Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Scandinavian Scandal anyone?

I have decided that 'What are the odds?' really was not the best title for my story about Sven and Sylvia, so Scandinavian Scandal it is. Thank you Manda for the brilliant title :-)

I have been busy rewriting and adding bits and am now on chapter 4, with at long last a clear view of where these two are heading. Well, I always had the end, just needed a few twists and turns to get there. And as the title suggests, there will be a few scandals along the way and a few skeletons will be tumbling out of cupboards. *rubs her hands in glee*

Well, if you can't have fun writing your own story, when can you?

I was reminded that it would probably be wise to run a spell check, mind you. Yeah, sort of forgot about that in my haste to get the story down so far. Still, it will all need a good edit etc anyway, so for now am concentrating on getting that insistent  mental knocking out of my head and on paper. Those two definitely want to be told, I just hope I do them justice.

I have also entered the Reader's Digest 100 word story competition with a little story inspired by my three year old and his love of monsters or nompsters as he likes to call them.

Amazing, how inspiration strikes at the oddest times.

And now I guess I really ought to get on with the housework.  *sigh*

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  1. Great title, Doris! Glad it's moving forward, and the whole point of writing is to have fun. Not worth doing it otherwise!