Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Patience is a virtue...

or so the saying goes. Well, I am clearly not very virtuous at all.

After a night of tossing and turning and almost no sleep I am approaching my 38th week of pregnancy a grumpy, hormonal mess. The early hours of this morning found me calling my teenage sons on their mobiles, screaming a torrent of abuse at them for screeching all night. They were up playing games all night long in the garden and they were extremely loud. As I need my windows open, lest I feel like suffocating, well I'd had enough by then. Not entirely proud of the language I used, but they did finally quieten down and I haven't seen them since. I suspect they are hiding from their hormonally crazed mother!


Mind you at age eighteen and almost sixteen a bit of consideration would not go amiss, surely. I pity our neighbours, because they really were noisy.

I have often said I think I prefer the boys when they have the grumps, at least then they are quiet. In a good mood they bounce off each other and just revert to small boy sillyness. They can be quite funny like that, but not at four in the morning! And as for all that male posturing, heaven help me...

Told you I was in a grumpy mood, didn't I?

It always amuses me, actually, when folks assume that I must have oodles of patience just because I have a large family. Urm no!

I think my tolerance levels are higher, they have to be, lest I drive myself insane, but patience...Especially not when I am pregnant. And it's the summerhols. Oh what joy...

Actually to be fair, the children, the younger ones anyway, have been brilliant. They have been playing out, with the older ones looking after Tj and they have been spending hours at the local park, giving me some much needed peace. I usually love the summer holidays as we are always busy and I think that's what making me even more grumpy. The fact that I cannot DO anything!!! I have the energy of a postage stamp, can't walk far and nesting has kicked in big time. I just want to stay at home and well nest. Everything is ready for one little man to make his appearance and he is keeping us waiting. Add to that constant niggling and being in pain every time he moves and complete sleep deprivation and woe is me, lol.

I am pregnant, hear me roar!

In other, patience related news. I am still waiting to hear back from publishers and stalking my e-mail. Did I mention I hate waiting?

and this is me in my fetching pjs, cause I couldn't be bothered to get dressed at 38 weeks exactly...

Maybe next time I get to blog I might actually be posting a pic of Markus, here's hoping!


  1. ah d we all hope with you .. take care and BOYS behave.. or you'll have ME to deal with ... and me in a grump is 10 times worse than your mum, believe me......

  2. Lol Raven, that did make me giggle :-)