Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another hot six from Just Vamps #SixSunday

Today's six are a continuation from last week. Enjoy!

“N … no.” Her voice failed her, because he chose that moment to rub his erection along her slit. His fingers dug into her ass and he scraped his fangs along her neck. A shudder went through her body when he touched the earlier pinprick marks of his possession, and she released her hold on Archie’s shaft and reached behind her to tug Bernhard closer to her. Archie fondled her breasts and sat up between her legs. The move brought his glistening dick so close to her mound Bianca panted her excitement.

Is it me or is it getting hot in here? ;-)

Just Vamps releases October 17th!

Till next week folks. Have a great Sunday and check out the other Sixers here


  1. it's not getting IS hot...*dashes for cold water, and er DH*

  2. Could someone put a fan on please. Phew. Great Six

  3. Yeesh, talk about having a handful.

  4. Oh, glory, Doris. Hotter than hot in here. Great six. :)