Saturday, 6 November 2010

A much better day and a personal plug

After my woe is me blog of yesterday, inspiration struck and I have managed to write lots more with a fairly clear view of where I'm going now. Current word count stands at 15150 words :-)

On a different note, I got post today and was happy to see that my Weaning Story is in this month's edition of Breastfeeding matters by the charity La Leche League GB.

I hadn't read my story in a while and I still had tears in my eyes at the end, so be warned.

Every purchase helps to increase much needed funds for LLL, whose leaders work tirelessly at supporting breastfeeding mothers wherever they are in their breastfeeding journey. It is an amazing organisation I am very proud to be part of, run entirely by volunteers.

Right, I best go and see what my brood is up to. Teenage son number two is fretting about a lift - he can't possibly walk the ten minutes to his friend's house, as he is taking his X Box.... Though as he was mugged at knife point earlier in the year for just his old phone, not too far from us, he may have a valid point there!

Teenage son number one is I believe still asleep, or at the very least, hidden away in his room.

Teenage daughter number one is at her boy friend's house and I dare say the phone will ring soon for a lift home.

Teenage daughter number two is, well being very teenage like, if the keifing at everyone else is anything to go by and the rest of them.  I couldn't eat a whole one, let's leave it that ;-)

Oh and of course, joy of joys! I have mountains of washing waiting for my attention, thanks to teenage son number two not having put said washing in the basket for a week...

And folks wonder why I like to write Romance!!!

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