Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Baby Markus is full of a snuffly cold and whilst his sneezing and little coughs are very cute on one hand, it's not nice to see him so full of it. To top it all I have a blocked duct, so the two of us are holed up cuddling and nursing. At least every feed makes both of us feel a bit better.

So, in effort to cheer myself up I thought I'd revisit my heroes.

I do love that song and come to think of it, he's inspiration material too ;-)

So, meet Sven from Scandinavian Scandal

(Picture of Alexander Skarsgard) Click here to see it

Rashid from Awakening

(sorry, picture removed due to copyright issues)

Fom Lure of the Blood


(Picture of Jason Statham) Click here to see it.

and Lucas

(Picture of Ian Somerhalder) Click here  to see it.

Mr. Somerhalder is also the inspiration for Henri in our UCW anthology piece.

Well, he does the sexy vampire so well...

This young man was the inspiration for not one, but three heroes. Alex, Marco and Giorgio, my sexy Giovanni cousins, who are patiently waiting to have their stories told. I am overhauling the manuscripts, so time will tell...

That body is too amazing to stay clothed ;-)

(Pictures of Joe Manganiello) Click here to see it.

And from my current wip, meet James

(Picture of Hugh Jackman)  Click here to see it. 

and Steve

(Picture of Daniel Craig) click here  to see it.

Hmm, where was I?

You can see why I love my job, right.


And last but by no means least, here is my very own real life hero, my lovely hubbie of the last twenty two years...

doing what he does best, being an amazing daddy

(Please note this post was edited by me due to the recent Copyright issues)


  1. aaahhh all great tho i must say the last 2 pics do it everytime

  2. Ahh.. *dreams*

    I do so love your stories Doris!

  3. I love the song Hero too! It is so romantic and in one of my Derbyshire Hunks stories I have the hero and heroine dancing to it at their wedding.

  4. just as i pictured the Giovannis too :) yum

  5. I have to agree about that body. It is amazing!

    And I love this song too. I find both images and songs inspirational, though I seem to be finding it difficult to get writing at the mo... busy editing, and sometimes I don't feel like doing that lol!

  6. Thanks Raven and Suz :-)

    Sally, it makes the perfect wedding song, so romantic.

    Helena, glad I described them well, lol.

    Teresa, I haven't managed to get into anything. My wip is sadly neglected for now, as I too have been busy editing. Mind you, looking at those pictures, maybe I could add just a little...

  7. Love the last two. And of course the rest. Great book cover :)

  8. Hot, Hot, hot! I especially like Rashid! But then I'm married to an Indian from Mumbai.*g*
    Your heroes sound lovely! Hope you and your baby feel better soon!

    Karin Shah
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  9. Thanks Donna :-)

    Thanks for stopping by Karin. The baby is still full of a cold, bless him. Thankfully it doesn't bother him too much. :-)