answers. On the run for a crime he didn't commit his days are numbered unless he can find proof. What he discovers instead is a green eyed enchantress and a sheriff who's out for blood. When the law catches up to him, can he put his hopes in a woman he's only just met?

A widow who has fallen on hard times, Josie Talbert became a soiled dove for the sake of survival. Her life changes in the course of a night, when a dark and dangerous cowboy steps through the doors of the Dead Horse Saloon, a death sentence looming over his head. Can his words of innocence be trusted? Can a lone woman change the course of fate?
Buy Links:

Adult Bedtime Stories  
Doris O'Connor, Goldie and Her Bears
Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well. What do you get? Lots of delicious fun.
When Goldie Lockwood receives an explicit note, signed by none other than the man she fell head over clit in lust with on first sight, there is only one thing she can do — obey. After all she is dying to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the exclusive BDSM club.
Having his Goldilocks pounced on by his brother and sister had not been in Jason Stanhope's plan, even if the little human's responsiveness blows the triplets away. Porridge, chairs, beds, she tries them all.
But, can she be the sweet sub they need? Or will Goldilocks live up to her name and run away screaming?
Buy Links:

Kimberly Gould, Cargon, Honour & Privilege
Lives are won, lost and traded on the three-tiered Cargon boards.

Eve, a serving-girl, has watched the elite from the outside, seen the dramatic shifts based on the results of the Game. With a growing need to reach beyond her station, she can no longer accept her position on the edges.

Wagering her own life, she wins and emerges in a strange new world. New rules and old acquaintances tangle to make Eve’s life less comfortable than her position would suggest.
One pawn moved, but an entire world shaken – Eve will change the world.

Buy Links:

Young Adult
J. Lilley, Discovered, Shalean Moon Series Book 1
When Rach moved to Scotland she knew there would be changes. She hadn't expected them to be quite so dramatic. Not only was there a new house, new school and new friends, there was also a secret to discover.
Brios Parde was a Patriarch in waiting. When the powerful leopard shifter senses a new Shalean he is amazed to discover it's the new girl. All his senses tell him Rach will be important to him.
However the Rogues try to destroy the budding relationship. Will Rach decide to side with Brios or help stage an uprising?
Buy Links:
We hope you see something you like and wish you the best on the Read Something New Challenge!

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In Flames Interview with @JessicaJayne13 #newrelease @evernightpub

Join me in giving a very warm welcome to Jessica Jayne, as I grill her with my nosy questions about her new release, In Flames.

Make yourself at home,  Jessica.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. I’m a small town Ohio girl.  I grew up in Northeastern Ohio, almost smack-dab between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, which explains my sports allegiance.  I’m an Ohio State Buckeye for college football (and actually all college sports), but a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for the NFL.  I also cheered for the Cleveland Indians much of my life until I moved to Florida and became a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays!
I married a wonderful man.  I’m a mother of three children.  I have six year old boy/girl twins and a four year little girl.  Needless to say, my life is a bit chaotic!  J
I LOVE to travel.  I got the travel bug early in my life and it has never left.  My husband and I did some extensive traveling before we had children.  We’ve hit just about every corner of the US and lots of places in-between.  We spent three weeks traipsing around France and Italy.  And we have a trip to Ireland, with the kids, on the horizon.

Q. What made you write ‘this’ story?

A. Nothing really made me write In Flames.  My writing style is a bit odd… or at least I’ve been told.  I usually get a scene in my head and I write that scene.  Then everything unfolds from there.  Sometimes the characters are not even well-defined until after that initial scene.  That’s basically what happened in In Flames.  There’s a scene where Gracelyn and Matt are leaving a restaurant and well, things happen, if you know what I mean.  ;)  I drafted that scene in my car in the notebook I carry around in my purse for that very purpose as I sat outside a restaurant.  I didn’t know at the time why they couldn’t be together… just that they couldn’t.  I took that scene tweaked it and created two characters that I fell absolutely in love with! 

Doesn't sound odd to me at all. It's kinda how my stories start.

Q. Tell us about your cover.

A. I was pleased with Sour Cherry Designs and Evernight Publishing’s cover for my story.  The male on the cover is amazing and I think I even commented that I wished I was Gracelyn after I saw it.  J

I can see why you would!

Q. Describe a typical day’s writing for us

A. My days are anything but typical.  With three children, a husband, a dog and a full-time job, I often don’t get to start my writing day until the evening.  I force myself to write for at least 45 minutes a day.  Most of the time, it is well above that.  But on those days where I am just wiped-out, I put my 45 minutes in, even if it is just editing and revising my work from the previous day. 

Q. What inspires you?

A. I’m inspired by life, in general.  It is really everyday events that trigger a scene or character in my head. 

Q. If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

A. I can’t think of much else that I’d want to be.  I’m already a wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend.  Writer rounds out my titles pretty well. 


Q. Do your characters ever surprise you?

A.Yes!  And isn’t that crazy?!  I mean as an author, you think that you are in control because you are creating the characters.  But there have been plenty of times when I look back at a scene I’ve just written and thought “Huh?  How did that happen?”  It is true that some characters take on a life of their own and you are simply their outlet!  J

Oh, yes! lol

Q. What could you not do without when you’re writing?

A. Wine.  Haha!  And I’m not joking!  Some of my best sex scenes have come out of a wine haze! 

Hehe, my best work happens when I'm tired. Go figure!

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

A. When I was in tenth grade, I had a teacher ask me to be in a senior level creative writing course.  I stayed in touch with her throughout my life and she continually encouraged me to not give up.  I was always a little timid about putting my work out there and submitting it to a publisher because, well, who likes rejection?!  But she kept at me.  Then one day, I just did it!
Being an author is hard work.  And a lot of that work is not just the writing.  Nowadays, promoting your work is just as much effort.  You have to have thick skin… not everyone is going like what you write.  Doesn’t make the 1 star reviews any easier, but you have to keep trucking along.  And you will get rejections!  So what!  Keep at it.  Let people read your work and critique it.  It really does only make you a better writer, even if some stuff is hard hear.  Write what inspires you… what puts a smile on your face.  And smile big and often!  J

Fab words, and I couldn't agree more.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

A. In ten years, I will be the mother of two 16 year olds and one fourteen year old… two of which will be girls!  I imagine my hairstylist, Heather, will be rich as I will have tons of gray hair that I will have to hide every 6 weeks because I’ll be a mother of three teenagers!
But seriously… I hope to have way more books published. 

Being the mother of three, soon to be four teenagers, I think you might be right ;-)

Q. Do you have a favourite quote?

A. I have two favorite quotes… both kind of related:
If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.
Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.
I have used both of these quotes in various aspects of my life.  They are great to gain perspective when life throws you a curve ball.  Change is hard, but it helps to look at it in a positive light, so that we can all become butterflies!

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

A. Yes!  And I hate it!!!!

Q. What other books can your readers look forward to?

A. I have an erotic novella published by Cobblestone Press, LLC entitled More Than Friends.  It’s available for purchase at Amazon, B&N and ARe.  It’s a friends-to-lovers kind of story with a twist.  It has received good reviews and I’m proud of that piece, especially since it was my first published work.
I am currently writing a short story that I plan to submit to Evernight’s Romance on the Go line.  It deals with a man that sits on the board of directors for an insurance company and becomes completely taken by one of the company’s female attorneys.  So far, it is turning out to be a fun one to write.  I hope Evernight takes it!  Fingers-crossed!
I also am working on a sequel to More Than Friends.  The book ends in a HFN scenario that I have come to find is difficult for a lot of readers.  They want their HEA!  So, after many requests for a continuation of Jeni and Brian’s story, I am writing that as well.
And I have just started outlining a book about a Florida cowboy.  I’m not ready to reveal the premise yet because I am still ironing out the storyline and characters, but I promise it will be worth the wait!

Sounds fab!

Q. And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

            And excerpt from In Flames. 
            “This is just so hard, Matty.  Raising Jenna and Josh on my own.  It’s a big responsibility when both parents are around, but on my own… I feel like I am screwing everything up,” she cried.  “Shit around the house that he would normally take care of sometimes falls by the way side because I forget about it… like the trash.  And then I see it sitting there and get mad that he isn’t here to take the trash out or mow the lawn or help the kids with their math homework.  He was always better with math than I was.  Not to mention, I feel so damn alone.”  She looked up at him.  Her blue eyes sparkled through her tears. 
            “You know you can always count on me,” Matt said.  He put his arms around her and cradled her.  “I’ll help with Jenna and Josh as much as I can.  And you know Mom and Pop will always be here to help too.  And when I don’t have Brian on the weekend, I can be here to do whatever you need…like I have been.”
            “I can’t ask you to do more than you already do,” she said.  “You already do so much… too much.  You attend the kids’ events and games.  You help take care of the yard… fix the little things around the house… make sure my car is always up and running.  You need to have a life.  You can’t spend your free time taking care of your brother’s widow all the time.”
            “Gracey, you are more than just Chad’s widow.  You’re family.  And you have always been a friend.  You’ve been a tremendous support for me.  I wouldn’t have made it through this last year without you.  I will do whatever I can to help you.  You know that.  We’ve helped each other through this last year and I’m not abandoning you now.  I’ll always be here for you.” 
            “I just don’t want to be alone anymore,” she cried into his shoulder.  Her hands gripped his t-shirt desperately.  Matt held her tight.  Tears welled in his own eyes.  The past year had been difficult for everyone, especially Gracelyn.  But she’d always stayed strong…whether for the kids, for everyone else or for herself.
             They had shared tears together over the last year, but he had only witnessed her completely break down twice.  First, when she found out about the accident.  Matt wouldn’t let anyone else break the news to her.  He had been at the scene when the accident happened.  Several firefighters had to restrain him to keep him from rushing back into the collapsing building to get to his brother.  The fire chief wanted to tell Gracelyn about Chad’s death, but Matt refused that as an option.  He and Gracelyn were close and he did not want her to find out from anyone other than him, so he rode with the chief to her house.  She knew the minute she opened the front door and saw him standing in his turnout pants, t-shirt and suspenders with his face all smudged black from the smoke and his own tears.  She collapsed in his arms when he confirmed it.  And then when they buried Chad, Gracelyn broke down for the last time… at least in front of anyone else.  Maybe she sobbed every night in the shower or lying in bed by herself.  But he had not seen it.  The sight of her in his arms now… it just broke his heart.
            Gracelyn lifted her head and looked at him through her tears.  Matt gently touched her face with the back of his hand, in an attempt to wipe away her tears and soothe her.  Leaning into him, she pressed her lips to his.  At first, Matt didn’t comprehend what was happening.  Her lips were soft against his, yet she kissed him so confidently.  Her fresh strawberry scent enveloped him… so sweet… so intoxicating.  She smelled like summer despite it being the end of September.
            Matt’s mind told him to stop the kiss.  Stop it before it went any farther.  But her tongue slid against the seam of his lips and his head jumbled with a mix of thoughtsnone of which were coherent. 


Gracelyn Riley married a firefighter.  She knew that came with risks.  But she never imagined herself widowed in her early thirties with two children to care for on her own.

As a fireman, Matt Riley was at the scene when his brother, Chad, was killed.  He suffered greatly from survivor’s guilt and depression after the accident.

The last year has been difficult for both Gracelyn and Matt.  They’ve relied on each other to get through the tough times.  With the anniversary of Chad’s death upon them, Gracelyn and Matt once again turn to each other for comfort and support.  They find it in each other’s arms (and bed).  Will their desire for each other consume them?  Can they overcome the guilt and scrutiny to find love again…together?

Hmm, this does sound fab! Must put it on my TBR list

Thank you, Doris, for hosting me and my new book, In Flames.  I can’t say how grateful I am to be a part of the Evernight family.  Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly.  This experience has been wonderful.

Ah, you're very welcome and Evernight are fabulous. So glad you joined the family :-)

You can find Jessica all over the place on the web:

And on Twitter @JessicaJayne13

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#SexySnippets from The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin (Week 3) #weddingnight @evernightpub

Happy Sunday all, it's time for those Sexy Snippets. Seven sexy sentences taken from a published work or work in progress.

Now unless you have been living under a rock you will know that I am the proud owner of one hot cover. I squealed when I saw it, because it's so Lakota.


But before I get to that, and whilst we're talking of swooning, or maybe that should be fanning one self, I give you your seven.

Taken from the wedding night - Enjoy!

"I want to fuck you so much, little Alice."
She twisted underneath him in answer, and opened her thighs wider, granting his fingers access to her moist folds. Swollen and oh so soft they drew him like a beacon, and, stopping briefly at her breasts to lick and tease each nipple in turn, he continued his exploration south.
Her scent called him, the salt of her sweat-slicked skin a heavy aphrodisiac. He circled her clit with his thumb and allowed one finger to enter her tight channel. Her internal walls clenched around his digit, and he murmured soothing nonsense into her tummy, until she relaxed enough for him to insert another finger.
"That's it, Alice, relax, I'll make this good for you, I promise."

(He does, believe me!)



Lay back and think of England, she could do this. It was only sex, after all. Auctioning off her virginity was the easy part—going through with it not so easy.  When Alice realizes who has acquired her, keeping her emotions out of the deal seems an impossible task.

Self-made billionaire Lakota, Lance Kemnay has no time for women, let alone one, who would sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Ever practical, however, he sees in Alice a solution to his immediate need for a wife. The emotions she stirs in him are just lust, and lust can be dealt with. As they connect emotionally and physically, his resolve to keep his heart aloof is tested beyond limits.

Can he trust his tender feelings, or has he been taken for a fool by the one woman he thought he could trust?


This releases in just five days!

Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week?

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Light The Shadows with Michelle Clay #newrelease @evernightpub

Don't you just love that cover? I have the lovely Michelle Clay in my book spotlight today, so read on to find out more about Light The Shadows. This is an Editor's pick!

You only get one chance at life then you die. The game’s over, no second chances.  But she was never one to follow all the rules.
In a strange twist of fate, a woman flees purgatory only to jump into a newly vacated body. When she wakes in the hospital, she has a brand new life and a whole lot of unanswered questions.  Now she’s Micah Munroe, a real estate agent with broken memories of the messed up life she once lived. A mysterious man who claims to be Death says she’s his granddaughter and that she’s something called a grimm.
Sully knows she’s an imposter because he reaped the soul of the real Micah only a week ago. He suspects she might be a misplaced shadow, what he calls spirits and vengeful ghosts. He becomes obsessed with finding out who she really is and just how she inhabited a new body.  He’ll stop at nothing to find the truth and send her back to purgatory where she belongs.  What he didn’t bargain on was how his body would react to her or how powerful the white light within her is.
When a powerful shadow and her horde of angry spirits kidnaps Sully’s best friend, they must work together to get him back.  Fighting their feelings for each other isn’t half as difficult as fighting the army of shadows bent on starting a war with the living.
His husky drawl sent a vibration of hunger through her and ignited a fire deep within her core. “You are so fucking hot.”
Recapturing her mouth, he pressed against her, proving just how hot, how hard she made him. Micah whimpered, and he drew his mouth away from her lips. Just like his tongue and hands, his incredibly sexy eyes ignited a fire within her.
“Sully.” She bit her lower lip and reveled in knowing she was the reason he was so hard.
His fingers were at her waist, unzipping then dragging the dress pants down her hips. Micah trembled with need as he shucked them from her legs and dropped them onto the floor. He closed the space between them, and her thighs closed around his waist. Her sex drowned with desire, clouding her mind with seductive thoughts and want. With him so intimately close, his hard-on pressed against her through the damp lace of her panties. She shifted her hips, and Sully rewarded her with a groan.
“Tell me something.” He grinned wickedly then slid his fingers up her inner thigh. They inched closer to her pool of desire and made her heartbeat race. “Are you wet?”
Her hands lifted from his shoulders, ran through his silken hair and down to his chest. Her nimble fingers fluttered across his shirt and even reached the second button before his hand closed over hers, stilling it. He prevented her from going any further by pulling her hand to his mouth. One by one, he kissed her fingers.
She frowned and pulled away from him to look up into his eyes. “Sully, I want…”
“I know what you want, doll.” His eyes glittered with feral passion.
A gasp shuddered past her lips when Sully’s index finger slid past the ribbon-thin panties then traveled downward. His finger slid through the tight coils of hair at the juncture of her thighs then lightly grazed her most delicate area. She clutched his shoulders and tightened her thighs around him. “Sully!”
"Want me to stop?" His voice was full of gravel and sexy as hell.
She nipped his bottom lip. "Don't you dare."

Stalk Michelle:

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Flash Fiction Friday - Sins #FFF

Happy Friday, folks.

I found today's picture prompt incredibly inspiring, and I hope you enjoy my 100 words.


         The acid rain burned, and washed his guilt away with the layers of his skin. The physical pain was nothing compared to the burden he carried in his heart. No amount of torture he put his body through could ever atone for his part in the destruction raining down on them from above.
         "General, get in here now. This will only get worse."
         He waved the soldier away, back into the safety of the bunker.
         "My place is taken, check the records."                     
         The door clanged shut behind him, and he lifted his head to face the death of his invention.

Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

D x

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Cover Reveal: The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin @evernightpub

Did you hear me squeal where you are yesterday? No? Well, I am surprised, because I did just that when I opened my e-mail and saw this cover. It's Lakota to a 't', and Alice isn't half bad either...


Lay back and think of England, she could do this. It was only sex, after all. Auctioning off her virginity was the easy part—going through with it not so easy.  When Alice realizes who has acquired her, keeping her emotions out of the deal seems an impossible task.

Self-made billionaire Lakota, Lance Kemnay has no time for women, let alone one, who would sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Ever practical, however, he sees in Alice a solution to his immediate need for a wife. The emotions she stirs in him are just lust, and lust can be dealt with. As they connect emotionally and physically, his resolve to keep his heart aloof is tested beyond limits.

Can he trust his tender feelings, or has he been taken for a fool by the one woman he thought he could trust?


Here is the official excerpt too (be warned it's hot!):

He'd bound her to him with the ridiculous terms of their arrangement, and he had no idea how she really felt about him. That her body desired him, of that there was no doubt. Could there ever be more between them? Was the trust she exhibited in her submission to him enough to build a relationship on?
Would she want to stay with him once the arranged time was over? His little Alice was a romantic. Would she settle for a life with what little he had to offer, knowing full well that he was incapable of ever saying the words every woman wanted to hear?
"Lakota?" Her uncertain whisper shook him out his maudlin thoughts. This was here, and this was now. He would live in the moment and worry about all that later. Right now he had his woman where he wanted her.
"I'm here, my sweet. Relax."                         
She drew in a breath and another, in a visible effort to calm her nerves, and he bent down and kissed her again.
"Remember those candles you admired on that stall in Colombo, my sweet?"
She stilled completely and her breaths grew choppier, and he smiled.
"I see that you do… Now, feel their kiss, and fly for me."
He'd gone hard as nails in the middle of the crowded market at her innocent reaction to his whispered comment that these were far more than scented candles. He'd bought them on impulse, waiting for the right moment to introduce them. He knew her well enough by now to know how far he could push her, and he wanted to give her the pleasure this play brought.
She flinched at the first drop of wax hit her just below the collarbone, and he swiped the drop away, watching her closely for her reaction. Again and again he repeated the process, until she arched into the touch of the wax on her skin.
He drew patterns around her breasts, leaving the wax to settle, and letting the flame burn a little hotter each time. Her breathing changed to the slow, deep state of relaxed awareness he wanted her to be in as he scribed what was in his heart on her quivering tummy.
By the time he was done his dick was just about ready to explode, and Alice was so wet, the covers were stained under her ass. He smiled to himself at the face of housekeeping in the morning and poured one last heavy drop of wax over her hugely distended clit at the same time as he thrust his cock into the tight clasp of her body, with a growled, "Come for me, baby."
Alice came so hard and so fast she could barely catch her breath. The sensation of the hot wax dripping over her most sensitive flesh coupled with the feel of him sliding deep into her core, his weight pinning her in place proved too much.
She was dimly aware of Lakota reaching his own pinnacle in record time, and then she was free. Released from her bonds and held securely in his arms, she blinked to get her eyes to focus.
Her body was covered in multi-colored patters of wax, and he'd traced a word into her lower abdomen—Mine.
Alice bit back her tears, and Lakota's hands settled over her fingers tracing the word. She looked at him, and she held her breath at the emotion she glimpsed in his eyes, before he masked it.
"I will run you a bath, and you can soak it off. I'm not going near that beautiful skin of yours with a knife."
"Do we have to take it off?"
He grew very still at her husky question, and his voice was hoarse when he finally answered.
"I don't want you getting sore. This is your first time. We don't know how your skin will react."
Alice smiled at the protectiveness and concern behind those words.
"I seem to be having a lot of firsts around you, Mr. Kemnay."


*happy sigh*

This releases May 3rd with Evernight Publishing, who, incidentally are giving away 25% of their website proceeds in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, so May is the perfect month to stock up on your romance titles.

Isn't that a fabulous idea?

Let me know what you think of my cover, please, and enjoy the rest of your day,

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fancy a little Irish Seduction today? Interview with @AnnBHarrison

Happy Humpday, folks! 

In true Humpday tradition I bring you a hunk, called Jasper. He is Ann Harrison's hero and she's pinned in my hot seat today to tell you about Irish Seduction.

 So glad to have you here, Ann.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. Sure, I live in the desert in Queensland Australia. At the moment it is sunny and a very nice 27 degrees Celsius heading for 34. Definitely lounging by the pool weather.

Wow, definitely pool weather!

Q. What made you write ‘this’ story?

A. I wrote a Young Adult novel and Jasper is one of the main characters. I loved him so much I decided to write his story. A spunky Irishmen deserves his own book in my mind.

Q. Tell us about your cover.

A. How beautiful is it? When I put in the art form I asked for something light. Mina really got it right first time, it was just as I imagined it would be. I cried when I saw it.

Q. Describe a typical day’s writing for us.

A. First up in the morning I do all the social media and email stuff. If I didn't I would be going back and forward and never get anything done.
Then I go to my WIP. I try to do at least two thousand words a day. I know it's not much really but some days when those words just don't want to flow it's a heap. On a good day I will get down five thousand.

Q. What inspires you?

A. It can be anything, a name, a song or a dream. It always hits me when I least expect it too so if I'm away from my computer I use my iPhone for notes so I don't lose the story.

Q. If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

A. A farmer, it's what I know best growing up as a country girl.

Q. Do your characters ever surprise you?

A. All the time. I'm a definite pantser through and through. Even when I tried to plot (and it doesn't happen very often) my characters blow it out of proportion. I can imagine them looking at me nodding their heads conspiring against me. "Well just look at that wee lassie trying to tell us what to do. Let's show her a thing or two aye?"
Get my drift.  I had a character kill another main character off in a forthcoming book and I bawled my eyes out. It wasn't how I imagined it was going at all but the story is great now because of it.

Lol, that sounds so familiar!

Q. What could not do without when you’re writing?

A. My laptop. It goes with me everywhere. When we travel I write, when we go camping I write. Have laptop - makes Ann a happy girl. My husband said it is attached to my fingers, LOL.

Yep, my husband has been known to say that too ;-)

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

A. Don't give up, seriously don't. If writing means that much to you, keep going no matter how many knocks you get. They make you stronger and help you grow as a writer.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

A. I write full time now but I would love to crack into the Big Six market. I want to get a wider range of readers and that is the goal I have set myself.

Q. Do you have a favorite quote?

A. A few actually but I love this one from Pink (she plays loudly in the background when I'm seriously immersed in a heavy scene.)
Wounded people are dangerous because they know they can survive.

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

A. I don't believe there is any such thing actually but that's just my opinion. Your brain goes 24/7. Just because you don't like what its coming up with doesn't mean it's writers block.

Certainly a different way to look at it :-) 

Q. What other books can your readers look forward to?

A. I have another Rural Romance just out. Outback Thunder is about a young couple broken apart when they were barely out of their teens. They are reunited after a family tragedy and have to confront the passion that still sparks between them.

Q. And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

My pleasure Doris.
Excerpt - Irish Seduction

He longed to crawl into his bed and let her take over his body. The blood rushed through his veins, burning while he recalled last night's dream.
The velvet curtains around his bed moved soundlessly and the heavy fabric parted. As she stood, the light of the moon behind her, her hair shone like gold and shimmered over her shoulders. Her sheer white cloak fell in soft folds around her body, showing off the shape of her full breasts, the soft curve of her hips, and the small indentation of her navel down to the dark shadow at the apex of her thighs. She ran the tip of her tongue along her full, bottom lip leaving a gloss of moisture that he ached to taste. She lifted her chin and the cloak dipped, revealing her naked rose-tipped breast.
He sucked in a breath. The woman was magnificent and he yearned for her body beneath his.
A small sigh escaped her mouth when she reached out to touch him. Jasper gasped at the touch of her fingers toying with his bare chest, skimming over his nipples, and sending electric shocks through his body, straight down to his cock. She leaned in closer, her scent rocketing through his brain.
 She lifted her hand and drew down the covers, leaving him exposed to her eyes in the pale candlelight.
Jasper reached out a shaking hand as he debated sliding his fingertips across her face. Would she disappear if he touched her? Pleasure replaced his trepidation as she leaned her soft cheek against his hand and the dream remained unbroken. Her face turned into his hand and she kissed his palm, her tongue darting across the rough skin, sending sensuous ripples down his spine. She pushed him back on the pillows, and with a smile, traced a pattern over his face and down his neck with her lips.
The cloak was discarded and fell to the floor. She knelt beside him on the bed, her body naked and pale in the soft light of the candles. His body hardened more and he reached out again to grab hold of her, but once again she pushed him back.
"Let me," she whispered, dipping her head low over his body.

This sounds fab, Ann. Thanks so much for sharing with us today!

Thanks for having me Doris. If you want to find out any more about me go to: