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This is a bonus scene from Through the Dom's Lens, taking place three years after the ending of the book.


Sally woke up, surrounded by the familiar weight of Junsako, and she smiled. He'd made it home for Valentine's Day after all then. Careful not to wake him she propped herself up on one elbow to see his face. God, she'd missed him—so much. This was the first assignment in ages to take him away from her, and had been the cause of one of their rare arguments.
The rational side of her knew he had to take on this charity photo shoot in aid of UNICEF, and she was extremely proud of him for giving up his time for such a valuable cause, but neither of them had expected it to take this long. Junsako had reveled in the chance to use his photographic skills for something completely unrelated to his normal work, and she hadn't been able to take that away from him.
Seeing him surrounded by the young and beautiful had brought all of her long forgotten insecurities flood back to the surface. She knew in her heart and soul that it was ridiculous to let the gossip mags get to her, but the feminine, and hormonal side of her just couldn't help it.
She'd found out why she was so hormonal three days ago, and she was still reeling from the shock of that discovery. At least that explained why she had gained even more weight, and whilst she was jumping for joy inside, they had never discussed kids, other than in the broad terms of one day they might want to start a family.
Junsako stirred in his sleep, and her heart turned over in her chest. She had tried to stay up for him last night, but exhaustion had claimed her, and she hadn't heard him come in. He, too, had been exhausted, if the faint dark smudges under his eyes were any indication. Rough stubble covered his usually smooth ebony jaw, and even in his sleep the possessive hand on her belly gave her a warm glow inside.
He'd come in bearing gifts. Their bedroom was filled with the scent of roses, and her smile deepened seeing the huge bunch of flowers on the night stand. Her favorite chocolates and bubble bath were propped next to the crystal vase, and she blinked away tears of happiness.
Of course he wouldn't have forgotten. Junsako never did. Last year, his Valentine's present had been an erotic photo shoot, involving the two of them, shot by his former assistant Aikiri, who had become a recognized Photographer in her own right.
Sally had pulled those precious pictures out countless times over the last few days to remind herself that she was being stupid.
Their last conversation several days ago now had ended up in an argument, and they had responded in curt text messages only since then. Sally's eyes filled with tears and she angrily swiped them away, but not before one fell on Junsako's chest.
She knew the instant he woke up, because her skin heated with the intensity of his gaze, and she didn't dare look up at him. Instead she scrambled off the bed to get his morning coffee.
He didn't stop her, but his sigh settled deep inside her heart. She had to do something to break this atmosphere. This was her fault after all.
Her hand stopped midair to the sugar, and she grinned. Yes, that would work.
Junsako was fully awake by the time she came back into the room, balancing his cup and saucer, and wearing nothing but the thong she slept in.
She sunk to her knees in front of him and offered the cup to him.
Another sigh made her insides tighten. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. He would punish her for her insolence for sure, and he didn't know about the baby. Not that Junsako was ever too rough, and lord knows she craved a good spanking, but maybe that wasn't done in her condition. Sally felt as clueless as the first day she'd walked into his studio three years ago.
"Why the high protocol, pet? I didn't expect it this morning."
His accent was more pronounced than she'd ever heard it, testament to the fact he was pissed off with her and the submissive inside her cringed at his disapproval. Like rich coffee those deep tones wrapped themselves around her heart.
"Look at me."               
Reluctantly she cut her eyes to his, just in time to see him take a sip of his coffee, and frown. His dark eyes narrowed and the world stood still as she waited for his reaction.
"No sugar, pet…?"            
She squirmed under his intense scrutiny, as little flecks of yellow flashed in his black eyes. Oh lordy, he was so not happy with her.
She tried for her best remorseful subbie face, but failed miserably, and his expression darkened.
 "What am I to do with you? First we argue and now this?"
He ran a hand through his hair and swore in Japanese, whilst glaring at the cup of coffee he still held in his hand. Sally held her breath, but that was as far as he let his emotions show.
He took a deep breath, schooled his features into what she secretively called his Dom mask, and simply looked at her.
"I'm sorry, Sir. I don't know what came over me. Please punish me."
Not waiting for his reply, she scrambled onto all fours and stuck her butt in the air.
A hard swat to her ass made her moan and hiss through her teeth.
Finally, it had been way too long. A good spanking always grounded her, and it cleared the air between them. Anything to get rid of this atmosphere between them.
Rather than spank her, however, he placed the coffee cup in the middle of her back.
Sally couldn't help but flinch as the hot saucer scorched her skin.   
"Careful now, you'll get burned, and I shall be very displeased if my pet damages herself. I suggest you hold very still."
Sally stopped breathing when he placed his large hands either side of her hips and slid his fingers under the elastic of her thong.
"I should spank that ass of yours until it's red for the insolence you've shown me, but, then, that's what you want, isn't it, my sweet?"
She didn't dare answer him, too focused on that hot spot on her back. Junsako had his coffee black, and it was freshly brewed. It would hurt if it slopped over the sides.
 "Maybe this way we'll find out what's really bothering you, what do you think?"
Junsako pulled the tiny slip of material down her legs in agonizing slowness and Sally whined her distress when he spread her ass cheeks and his hot breath skittered across her pussy folds. She was wet for him, and oh so sensitive due to her pregnancy hormones, and horny as fuck. It wouldn't take much to send her over the edge, and that would no doubt annoy him even more.
"Please, Sir… I—"
Words failed her when Junsako licked a path down the cleft of her ass cheeks until he found her nether lips. With a grunt of appreciation he licked along her labia, and Sally bit her lip with the effort to not move. A hot gush of her juices left her pussy hole and Junsako lapped up her essence, all the while holding her still with an iron grip, which she knew would leave bruises.
Again and again he repeated the process, his nose nudging her clit as he drank his fill and the cup rattled precariously on its saucer, as the tiny tremors started. Try as she might, Sally could not hold back her impending orgasm. She'd missed him too much and he was too good at this. When he tunneled his tongue inside her channel, Sally screamed, and bucked against his mouth, as the waves of bliss pulled her under.
Her pussy walls clenched and released, and Junsako swore again. There was the rip of fabric as her thong tore off her knees and the coffee cup flew across the room, as though Junsako had thrown it off her. Sally braced for the pain that never came. Instead, Junsako's hairy thigh kicked her legs further apart, and his hot lips soothed the place on her back where the cup had been moments before, and then Sally stopped thinking altogether.
Junsako thrust into the tight clasp of her pussy with a grunt and her barely receded orgasm flared alive again. Filled completely by the man she loved, she simply rode the sensations assaulting her, as Junsako fucked her with all the pent up passion she, too, had missed.
"Jesus, pet, I've missed you."
The grunted words into her neck mirrored her own thoughts, and she locked her arms and met each one of his powerful thrusts with a backward slide of her hips that drove him in deep. Another orgasm ripped through her body at the same time as Junsako found his own release and she collapsed on the bed, dimply aware of him rolling sideways, so as not to squash her.
When she could breathe normally again, she opened one eye to find Junsako watching her.
"As far as punishments go, you suck, Sir."
The corner of his mouth kicked up in a smile and he cupped her face and kissed her. This was a tender exploration of her mouth, which left Sally in no doubt of his feelings for her and this time she couldn't hold her tears back. Junsako kissed them off her face, murmuring Japanese endearments that only made her cry harder.
"Shhh, pet, it's okay. Let's start over and forget we ever argued, shall we? Come on babe, I'm sorry. I know this shoot took too long, and—"
"No, it’s not that." Sally interrupted him and he drew back and placed his hand on her belly. A shiver went through her and suddenly she couldn't go on, too afraid of what his reaction might be.
"Look at me, pet."
There was an edge of command laced in with the tender way he gave that order, and his hold on her belly tightened.
He cupped her breast in his free hand and rubbed a thumb over the piercing in her nipple. Sensitive as they were, the action hurt, and she flinched slightly.
"Sore, are they? I'm told it's common in your condition. Guess the new nipple clamps I bought will have to wait to see the light of day, then. Shame really, they would look beautiful on you."
He pulled back and sat and watched her, and Sally swallowed past the lump in her throat.
He knows. How the hell does he know, when I've only just figured it out myself?
With that uncanny ability to read her mind, Junsako grinned and shrugged his shoulders.
"I would be a lousy Dom if I didn’t notice the changes in your body, pet. Your mood swings, your bigger breasts, even your pussy is darker and oh so responsive. I was waiting for you to tell me, and when you didn't—well, I didn't know what to think. You do want this baby, right?"
The uncertainty behind those words broke Sally's heart and she couldn't form the words past the lump in her throat, so she simply nodded through her tears.
Junsako pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head.
"Then, thank you, pet, for the best Valentine's present I could have ever hoped for. I know we hadn't planned on this yet, but you've made me the happiest man alive."
He pulled back to see her expression and when she smiled he grinned from ear to ear.
"I love you, babe."
"I love you too, Sir, and I'm sorry for being such a bitch."
Junsako laughed, and regarded her with that look that always turned her insides to mush.

"Yes, about that. I think I'll have to punish you some more…"

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