Thursday, 19 September 2013

Spotlight on Blond Truth by Tamsin Baker #newrelease #mm

Need to spice up your day, with a little m/m loving? Well, then read on. The awesome Tamsin Baker is here with her newest M/M romance Blond Truth.

Be warned you will need a fan, cause these guys are hot, hot, hot!

Tommy is thirty one, an architect, gay and gorgeous. Yet, no one has ever really ‘seen’ Tommy before. Sure, they all see his pretty face, blue eyes and hot arse, but they never care enough to see that he’s more than that. Tommy’s getting more frustrated by the day, especially with everyone pairing off. Even Marcus, his best friend and ex lover has found true love. But with little to no relationship experience, how will Tommy find what he needs when he doesn’t even know what that is.

Big Bear Ben is thirty nine, a power lifter and an extremely successful business man. He’s never found a man who holds his interest longer than a few months and, having spent ten years under a pile of paperwork, he probably wouldn’t have noticed them even if he had met them. Tommy, a mutual friend sparks his interest like no other. The gorgeous brat brings out Ben’s dominant side and when his chance arrives to get his hands on Tommy, he finds he’s unwilling to let go.

Ben dropped his head and stopped, mere millimetres from Tommy’s lips.
“You sure you want this? I don’t want you to think I’m harassing you.”
Tommy shivered as Ben’s breath tingled across his skin. He shook his head avidly. “No.”
Ben didn’t move, just stared down at him. “No, what? Tell me what you want baby?”
Tommy swallowed the moan that rose. This guy was one sexy bastard. That voice was enough to make him weak at the knees. But first he had to beg a little, and rightly so considering his earlier behaviour. “I want you to kiss me.”
Ben didn’t wait a second more. His eyes flared a little, then he bent forward and kissed him. If you could call it that. This kiss was out of this world. Ben had thick, soft lips that demanded a response. Tommy moaned low in his throat as Ben swept his tongue inside and tasted him.
His neck muscles loosened, and his head began to tilt away from the kiss. Ben’s hands moved quickly, one cupped the back of his head, anchoring him in place, while the other hand slid down to his hip.
Tommy moaned again and pushed up against the wall of muscle, needing to get closer. He ran his hands down Ben’s back, stopping at the sculpted arse to squeeze hard.
Ben growled and pulled back, panting and trembling. “You are too much.”
A surprised laugh flew out of Tommy. He had never been accused of being too much of anything.  “You going to take me home, big man?”
Ben’s cock was thick and hard between them, making Tommy’s balls ache for release. He really wanted some of that.
Slowly, Ben shook his head and Tommy flushed with anger and embarrassment. He struggled to get up and away from this big idiot who he’d actually thought had wanted him mere seconds ago. Big hands came down on him, pulling his arms behind his back.
Something strange surged inside Tommy as he fought and couldn’t get free. “Let me go Ben.”
Ben chuckled and bit down on the chord of muscle that ran down Tommy’s neck. He shuddered as another wave of longing passed over him.
“No way, baby.”
Tommy stopped struggling and Ben kissed along his jaw, the soft lips driving him crazy. “Well, why the hell not then? Don’t you know today is my birthday?”
Fuck! He wanted to call the words back as soon as he had said them. He sounded about twelve.
Ben pulled back to look at him, yet effortlessly kept Tommy immobile. His brown eyes were assessing and intense as they bore into him.
“Really? Well birthday boy, I want time to enjoy this gorgeous body of yours and I don’t have any tonight. Go out with me tomorrow night and if you’re a good boy then, I’ll take you home.”
Ben’s voice had dropped half an octave and if Tommy was less aroused he would have been offended by that offer.
Was that his voice all breathy and wanting?
Ben dropped a kiss on his lips and Tommy pressed his pelvis harder into the man holding him so tight. A strangled, needy noise rose from Ben and Tommy smiled to himself.

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  1. Thank you for having me here Doris! I love these characters! Wrote the whole story is a blur of two weeks. One of the most intense stories I've ever had inside my head. Xoxo

    1. Those are the best kind of stories, I find :-)

  2. Wow looks good. These 2 guys sound pretty hot :)