Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just when I thought I may get my life back

There is an announcement on the NV site that they will let us know tomorrow what will happen with the other ten entries out of their original shortlist of twenty. So I'll be back to feeling nervous, excited, hopeful and despondent all rolled into one then *sigh*

Whilst this is very exciting it is also extremely nerve wrecking. I am sure I have not felt this nervous since passing my driving test over twenty years ago!

The editors are also putting names into a hat to critique directly on entries. Needless to say muggins here has put her name into that hat. So that will be more waiting with bated breath then.

On the upside us newbies have got together to write a novella and I have my character figured out, so it's all good. Looking forward to writing my chapter just for fun :-)

Have also joined an online critique group *gulp*

I must say that I am really enjoying being part of this wonderfully supportive community of aspiring romance writers!

And as I had one of *those* days, you know the ones where you can really understand why some animals eat their young(!) escaping into my own little world and creating stories is most certainly a bonus. I am sure my teenage son will thank me for it when he does live to see his eighteen's birthday...

As tigger would say TTFN :-)

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  1. I've asked them to put my name in the hat, too. Althogh the wuss in me is a bit worried they're planning to make the critiques public.

    Will keep fingers crossed for you for the draw and the list.