Friday, 14 October 2011

Blinking in the sunlight

So, there is a world other than my word doc out there.

I have been stuck in my editing cave, working on our UCW project, as we were suddenly presented with a deadline of today.


Still, I believe we have made it and it has been great fun, if exhausting. Time will tell whether our group effort will be published. But either way I love our story and seeing it all come together has been amazing. Be afraid, be very afraid, when we get together you never know what may happen... ;-)

I feel a little lost now, that it's done, though I'm sure it's the calm before the storm. I am still eagerly awaiting edits for Scandinavian Scandal and getting a tad anxious, as it's just over a month till release date. My editor assures me there is plenty of time - hmmm.

*bites nails*

So, I have a choice, do I go back to the old manuscript I am revamping or do I kick off my shoes and read the latest Shayla Black? Answers on a post card please, lol.

In other news I was incredibly excited this morning to see Lure of the Blood  on the coming soon Section of my publisher's website here. In fact I was so excited that my usual morning grumpyness didn't happen. Hubbie has the day off today and he wondered whether I was okay, as I hadn't bitten his head off first thing, as I usually do. Am so not a morning person!

in fact this is me to a T

I need at least two coffees and some peace before I stop snarling at people. Something the kids know well, bless them. Yet this morning I was chattering away with the larks. Nothing short of miraculous, especially as I am missing out on the LLL conference happening right now, due to an under the weather four year old. He's right as rain one minute and the next he flops, bless him.

Anyways, will stop rambling and leave you with a little excerpt from Saving Hope, my story in our group effort.

Noelle shook her head and immediately wished she hadn’t, as the vague ache turned into a full brass band in her head. Her temples throbbed, her stomach churned and the cold air whispering up her skirt did little to cool down her heated core.  She seemed surrounded by coldness, hard bricks dug into her back, the fine spray of rain carried on the breeze making her shiver. Great rain, now this dump has sprung a leak in the roof.  Strong arms pulled her tighter into a hard, male frame, and her body responded instantly with a surge of liquid heat between her thighs. The only just dampened down arousal flared anew at the growled words in her ear.
“Easy Belle, I’ve got you.”
The deep, accented voice shot straight to her pussy and she bit her lip to stop herself from moaning out loud. Jeez, what was in that drink? She wriggled closer to the wall of muscle, holding her up against the wall, her hips seemingly having a mind of their own, as her body scrambled to finish what it started. God, she was so close, if only…
“Snap out of it, baby. As much as I would love to oblige, I want you in my bed when you come apart.” The whispered words skittered across the sensitive skin of her neck and she moaned her frustration into the broad shoulder of the man holding her up.  Damn him, why couldn’t he just… The insistent vibrating hum of her phone in the pocket of her denim skirt finally got through the fog in her brain. Still nestled against the man’s shoulder, she blindly tried to grope for it, but he had her pinned so effectively that she couldn’t move.
His chest shook in silent laughter at her exasperated groan.
“What’s so damn funny about this? If you’re not going to help me to…to,” she stopped herself just in time. Good God, had it been that long, that she would all but beg a perfect stranger to get her off in public, no less. Her cheeks flamed in mortal embarrassment. He must think her a right floozy and what the hell was she doing out here with him anyway?
“Noelle, I’m more than willing…” she finally looked up at the use of her name. How the hell did he know?  Oh Good God, could this day get any worse? She hadn’t imagined him earlier then and her body still reacted to him on the most primal level. She was so fucked and not in a good way.
“Let me go, you, you, what the hell are you anyway? I should have known something would happen with you around. What did you do to me this time?”
The smile he gave in response didn’t reach his eyes and Noelle cursed her run away mouth. He didn’t look amused anymore. He looked positively dangerous and why that should turn her on even more was really beyond her. Clearly she had no common sense where this man was concerned. And that voice…
Belle, had it been me, you would be screaming my name right now.” The heated look he gave her made her toes curl under, even as he shook his head and pulled away slightly, giving her much needed breathing space. Damn her treacherous hormones to hell and back, but he looked good enough to eat. The breeze ruffled his hair so that it fell over one eye and her fingers itched to brush it back to better see the expression in his eyes. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on that muscled torso and the arms surrounding her seemed made of steel. The flickering street lights danced across the perfect angles of his face and drew her attention to the sensuous mouth. He noticed, and the ghost of real smile flickered across his face, before his brows drew together in concentration and his whole body tensed. He cocked his head, as though to listen to someone and the earlier sense of foreboding once again wrapped itself around Noelle’s spine, obliterating the last of her arousal.  The grip on her arms grew strong enough to hurt until he noticed her sharp intake of breath and released her with a vicious curse.
“Forgive me mon cour. I didn’t mean to, merde.” The soft click made Noelle blink and Henri whipped his head round so fast, she felt dizzy all over again.
“Having a slight problem here, my friend?”

COPYRIGHT  Doris O'Connor 2011


  1. After all that hardwork, you should put your feet up and read Shayla Black. lol

  2. Only one vote for Shayla Black? lol Good enough for me ;-)

    Thanks Kiru.

    Raven, Sukhi, put Henri down, he bites you know...