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Welcome to my little corner of this great hop, where we celebrate all things kinky.
I wanted to share a little flash with you. It’s one I wrote some time ago, which encapsulates what BDSM means to me personally.

"Where are we, pet?"
The deep timbre of his voice broke through the sensual mist surrounding her. His hot breath feathered along nerve endings tingling with awareness, and she shivered. Surrounded by the feel and scent of him, suspended by his ropes digging into her skin, all she could do was let go.
"Answer me." His tone deepened with that edge of command, she was unable to resist, and she whispered her reply.
"Green, Sir … green … so green."
She felt his smile of approval in the butterfly kisses delivered along her heated skin—kisses that left a trail of awareness in their wake.
"Good girl, then fly." The husky words allowed her to sink deeper into bliss, secure in her Master's will. The day's stresses floated away, until the world narrowed to just him. Familiar and reassuring, the ropes immobilized her as much the knowledge that she was his, taken care of, loved, treasured.
The world would never understand their bond. This need, the freedom in being who her Master needed her to be. Only true submission could take her to that place of bliss deep inside.
She smiled, as his words registered.
"I own you, my pet."

If you haven’t guessed by now, my personal favourite are the ropes. I have yet to experience suspension, but it is certainly on my bucket list. Hubby/Sir is still very much learning the skills needed, and with young children underfoot we don’t get nearly enough time to play, but we grab our moments when we can.
Another favourite is the flogger, and if you had told me that even five years ago, I’d have called you insane. You see, Sir and I found our kinky sides shortly after our twentieth wedding anniversary, when we had a very frank discussion about the state of our sex lives.
He had always been the dominant party in our relationship, in the bedroom, at least, and looking back on our marriage now, I can see his dominance right through from the moment we met. As bratty as I am, I‘ve never argued when he gets *that* look.
We’ve both agreed that our relationship is much stronger since we had that discussion. Not only because of the much better sex, but, most importantly because our communication has improved tenfold. We’ve always been a couple who talks, but trust and honest communication are the key and an absolute must in any kind of BDSM related activity.
Simply put, I trust him not to take things too far, and he trusts me to cry red if I have to. Not that I ever have. He knows me far too well.
Such is the beauty of getting your kink on when you’ve been together for as long as we have. What happens, however, when you first set out into this lifestyle, and you meet for the first time?
I explore this quite often in my books, most recently in Through the Dom’s Lens.

Sometimes doing a favor can change your life forever...

Never one to rate her curves, Sally thinks her glamorous sister has lost the plot. Stand in for her at a photo shoot with the most sought after bondage photographer ever? She'll be laughed out of the studio, or arrested, or both. However, the temptation to actually meet the man she's been secretly lusting after for months proves too hard to resist.

Junsako cannot believe his eyes when Sally turns up. It's been a long time since the Dom in him felt such an instant pull to anyone. All those curves will look beautiful in Shibari suspension, and Sally proves to be a born submissive. If only she would let go of her body issues and see the beautiful woman he sees through his lens.

Only one thing to do—convince her—with as much kinky sex as possible.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking

In this scene, Sally had just screamed red. The reason? She can’t bear to see the pictures of herself. Now, Master J wouldn’t be who he is if he didn’t try to get the bottom of this….

Sally knew she was screaming, yet she didn't seem able to stop, and the fact that Junsako released her immediately just made her burst into tears. God, she couldn't do this. She was an utter failure. She couldn't even look at a picture of herself naked. She should just go, but she couldn't do that either. Junsako's dark hand on her thigh made her cry harder. He drew lazy circles over it, up and down one leg and then the other. She couldn't understand what he was saying to her, as he'd once again lapsed into Japanese, but his solid warm frame surrounded her. His arm rested against her back, not restraining her, but offering his silent support, and she hung her head and hid behind the curtain of her hair.
"Shhh, pet. It's okay. Just let it all out."
He gave her a gentle nudge, and she fell against his chest. He rolled his chair away from his desk and that dreadful picture of her fatty self, and then leaned down to pick something up. In the next instant the towel she had dropped earlier appeared around her shoulders, and she hiccupped her thanks into his chest.
He continued to hold her, a quiet, reassuring presence until finally she sat up. Junsako tugged her hair behind her ears, and the concern in his face almost made her burst into tears again.
"Do you want to tell me what that was all about, pet?"
She shook her head, and annoyance replaced the concern in his onyx eyes and it sent a shiver of ice cold dread down her spine.
"I shall rephrase that, girl. You will tell me what had you so spooked that you shouted red."
She didn't know what possessed her, but she stuck her tongue out and shook her head.
"No. You said I could use my safe word, so I did. You can't make me … ow."
The slap to her thigh hurt—really hurt, and he looked so pissed off with her, that had she been able to she would have taken several steps back. Heck, who was she kidding? She would have fled the room. However she was still sat on his lap, and he looked just about ready to put her over his knee, and that thought really shouldn’t turn her on, should it?
No doubt if he if he did that, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience, but he would make it hurt. She had pissed him off, perhaps even tested his patience too much. It was on the tip of her tongue to say red again. He wouldn't push the issue then, but what would that achieve, apart from displeasing him? She wasn't a coward and she wanted, no, needed this. If she chickened out now, she would never experience the full impact of true submission. Still it was one thing to know that, another to voice it out loud.
"I-I'll just go, shall I?" she said instead of the words on her heart.
Another, just as stinging swat to her other thigh made her bite her lip to stop from crying out. This one left an angry red hand print on her pale skin, and her tummy did a merry somersault at that visible mark left by him.
Her clit tingled and her nipples pushed against the arms she had folded over them, and she grew wet again. He would notice, dammit, and what would he think of her?
She was a fucking head case that's what she was. Why did he bother with her?
"You're not going anywhere, pet, until we've discussed what just happened. Why did you react like that? Was it seeing yourself in that pose? I'll keep your identity secret. No one will know it is you in that picture and—"
"Stop, please, just stop. I … I can't. I'm ugly and fat, and that picture is—"
Junsako's growl in answer stopped her. It was a sound not unlike a wild animal would make, and it was also one of the sexiest sounds she'd ever heard. Her skin tightened, and the fine hair on her body rose in response to that animalistic sound and the leashed aggression she sensed in him. His muscles coiled underneath her, and his fingers dug into her face painfully, as he yanked her chin up to make her look at him.
Flecks of yellow appeared in his dark eyes. Like swirling storm clouds on a summer's day they warned of impending disaster. By rights she ought to have been frightened, but it had the opposite effect on her. Her whole body went limp at the show of his dominance, as he pinned her in place with the intensity of his look.
"Are you calling me a liar, girl?"
The question confused her and she tried to shake her head, but he had an iron grip on her. He slid his hand down to her throat and squeezed. Not so hard that she couldn't breathe, but hard enough to make her worry and sit perfectly still. The blanket slipped off her shoulders, and she paid it no heed. She daren't, not with him studying her so intently. She knew deep down that he would not take this too far, even if she couldn't explain to herself how she knew that. She just did, and she realized with a start that she trusted him. Time would tell if that trust was misplaced. After all, she had trusted before, and it had all ended in heartache.
"I don't understand, Sir. I haven't—"
The pressure on her throat tightened, until she wheezed. Panic set in for that brief moment until he relaxed his hand a fraction and her breathing calmed down again.
"I took those pictures. Pictures of a beautiful woman, who gave me her submission. I see a work of art, the lines of her body displayed for my enjoyment. I see curves and flesh that I can hold onto while I fuck. An ass I want to bury my cock in, tits made for my cushions, and thighs to hold me tight as I thrust into my pet. I see you, all of you, and you're beautiful."


That right there is why Master J is one of my favourite heroes, and yes, there is a lot of my Sir in him.

If you like what you've read Through the Dom's Lens is available from Evernight Publishing Amazon Bookstrand ARe

As part of the Hop I’m giving away two e-books from my back list, which you can find here.
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Stay naughty.
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  1. I love the communication between the characters and the confidence of the dominant. I also enjoy when Doms push their subs limits to bring them greater joy!
    susanmplatt at hotmail dot com

    1. Thanks, Sue. Pushing limits is their job, for sure :-)

  2. I like to read when the Dom takes care of his sub in everyway. The love that is shown there.

    1. Oh yes, some of my favourite scenes too :-)

  3. I like the general lack of angst in BDSM romance, compared to other relationships. The level of trust required seems to prevent the annoying misunderstandings I find in many contemporary romances. I like the hot sex too :)

    1. Hot sex is always good, huh ;-)

  4. I have to say rope (silk pref) bondage is my favourite too, the feel of being wrapped up and treasured is totally erotic and freeing. Sounds like a contradiction but is strangely true.
    On the other hand, chains have the opposite effect for me. I guess I relate them to slavery in my head so don't have an erotic effect on me. Weird huh? :D
    I also love to feel the emotional connection between the characters as much as their physical interactions.


    1. I'm with you on that, Kay. Chains always seem too harsh to me :-)

  5. I like my BDSM to have some form of pet titles/play involved. It's what takes a good BDSM read to a great one for me. I'm also a sucker for public play.


  6. I like the more nuanced, unpredictable stuff between m/m switches, or some good ol' fashioned femdom!

    Trix, vitajex(At)Aol(dot)com

    1. Oh yes, that's fun too :-)

  7. Great excerpt. I like the trust that's formed between them and the work they put into the relationship.

  8. I love to read about situations that could be real. I like to read BDSM from authors who know about what they're writing about. It's not so much about specifics for me, but I don't like reading uneducated, biased "BDSM." I've read a few of your books and like them a lot.


    1. Too true, Kelsey. I've read a few that made me want to throw my kindle across the room ;-) So glad to hear you've read some of mine and liked them :D

  9. I love to read about spankings and the sub being blindfolded.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

    1. Always firm favourites, those :-)

  10. Thanks again, all of you who stopped by. I have my two winners, chosen with the help of

    Congrats to Kath and Kelsey Summers who both win an e-book of their choice from my back list.