Thursday, 8 December 2011


Inspiration is one of those hard things to quantify. As a writer one of the things I am always asked is where my inspiration comes from. I find this very difficult to answer, because my answer is usually from anything. The second question, usually delivered with a wink, is oh yeah, research must be nice.

I hate to disabuse you folks of your x-rated notions but research invariably involves just little old me and my netbook, much to hubby's disappointment!

One thing that does seem to get my muse going is visual inspiration. Words flow very easily when I have a picture in my mind, be that the inside of a Bedouin tent for Awakening, a barge for Scandinavian Scandal and pictures of wolves for Lure of the Blood.

Then there is the spark of an idea, and then visualising your characters. It swings in roundabouts, this one. Sometimes I have the idea first, sometimes I can see my Hero or Heroine, sometime both come to me at the same time.

I woke up this morning with a certain trio of alpha bear shifters growling at me. I thought they were happy, after I all I have told their story, it's submitted and I am waiting to hear, but oh no, apparently not so. They want me to share how they took over my brain, so here goes...

It all started a few weeks back, when one of my publishers mentioned their new line Naughty Nursery Rhymes. Neat idea I thought, something to ponder in the future. During a brain storming session with my Crit group, we jokingly pondered, which rhyme/fairytale we would use. Goldilocks and the three bears popped into my head immediately in a hah hah wouldn't that be funny kind of way. But at the time I was more concerned with trying to remember the name of a fairytale I loved as a child back in Germany and I was knee deep in Nano, so I ruthlessly squashed that idea.

Recovered from a heavy cold and with my brain firing on all murky cylinders once again, we had another brainstorming session about fairytales. Several of us had ideas and again Goldilocks popped in my head.

Knock, knock, knock knock.

Clearly the bears had to be shifters, and clearly Goldilocks had to be very naughty. So naturally I thought to myself, hmmm, put a human girl into a BDSM club with triplet bear shifters - what fun! Originally the bears were all male. Then one of my partners in crime said, no, surely, one of them needs to be female. Oooooh, yet more fun to be had with that.

I recall saying, "I may have to write that story..."

A few days passed. I was busy in real life and those bears kept knocking, scenes unfolded in my head and my fingers itched to type. But I couldn't quite picture the bears. Then one of my Crit partners was in procrastination mode, asking for something to do, so I set her to task to find me some pictures for my bears.

All I had in my head was, tall, muscles, dark bear like - yeah I know great description for a writer - lol! But, she came up trumps, as I knew she would.

The  minute I saw him

I knew I had found my heroes. Meet Jason and Jacob Stanhope. I now needed a female bear...

Meet Catalina

That just left Goldilocks....

sweet, isn't she....

The bears certainly think so *cough*

And with that the story exploded. I started writing Friday afternoon when Hubby got home. He did the school run, we had takeaway, I kept writing...

I wrote just over 3K that first day, a personal best. I carried on writing the next day and after a long soak in the bath, during which I plotted the entire story to the end, I wrote some more. I was a woman possessed. I could not stop writing. I forgot to eat I was so absorbed in the story. Thankfully hubby just laughed and kept the kids entertained.
I broke a personal taboo up till then. I wrote sex scenes with the baby not only awake, but nursing, and me typing with one hand. I'm still amazed at that....

The early hours of Monday morning saw the first draft finished at 13,487K.

I knew I wasn't quite done. It not only needed polishing, it needed fleshing out. I skimmed over a couple of important scenes. Our resident whip cracker did not let me off with that. Talking to her on Skype I got, "DORIS! You're rushing this, write it! I want DETAIL!"

I grumbled, I sulked, I went, "But, but. but, really, surely there is enough sex already... but"

It was useless, she wasn't letting me off and deep down I'd known the minute I just alluded to those scenes in the last chapter, that I needed to write them, for the story to make sense. In fact there were two sentences that Catalina threw at me...

The slightest hint of vulnerability showed on her face and Goldie smiled at the other woman. Cat wasn’t quite the hard nut she showed the world, as Goldie knew only too well, after their night together.

I had to explain that really and the story is much better for that scene as well as the other one, even if I am pushing my personal writing boundaries to the extreme. Those darn bears didn't let me rest, until it was done and dusted and yesterday saw me hitting that dreaded send button. I shall now wait very patiently - whoops my nose just hit that screen - to see what will come of Goldie and her bears.

For now I leave you with a bit of that other scene I didn't want to write.

Be warned, it is hot, even by my usual standards....

The men had to go out, leaving Cat to look after Goldie. Her protests that she didn’t need looking after fell on deaf ears—actually, annoyed ears.  Jacob rolled his eyes at her and even Cat made herself scarce when Jason raised his eyebrows and went all Dom on her.
“I decide whether you need to be looked after, sub.”
He dragged her back to his room and the flogging delivered on the St. Andrews Cross left her ass on fire and in need of tending. It also gave her the biggest sexual high yet and she was grateful they were in the middle of nowhere and the club was not yet open, so only Jacob and Cat heard her screams of surrender. 
When she finally came back down to earth, Jason’s husky chuckle in her ear, as he inserted the bullet deep into her vagina and flicked the remote, had her body climbing again.
“Please, no more.” Goldie sobbed the words, desperately trying to hold off the orgasm; Jason’s toy sent her spiraling toward.
“Will you listen, next time, sub?” His warm, naked body molded itself to her back, pinning her to the cross even more and she yanked at her restraints. He rubbed his beard into her neck, whilst delivering small bites along her skin that traveled through her, pitching her arousal higher still and she moaned her acquiescence.
 “I can’t hear you.” He growled the words into her shoulder blades, whilst kissing himself along her skin, left far too sensitive by the flogger, and Goldie tensed when he spread the cheeks of her ass and she felt the invasion of two lubed fingers. He pushed in deep and the toy kicked up another notch.
Goldie thrashed against the restraints. “No… I mean… god…no…Jas…Sir...please…” She didn’t even know what she was begging for anymore, too caught up in the myriad of sensations assaulting her body, waiting for the magic words only Jason could say.
“You’re so hot and wet, Goldie, your beautiful skin red by my hands. Who owns you, sub?” He bit her hard and Goldie groaned in pain or pleasure, she couldn’t distinguish anymore. “Who, Goldilocks? Tell me, or I’ll leave you hanging.” He rubbed his cock along her slit repeatedly his deep voice sinking into her soul and the word poured out of her. “Yours, Sir.”
She sighed in relief, when he withdrew his fingers, his voice husky with approval.

“Good girl, come for me.” 

Well, you get the idea....

So, that is the story behind the story of the fastest writing I have ever done. I'm relieved to have my head space back. 


  1. the whip cracker did a good job in persuading you.. this is the best thing you have ever written Doris...
    IT's hot, has a story and holds you enthralled. Great.

  2. *fans self*

    that story will never, ever be the same.

  3. Thanks Raven, and Suz, I know, I know...