Tuesday, 31 December 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - Dangerous

Happy Tuesday, folks. Here's your final tease of this year. Enjoy :-)

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Original Source Unknown)

"Invite me in."
The voice that haunted Elyssa's dreams compelled her to move, and the breath stalled in her lungs when she opened the door.
"You can't be… you're—"
"I am and I'm here. I told you I would find a way back to you, baby."
Jason's smile lit up his face, and his beloved features blurred through her tears.
"You have to invite me in, baby."
Instinctively her fingers reached out to touch him, to trace the tattoo he hadn't had before and her skin warmed under the heated intensity of his gaze. The tenseness in his shoulders stopped her, and she took a step back into the relative safety of her hallway.
"Invite me—"
"In, I know." Elyssa stepped back further and shook her head and this version of Jason snarled. He punched the doorframe with enough force to rattle the foundations and that shiver of unease trailing up her spine engulfed her in an ice cold fist.
"You're not him. He wouldn't need an invitation."
The creature on her doorstep burst into flames and his putrid, hot breath singed her hair, even as Jason's familiar scent enveloped her.

"That's my girl. I'm here. It's okay."

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. And Happy New Year!!!

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

#SexySnippets from The Bear Project #bearshifter @evernightpub

Happy Sunday, folks.

I'm bringing you a scorching hot seven from my upcoming release The Bear Project, which releases January 9th!


I'm eagerly awaiting my cover art. For now, here's the unedited blurb:

When Animal conservationist Emmi Layne meets bad boy Cole Jackson there is no denying the instant lust between them. She has a thing for bears, after all. However, you cannot build a relationship on awesome sex alone, especially when you live on different continents, and have nothing in common.

Everything changes, when Emmi discovers that their night of passion has left her with more than erotic memories. She has no means of contacting him, even if she wanted to, but she hasn't counted on this bear shifter's determination.

Cole is not what he seems, and he will stop at nothing to claim what's his—even if that means breaking all the rules.

Can he trust the mating bond to deliver, or will it spell the end of an ancient blood line?

With the odds stacked against them, can this unlikely duo find happiness together?


These two are hot when they get together, scorching, in fact, so here's a little snippet. Some creative punctuation has taken place - forgive me.


"Use your fingers to spread yourself wider, so that I can see what you're doing. Tell me what it feels like, and how much you want my cock, sugar."
Emmi shivered and closed her eyes, but her hands did slowly slide down to the apex of her thighs.
"Use your words, baby, I want to hear you."
"Oh God," her groan matched his when she spread her labia wide and circled her clit with one finger. The little nubbin swelled under her ministrations as all the blood rushed to the surface.
"That's my girl, fill your hole with your fingers, and imagine it's my cock, sugar."


I did warn you :-)

Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - Fulfillment #FFF

Happy, Friday, folks.  I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Here is your flash for today. Enjoy!

Robbed of her sight, the very air in the room seemed to caress her skin, as he stepped away.
His murmured praise hitched her anticipation higher.
"Today I want to watch."
A door opened and shut and the new, lighter set of footsteps sent her heart beat into an uneven staccato. Leather clad gloves trailed along the seam of her pussy and she inhaled sharply.
"She's all yours."
His words of consent made that ball of anticipation curl tighter and she heard his breathing speed up as those long feminine hands massaged her breasts.

He hadn't forgotten her fantasy.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Roses for Christmas #freeread #erotica

Happy Christmas all!

I didn't get round to writing a  new Christmas story for you all, so for today's entertainment I'm revisiting last year's story that I posted on The Nuthouse Scribblers as part of their Christmas feature.


Roses for Christmas 

"My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Lady Christina Pemberton to the Christmas Ball." 
The loud thuds of the butler's staff accompanying the announcement seemed to boom around the elaborate ballroom at a volume that couldn't be natural. The vibrations travelled up through the soles of Chrissy's feet, and she had to remember to shut her mouth. The liveried man was small and round, yet he waved that staff with a force that shook the ground. That tendril of unease and misgiving that had snaked itself round her spine like a clinging vine, ever since she'd ascended the huge curved stair way up to the ball room, seemed to draw the very air out of the room. Or maybe that was just the ridiculous corset that made up her dress for the evening. Chrissy was blessed with more curves than the average woman, and this elaborate and beautiful, burgundy evening gown had been designed for Lady Christina Pemberton, not her penniless friend Chrissy, who had no business wearing this dress or hobnobbing with the rich and famous at a masked Christmas Ball.
"Pick a rose, my lady, for it will lead you to your destiny." The butler's ominous words focused her attention on the little display of black roses on the ornately carved side table. This evening was getting more bizarre by the minute. Chrissy still couldn't understand why she'd been drafted in to attend instead of her friend. Surely, a simple, I'm sorry, I am unable to attend, would have dealt with the matter. Instead they were going through this elaborate subterfuge.
Christina had made it sound as though it was a life and death situation.
"No, you don't understand. I cannot get out of attending this ball. They wouldn't appreciate it. Trust me you'll have fun. In fact it will blow your mind. I had the most awesome time last year, but I can't do it again. George wouldn't approve."
She'd pulled a face at the mention of her fiancé. Picked by her aristocratic parents their wedding was set for the spring. Chrissy knew Christina wasn't happy about the arrangement but she went along with it anyway. Not for the first time, Chrissy was rather glad she only had to answer to her cat. Aristocratic he might be, but as long as she fed, and petted him when he deemed it necessary, then he was quite happy. There were advantages to being a mere pleb, it seemed.
The butler cleared his throat and Chrissy started. He pointed to the roses and she dutifully picked one up. It was heavy and cold and she yelped when one of the thorns pricked her skin.  A bright crimson spot of blood appeared on her finger and dropped onto the marble floor.
"Mind the thorns, fair lady."
The butler's warning came too late, and she glared at his smile. He looked as though he was ready to pounce on her which was a ridiculous notion. But then so were black roses with thorns so deep, you dripped heavy spots of blood all over the floor. Chrissy didn't do blood at the best of times, and Christina would have a fit if she got bloody stains all over her silk dress. With nothing to stem the flow—surely a pin prick shouldn't bleed that much—Chrissy took a deep breath and steeled herself to have to lick the crimson fluid of her digit. Her stomach rolled and the room swayed, but before she could raise her hand, a cool, large, and unmistakably male fist closed around her wrist.
"Allow me." The deep, gravelly voice that hand belonged to came straight out of the weird dreams she'd been having lately, and she was rather grateful for the arm of steel round her waist that pulled her up against a wall of muscle. Before she could voice her thanks though, her mouth went dry, when the masked and impossibly tall stranger sucked her finger into the moist depths of his mouth. He wrapped his tongue around it and suckled. Tingles of awareness spread from her finger up her arm like rolling waves of heat and she bit her lip to stop herself from groaning. Her eyes locked with the stranger's and she lost herself in the deeply hypnotic depth of his crystal blue gaze until the room faded away and she was only aware of him, and the heat rolling through her veins, until it all centred at the apex of her thighs.
Her legs shook and her knees buckled with the force of her release. As unexpected as it was devastating, the orgasm rocked through her body, and left her breathless and clinging onto the man's flexing biceps with her free hand. Her fingernails dug in, her toes curled in her high heeled boots, and moisture flooded her skimpy underwear, at the same rate embarrassment heated her face.
The man released her finger with one last sensual slide of his tongue and kissed the fingertip.
"Delicious, but you're not Christina." He smiled, showing even white teeth, with prominent incisors that retracted as she watched in stunned fascination. He couldn't be, could he? What on earth had Christina got her into?
She should be terrified right now, but with her body still singing from that spectacular orgasm, her limbs felt heavy and uncooperative and all she could do was lean into his masculine and overpowering presence.
"What are you doing here, my little petal?" He turned her slightly so that she faced him and he traced the knuckles of his hand over her cheek, down the column of her throat, until they skimmed over the top of her breasts. Her nipples puckered against the corset and her breasts shook with her heaving breaths that threatened to tumble the heavy globes out of their confines.
"I … I, she couldn't make it tonight, so she sent me instead."
His eyes darkened and like the stormy depths of the ocean they swirled and drew her in closer, until he blinked, and the fog in her head cleared.
She pushed against his chest and he released her immediately.
"I see, well, in that case, allow me to escort you home. You shouldn't be here." He held out his hand and Chrissy noticed with a start, that the wound on her finger had closed. Not even the faintest mark remained.
"How is that even possible? What is this?" She found her backbone from somewhere and the look of approval in the stranger's eyes bathed her in a warm glow. His dirt blond hair hung down to his shoulders, and a days' worth of stubble covered a strong jaw. He frowned at something over her head now, and his gaze turned to frost. A chill swept over her when he addressed someone behind her. Their black auras wrapped themselves around her consciousness and she instinctively stepped closer to the blond stranger, seeking his protection.
"You're not needed. I've got this. The lady is leaving." His baritone rumbled through her and she closed her eyes against the myriad of sensations assaulting her senses. His dry, clean scent with a hint of expensive cologne tickled her nose, and she inhaled against his chest. The soft cloth of his designer suit soothed her heated skin and a sense of safety, and connection surrounded her. Why she should feel safe with this complete stranger, who'd brought her to such a state of arousal that she had climaxed in public, the rational side of her brain just couldn't grasp, but safe she felt. He drew her in closer, against the hardness in his groin that left her in no doubt of his intentions.
Chrissy swallowed a moan, and she wasn't sure if she would kill Christina or thank her, if she made it out of here alive. Ice cold fingers trailed down her exposed back and she shivered and pressed herself closer to her saviour.
"Drakus, take your hands off her." There was no mistaking the controlled menace in his voice, and Chrissy's stomach hollowed out, as her saviour's muscles tensed. An evil and chilling laugh behind her spread ice through her veins.
"After all this time, you are claiming a human? Why this one, Nimphus? Her blood smells sweet, but she is not the one who was invited. That one knows the rules and the forfeit. A price needs to be paid. It is Christmas after all."
Oh, good god, what was Christina involved in?
Blood rushed in her ears, and her skin felt too tight for her frame, but she disentangled herself out Nimphus' comforting presence to face this Dracus.
Dressed entirely in black, with his long raven hair falling about his face, he looked the epitome of the original vampire, right down to his deathly pale complexion, and the coldness seeming to seep out of his very pores. Either side of him stood two ethereally beautiful women. With their willowy figures shrouded in white long, flowing dresses, they made Chrissy all too aware of her plump frame.
"Can we have her, Master, please? We want her. Can she be our Christmas present?"
"I am no one's Christmas present." Chrissy glared at the trio and Drakus smiled, whilst his ladies pouted. "And I'm not some glorified snack bar, so you can put your fangs away. I'm his."
Nimphus' sharp exhale sent a whoosh of warm air down her exposed back and his arms came round her waist. An audible click behind her made her gasp and her heart turned into a jack hammer when he scraped his fangs along the sensitive skin of her neck. Another gush of moist heat coated her feminine folds and the little group of vampires inhaled as one.
"So, claim her. If the rose has spoken, and she is the one, now is the time." Drakus smiled again and folded his long fingered hands in front of his chest. The cruel twist of his thin lips sent a renewed shiver of fear right into her soul. "Of course, if you're wrong, this will be the last Christmas for both of you."
Nimphus tensed. "Forgive me, my petal." The growled words into her neck registered seconds before his fangs pierced her skin, and Chrissy screamed.
The room was dark. Faint music carried up through the floor boards, and she winced at the soreness in her neck. Where was she? The heavy covers weighed her down, and she couldn't quite get her limbs to move. A comforting presence surrounded her. A naked, hair roughened thigh pressed between her legs and she opened wider to allow the hardness pressing against her core to slide home. Her breath whooshed out of her lungs as the man on top of her thrust deep. Every slide into her sent her arousal higher. She met him halfway, clinging to his shoulders, revelling in the feel of him pressing her into the covers. He bent his blond head and kissed her—a kiss as arousing and familiar as time itself. They climbed together, lost in each other's arms until the chime of the village bell tower announced the stroke of midnight. The world spun and the bed shook as they tumbled over the edge in one tumultuous release of energy that left them both breathless and staring at each other in silent wonder.
The rose left on the bed stand glowed and hovered in the air, before it disintegrated in a shimmer of red ashes. Nimphus too glowed, and pushed away from her, his skin on fire, until he collapsed on the bed next to her, as human as she was.
Stunned they looked at each other, for the man she knew as Nimphus was none other than the man who'd inhabited her dreams for as long as she could remember.
The ashes of the rose swirled and fell with the mere whisper of satisfied laughter, and Nimphus drew her to him for a kiss filled of wonder and love.
"Merry Christmas, my sweet petal."

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - The Miracle of Christmas

It's Christmas eve, and the excitement is running high in my house, so it seemed only fitting that I should bring you a little Christmas Miracle as today's tease.

Enjoy, and have a lovey Christmas :-)

Mark wasn't sure what woke him, but the faint lights that shone into the hallway brought him to instant wakefulness. Christmas fucking morning and he had intruders in the house. Well, the bastards would get a rude awakening.
Mark didn't celebrate Christmas, hadn't since the accident had robbed him off everyone he held dear, so there was nothing to steal from under his tree. He hadn't put one up in years. What was the point of it all?
Grabbing the baseball bat he kept by his bed he crept down the hallway and yanked the door open, ready to do some damage, but he froze instead.
It couldn't be. Christmas fairies didn't exist. There was no fucking magic, yet here, right in front of his eyes, a naked, beautiful woman danced around a tree in his living room—a tree that shouldn't be there.
She placed a glowing star on top, and then danced toward him, her laughter like Christmas music in his ear.  Feather light caresses touched his skin and melted away the frozen layers surrounding his heart.
She disappeared with a whisper of a kiss and a promise in the air.
"Time to live again, Mark. Merry Christmas."

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to tease in 200 words. Please click on the graphic to check out the other fabulous participating authors.

As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.

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It's 'A Little Mysterious' #characterinterview @ElodieParkes #ROTG @evernightpub

Happy Monday, all. If you're still at work, commiserations, but I have the perfect antidote right here. So, grab a cuppa, take five and enjoy this peek into 'A Little Mysterious'.

Take it away, Elodie :-)


‘A Little Mysterious’ my November 27 release with Evernight Publishing was inspired black swans and a man I met in my work. I say met, but it was a fleeting meeting. I don’t even know his name. The black swan idea has been with me since I went to Australia on holiday and saw them, flocks of them swimming in the edge of the ocean in a place near Melbourne. There was also a tame one that lived on the pond where I was renting a holiday house in Perth.

The man who inspired, Dhruv, my alpha male in ‘A Little Mysterious’ came into the antique shop where I work. He was gorgeous, so polite, and cool, that I went to the window so I could secretly watch him walk away down the street. 

He’d been sent off course…he thought he was lost…until he found Daisy.

His vampire abilities were special. He belonged to an elite group. Moving home, they are set off course by a storm that lands Dhruv alone, hungry, and desperate in a strange town.
A story of lust, love, and coincidence.

Today the main characters from ‘A Little Mysterious’, Dhruv and Daisy are visiting the blog.

Daisy, would you like to tell the readers about how you and Dhruv met?

We met on the high street in the café I worked in didn’t we Dhruv?

Dhruv: We did formally meet then, although I took a while to say much to Daisy. I liked her as soon as I saw her. That was before we actually met. I’d seen her around shall we say. I don’t want to give spoilers.

Daisy: That’s true, but I wanted you right away. I could hardly take my eyes off you. When I went up the back of the café and cleared the tables, I used to stare at you.

Dhruv: You did more than stare you sighed over me. I knew it. I could sense it. I could feel your need and it fuelled mine.
He leans across and kisses Daisy, then keeps hold of her hand.

Dhruv, Can you describe when you first knew you were in love with Daisy?

Dhruv: You know, I’m sorry but I can’t. It was weird for me. I couldn’t admit it to myself. I think Daisy loved me right away. Did you Daisy?

Daisy: I knew I wanted to make love with you, but I felt such a strong attraction to you I think I might have loved you right away. Then I knew the first time we made love, it was sex that turned into making love. For me anyway. Although I liked him the moment I saw him, in the cafe doorway. I wanted those arms around me right away.

She leans across and kisses him this time .I better ask another question since now they are starting to get a little heated.

What’s one thing you might have changed about your story?
Daisy: Nothing, since it’s the real story. Although I’ve never been happy with my name, and that I’m not very tall, Dhruv can tuck me under his arm. Although things are a little different now since we really got together, but I can’t tell you that. It would be a spoiler.

Dhruv: That’s so sexy Daisy, that I can pick you up and cuddle you into my body. You’re beautiful the way you are.
As for me changing the story, more sex, although there’s loads, I’m addicted to Daisy now and I find it hard to keep my hands off her. I might have said a little more about our lives after we got together, but that might be better in another book.

Dhruv, tell us something about Daisy, how would you describe her in a few words?

Dhruv: She’s very pretty, slender, intelligent. I think she’s kind and generous, and she treats people really well. She’s brave too. She likes the countryside and water. Starts to laugh and hugs Daisy.

Daisy, describe Dhruv in a few words.
Very sexy, giving, clever, thoughtful, a great lover, knows what he wants or needs to do and goes for it. He’s very creative, and talented artistically.

So what’s hot about the story?
The steam rises from the love scenes.
I think the way Daisy responds to me.
I think it’s the way you talk dirty to me.
Dhruv: Do I?
Now Daisy is stroking his arm, okay time for an excerpt.

How about you both choose your favorite scene from the book.

Daisy: It has to be a love scene for me, what about you Dhruv?
Dhruv: I think so, the hotter the better. (Grins)

 Well, I don't know about you, but I want to read an excerpt now.

“Let’s sit for a while. You can tell me about yourself.”
He watched as she placed her bag down on the pebble path, then sit down on the park bench. He sat close and breathed her in. She turned to him. There was hunger in her eyes. He knew that look. She desired him. It was strong and matched his hunger. He sighed. She was so pretty and he wanted to fuck her right then. Take her on the pebble path.
He let himself think about stripping her naked and licking her all over. He imagined stroking her stomach and then her clit. She would be wet for him, and his fingers would slide into her creamy pussy. She would moan and writhe under him, coming over and over, as he fucked her all night.
I need to feed, but not from her. I need her in a different way. I need to fuck her so hard I can’t think any more.
His voice was low and deliberately soothing. He took her hand, watching her face, waiting to see the look in her eyes that meant she was afraid of his cold touch. It didn’t come. As he took her hand, and traced his fingertips around the palm of her hand and over her fingers, she closed her eyes in pleasure, leaning toward him. Dhruv bent his head and kissed her.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

Buy the book:

Available All Amazon sites, AllRomance, Barnes and Noble, Evernight Publishing and Siren Bookstrand

About Elodie:
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

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#SexySnippets from Santa's Beard (week 2) Vanilla-Free Christmas #shiftermenage @evernightpub

Don't these Sunday some round fast?

I bring you another hot seven sentences from my story Santa's Beard, part of the Vanilla-Free Christmas Anthology.

Last week my heroine made a wish sat on Santa's knee and today is Christmas Day. She wakes up to find her two cats having transformed into ...

Joanna could not keep her eyes off the two impressive cocks in front of her, and heat rose in her cheeks when both men laughed. She wrenched her eyes upwards, and her insides clenched in need at the quiet way both men were studying her. A trickle of her essence seeped out of her wet core and both men inhaled. Aran took a step towards her, but the other man stopped him.
"Let me go, Caid, she wants this as much as we do, don't you, sweet Joanna? Are you not wondering how our cocks would feel buried deep inside your cunt and ass, right now? Have you not fantasized about this many a night, when you kicked the covers off to use your toys?"

This Christmas, the best gifts are waiting for those who have been naughty…

And the toys under the tree are not for children. Sexy Santas, naughty elves, and dominant shifters are ready to spread some very kinky Christmas cheer. It's a good thing the ladies in our stories are looking for anything but vanilla.

Be Warned: ménage sex, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM, spanking

Blurb for Santa's Beard:

When Santa strokes his beard wishes are granted - apparently. Joanna is not convinced, but when she wakes up on Christmas morning to find her cats have magically morphed into two naked and dominant men, she doesn't know what to think anymore. All she can do is ride the waves of sensation, as all her kinky desires come true. Can fantasy stand up in reality, or was it all just a dream?

Buy Links: Evernight  Amazon  ARe  Bookstrand


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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This isn't Goodbye with @IyanaJenna #newrelease @evernightpub #giveaway #mm

It's Saturday, and in my house we're now all officially off for the Christmas Holidays!

*big grin*

I have a long list of books I want to read over the festive season, and in case you're still looking for a lovely story to add to your TBR pile, I give you the awesome Iyana Jenna with her brand new release.

There's a Giveaway too!



Dear Doris, thank you so much for having me on your blog. I’m so excited about my new release. This is my second ever to be published by Evernight Publishing, which I hope will accept more of my stories! ~_^

This Isn’t Goodbye
by Iyana Jenna

Romance on the Go


Stay-at-home dad Taylor MacLean chose his life knowing he could rely on the trust fund from his rich grandmother. He didn’t have to work a day in his life. He preferred to take care of his baby daughter Janine and, when he was not busy changing diapers, he would get down to his art studio.

After finishing college, Jamie Selkirk followed his dream to be a photographer. Now working for a famous fashion magazine, Jamie spent more and more of his time away from Taylor and Janine, his husband and daughter. Can the couple learn to put each other first before their marriage begins to crumble?


Taylor went still for a moment before he let Jamie go. Jamie's body turned rigid a moment ago, a tell-tale sign every time his boy almost said something important. It disappointed him when Jamie only said that he needed an aspirin. Really, Jamie, an aspirin? Taylor had put a full bottle on the glass table in the living room next to the couch where they both slept last night.
"Go ahead. It's on the table," Taylor said in dismissal. "You would've seen it if you hadn't been so busy wanting to throw up."
Taylor turned around abruptly. He combed his hair back. He’d acted mean and thoughtless. He caught a pained reflection in Jamie's eyes. Taylor wanted to leave the room, this very second.
"Taylor?" Incomprehension and hurt chased one after another in Jamie's voice, and Taylor couldn't take it anymore.
"I heard something. I think Janine’s woken up."
"Janine." Jamie's trembling voice stopped him in his tracks. "I haven't seen her since ... since I don’t remember when."
Yeah, Taylor knew it must’ve been too long since Jamie saw their daughter. He'd stormed out of the house right after breakfast yesterday morning.
"Don't you miss her, Jamie? Or is your job and are all those parties still too important for you? More important than your own daughter?" It crossed Taylor's mind that she was Jamie's and not his, but he figured it would be mean of him to say that. They’d both agreed to use a surrogate, and they were married. It meant whatever belonged to Jamie belonged to him, too.
"I want to see her," Jamie said, his voice so thin Taylor thought he was imagining it.
"She's okay," he said. "I checked her earlier. She slept through the night while I was down here." He stopped at once. Jamie didn't know Taylor slept with him on the couch.
But nothing escaped that pretty head.
"Down here? Were you with me?" Jamie’s face flushed and Taylor wanted to grab him right there.
"Uhh, yeah."
"I just missed you."
Jamie sniffled, but he stayed still. Taylor balled his fists.
"Aw, what the hell." He lunged forward at Jamie right at the same time as Jamie moved toward him. They met halfway, grasped each other's face, and mashed their lips together.
“Wait a minute.” Jamie pulled back, gasping.
“What? Jamie?”
“I have to tell you something.”
“No, you don’t. I missed you. You’re all I want.”
“I need to tell you I’m sorry. I’m sorry I neglected Janine and you. I won’t do that again, ever.”
Taylor cupped Jamie’s face. “You don’t need to apologize.”
“Yes, I do.”
“Then I’m sorry, too.”
“What for?”
“I ignored what my husband needed.”
Jamie smiled. “So do you forgive me?”
Taylor swept him off his feet and grazed his lips lightly against Jamie’s.
“I already have.”
Taylor kissed deeper and drank in everything he could. He couldn't remember the last time he’d kissed Jamie. All the models in the world and their neighbors could want him, but Jamie belonged to him.


Evernight Publishing ~ Amazon ~ All Romance Ebooks

About the Author:

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has five of them. Their names are Larva, Nyil, Cil, Mermood, and Horus. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.

Author’s Links:

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Teaser for the next story by Iyana Jenna to be published by Evernight Publishing.