Friday, 22 October 2010

Another day, another competition

I have entered Scandinavian Scandal into the Circalit Competition, so if anyone has the time, please read and write a review. The first three chapters are there. *gulp*

Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. The newbies novella is now mostly finished too and we have started a new project.

Isla amore can be read here and part two here.

On a personal level I had to giggle yesterday. It was parent's evening at the girl's school and I am pleased to report that they are doing very well.
Molly's teacher is new to the school and in conversation she said that Molly was quite quiet and she was wondering what her position in the family was. She guessed that she was either an only child or the youngest of two...

Cue, hubbie and I looking at each other, wondering what number Molly was (yes we really, did have to think about it, she is number six btw.) and bless the teacher she was completely flummoxed. She never would have guessed that apparently.
We're taking it as a compliment. Apparently children of large families are usually noisy, boisterous and ill behaved. Urm, no we would be mortified if ours acted like that! It does make me cross though, the stereo typing that goes on about large families. Not all of us live off the state and have children running riot in the streets!
Anyways, stepping off my soap box for a minute, we did work out that we had been parents at that school for a staggering fifteen years :-O

We have at least another eight years left at that school too. Does make me feel rather old, I tell you. I wonder whether you can get some sort of long service award for parents...


  1. Yes, the school should definitely be presenting you with sort of award when your last one leaves!! You are good still going to parents evenings, I think I'd be sending the older ones to do that for the younger ones by now, hee hee!

    What a busy bee you've been with the writing. Good luck in the comp - hope to have time to pop over for a look!

  2. I agree, a long service award for when the last one leaves. Heart breaking though when the last one heads on to secondary. At the moment I have clocked up 11 years with kids at primary school (only two kids though - they have a four year age gap and a five year school gap between them).

    Good luck with the competition. I did enjoy reading your chapters.