Thursday, 1 September 2011

The power of boobs

Now that I've got your attention....

Most people would assume boobs with this image.

                                              Photo: Anton Zabielskyi/Shutterstock images

Certainly these kind of images are used to sell all sorts of things, so let's not underestimate the selling power of boobs. 

But, that is not the power I am musing about today, as regular readers of this blog will not be surprised about.

Nope, I am talking about this kind of power.

cause let's face it and to quote one of my daughters "They aren't for decoration purposes!" 

Though you'd be forgiven for thinking they would be, with some attitudes prevailing today. Look at the following for instance. A restaurant wants to ban breastfeeding.

You can read about it here and there is a poll. I would encourage you to vote if you feel strongly about this either way.

Personally, and I speak with a continued breastfeeding experience of nine years over four children, and as the mother of a brand new, nursing lots baby boy, I have never had a negative experience breastfeeding in public. And I have literally fed my babies/toddlers and on occasion child anywhere. Most people don't even notice what you're doing and really, a quietly nursing baby has to be better than a screaming in hunger baby, right?

It is very easy to nurse discreetly, without any elaborate nursing cover, though it being summer and living in tank tops my trusty muslin has become my friend. I have no wish to flash my friend's husband or the unsuspecting passer by or waiter ;-)

And the vast majority of nursing mothers I know, feel the same. So, why this is such a big deal to some people is beyond me. Babies gotta eat, and breastfed babies eat lots and frequently. Nursing mothers would turn into hermits, if we didn't breastfeed in public and once you have older children you really don't have that option anyway.

But this post is not about the in and outs of breastfeeding in public. I have no wish to spark a debate and everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this of course.

No, actually it is a big yeah and go you to me and my 'decorations'. ;-)

You see, little Markus is now three weeks old and he has finally been discharged from midwife care, having regained his birth weight. He lost a fair amount of weight after his birth and then proceeded to only put an oz a week for two weeks, but over the last week he has managed to put on a whole pound! So now weighs an impressive 11lbs 4 oz officially and we can forget about scales and just enjoy him.

What's even more impressive is, that he has gained this weight in a week that has seem me burn the mid night oil till four am. on occasion, to complete first round edits on Awakening and pre- edits on Scandinavian Scandal. 

By the way I have utterly and completely fallen in love with Sven again, my hero in Scandinavian Scandal. 


It had been a while since I read it last and once I sorted all my floating body parts, deleted about a hundred 'had' and that wonderful phrase 'she found herself' I send it off to my editor. I sure hope she likes Sven. I'm not ashamed to say that I sighed myself through reading parts and even cried. There are some very emotional scenes in that story as well as lots of hot sex!

And I had to smile to myself too. Heroine Sylvia is a mum of three and her whirlwind Timmy has some hilarious scenes with poor old Sven. And believe it or not breastfeeding finds its way into this story too, only briefly, but it's there.

In fact every one of my stories features children and breastfeeding to some extent. It's not even a conscious writing decision. It may not be the heroine doing it, it may just be a conversation or going on in the back ground but it's there, nonetheless. 

Hey, they say write about what you know and for me that will always involve children. And besides, us mums deserve our sexy heroes too, right?

So look out for it in my upcoming books. Even Awakening features a child briefly, not a mean feat in a story just over 9K, but then Astrid is a school teacher.

And just because I can, gratuitous picture of my little Markus :-)


  1. You write stories with children very well. Scandinavian Scandal is a fab example.

  2. that's my boy!!! he's gotta be attention seeking.. and I mean SVEN and Markus !