Wednesday, 24 November 2010

So now what?

As most of you will know I have completed my very first NaNoWriMo and am very chuffed that I did, and I hope got a half decent novel out of it. I will be taking the Nano blog down after November, as I will be submitting to Blaze all being well. *Fingers firmly crossed* and all that.

Scandinavian Scandal is with the powers that be at Harlequin thanks to SYTYCW so *fingers crossed again*

Having been completely wrapped up in Nano and Too hot to handle I now find myself at a loose end with far to much time on my hands, especially as I promised hubbie to not write anything till the New Year. There is of course the beginning of another story bubbling in my head, but am managing to ignore it mostly.

The house has never been cleaner, so can't even do housework to keep myself occupied, what a shame ;-)
I do have a brand new subscription to Blaze, so am merrily reading myself through those *fans herself* but as I'm a fast reader that's not going to last long and I have other books to read, but it's not the same as getting caught up in your own story and the excitement of seeing it all come together.

I think I may be addicted to writing, which is not necessarily a bad thing I suppose.

Ah well, I shall figure it out. Am probably just trying to escape the nightmare that is potty training Tj. Unfortunately he is most keen to wear big boy pants and at the grand old age of three he should be ready, yet I have my doubts. He manages very well at nursery, yet home is another matter....

I wouldn't  mind too much, but he gets himself ever so upset when he has a number two accident in particular and I do wonder whether it would not just be all much easier to leave it a while longer, for everyone's sakes. But then again he does have some successes and when he does he is so pleased with himself, bless him.

You'd think with child number eight I'd have it figured, but I never had these problems with the others, especially the other two boys were dry within two days and the last two girls never even had one accident when *they* decided to come out of nappies, so this is all new territory. It's probably Karma for writing a potty training toddler into my story right......

Ho hum and all that, this too will pass!

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